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Thread: "Sexual Healing" Part 3 with Hunter King

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    fanfiction "Sexual Healing" Part 3 with Hunter King

    Sexual Healing
    Part 3 with Hunter King
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, cunn, fingering, oral, creampie, anal

    Part 1 Part 2

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    Sunday. The day of the week some people consider as a "rest day". Given the events that took place in the living room between a very drunk and horny Haley and I last night, I was pretty well rested this morning.

    Seeing her act in such a devilishly dirty way when I was alone with her seemed to bring out the devil in me as well. I'd never acted so rough or dominating when I was with Milly's mom, not even in my younger days. However, hearing Haley practically beg to be used like a sex toy was a tempting offer that I couldn't refuse.

    I knew I wanted to fuck her, at least before she left to return back to Los Angeles. But how that was going to happen, with Milly close in attendance was something I was really unsure of. But if even the slightest opportunity arose between now and then, I was sure to not the opportunity slip through my fingers.

    When I entered the kitchen, Milly had left a note on the counter to let me know that she and Haley had gone to the local farmers markets which was held every Sunday morning. When she still lived under my roof, I would take Milly every week, something of a father-daughter tradition. Milly also wrote that she and Haley would be having lunch at the town diner if I wanted to meet them there.

    Sitting in the booth, I waited for the girls to arrive, trying to not think too hard about having Haley's pretty face, not to mention her awesome tits in between my legs the night before. I was starting to wonder what her attitude would be like this time around. Was she going to act like nothing happened, or be ultra flirty with me when Milly wasn't within an ear shot of us?

    Waiting in the diner booth, my heart stopped as the girls entered, mainly due to the way Haley's hips swayed as she made her way towards me. This girl sure knew how to dress and get everyone's attention, wearing a tight white top and a short, loose denim skirt. Her legs looked incredibly smooth, and the ankle high boots she wore completed the 'come fuck me' look.

    "Scooch over" Haley said as she came to my side of the booth, Milly sitting opposite to us both.

    My heart rate went up several notches having this buxom seductress sitting next to me with my daughter at the same table, completely unaware that we'd fooled around the past two nights.

    "So what are the plans today girls?" I asked, a slight stammer in my voice.

    "Well Brad said he'd meet us at the museum and maybe go to the art gallery next to it, thought we could show Haley some of the towns history".

    "REALLY!" I exclaimed, out of shock when I unexpectedly felt Haley slide a hand over my crotch underneath the table.

    "You alright Daddy?" Milly asked with concern.

    "Yes sweetheart, I'm uh, just surprised at um, how well things are going with Brad I guess".

    Haley was driving me crazy, purposely running her fingers along my lengthening boner as I tried to make conversation with Milly.

    "Yeah I'm glad you're OK with him Daddy. One sec, I'll get us something to drink" she said, sliding out of the booth and heading to the counter to order.

    "What are you doing Haley? Are you out of your mind??" I whispered to her, loud enough for her to hear.

    "I just wanted to see how much he missed me.. If Milly wasn't here with us, I'd take it out and suck you off right now!"

    "Ohh geezus.." I groaned, not sure how to best handle the situation.

    Milly returned with some menus as we placed some lunch orders. I tried my utmost not to make eye contact with Haley, but knew that she was taking more than sneaky glances at me whilst the three of us ate. At one point she grabbed my hand under the table to place it on her inner thigh, but I quickly moved it away. She did this again a couple of times before I had the sense to rest my palm up onto the table.


    After lunch we met Brad outside the towns museum before heading in. Haley took a genuine interest in the history of our town, asking numerous questions about old photos and documents encased in glass from as far back as the nineteenth century.

    "Brad and I are just going to go get a coffee. Maybe you could show Haley the art gallery next door Dad?"

    "Sounds like a great idea!" Haley chimed in, before I could reply to my daughter.

    As the pair walked off, Haley had this sinful grin on her face, no doubt concocting another way to torture me
    with her ongoing, flirty behaviour.


    "So this the earliest painting done of the town, probably the most treasured piece of work by local folk".

    I tried to teach Haley more about our quiet little town, to hopefully derail her seductive nature. But it was pretty obvious she wasn't interested, and said something that just about floored me. Pressing her face up close to my ear with no one around, she whispered in a sexy, throaty voice, "I'm not wearing any panties Jack..."

    With a stunned look upon my face, the sexy actress walked off, turning and using her index finger to beckon me to follow her into the bathroom.
    Fortunately the gallery was quiet this time of day, pretty much deserted. Not wanting to get caught by surprise, I locked the inside of the women's toilet door, and braced myself as I turned the corner to where Haley was waiting for me.

    I had to put a stop to this. Sneaking around was bound to get me caught, as much as my hormones were telling me to do the opposite.

    "Look, Haley. You're an attractive young woman but we can't keep doing this".

    She was sitting up on the bench alongside where the washing basins were, her toned legs crossed as she lay back slightly, her hands placed behind her.

    "I like Milly Mr. Jones, but, I've been horny ever since I got here. And if you don't kiss me right now, I won't hesitate to tell her EVERYTHING!"

    "You wouldn't dare!" I replied, trying to call her bluff.

    "I've got nothing to lose Jack. I can help Milly with her career, or just as easily find another BFF. It's your call".

    This was pure blackmail. As much as her proposition filled me with rage, I also couldn't contain my lust for this hot little nymphet anymore. I took the easy option, bowing down to the devious starlet. Standing in between her now parted thighs, we passionately made out, my hands having a mind of their own as I felt up Haley's voluptuous figure.

    I got both my greedy hands on her huge tits, squeezing them through her top as we began intertwining our tongues during our heated lip lock. Haley ran her sharp nails through my slightly greying hair when I suckled on her swan like neck, moaning when my hand slipped under her dress and found that moist bare snatch for my fingers to tease and probe with.

    "I'm so wet for you Jack.. And you still kind of owe me one for last night don't you think?"

    She was right, I did indeed need to return the favour. When I nodded in reply, Haley pulled her skirt up until her supple thighs and bare wet lips were revealed. Falling to my knees, I gripped the underside of her succulent calves, prying them further apart as her delicious little cunt also opened up for me to devour. Her inner pink was glistening in her juices, and like a fat man at an all you can eat buffet, I dove right in, hungrily devouring her tasty taco.

    "Oh my fucking God!" she cried, her head flipping backwards and legs tightening around my head as I drove my tongue into her juicy slit.

    Haley's sharp heels dug into my back, the sultry soap actress owning one of the wettest pussies I'd ever tasted.

    "Oooh that's it Jack! Eat my pussy!" she urged me, grinding her cunt against my salivating mouth, the heat in between her legs causing me to perspire.

    She squealed when I drove my middle finger inside her tight box, also feeling her entire body tighten up as now my tongue and digit attended to her overly sensitive vagina.

    "Keep doing that, right there! I'm gonna...uhhh...cum...yes!!!" she exclaimed, her orgasm ripped through her body due to me rapidly finger banging her contracting hole and sucking on her engorged clitoris.

    With my face covered in her soaking release, I stood up in front of her, the flushed blonde out of breath and struggling to maintain her bearings whilst on the counter. Before we could say a word to each other, our attention was drawn towards the locked door, someone trying to enter the bathroom.

    "Hello, is anyone in there?"

    "It's Milly! Quick, hide in the stall!" Haley whispered to me as she pushed her skirt back down and tried to compose herself.

    Once I was hidden away, Haley unlocked the door, letting my daughter in, who asked with confusion as to why the door was locked. Haley simply lied to her stating the catch on the bathroom door must have been faulty.

    "My God you're face is really red! Do you have a fever?"

    Milly reacted to Haley's flushed face, seemingly unaware she just had an orgasm due to me, her father, tongue fucking her sweet cunt a couple of minutes earlier.

    "Yeah it was a little hot in here. Probably need some cold water and some air to cool my body down..."


    I kept a low profile for the rest of the day, in order to not make it obvious to Milly my interest in Haley. I felt a thrilling rush from almost being caught out by her, with my head in between her friends spread apart legs.

    Milly text to ask if we could go to a local bar and restaurant in town for dinner. It was a popular location, with a garden styled bar for those just dropping in for a drink. I met the girls at the restaurant, as they'd been hanging out on Brad's ranch all afternoon.

    Thankfully this old flame of Milly's couldn't join us, but having Haley again sit directly opposite to my side of the square table, was sure to be another moment of concern for me. Again her choice of clothing showed off a plentiful amount of her wonderful cleavage, and her lean legs and tender thighs were just as appetising as the t-bone steak I'd just ordered.

    As the girls conversed and spoke so happily about their afternoon, I almost choked on my dinner when I felt Haley's bare foot rub up against mine underneath the table. As I said before, I was enjoying the discreet, daring way we were flirting, but with Milly next me, she was a little too close for comfort. Thankfully, Haley's phone on the table began to ring, breaking her attention on me.

    "Really? Is it necessary? OK fine. I'll be there. Bye!"

    Haley angrily slammed her cell phone on the table, something from her phone call clearly agitating the starlet.

    "Dammit.." she sighed.

    "What's wrong Haley?" my daughter asked with concern.

    "That was work. I'm needed on the set tomorrow. Some scenes need to be re-shot before they can go to air next week".

    "That sucks!" Milly replied, her sympathetic tone not really changing Haley's demeanour.

    "It's a morning flight so could I trouble you both to take me to the Airport?"

    "Oh shit, I almost forgot! I made plans to visit a friend of my moms for breakfast. She's about ten minutes out of town in the opposite direction. Say Dad, you can still drive Milly to the airport in the morning, right?"

    Haley stared at me with this needy, seductive expression, almost like she was begging me with her eyes to fulfil her requested favour.

    "Sure. Shouldn't be a drama" I weakly replied.

    "Great! Well at the very least, let me get you both the next few rounds! Let's at least have one last great night together!"

    Haley was true to her word, fixing up the bill at the bar and even offering to pay for dinner. The girls were giggling within an hour, having quickly downed three vodka tonics each.

    Even though it was great to see both girls enjoying themselves and making every second of the evening count, the same couldn't be said for myself. I was more than a little dismayed knowing that Haley was leaving tomorrow, meaning that the chance to do more than flirt or orally pleasure each other again, was well and truly gone.


    Both girls staggered into the house, having drunk more than their young bodies could seemingly handle. They tried to hold each other up as they headed up the staircase, laughing and giggling at the most random things. It didn't take long for them to fall asleep, and I briefly wondered how they were going to react to their inevitable hangovers in the morning.

    I myself was fine, a little tipsy but not enough to completely knock me out once my head hit the pillow. I contemplated rubbing one out and at least try to imagine what sex with Haley would have been like. But it was no use. It was the real thing or nothing, and before I knew it I finally drifted off to sleep. Just like a couple of nights earlier, I awoke again in the middle of the night, the house was pitch black as it was still a few hours from sunrise. I made my way downstairs to fetch a glass of water, as my throat felt incredibly dry.

    On the way back to my room, I decided to peek my head into Milly's bedroom and found her snoring quite loudly. She was that out of it that a train could pass by her window and she probably wouldn't have even stirred. I ducked my head into the room Haley was meant to be occupying, and was alarmed to find her bed empty.

    There was a lump in my throat as I had an idea of where she might be. When I headed back into my room, sure enough there was Haley lying in my bed, wearing just a lace purple bra and matching coloured lacy underwear.

    I thought my eyes were deceiving me, having to pinch my arm just to make sure this wasn't a dream.

    "Couldn't sleep either huh? Maybe we can help each other this time?" she said, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy through her underwear.

    I took robotic like steps towards my side of the bed, sliding under the sheets and feeling her young, warm body against mine as we kissed and rubbed up against each other. From what I'd gathered, the cunning little minx was only pretending to be drunk when we returned home, fooling me into believing that the chance to fuck her before she flew home was no chance of happening.

    "Take your clothes off Jack" she insisted as we disengaged our lips, reaching behind her back to undo her brassiere so her large, mouth watering tits were unveiled.

    I did as she asked, though when I attempted to get my bare hands on her meaty chest, she sternly swatted them away.

    "Not until you take them off" Haley said, referring to my last piece of clothing, my boxers that showcased my huge erection.

    At the same time as I dipped my thumbs in to the waistband of my shorts, Haley slipped her slightly soaked panties down her long slender legs, my stiff cock smacking against my lower stomach and her sweet shaven cunt was hot, moist and ready.

    Our warm naked bodies pressed against each other's as I lay upon her, grinding my length along her velvety slit, feeling her moan into my mouth. She kissed me with extreme passion, digging her sharp nails into the back of my skull and purposely rubbing her supple thighs and slender hips against mine.

    "Ohhh Jack" she sighed when I suckled on her neck, possible giving her a nice hickey, whilst I squeezed and fondle her firm natural breasts.

    "Put your mouth on my breasts" she urged, holding my face in her hands and pleading with her pretty eyes.

    I moved my head down, cupped both of her soft, milky pillows of flesh and pushed them together which seemed to increase their size. Her hips jolted when I lightly bit and suckled on her aroused nipples, her hand reaching in between our sweaty bodies to grasp my cock, stroking it, and feeling it re-harden back to full mast in her warm palm. I kissed down her magnificent body, smothering her taut stomach with saliva from my lips and tongue, then parting her legs so I could bury my face into her dripping wet snatch.

    "Ohh geezus fuck!" she squealed out loud.

    This prompted me to cover her face with one of my pillows to muffle her screams. I drove my tongue up and down her juicy slit, slurping on her cunt juice, using my thumbs to part her puffy lips to prod at her inner pink.

    "Oh God! Just give me your cock Jack. I need you inside me, now!"

    Haley again cried out in excitement as she felt my thick cock push past her slit, sliding down past the folds of her outer lips and deep down into her hot, slippery cunt.

    "Oh yeah!" I laughed happily. Even though it had been a while since the last time I got laid, I could never get tired of the wonderful feeling of initial penetration.

    "Nice and hot, nice and tight" I moaned.

    With my dick buried balls deep inside of my daughter's friend, I moved my hands up from Haley's hips and along her waist, sliding up and gripping onto her huge breasts. I squeezed them tightly, feeling her warm tit-flesh in my hands as I prepared myself for the ride of my life. I didn't bother to go slow, she didn't want me to, and just began fucking her hard and deep, drilling her horny, celebrity body into the mattress.

    "Ohh shit, ohhh shit, yes, pound me!" she shouted, encouraging me further.

    I arched my body up so my back was upright, then took one of her legs, resting her ankle onto my shoulder. From this angle I could look down at the luscious, sweaty actress, rotating and humping her hips forward onto the cock embedded inside of her. Haley licked her palm and then rubbed her inflamed clit as I railed into her sopping box, feeling her spurting wetness drench my thighs as she began to have her first of what I'd hope was multiple orgasms.

    "Ohhh, unghhh, aiiii!" she wailed, having to cup her own mouth to put a stop to the shock of cumming sooner than she had anticipated.

    Without a word, Haley slipped off of my soaked member, turning her body over so she was on her hands and knees before me, leaning down so her tight round ass was hoisted up, and her enticing slit was the centre of attention.

    "Fuck me Jack. I love taking it from behind".

    I felt my cock twitch when she reached back with her hands to part her ass cheeks, opening up her freshly fucked cunt and exposing her puckered, little asshole. Dropping once more to my knees and moving in behind her, my cock once again hard and ready for action, spending a few seconds caressing her tender, flawless derrière. But after that, I didn't stand on ceremony, we'd gone beyond the point of politeness and entered the realm of animalistic sex. I gripped my cock tightly and pushed it against the entrance of her pussy, pushing forward so effortlessly into her juicy, eager snatch.

    "Ohh... I can feel you so deep inside me!" she groaned, Haley's face turned to one side and pressed against the mattress as I completely impaled her from behind.

    It didn't take long for me to reach the fast paced thrusts of the earlier missionary position, slapping my hips against her butt, sending a small ripple through her fleshy asscheeks with each stroke. I slipped my hands down under her body and over Haley King's huge, swaying breasts, making little circles around and then over her sensitive nipples. Releasing one of her tits and sliding the hand that had been gripping it down over her narrow waist, I cupped my fingers over her sopping mound, focussing my attention on her sensitive clit.

    I pressed two of my fingers hard against her erect love-button, rubbing and fidgeting with her clitoris as I fucked in and out of dripping cunt. After a while the room felt like it just was getting hotter and hotter by the minute, the sweat from our bodies were mixed together as I rubbed my cock and chest up against her from behind.

    "Harder jack, make me cum again" she exclaimed in a long moan of ecstasy, slamming her ass back hard against my thrusting, fucking hips. This had the result of making it feel to both of us like I was getting more and more of my cock deeper into her pussy, even though I'd received maximum penetration already.

    Haley grinded her beautiful, plump ass back as hard as she could and I slammed my hips forward into her battered, sucking cunt. Her inner walls were clasping down on my cock hard, each angled stroke rasping along the underside of her clit and driving her wild. Her fingers on one hand thrust and slammed along her aroused nub as the fingers on the other squeezed and twisted her rubber like nipples.

    "Ohh so fucking good! Right there! "Oh you fill me so good Jack!"

    Haley's eyes squeezed shut as she felt erotic, pre-orgasmic sensation rock through her body, but she quickly opened them again, panting repeatedly as a series of contractions, brought upon her second climax of the night.

    "Ohhh fuck me, yes!! Unghhh!!"

    With a an almost whispering, inarticulate squeal of pleasure, Haley came, and came big. My face was contorted in concentration as I held back my orgasm, gripping her smooth hips as my thighs kept slapping against her ass throughout her climax. My cock seemed to be swelling up inside of Haley's pussy, which was squeezing and gripping tightly onto me. I continued to make hard, fast strokes into her quaking wet passage, fucking the sexy blonde actress despite her body going completely limp below me.

    Haley to her credit had spread her legs as wide as possible, weakly trying to move her ass back against my sawing cock, meeting me halfway with every stroke. She screamed and squealed into a pillow, plunging her cunt back onto my thobbing dick, getting as much of me into her as she could. Her juices were spraying out all over my hips and down the back of her thighs.

    "Oooh baby YEAH!" I cried, grabbing onto her young hips again and slamming even harder against her plump ass, grinding the base of my cock against her tight, gushing pussy.

    "Oh, oh yeah, oh God, oh fuck, oh Jack!"

    "So close" I muttered, feeling that long awaited feeling in the pit of my balls, that announced that I was on the brink.

    "Give it to me Jack! I want your cum to flood my pussy" she said with lust filled desire, even reaching underneath her body to cup and fondle my sensitive nuts.

    "F-f-fuck... Here it comes!" I grunted, my forty something body unable to hold back any longer.

    I thrust my hips forward, held back for a second or two, and felt myself blissfully release as I let all the tension in my body go as exploded seemingly endless shots of hot sperm deep inside Haley's heavenly cunt. It felt like her velvety inner walls were milking my spasming shaft, as I emptied the warm white juice from my nutsack inside of her.

    "Ohh God yes," I moaned, pressing forward and grinding against her pussy for a few seconds, then holding my deflated member inside her all the way to the base.

    I lay on top of her for a bit, her body face down on the bed. I was making small little thrusts into her, Haley's exhausted figure shuddering beneath me as she was still coming down from her own orgasm. When I eventually pulled out, there was an audible wet slurp coming from her dripping pussy.
    A mixture of her secretions and mine seeped from her slowly closing hole, continuing to trickle down the back of her thighs.

    We both lay on our backs beside each other, heavily breathing, staring up at ceiling and trying to take in everything that had just happened over the past half hour. From my own personal view, I wasn't sure what to make of it all. No doubt it was what I desired, what I sorely needed, having gone a long time without getting laid. Truth be told, I didn't have a clue at that point what I was going to say to Haley.

    She didn't give me any time to do so, kissing me on the cheek then hopping out of my bed, quietly saying,

    "Thanks Jack. You're one great lay. See you in the morning" she giggled, leaving my presence and picking up her underwear off the floor as her naked behind disappeared out the door and back to her room.

    I felt like I'd been treated like a one night stand, as she gave no real indication whether or not this whole weekend of flirting, teasing and sexual engagement was going to be anything more than just that.


    The next morning was quite awkward to say the least. Milly was as predicted quite hungover from the night before, yet had enough strength to take a shower and get herself dressed to meet with one of her Mom's friends for breakfast.

    Haley and I didn't say a word to each other at breakfast, both of us knowing that we still had the near hour long drive to the airport to endure before saying our own goodbyes. Milly gave Haley a huge hug as I put the actress' baggage in the boot of my car.

    "See you in a few weeks" Milly called to her friend just as I pulled out of the dirt driveway.

    It was a quiet ride on the way to the airport. She spent the first half hour of the drive playing with her phone, sighing on one occasion when receiving a text message. I was more than a little hesitant to make conversation, but knew I'd be kicking myself if she left without me saying something to her.

    "Something wrong?"

    "It's...uh nothing" she replied, not looking me in eye.

    The fact that she at least said something back to me, gave me enough of an 'in' to carry on talking with her.

    "Look Haley, about last night, well, the last few days" I began, trepidatious with my choice of words.

    "You don't need to say anything Jack. We were just having fun right? I won't tell Milly if that's what you're worried about, I promise".

    "I appreciate that. But I just need to know, was it really just a one time thing?"

    "Don't take this the wrong way Jack. I like you. You're obviously a great Dad, allowing Milly to move out to LA all by herself. And to be honest, men like you in LA don't exist. I haven't had this much fun hooking up with a guy in ages. Let's just try keep in touch and see where things go from there, OK?" she said, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek.

    The "Young & The Restless" star lingered a little longer with her peck, and when I turned my face to look at her, she kissed me again, this time right on the mouth, even slipping her tongue in to mingle with mine.

    It's just as well we were on a quiet road as I momentarily lost control of the steering wheel and ended up in the opposite lane. When I regained control and was breathing normally again, the lustful look on her face from the previous few nights had suddenly returned.

    "Can you find somewhere quiet to park Jack?"

    "What about your flight?"

    "We have loads of time. You know that text I received? It was to let me know that my flights been delayed by a couple of hours".

    I had a grin from ear to ear when I caught wind of what she was suggesting....


    I took a detour towards a place I'd visited as a child, an abandoned house close by, a riverbank that ran for miles not far from it, with plenty of trees to park the car underneath. We were literally in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of the countryside as far as the eye could see.

    As soon as I turned the ignition off, Haley couldn't keep her hands off me, passionately kissing me and fumbling with my belt to get my already solidified cock out. Without a word, Haley's face descended towards the drivers seat and into my lap, taking me deep into her warm, wet mouth.

    "Ohh shit!" I hissed, throwing my head back as she deep-throated me, her blonde mane bobbing up and down.

    I could feel her soft lips gliding along every inch of my elongating pole, groaning when she hit the base and flicked her tongue out to lash against my tender balls.

    "I just love the taste of your cock" she said joyfully when she sat back up, stroking my saliva coated length.

    I watched on as she lifted her skirt up to slide down her panties, her bare honey pot already wet from her own arousal while she was giving me head.

    "Lie your seat back" she instructed.

    I did as she asked, creating some extra room so Haley could straddle my waist with her back to my chest, and slide her ultra juicy cunny onto my upright member.

    "Uhhhh" we groaned simultaneously, the feeling of her sopping pussy enveloping me was certainly not how I'd usually begin a Monday morning!

    I wrapped my arms around Haley and rested my hands upon her big tits, massaging them in my palms while she rode my cock. Haley pulled the front of her top down to free her mouth watering jugs, the large orbs jiggling in my hands as she rocked her young body in a slow motion. Minutes later we were outside of the car, Haley sitting on the front bonnet with her skirt pushed up around her waist and my glistening cock railing into her horny young cunt.

    I continued to fondle and pinch at her large ample tits as I pounded frenetically inside her warm taco, potentially putting a tent in the hood of my car.
    Knowing what she liked, I pulled out and spun her around, placing my hand on her upper back to push her body forward and bending her over. I re-lifted her dress up so her pale round ass jutted out. The fact she was still in her heels made the sight even more delicious.

    "Fuck me like it's the last time ever Jack" she demanded.

    I drove my entire cock inside her with one firm thrust, again cupping those soft, supple tits, both of us sweating and panting under a thicket of tall trees that shaded us from the hot sun. It was hard to believe that we didn't know each other this time last week, given the quick sexual chemistry we'd shared over the past three days.

    Haley had certainly been full of surprises. She'd brought me out of my shell a bit and made me feel more alive than I'd been in the past five years. Sneaking around behind my daughters back, although wrong, made the chance of getting caught, all the more thrilling. Anything seemed to go with this girl, like she had no boundaries when it came to sex. And Haley had one more ace up her sleeve which was about to blow my mind, once again.

    "Try up here" Haley suggested, reaching back to take out my slimy member, and place the tip against her tight, little sphincter.

    My eyes widened and mouth hung open when I realised what she wanted.

    "I wanted to give you a something extra to remind you of this weekend".

    "You mean you want.." I uttered.

    "Uh-huh.. Put it in my ass Jack..."

    I wasn't the most experienced with the wonders of anal sex, and my hesitation wasn't lost on the dirty blonde.

    "Put your fingers in my pussy and use them to lube me up" she instructed.

    I slipped two fingers in between her still moist lips, hearing her coo as I curled my digits up to tease her inner folds. With my fingers covered in her juice, I rubbed my tips over her clenching starfish, the soap actress tensing up when I slipped one finger inside her incredibly tight shitter.

    "Ooohhh" she moaned, biting her plump lower lip as her anal muscles clenched around the finger inside her.

    "Use another" she managed to get out.

    Somehow miraculously I was able to feed another finger in, stretching her once tiny hole. When the time was right, I took both fingers out and used more of her cunt juice to lubricate my cock.

    "Go slow" she said, turning her head back to face me, a hint of fear in her eyes just before I was due to proceed.

    She bent down low and moved her ass into a position that was easier for me to penetrate her slightly gaping backdoor.

    "Holy mother of God!" I painfully shouted, feeling her asshole grip me like a tight hot glove when my bellend squeezed away inside her.

    I could hear Haley grunting as I sodomized her succulent derrière, feeling her ass muscles trying to draw me further in.

    "Keep going Jack! Fuck my tight little ass!" Haley desperately moaned, rubbing her pussy to relax some of tension in her other hole.

    It took some time but eventually I was sliding my cock fluently into Haley's ass, spreading her cheeks apart and marvelling at how her white booty was being filled deep with my length.

    "You're gonna make me cum Haley!" I grimaced in pain, the heat and suction of her anus not allowing me to last long.

    "Cum in my ass Jack!" she cried, rubbing her slit and pinching one of her swaying jugs.

    "Ahhhh! Fuckkk!"

    With a few quick pumps, I blew my wad inside of daughters friends plump posterior. I painfully pulled myself out, jerking my cock and managing to spurt some of my load onto her ass and lower back.


    I managed to get Haley to the airport with plenty of time to spare, walking her to the boarding gate and sharing one long last kiss. It felt like we were two lovers that knew that we weren't going to see each other for a fair while, but also looked forward until we did again. On the drive home I began to ponder how or if I would tell Milly what took place with Haley when she wasn't around, or while she was asleep.

    I pulled up at a truck stop diner to get some lunch, still about a half hour drive from home. While I waited for my food order, my phone began to ring, Milly's name appearing on the screen.

    "Hi Daddy. I'm home now, where are you?"

    "Just getting a bite to eat. Haley's flight was delayed so hence why I'm just heading back now".

    "All good. Hope you two had fun this weekend".

    I found it strange the way she said that to me, and I was intrigued to find out what she was referring to.

    "What's that supposed to mean?"

    "Come on Dad. You two have been all over each other the last few days! I'm not an idiot. Besides, I brought Haley home with me especially for you!"

    I was flabbergasted! It was only then that I realised that my once sweet, innocent daughter had intentionally set the whole thing up.

    "But why Milly?"

    "I wanted to help you to move on. I told Haley everything about you and how you hadn't been with anyone since mom and she was dying to meet you.

    When we arrived on Friday, she asked if it was OK if she could work her 'magic' on you. All I had to do was make sure I didn't get in the way so you two could be alone".

    It all made complete sense. Milly had left me with Haley a number of times so I was all alone with her, sometimes taking longer to return than she should have.

    "So you know about last night?" I asked, referring to Haley and I having sex whilst Milly was asleep in the room down the hall.

    "Of course. But dang you two are loud!"

    "You mean you weren't passed out drunk??"

    "Na-ah! I was just acting Daddy. Who do you think I learnt that from?" she giggled.

    Milly followed that up by saying,

    "So did I do good?"

    I breathed out and with a slight chuckle, I replied.

    "Yes sweetheart. You did very good..."

    THE END.

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    grrr fucking hell. that was good. What a way to wrap up the series. nicely done.

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