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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol. 13 "Wicked Game" with Ariel Winter and Abigail Breslin

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol. 13 "Wicked Game" with Ariel Winter and Abigail Breslin

    The Winter Series: Vol. 13 - "Wicked Game"
    With Ariel Winter and Abigail Breslin
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MFF, FF, alcohol, handjob, oral, cunn, rimming, mast, titfuck, facial

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    It was the middle of the afternoon when I received a call from an old acquaintance that I hadn't seen in several years, whom had invited me over for a card game and to watch the big NFL game later that evening.

    I'd known Glenn Workman since the 90's, when our families lived and grew up on the same street together. We were as close as any two neighbours could be, before they ultimately moved out to Los Angeles so that their eldest daughter Shanelle could peruse her acting career in TV.

    Years later I was looking forward to catching up with Glenn over a few cold beers, and finding out how retirement was treating him. When I finally knocked on his door later that evening, I was surprised to be greeted by a very busty, and somewhat scantily clad young woman, who claimed to be his youngest daughter Ariel.

    "Dad told me you were coming over. Please come on in" she said, looking me up and down.

    I didn't have any kind of a relationship with Ariel back in the day, given she had only just been born by the time her family had decided to move closer to the heart of Los Angeles. There was something about this girl that made old thoughts and feelings come flooding back from my childhood.

    She looked at me the same way her sister Shanelle had upon first meeting me all those years ago.

    I found it impossible to take my eyes off of her incredible looking cleavage. Just like her older sibling, Ariel really did have quite the rack on her.

    After I followed her into the house and focussed on something other than her round swivelling derrière, Ariel claimed that her Dad had just text to say he was held up in traffic, and would be home as soon as possible.

    I was then introduced to her friend Abigail Breslin, who was over at the house to watch some movies and had already been getting stuck into a bottle of pre-mixed vodka. Just like Ariel, Abigail was quite the cutie herself, almost like a blonde replica. I soon learned that Breslin was also a popular young actress, and I just couldn't help also be drawn to her huge milky breasts that she nonchalantly had on display with her low cut top, just like Ariel. The girls gladly kept me company as I patiently waited for Glenn to return home.

    "So how do you two know each other?" I asked, addressing the slightly older golden haired beauty.

    "We met at an Emmy Awards after party earlier this year. Ariel and I learned that we had a lot of mutual friends in the business, as well as a lot of other things in common".

    "You sure do" I said in my head, referring to their incredibly large breasts!

    The girls giggled and knowingly flirted with me and I soon surmised that they had been drinking for a fair while before I'd arrived. They started to ask me numerous questions about my work and even my personal life, also asking stories about my close childhood friendship with Shanelle.

    "My sister has spoken about you before. She said she had the biggest crush on you when she was my age! I can already see why. Such a shame you never made a move huh?" Ariel said to me with a cheeky little grin.

    It was clear that both girls were really smitten with me – particularly Breslin who I got the feeling was dying for a fuck, having made mention very early in the conversation that she'd recently split from her boyfriend.

    "He just didn't know how to handle me I guess. Said I was smothering him too much and was always trying to get him into bed. Like seriously, what's up with that? I thought guys would love a girl with a huge appetite for sex? And then he dumped ME!"

    Despite her frustration, Abby in particular was still being ultra flirty with me over the next half hour, and almost certainly leaning forward to purposely show me just how large her tits were, every now and then. I seemed to strike a chord with her, saying things she wanted to hear at that moment.

    "Don't beat yourself up. He'll know he's fucked up by giving up such a pretty girl like you".

    She gave me a appreciative smile and her deep blue eyes looked at me adoringly, as though I was her chosen prey for the night. But Ariel also attracted my attention, making sure to be a good hostess and playfully caressing my strong bicep.

    "Can I get you another beer?"

    "Sure, that'd be great!"

    When she returned with my opened brew, Ariel sat adjacent to me and intentionally made a show of crossing her smooth legs, rubbing her silky stem against the other. 
As the night wore on, the girls asked if I knew of any card games I could teach them to help pass the time whilst we were waiting for Ariel's Dad to return home.

    Try as I might, I soon realised that they were clearly not taking the game of basic poker that I just explained to them, at all seriously. Not that I really minded, seeing Abby playfully comb Ariel's long shimmering red hair was enough to make up for their lack of interest in the game.

    Whilst they were singing along to their favourite Taylor Swift tune that was playing through Glenn's stereo system, I once again found myself gazing at their magnificent racks. It was clear as day that neither girl was wearing a bra, given the clear pokies I could see straining against their thin tops. In fact at one point I was almost certain I caught a little glimpse of a nip slip from the side of Ariel's singlet top, and just the sight made my cock start to stir!

    "I think my phone is ringing!" Ariel exclaimed.

    Breaking the transfixed gaze I had on the lovely pair, Ariel went to answer her cell which was buzzing on the kitchen counter.

    "Hi Daddy. Yeah he's still here. OK, I'll tell him".

    Putting the phone down after the call ended, Ariel headed back over to Abby and I with some bad news. 

    "That was Dad, and he wanted me to tell you that unfortunately he's broken down on the highway, which has caused a major traffic jam. So he probably wont be home for a few hours and will certainly miss the game tonight. He said he understood if you didn't want to wait around, and he hoped to make it up to you next time".

    "Umm, OK. Well I guess I'll get my coat and be on my way then".

    The girls I noticed were giving each other an almost panicked look, and Abigail quickly got up off the sofa to stop me from leaving.

    "Wait wait. C'mon it's Friday night. Hang out with us for a bit, we promise we won't bite" Abigail insisted, continuing to flirt with me as did Ariel.

"Well OK. I guess I can stay for a little while longer".

    "YAY!" the girls shouted gleefully in unison.

    Over the next hour, I sunk a couple more of the beers that I had brought over, watching these two busty teens dancing to songs playing on the music channel. There were moments where I found myself conversing with both girls individually at times. It was actually difficult to decide which girl I was attracted to more. They were equally alluring.

    "I've put the game on the other TV for you" Ariel said, obviously trying to score extra brownie points from me.

    In truth the game couldn't hold my attention for more that ten seconds, given the two hot young ladies that I had all to myself.

    I noticed when Ariel whispered something into Abby's ear, and once she had made her remark, both girls moved across the living room to sit either side of me.

    "So we need a guys opinion. We were discussing earlier on whether Abby should get her tits reduced like I did last year, but she's too afraid to have the surgery done. What do you think? Do you think they look fine as they are or do you think they're too big?"

    Abby nodded, allowing me to freely gawk at her luscious chest.

    "Are you both the same size?" I quizzically asked.

"They're roughly the same size before I had work done, not that many people could tell initially that I'd had the surgery" Ariel answered.

"Honestly Abby, if you think it will make you happy, then do it. To me they look really hot already if you don't mind me saying so".

    I could tell that she loved these uplifting words I had given to her. This not only gave her some renewed confidence, but she seemed even more attracted to me given the way she bit her bottom lip and twirled her long locks between her fingers.

"Well I disagree. The surgery I had was a life changer, and my new breasts not only have relieved my back pain, but they feel a lot more supple than ever. Here, have a feel of mine" Ariel said being quite forward, and to my surprise she took my hands and placed them upon her nice, firm chest.

    I could sense that both girls were really doing almost anything to fight for my attention, a position any guy could only dream to be in. 

    "Now try mine" Abby said, retaining my focus back onto her just as mouth watering jugs.

    She let me hold her more than ample tits in each hand, and I could immediately feel how soft and milky they were compared to Ariel's. If Abigail were to ever get pregnant, then there's no doubt these things would grow to the size of watermelons!! At this point I decided to push my luck, and to see just how much more charitable the girls would be with me, given they were quite tipsy by this stage of the night.

    "To be honest, it's kind of hard to tell without actually seeing them without your tops on" I said, trying to keep a straight face.

    "Haha, nice try buddy" Ariel replied.

    The three of us burst into laughter at my failed attempt to get the girls to bare their heavenly chests.

    "So what shall we do now?" I asked, eager to know where things could possibly go after feeling up each girls incredible pairs of natural God-given breasts.

    Again I saw Ariel sit beside Abby to whisper into her ear, the duo giggling before coming up with a suggestion of a game we could all play. 

    "I have an idea. Let's play High or Low! I played it at a party recently and it was loads of fun! However, I'm going to amend the rules a bit. So after every round, we all have to do a shot of tequila. But it will also be a game of Truth or Dare!

    "Ooh I love Truth of Dare!" Abigail girlishly squeals.

    "So how exactly does this game work?" I asked with intrigue.

    "OK so say if we start with a five of clubs like so. If the next person draws a higher card, you have to tell the truth to the dealers question of choice. If it's lower than a five, you have to fulfil a sexy dare the dealer suggests. If you pull the same valued card, then you can make the dealer and the other player do something of your choice. Something short and sweet usually that can last no longer than a minute.

    But you also have to draw another card after that again. Understand?" she said to Abby and I, both of us nodding in reply.

    "OK, you can go first" Ariel said to me, shuffling the deck before offering me to take the top card. 

    I started off by drawing a higher card in the form of an eight of hearts, meaning I had to answer truthfully the question Ariel was about to ask me.
    The buxom redhead didn't mess around, and flat out asked me,

    "Soooo when was the last time you masturbated, and who were you thinking about when you did so?"

    I was more than taken aback by her question, but proceeded to answer it nonetheless.

    "Woah.. So it's that kind of game then. OK, well I guess I gotta be honest. It was last night, and I'd just watched Underworld, and I suppose I was jerking off to Kate Beckinsale dressed in that skin tight leather outfit".

    "Mmm, very nice choice" Ariel replied to me, admiring my great taste in women.

    "OK, so now you offer the deck to Abby, where she'll choose the next card".

    Abby looked me in the eye as she took a card, drawing the King of Diamonds, meaning I could also ask her a "Truth" question.

    "Go easy on me" she said nervously, no doubt wondering the kind of sexually related question I could potentially ask her.

    "So you have to be honest right? Tell us, do you really want to get your breasts reduced?" I ask, again bringing up the topic the three of us had discussed earlier on.

    Abby seemed relieved that I didn't ask her something a little more risqué, and happily answered.

    "Well I'm now considering against having work done on them, thanks to your complimentary words before. I notice the way guys check them out and I must say I quite like that kind of attention. That's not to say that Ariel's don't look great, I mean, I wouldn't have even noticed she had them reduced had Ariel not announced it to the whole world!"

    The three of us laugh out loud at being so open about our respective personal lives.

    "OK, so looks like we've all got the hang of things. Now, before I go next, I'll pour us another round of tequila" Ariel says, passing us both our refilled shot glasses.

    The three of us shot down the yellow liquid in one go, gasping as we all lapped up a line of salt and finished with a slice of lemon to suck on. I'm pretty surprised at how well both girls have held their liquor up until this point.

    But when it seemed like we were ready to continue, it was obvious that the strong portion of alcohol we had just consumed affected the girls quicker than myself, as their drunken eyes were locked onto me more often than not.

    "OK, my turn. Now Abby, don't be afraid to turn things up a notch. Anything goes" Ariel said to her friend, the horny teen smiling and flashing her eyelids towards me as she took the next card from the deck.

    Unsurprisingly she pulled a lower card, a seven of clubs, meaning Abby could dare Ariel to do whatever she suggested.

    "So what's it gonna be Abby?" Ariel gleefully asks the blonde. 

    Abby must have known that the sexual nature of the game plus the alcohol we had already consumed had got the three of us all incredibly aroused. A look of astonishment crossed me and Ariel's faces when she made her suggestion.

    "Ariel, I dare you to give him a thirty second lap dance".

    "You bitch!" she laughingly replied.

    "No problems" the petite teenager said as she approached me on the recliner I was seated on, straddling my hips and wrapping her hands around my neck.

    She was quite light weighted, swaying her body upon me in circles, her large breasts so close to my face, tempting enough to bury my head in between those succulent looking globes of titflesh. Ariel then sat on me with her back against my chest, wiggling her hot little ass in my lap, teasingly grinding it up and down the length of my rock hard boner.

    "Ohhh fuck!" I moaned out loud, having my good friends smoking hot daughter work her tight derrière against my bulge was making my head spin.

    I felt my cock throb as the enthusiastic girl continued to tease me. Just as I was about to slide my hands up from her hips to cup those incredible jugs, Abigail called out,

    "Times up!"

    To my dismay, Ariel rose up and off of my lap. I was really feeling blue balls after that, and was quite surprised I didn't blow my load inside my pants! Ariel had me choose a card, and as luck would have it, I drew the Seven of Diamonds!

    "So this gives me the opportunity to have the two of you do something of my choosing right?" 

    "That's right. It can be anything you want" Abby said breathlessly as both girl's pretty eyes look at me with lust driven desire.

    After Ariel's teasing and both girls allowing me to feel them up earlier, there really was only one thing on my mind.

    "I want you both to stand here in front of me, and remove your tops".

    I feared the girls would be more than a little a little hesitant, but they took a long look into each other's eyes, smiled, then turned to focus on me and thankfully agreed with my request.

    "Your wish is our command" Abby said, both girls crossing their arms and reaching for the hem of their tops, pulling them up their exquisite young bodies, revealing their flat stomachs. Next their large braless breasts bounce, fall and then hang free, lifting their small shirts over their heads, leaving both of them completely topless before me.

    "Holy moly.." I manage to utter, not sure if this is really happening or if I'm in the middle of one amazing dream.

    I was unsure where to look as two of the finest pairs of young celebrity breasts were bared to my disbelieving eyes.
    Even with a reduction, Ariel's titties looked as firm and supple just as she said they were, with an almost perfect amount of sag to them. Her nipples were dark pink, with nice big areolas surrounding them.

    Abby's were a bit bigger given her slightly more voluptuous figure, but no less mouthwatering than Winter's. Her breasts were also quite plump and pale white, capped with two little nubs.

    Abigail and Ariel really were quite the pair, not only differentiated by their contrasting hair and eye colours, but also how enticing their huge racks were despite their unique size and shape.

    "I think he likes what he sees" Ariel said addressing Abigail, the girls intentionally allowing me to get a good look at their amazing jugs up close.

Abby reminded me that I had to draw again, and just to change things up, Ariel handed the deck to her blonde companion for me to pick the next card. When I drew a lower card, I could only wonder what the topless blue eyed beauty would select as her dare.

    "Well go on" Abby says, dropping her eyes downward.

    "Show us that hard cock of yours".

    Nervously, I stood up, both girls clearly seeing the evident boner in my pants. I took a deep breath, and with one quick movement, I pushed my pants all the way down my legs. Both girls mouths dropped and their eyes widened when I slid down my shorts and underwear, my long hard erection flying out from its silken prison.

    "Wow... That's the biggest cock I've ever seen" I swear I could hear Abby whisper to Ariel.

    My cock twitched knowing both of these gorgeous young girls couldn't remove their focus from my shaft. Once they composed themselves after getting a good look, the game continued.

    Even still, I knew that Abby in particular was taking sneaky looks at my solidified dick. She must have been so incredibly horny and dying for some cock, given the way she stared almost hypnotically at times at the throbbing organ in between my legs. Not to mention it was "she" that dared me to take my pants off, the busty blonde obviously dying to see exactly what I was packing underneath.

    "Your turn Abby" Ariel said to her, now having to play as her dealer.

    Abby this time drew a lower card, and in order to get her to become the main focus for me and Ariel, the Modern Family actress dared her to jump up and down for fifteen seconds. She happily obliged, standing in the middle of the living room, happily doing a short set of jumping jacks.

    I'm sure Ariel only suggested this act just to mess with me, knowing how much I really wanted to see Abby's huge titties bounce. They flopped all over the place and lightly smacked against each other. Just seeing this made me spurt out a little pre-cum.

    I was so drunk by this time that I didn't even realise the girls had skipped my turn! I was so engrossed by what was going on in the game, that I was more than happy to let the girls suggest where things were going from here. As Abby sat back down to catch her breath, she offered the deck to Ariel. 
She also picked a lower card, this time it was the Two of Spades.

    "You seem overdressed still Ariel. For your dare, I want you to bend over in front of him, touch your toes, and then slowly remove those tight, denim shorts".

    This was a devilish way to torment me, that I couldn't help but stroke my hard cock as I watched the petite actress follow Abby's orders, eyeing up her tight looking calves. I jerked myself a little quicker when Ariel slipped her shorts down, presenting me her nice, thick, juicy ass, with her only wearing a white thong which was the only thing separating her delicious butt cheeks.

    I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take, as my knees were trembling and my heart rate had most certainly increased. My palms were sweaty but I also could smell of some of my man juice on there as I nervously took the next card.

    "Haha! Incredible..." I shouted out loud.

I couldn't believe my luck as I again pulled the same numbered card as Ariel's, this time a Two of Diamonds.

    "So what's it gonna be this time?" Ariel asked from the sofa she and Abby were now sitting on. Both girls were twirling their long silky hair like naughty school girls as they awaited my suggestion.

    "For the next sixty seconds, I want both of you to play with each other's breasts, while you make out".

    The next minute was like a wet dream come true. Seeing these two big-titted sluts passionately lock their glossy lips together, flicking tongues and massaging each other's large bosoms, was truly the greatest ever sight to behold.

    Hearing them moan as they swapped spit or when one girl tweaked the other's taut nipple a little bit too roughly, was driving me mental. I was surely not going to be able to contain my most carnal desires for these two starlets for much longer. When the sixty seconds eventually culminated, a long strand of saliva ran from each girls bottom lip, showing just how into my suggestion they really were.

    "Umm, OK, I guess I go again then" I stuttered, still flabbergasted by what had just taken place.

    Flipping the next card over, I drew a higher one this time, and knew what kind of question Abby was about to ask me.

"Truth" she said.

    I could tell what both girls were thinking. The whole point of the game had brought the three of us to this very moment. Where my insatiable lust for these two young, bountiful beauties could not be denied any longer.

    "So tell us the truth..." Abigail asked as they both knelt down in front of where I was seated.

    "Whose tits do you wanna fuck first? Mine or Ariel's?"

    I lowered my head down to the floor as I tried to take in the magnitude of the mind blowing options presented before me. My eyes eventually fell upon Abigail's pale white chest, seeing a slight look of disappointment on Ariel's face out of the corner of my eye. On another night or at a different place, it so easily could of been the teen as my first choice.

    Before I started with Abigail though, Ariel had a follow up question of truth she wanted to ask me.

    "Have you ever had a threesome before?"

    A little embarrassed I shook my head, just as I realised that these bare chested girls were looking up at me with their seemingly innocent eyes.

    Both girls drunkenly giggled a little excitedly when I admitted that I had never before engaged in a ménage à trois. They looked at each other for a brief moment with Ariel then stating,

    "This is gonna be fun then!".

    I groaned deeply as Abigail took my throbbing shaft into her dainty little hand, my tool feeling warm and alive in her palm. Ariel reached around Abby from behind so she could cup each of her lovely boobs, squeezing the milky orbs to further tease me.

    Abby moved her pretty face over the top of my menacing erection, dribbling a strand of saliva onto my length to get a slick grooved handjob going. Ariel helped out by caressing my bare thigh as Abby got herself into position.

    "Oh my lord..." I sighed as my lubricated cock disappeared in between her soft, massive chest puppies.

    Abigail used her hands to firmly push her tits together, holding my rigid member in place. She worked the meaty globes all the way along my length, and after a while I can't help but move my hips upward to joyfully fuck her amazing breasts.

    Although I didn't choose her, Ariel made sure she was the one who kissed me first, standing over me before bending down slightly to press her lips against mine, darting her tongue inside of my mouth. Ariel's huge knockers hung down and swayed erotically as we made out. I reached out to use my fingers to caress her shapely globes, breaking the kiss so I could suck on her highly aroused nipples.

    "That's it! Suck on those titties!" she cried as I orally pleasured Winter's glorious chest, even whilst Abby continued to fuck my cock with her own incredible boobs.

    Five minutes in and the girls changed over, Abby sitting beside me on the couch so we could now engage in a lip-lock, whilst Ariel closed her meaty hangers around my stiff pole. I massaged Abby's grand chest as she forcefully sucked face with me.

    "Oh fuck!" I moaned, surprised when I felt Ariel's warm lips close around the spongy head of my cock, even though it was still lodged in between her heavenly rack.

    Both girls continued to fight for my attention, Abigail retaining it when she began peeling off her shorts, then seductively slid down her lacy sheer black panties. She had an absolutely ripe looking peach, perfectly smooth lips except for a tuft of blonde hair just above her moistened slit.

    Putting their friendly rivalry for my affections aside for one moment, 
Abby joined Ariel on the floor, both girls now kneeling in between my spread apart legs. This particular part of the game peaked with the young ladies daring each other to blow me whilst the other watched on.

    "Let's see who can suck this big dick without making him cum" Ariel said to Abigail, both girls giggling as they knew just how much I really wanted to release inside both of their hot little mouths.

    Abby used her lips to full effect, sliding them up and down either side of my length as she tickled my balls with her fingertips. She loved looking at me with those sparkling eyes whilst flickering her tongue against the sensitive crown.

    Next it was Ariel's turn, the brown eyed cutie enthusiastically attacking my overly tender balls, sucking each of them into her warm mouth and encircling each soft testicle with her hard tongue.

    "Ohhh shit!" I cried as she upped the ante, spitting into her palm to also stroke my throbbing shaft as she lathered my nuts in her saliva.

When I looked up at the clock on the wall, I only then realised that it had been over an hour since Glenn had called Ariel, and a part of me was reluctant to continue messing around with the girls. I became nervous as all shit knowing that it was highly possible that he could arrive home at any minute.

    But before I could even speak up, the sex-fuelled girls didn't even give me the chance to do so, as they practically pinned me down on the carpeted floor when I looked to escape their clutches, taking full control due to their extra person advantage. With both girls continuing to take turns to fellate my grateful cock and just as vulnerable sack, deep down I knew I didn't want the game to ever stop.

    They intentionally looked up at me when they simultaneously licked and ran their lips along each side of my dick, slithering and curling their tongues against my helmet and even sharing a brief kiss as they pleasured me.

    "Ohhh Christ I'm gonna cum!" I grunted, unable to take much more of this sexual torture.

    But to my utter frustration the wicked dual blowjob not only abruptly ended, but my face grimaced when Ariel tightly squeezed my balls and Abby did likewise to the base of my pulsing length. Doing this stopped me from ejaculating, the large amount of backed up semen I was hoping to expel having to further wait for the time being.

    "Not just yet bucko! Ariel cunningly said

    "We can't have you blowing your wad just yet. Not until you've fucked us both first!" Abby chimed in.

    I knew that when I did eventually climax, I was every chance of blasting out the biggest load I had ever released in my entire life!!

 A few minutes later I found myself laying on my back on the four-seater sofa, with both ladies now without a stitch of clothing on. Having just removed her little white thong, Ariel's moist teen vagina looked just as enticing as Abigail's, her puffy little lips completely void of any hair.

    "After you" Abby instructed Ariel, unselfishly letting the younger girl straddle my hips so she could impale my thick rod first.

    She's an incredibly tight fit, her teenage cunt like a hot velvet vice as her inner walls grip me for dear life.

    "Ohh Abby he's so fucking big! I feel like I'm going to split into two!"

    Ariel's face contorted as her tight little pussy was stretched by my thick girth, my cock being completely drenched in her wet juices. From my viewpoint, I watched inch after inch disappear inside Winter's warm fuckhole, until her round bubble asscheeks rested against my inner thighs.

    Naturally there was apart of my intoxicated-clouded mind that felt guilty about fucking my old friends youngest daughter. But hearing her moan and seeing those succulent tits of hers hypnotically bounce in front of my face, made me quickly forget all about that. I was enjoying seeing the teen TV star get off, all too much to even care.

    "Ohhh God, it's so deep inside me!"

    As Ariel happily rocked her hot little body upon me and loudly cried when I grazed against her g-spot, my eyes widened when Abby sat her dripping wet cunt over my face, begging me to eat her out. I obliged by gripping the underside of her creamy white thighs, digging my tongue into her wet slit.

    "Ohhh fuck me with your tongue!" Abby groaned from above, squeezing her huge boobs as she rapidly gyrated her pussy on my face.

    With the girls facing each other, they couldn't help but paw at the others naked chest, moaning into each other's mouths when I thrusted my tongue deeper into Abby's cunt, or hammered my cock upwards into Ariel's cunt.

    "Holy shit!!" Abby cried when I unexpectedly probed my tongue against her tight puckered starfish, the simple rimming of her back door causing her to reach down to rub her sensitive clit.

    "I need IT inside me!!" she wailed, letting both me and Ariel know how badly she wanted to be filled by something other than my tongue.

    Ariel let Abby take her place, the teens face and body flushed, covered in a sheen of sweat. She was more than happy to let her have a go. Given how soaking wet she was, Abby's velvety vagina easily devoured every inch of me in one go, sliding down my slippery pole until our hips were adjoined and she was filled to the root.

    Ariel sat on the carpeted floor beside the sofa I was laying upon, softly kissing and licking at my lips as Abby firmly grinded her horny cunt upon my greasy length. I looked down to see Ariel double finger banging her pink hole, the teen incredibly turned on by watching her friend fucking me.

    "Holy shit!!" Abigail hissed, her huge tits flopping about as she climaxed, squirting her juices all over my nether region.

    Abby collapsed on the other end of the sofa, her body limp and completely numb, not to mention some excess secretions that were dribbling out of her inflamed cunt.

    "Lie on top of Abby and console her Ariel" I recommended to the teen.

    She did so, comforting the exhausted girl by moving her buxom body upon her friend and softly kissing the whimpering blonde. The pairs huge chests pressed against the other as they kissed, Abby wrapping her arms and legs around Ariel.

    More importantly, my eyes were fully focussed on Ariel's plump upturned ass, and it was then that I knew exactly what I wanted next. Stroking my slick cock, I seized the opportunity by moving in behind Ariel, pressing the head of my shaft against her lower lips and slamming it in as I took her from behind.

    "Aiiii!! the redhead screamed ecstatically into Abby's mouth.

    I squeezed and pervertedly spanked Ariel's underrated derrière, drilling her deep so her cheeks rippled with my continuous non-stop onslaught. Just to add to her arousal, the teen purposely rubbed her dripping cunt lips against Abby's.

    Pulling my cock out, I looked down and noticed the incredible sight of both Ariel and Abby's bare naked wet pussies to feast my eyes on. 
Lowering my waist down a bit, I fed my length into Abigail's vacant hole, fucking her roughly whilst massaging Ariel's exquisite cheeks, parting them slightly to get a glimpse of her wrinkly little anus.

    I alternated between the two, stuffing my long hard cock into both girls for about thirty seconds at each change, my dick coated in both of their slimy juices. A few minutes later I pulled Ariel onto my lap so she was now sitting on my cock with her back to my chest, enabling me to fondle and squeeze her luscious round tits.

    She happily wiggled her hips into my groin, desperate to get off just like Abby had moments earlier. We both moaned in unison when Abby to our surprise, moved her face in between Ariel's splayed thighs, running her tongue up and down her wet bulging lower lips.

    "Of f-f-fuck Abby!" Ariel exclaimed as her friend licked and sucked on her clitoris, which only caused her to involuntarily hump her body on my cock more forcefully.

    Abby also managed to lash her tongue against the base of my glistening member, and occasionally my incredibly tense nuts as well.

    "Cum for me Ariel. I know you want to" she said to the moaning teen.

    I helped her along by spearing my tongue out and licking her ear lobe, tweaking her highly sensitive nubs. Whispering in her ear, I perversely said,

    "Cream all over my cock Ariel. Beg Daddy to make you cum!"

    The teen couldn't take much more of the double pleasure she was receiving, and she yelled out what she sorely desired.

    "Ohhh fuck me Daddy! I'm so fucking wet! Please!! I need to cum so badly!!"

    Abigail furiously sucked on Ariel's puffy lips and rubbed her swollen clit, causing the teens inner cunt muscles to contract and spasm around the thick beast embedded deep inside her.

    A minute or two later I laid Ariel down on the floor next to Abigail, both girls stomachs rising and hollowing as they tried to catch their breaths.

    Abby softly kissed the heaving teen, running her fingers through her dishevelled hair. They were soon erotically licking tongues with their eyes closed, opening them when they realised I was standing above them, my throbbing member still at full mast.

    They disengaged their kiss and seemed to know what I was in desperate need for. When I started stroking my cock, both girls cupped their big tits and stuck out their tongues below me, beckoning for me to glaze their perfect set of jugs in my man batter.

    "Do it Daddy. Shower your little girls with your cum!" Abby implored, speaking for herself and Ariel.

    After what had felt like an eternity, I finally ejaculated my warm, thick spunk, all over their pretty young faces, plastering each girls luscious tits in what felt seemed endless ropes of cum.

    "Grrrrrrrrr!!! Fuck yeah!!!"

    As I wrung out every last drop, I was left with a grandiose final memory of this incredible night - the girls licking their semen coated lips and rubbing some of it over their perfect young breasts.

    THE END.

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    You certainly did all those tits justice, nice one mate.

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    Holy crap! Two of my faves in one story written by Hearsz? Yes please!

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