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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol.14 "Just Good Friends" Part 1 with Ariel Winter

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol.14 "Just Good Friends" Part 1 with Ariel Winter

    The Winter Series: Vol.14 - "Just Good Friends"
    Part 1 with Ariel Winter
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, MMF, voy, oral, handjob, mast, titfuck, facial

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    (Scene from the movie "Just Friends" featuring Ryan Reynolds as Chris)

    Chris: What about Sheila? You making any headway?

    Ray: We'll see. I'm taking her to lunch today.

    Chris: Oh, whoa, whoa whoa. Don't - don't do that. Okay? Don't do lunch.

    Ray: Why?

    Chris: That's like the express lane to the friend zone.

    Ray: What the hell's the friend zone?

    Chris: See when a girl decides that you're her friend, you're no longer a dating option.
    You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother...or a lamp.

    Ray: I don't want to be a lamp.

    I knew all too well what Chris had gone through in that movie. That's pretty much where I was at the present time when it came to Ariel Winter. We'd known each other for a good five years now, having learnt every last detail about her private and personal life. Although I'd hoped that one day she would come around and break her 'Just Friends' policy, it just never felt like that day would ever eventuate.

    At the time that we both agreed to not date each other, as she felt it would ruin our friendship. I soon became okay with that decision but that was before she blossomed into the downright stunner you see in online posts or at red carpet events today. I must admit it was painful to see her with other guys. Especially some of losers she either hooked up with or dated long term. There was the odd occasion when she used me as an excuse when a guy she wasn't interested in tried to hit on her.

    She hadn't developed those insanely large tits when he first became friends, nor did she ever wear any of the revealing outfit choices like she has done the past couple of years. The other thing that made things easier for me at the time to accept we would only ever be friends, was the many Hollywood parties she'd drag me along to as her 'date'.

    I guess as a way to make up for it, Ariel would not only introduce me to some of her hot friends, but she would talk me up to the point that I was guaranteed to get laid just about every single time! So for that reason, it was hard to be angry with her. Of course, I did get blown off on the odd occasion, my over cockiness sometimes costing me. It usually meant I'd go home alone and more than likely jerk off thinking about how hot Ariel had looked on any given night we went out together.

    She'd even set me up with some celebrity friends of hers. Stephanie Scott and I had agreed on a very casual relationship a couple of years back, which mainly required us to be each other's booty call. After a while we both grew quite bored of this, and mutually put an end to it once she began getting serious with another guy.

    By far the most embarrassing moment of my life was when Ariel introduced me to another teen celeb in Olivia Holt. For some reason I thought it would be easy to sweet talk my way into her panties, but man was I wrong! Ariel had failed to mention that Holt was already in a serious relationship, and I didn't know that she wasn't actually trying to set me up with the blonde starlet. Rather she thought I simply wanted to just meet her, which was also true.

    Holt came across as quite the prude, her Christian beliefs shining throughout our brief chat, and didn't hold back when she knew the game I was trying to play. She called me just another chauvinistic pig who thought she was 'easy'. Not that she was entirely wrong, in the past I'd been known to sneak out of a girls bed whilst they were asleep or not called them back when I promised to.

    So it was fair to say that with Olivia, I'd crashed and burned well before take off! It was the one time I was glad I wasn't a celebrity, as I'm sure everyone in town would've made mention of that very night, had they even known who I was. Over time I soon learnt that maybe there are just some girls in this world that are truly unattainable, or just not worth the effort. Maybe in time I'd get another crack at Holt, but that's a story that hasn't been written yet.

    Once I'd gotten over that humiliating shutdown, I soon refocused my attention back on Ariel. Ever since she became single a little over six months ago, I'd been trying to figure out a way to convince her into changing her mind about going out on a date, and to slowly build things from there. But no amount of thinking or planning would change the fact that I was in a no win situation if things went pair shaped.

    If I made a move on her and failed, I would surely kiss goodbye being invited to anymore Hollywood parties and banging/being introduced to other hot girls. Not to mention we would probably no longer be friends. Or if I said nothing to Ariel, then I'd never know for sure what I was missing out on with her.

    Then there was the other major problem I was facing. Now that she was single, the last thing she wanted was to go into another serious relationship. Ariel used complain to me that her now ex, Laurent, was overly protective of her, hated that she'd openly flirt with other guys and he was overly suspicious of me as well.

    As a reaction to their break up, she would post up incredibly sexy pictures of herself on her Instagram or provocative short videos on her Snapchat just to show that she'd moved on, and probably also to infuriate him. The other thing I noticed since the break up was just how many guys that wasted little time hitting on her, and man did she love the attention. Ariel was certainly very sexually active, and her new found freedom allowed her to be as promiscuous as she'd ever been.

    I've lost count of the number of times she'd gone home with a random guy she'd met at parties we had both been at. Ariel sometimes was drunk and just horny for cock, simply to fill the void of not having a guy around full time. I myself had contemplated making a move on her when she'd had a few drinks, but felt guilty that I'd be wrongfully taking advantage of her by doing so. I wanted her to want me as much as I wanted her, rather than be duped or tricked into it. I didn't want to blackmail her either, even though I'd had more than a few chances recently in the past to do so.

    The first such incident of actually seeing her do the deed with another guy occurred early last year, when I went over to her sisters house unannounced one afternoon, where she had been living at the time. Letting myself in as I would normally do, I heard some male moans coming from down the hallway, and I couldn't help but go to investigate. Peeking my head into what was Dave's home office room, to my surprise he was sitting in his leather swivel chair, getting a blowjob from a dark haired girl on her knees in between his legs.

    At first I thought I'd accidentally stumbled upon he and Shanelle engaging in their own personal sexual goings-on. But upon further eavesdropping, I realised that it wasn't his wife, but a girl nearly half her age.

    "Ohhh yes Ariel, suck it just like that!" Dave moaned.

    As you can imagine, I was quite shocked to find out that Ariel was on her knees pleasuring her much older brother-in-law, and was doing a damn fine job of it too! Changing my position to get a better view, she seemed really into it, Dave allowing Ariel to take full control of his genitals. She stroked his long meat pole as she sucked on the bulbous tip, looking up at him with those cute brown eyes.

    This wasn't the first time the two had fooled around (so I later found out), the pair blatantly committing adultery at any given opportunity when Shanelle was out of the house. For the ten or so minutes that I played the sneaky voyeur, it was clear to me that Ariel knew exactly how to handle a big cock, leaving me quite impressed at the show she was unknowingly putting on.

    "You like having your wife's little sister sucking your big dick Dave?" she teasingly asked, running the flat of her tongue up his length while the grunting married man fondled her luscious chest through her lacy purple bra.

    Hearing her talk dirty to him and begging Dave to cum, had gotten me just as hard as the fortunate father of two she was fellating. It was so out of character for her at the time, and even in my wildest sexual fantasies of Ariel did I ever imagine her to act this slutty.

    When he eventually nutted into the back of her mouth, I was surprised when I somehow didn't manage to follow suit. I quickly got out of there and afterwards I had a difficult time convincing myself that what I had witnessed was one hundred percent real or not.

    A few weeks after that, I accidentally walked in on her and some random bloke at a party, whom was sitting on her stomach and was titty fucking her on the hosts king-sized bed! All I was trying to do was find a spare room for me and this girl I was trying to bang who I'd met earlier that night. To say I was a little embarrassed, in seeing Ariel's incredibly huge funbags with some random bloke's cock thrusting between them, was probably the understatement of the century!

    Thankfully, it never came up in conversation after that night, probably due to the fact that Ariel was probably too wasted to remember me even being there. I gotta say though, her tits did look incredible. Even despite the amount of time I'd spent with her over the years, I unfortunately never had the pleasure of seeing that incredible rack of hers, sans clothing.

    Ever since that night, as well as the afternoon she was with her brother-in-law, I'd had numerous sex dreams of being in their position, regularly beating off to the thought of fucking Ariel's tits, or having her suck my cock whilst she dropped numerous profanities to get me to blow my load all over her chest or pretty young face.

    But by far the greatest moment I'd witnessed in terms of me spying on Ariel's sexual engagements, was a couple of months back. During the off season of Modern Family, she'd been cast in a movie called "Dog Years" which also featured the seemingly ageless Burt Reynolds.

    She had invited me as a guest on set, and I immediately had to stop myself from drooling when she showed me the outfit she was wearing for her scenes. Ariel was almost unrecognisable from the nerdy brainiac she played in her TV Show, going for an almost gothic look for this role. Ariel was filming two scenes that evening, one in the middle of a fictional street with Mr. Reynolds and a few of other actors, and one later on in a hotel room which was on the same filming lot.

    "Glad you could make it" she said to me as we hugged.

    I did my best not to reach down from her back to manhandle her tempting butt cheeks, slightly overflowing out of her tight looking black denim cut offs. Ariel's lipstick somewhat matched the colour of her fiery scarlet red hair, and her black crop top covered the top half of her body, showcasing that flat tummy and a little bit of sideboob. On closer inspection, I noticed she was wearing yellow panties underneath, most probably a thong.

    She posed in front of a trans am car as part of a promotional shoot for the film, just about every red blooded straight male on set gazing at the petite brunette, from her black leather lace up boots, up her fake tattooed porcelain skin to her lustful looking face.

    There were a few different tattoos upon each of her arms, a huge scorpion on the left side of her torso, and a spider upon her upper right thigh. She'd never donned this rebellious kind of look before, whether it was on screen or in her personal life. And it only made me want her more.

    After a few hours of filming, I was ready to call it a night. Ariel had disappeared after her scenes that were shot on the street, and one of the film crew advised me that she had been up in the hotel doing her other scene, and was just about to wrap things up if I wanted to go and see her. The shoot had ran a little over time, and they had pulled together a skeleton crew to shoot the scene along with the director and a cameraman.

    Making my way up to the apartment where they had been filming, it was evident that they had indeed finished, as most of the crew had passed me and headed back down in the elevator as I was on my way to the hotel room. It seemed pretty quiet when I entered, the light from the bathroom still on and a discussion between at least two people taking place in there. I could tell that one of those voices was Ariel's, and just as I was about to alert her to my presence, there was not one, but two guys in the bathroom with her!

    I remember seeing her chatting to them both earlier in the day, the teen flirting, giggling and flaunting her body to them on purpose, just to see if they might have the guts to take any action. Again I spied on her, watching her polish off the wine in the glass which had been leftover from the shoot, not that it stopped Ariel from pouring herself another. Knowing that she had these two much older guys all alone, Ariel wasted no time teasing the remaining crew members, mentioning how they made it really obvious that they couldn't take their eyes off of her all night.

    "You know it sweetheart" one of the two said, playing the game she had started.

    "Now that you have me all alone, care for anything in particular?" she seductively asked.

    Before they could even reply, Ariel dropped the towel covering the middle third of her five foot one stature, only some leftover bath bubbles partially concealing her private parts.

    "Damn look at the tits on this girl!" one said out loud without thinking.

    Ariel simply giggled, the alcohol was already making her ultra flirty, as the teen then turned around to let the three of us eye up her pale white bubble butt, just as she hopped back into the warm bath. This time I couldn't help myself. I had a quick look to see if anyone else was around, and when I surmised that there wasn't, I pulled out my cock and began stroking it as I watched Ariel soap up her meaty jugs and pinched at her engorged nipples.

    "Take your dicks out" she said to the pair as she arched her back and leaned her head back, making the next move for them.

    They obliged, both of them nervously pushing their jeans down to their knees so Ariel could cop an eyeful of their already raging hard-ons.

    "Stroke it for me, both of you" she insisted, lifting her feet up in the tub so her waist was above the water and her succulent thighs were spread so we could watch her play with herself.

    As the multiple masturbation scene unfolded, I had to cup my mouth upon seeing Ariel making herself orgasm due to furiously frigging her hairless little cunt. Somehow I, and her two selected companions for the night had kept their own climaxes in tact, but for how much longer? Ariel certainly was about to test all of our resolves when she sat over the edge of the bath and took one of the guys inside her mouth, while she jerked the other's cock.

    "Damn that's one hot little mouth you have you dirty little whore" the guy she was blowing muttered, placing his hands on the back of her bobbing head.

    I continued to slowly but painfully beat off as she changed guys, sucking on the head of the other's bloke's slightly thicker member. Both crew member's pawed and squeezed at her large heavenly chest, teasing her aroused nipples.

    "Time to fuck!" Ariel commanded with a naughty slurred giggle, sliding the cock she had out of her mouth, a string of her saliva dangling from her chin.

    Both guys eyes lit up as they realised what she had just said, but she had one important question to ask them both before proceeding.

    "I hope you both have protection?"

    "I do!" said one bloke enthusiastically.

    "Dammit" said the other.

    "Sorry..I've never let a guy do me without one and probably won't any time soon" she said to the second crewman, who was visibly angry with himself.

    I had to hand it to Ariel, at least she had the common sense to get guys to use a condom. But that also made me wonder just how many random guys had she slept with ever since she'd become single?

    "Not to worry. I'll still let you cum, you just won't to get to fuck me like that. But as for your friend, ready when you are" Ariel said, bending her ass over in the tub and spreading her legs to invite her opposing hole to be filled.

    I was insanely jealous by this point, wishing that I was either of those two guys at that very moment. As one of the crewman fished out a rubber from his wallet, Ariel continued to suck off his friend, giving him something extra by licking his tender balls and suckling firmly on them. With the other guy removing all his clothes and hopping in the bathtub behind her luscious upturned booty, his face contorted as he pushed his swollen, rubber encased cock inside Ariel from behind, squeezing his length inside what must have been one hot little cunt!

    "Fuck she's tight!" he grimaced as he addressed his partner in crime, but also taunting him as he knew he wasn't going to have the chance to experience the same kind of pleasure.

    I watched on in disbelief as the two luckiest bastards on the planet spit roasted the girl of my dreams from either end of a bathtub, one cock impaling her pussy from behind, whilst the other fucked her face like she was a blow up sex toy. There really was no better way to put it: Ariel had a body simply built for sex. And she clearly was enjoying it, pulling down firmly at one of her hanging globes and trying to coax the milk out of the guy she was blowing, by kneading his balls with her soft fingers.

    The longer this went on the harder the guy behind Ariel pounded her pussy, reaching under her lithe little body to roughly fondle her large hanging tits which caused her to moan around the cock lodged inside her mouth, inadvertently bringing on his impending eruption.

    "This little slut is gonna make me cum" he winced, having to remove his slick member from between her lips.

    "Me too" the other cried, tightly manhandling her plump backside as he also withdrew his cock from her other hole, quickly removing his condom.

    "Give it to me! Give me that warm cum!" she demanded, now kneeling in the tub and pushing her mammoth soaking breasts together, as the two men hastily jerked their cocks in front of her.

    Within seconds the pair blasted several strands of warm white cream onto Ariel's face and chest, glazing her porcelain face and ruby red lips in their sticky fluids. She had her eyes shut as they showered her in their manly batter. Witnessing the sordid threesome and it's incredible culmination, made me blow my wad as well, and it unfortunately gave away that I'd watched the whole thing unfold from behind the bathroom door!

    "Aiden?!?! What the fuck are you doing here??" Ariel angrily shouted, the three of them turning their attention towards me.

    The two men didn't say a word, promptly picking up their clothes and exiting the onset bathroom, leaving Ariel and I alone.

    I wasn't sure which one of us was meant to be more embarrassed. But strangely enough, Ariel seemed to calm down pretty quickly, asking me to wait outside so she could properly get cleaned up. We didn't say a word about what took place in the bathroom that night, but both knew that it would be on our minds the next time we did see each other.

    But you know what the worst part of her finding out I'd been spying on her was? It was being unable to shake the feeling that I now may have well and truly blown any chance I thought I may of had with Ariel in the future.

    To Be Continued...

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    I don't normally tune in to every Ariel story out there but I'm glad I did for this one! What a spectacular read! :thumbs3:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezetrol275 View Post
    I don't normally tune in to every Ariel story out there but I'm glad I did for this one! What a spectacular read! :thumbs3:
    Thanks Eze! Be sure to come back to read the follow up, due in the next week or two hopefully!

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    Really great. And the way this one ended can't wait for part 2.

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    Absolutely brilliant can't wait for the next installment.

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    Thats what Friends Are For ;)

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