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Thread: "License To Drive" with Lily Maymac

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    fanfiction "License To Drive" with Lily Maymac

    With Lily Maymac
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, fingering, anal, public, creampie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I'd been a driving instructor for almost a decade, and really enjoyed my job. In fact I had built up a collection of funny and frightening stories over the years. Of course, you meet some peculiar people in this industry, but you also meet some very attractive young ladies too.

    That being said, the young girl in question was a Sydney-based model by the name of Lily Maymac, who as it turned out was a part time law clerk and social media darling, and was looking to obtain her drivers licence.

    Since the initial booking came through the internet, I had no idea what to expect. Suffice to say when I saw her for the first time I was totally bowled over, as the stunning Filipino waited outside her harbour side apartment dressed in a sexy string neck halter top, short grey cotton skirt, and a pair of high heeled leather pumps, which was hardly the appropriate footwear to have.

    As she approached the car she gave me the prettiest smile as I adjusted the driver's seat for her, particularly since she appeared to be just 5'2 short. She told me she'd had a few lessons in the past, but was now determined to learn to drive as her folks had apparently promised to buy her a new car for her birthday. I talked her through the basics then, quite nervously, she pulled out onto the open road.

    As Lily drove she told me about her life and career, and her little hobby on the internet. I was only half-listening as I concentrated on getting her safely through her first lesson with me. She seemed to be quite a natural driver, so I soon began to relax.

    In doing so, I couldn't help but notice a few things about my new "pupil," the delicate flower-scented perfume which began to fill the cabin, and the fact that her nipples were creating obvious little bumps in her blouse, her bare thighs peeking out from beneath her skirt.

    At one point I was sure she'd caught me looking at her body, and I felt my face turn red as I stared out the windscreen. But Lily simply smiled and claimed that she was having a great time and felt "safe" with me.

    Towards the end of our allotted time I started to get her driving back towards her apartment. About a hundred yards short of it though, she indicated right and drove up a narrow alleyway, which opened out into a private reserve that overlooked Sydney harbour. We parking behind a row of houses below us, and were somewhat obscured by the trees.

    I turned to her and asked what she was doing, but she placed a hand on my knee to quiet me.

    "I just wanted to talk to you about payment for my lesson." she explained. "The thing is, I can't really afford the fees at the moment, but I desperately want to learn to drive."

    I was dreadfully aware of the warmth of her fingers through my thin trousers. I was going to tell her I wouldn't charge her for her first lesson, but that there wouldn't be a second, until she spoke again.

    "So what I thought was, well, maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement?"

    I barely had time to think of a witty come back before Lily slipped her hand up my thigh and onto my crotch, grasping the obvious erection in my pants while staring me deep in the eyes. I should have pushed her away of course, but my brain simply wouldn't tell my arms to move.

    All things considered she really was one of the prettiest, most striking young ladies I had ever laid eyes on.

    "Err, Miss Maymac. I don't think this is a good idea."

    But while I sat there stammering and stuttering and making excuses, the cunning model unzipped my pants, fished out my cock, and proceeded to jerk me off in the passenger seat.

    "Come on, you can't tell me that doesn't feel good."

    I couldn't.

    "Err, this is um, highly unusual." was all I could think to say.

    Fortunately for me Lily seemed to ignore my dumb remarks and suddenly wrapped her full-pouty lips around the head of my cock, taking my breath away. I couldn't help by slump back into the seat as she swirled her hot tongue around my cock-flesh, then proceeded to stroke my meat into her mouth.

    I actually heard myself moan out loud when I felt her fingers tickle my nuts and caress them gently. Her other hand grasped the base of my dick and pumped it slowly and steadily.

    "Lily, please." I panicked, paranoid that someone would see us.

    "Relax, I come up here all the time."

    Judging by her skillful mouth I didn't doubt it.

    "It's okay, really." she assured me. "I want this. I like it. I like sucking cock."

    "Well you certainly have the mouth for it."

    "Don't you want these lips wrapped around that cock?" she said with a flirtatious grin. "I'm pretty good, you know."

    With the combination of her hand and mouth I knew I couldn't last long, but even I was surprised by how quickly I came and my hips jerked spasmodically as I shot off into her mouth.

    To her credit Lily sucked me until I had completely ejaculated, slowly licking around the tip of my cock and cleaning me fastidiously. She then sat up and gave me a wicked grin while wiping her chin and hopped out of the vehicle.

    "So, same time next week?" she chirped like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

    "Erm, sure." I shrugged. "Same time."

    I managed to drive home somehow, my mind reeling. Of course, the very next thing I should have done was cancel all of Lily's future appointments, knowing that getting involved with such a brazen vixen would only get me in trouble. But a week later, I was outside her apartment again, feeling as nervous as a fifteen-year old boy.

    I felt tense and edgy throughout the entire lesson, but Lily seemed perfectly relaxed and at ease in my company. As we approached the home stretch again, she giggled and slowed down.

    "Aren't you going to tell me to pull in there?"

    "This isn't a game young lady." I replied, as she continued to do what she wanted despite my complaining.

    Moments later we were parked back in the same spot as we had the week before, and my cock was in her mouth, as she pumped her lips and tongue up and down it.

    "You know, you should grateful." she said between sucks. "There are a ton of guys who wish they were in your position right now."

    "—then why are you doing this?"

    "I dunno," she shrugged. "It's fun. Besides, you're pretty cute, for your age."

    I tried not to take her backhanded compliment to heart and grabbed her hair and held her mouth tight against me as she polished my knob. Fortunately for me I lasted a bit longer than my previous effort, but that was before she started yapping away and getting a little explicit in her language.

    "I was think about this cock the other day, and how smooth and hard it is."

    "You know I'm married, right?" I blurted out for no apparent reason.

    Amusingly enough it didn't even phase her in the least. In fact it only seemed to encourage her.

    "Does your wife suck your cock like this?" she quipped before licking the side of my shaft like an ice-cream cone.

    I could tell from her movements that she wanted to get me off as quickly as possible, but this time I wasn't going to give it to her without a fight, and reached over to grab her sweet little ass, and slide her skirt up with my fingertips to touch her ultra-soft skin.

    When I reached under and realized that Lily was wearing sexy little lace panties, I just about blew my wad a second later, filling her mouth with hot-gooey semen while watching her gag and cough and finally swallow it all.

    "Jesus, you came so hard!" she boasted. "I must be getting better at it."

    I didn't have the heart to tell her it was her sexy panties that pushed me over the edge.

    That's how her lessons continued over the next few weeks. I'd pick her up and take her around the neighborhood, let her park at our little special spot, and in return she'd suck my dick.

    Of course, I had to pay in the money she supposedly gave me for each lesson, so my sexual flirtation was costing me $60 a pop, but I felt it was worth it. It wasn't the most comfortable place to mess around, and I would have loved to get into her apartment, but I was happy to take what I could get. In fact I started to wonder if she actually had a boyfriend.

    Things continued in this fashion for two more sessions until one evening when Lily was wearing a sleeveless summer dress with buttons up the front. As her mouth closed around the head of my cock I reached under her and softly fondled her ample breasts. She paused momentarily but then rolled her eyes and gave me permission to proceed.

    I slipped my hand through the armhole of the dress and closed it over her bare boob, my palm rolling her nipple. She began moaning and pumping her lips up and down my rod even more vigorously, essentially face-fucking me with her mouth while her free hand slipped between her legs.

    "Yeah, play with your cunt while I fuck that mouth!" I hissed, and Lily happily obliged.

    "Yeah, you like that?" she teased. "Fucking my hot little mouth? should try my pussy. I'm so fucking wet right now!"

    "How wet?"

    She responded by spreading her legs and jamming two fingers knuckle deep into her cunt.

    "Take off your panties." I told her, and she didn't hesitate.

    I took them immediately as a keepsake and told her spread her legs wide while fingering herself.

    "Ugh-God. I think I'm gunna cum." she moaned as she got herself off.

    "Tell me when you're close," I said, wanting to time it right and cum together.

    "Ugh-fuck, my cunt is so wet!" she moaned around my penis, when I suddenly and unexpectedly shot my wad into the back of her throat, surprising her again and causing her to gag and spit a mouthful of jizz all over my cock. It was one of the hottest, yet nastiest things I'd ever seen.

    As in previous instances Lily giggled and seemed to get a real kick out of our encounter, while I began to wonder if I should extend the number of lessons per week, just to keep messing around with the little slut.

    Strangely enough Lily was a competent driver, and after only a month I told her I was putting her in for her test. She squealed in delight, and responded by shoving her tongue down my throat. It was the first time we had actually kissed one another, and we quickly lost ourselves in the moment and didn't come up for air for several minutes.

    Our next lesson consisted of her driving us around the more privileged areas of Sydney, while I reached over to rub her cunt through her panties. It actually made things fun, watching her try to navigate the very narrow streets while getting her pussy massaged at the same time. Of course I soon got carried away and finally slipped my fingers inside her underwear and stroked along the bare-lips of her tight little cunt.

    Maymac moaned and clamped her knees around my hand on several occasions, particularly when we'd stop at an intersection and she'd claim that people in the area recognized her, otherwise she'd gradually spread her legs for me and encourage more petting, which I was only happy to do.

    At one point during the evening I had her drive us through a McDonald's drive-thru, and while waiting in the queue I abruptly jammed two fingers into her impossibly tight cunt, causing her to moan to the intrusion. I'd watch as she'd whirl her tongue around in her mouth in time to my fingers, and still have the gall to flash me a seductive look the entire time.

    "My god Lily, you're such a fucking tease."

    "What are you gonna do about it?"

    "Sweetheart, the way I feel right now, don't make me grab your head and make you BLOW me right here in the drive thru."

    "You don't have the guts," she taunted while licking her luscious lips.

    "No, you think so?"

    I looked around and could see we were surrounded by cars and pedestrians. It was a risky proposition considering it was MY name that was scrawled all over the side of the vehicle, and if anyone caught us messing around I'm sure it wouldn't take very long for them to lock me up and throw away the key!

    "I knew it," she goaded. "—knew you didn't have the guts."

    "Unbuckle your seat belt." I countered.

    The look on her face was priceless. I could tell she was just as excited as I was.

    "Unbuckle your belt, and give me your hand." I instructed. "and take out my cock."

    "Yes, sir." she grinned.

    I let her stroke it for a few minutes before she moved our vehicle up in the queue, then brushing her long hair to one side, and dipped her head and took my cock into my hot mouth!

    I was naturally nervous that someone might see us, but I soon pushed those concerns to the back of my mind as the cunning little minx turned her head sideways and looked up at me as my cock bulged against her cheek.

    In fact the sexy little bitch was having so much fun that she continued to stroke my cock as we paid for our meal and picked it up at the final window, where I'm sure the girl at the counter realized what was going on – that not only did I have my cock out in the passenger seat, but Lily was playing with it.

    The playful model couldn't stop laughing until we parked near her apartment again and shared our meal together.

    "You're fucking insane, you know that." I told her. "You're going to get me in a whole bunch of trouble. You're going to get me arrested."

    "I'm worth it though."

    I had to agree, but I dare not tell her.

    Our meal didn't last long before she was all over me again, kissing me with a mouthful of vanilla shake while grasping my cock and jacking me off. I was somewhat surprised when she unbuttoned the dress to her waist, and for the first time exposed her magnificent natural breasts to me - two perfectly formed pale white globes, capped off with tiny dark nipples.

    Then, still gazing into my eyes, she unbuttoned my shirt and pressed herself firmly against me as we kissed, rubbing her soft breasts against my chest, before kissing her way down my neck and sucking one of my nipples into her mouth.

    I was already hard as steel when she slipped a hand down and pulled a lever, allowing the driver's seat to lie almost flat. Smiling into my face, Lily unbuttoned her dress the rest of the way and slipped it off her shoulders, then lay back, her bare feet resting on the car dashboard either side of the steering wheel, while she ran her fingers over her body.

    I gazed in wonderment at the cleanly shaved mound before me, and the pretty pink slit between her thighs. I tore at my trousers, pushed them down around my ankles, and eased myself on top of her. She giggled nervously as, grasping her hips, I rubbed the head of my cock against her cunt.

    "Mm. Not yet," she teased.

    "What the fuck do you mean, not yet?"

    "Save it."

    I just about lost my mind and wanted to slam myself into her then and there.

    "Trust me, it's better this way." she claimed. "Besides, I don't want our first time to be in the car like this."

    I decided to tease her just as much as I was being teased, and slowly rubbed the head of my cock along her slimy, wet taco.

    "Ugh-God." she moaned as I barely dipped the head between her velvet-soft lips, and felt her body instinctively want to take me inside.

    "Maybe you should play with your clit?" I suggested. "The sooner you cum, the less we'll be tempted to fuck."

    I grinned inwardly as she followed my instructions, knowing that if I could just get her to rub her cunt while I teased her, knowing her the way I did, there was no way she'd be able to resist and would literally BEG for cock.

    "Ah, yeah. That's the ticket," she purred as she now rubbed her clit while I dipped the head of my dick up and down her gleaming slit, smearing her juices all around.

    Feeling bold, I grabbed her legs and pinned her knees back against her chest, while I brushed the tip against her magnificent little ass. She tensed up briefly to the action, but did not refuse me.

    "Yeah you'd probably love that wouldn't you," she smirked while rubbing her cunt. "You'd probably get off one taking my ass."

    As Lily spoke, I continued to tease her by threatening to go through with it, pressing the head gently against her tiny sphincter, watching her fingers pick up pace every time I promised to do it.

    "You wouldn't dare."

    "Lick your fingers," I told her, before watching her place them back at her cunt where I took hold of her wrist and guided them to her backdoor.

    Her eyes stayed locked to mine as I encouraged her to play with her backdoor, and finally watched her plunge a single digit inside.

    "God-damn that looks so fucking sexy, Lily."

    In fact the scene was so hot and taboo that I couldn't help but grip my cock firmly in my hand and jack off to her as she lay there playing with her asshole. This was only made worse by the way she'd flick her tongue over her full lips, and imitate the movements of the finger in her ass.

    I watched as she used her free hand to cup and fondle her ample breasts, capturing her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, to twist and tweak it. It was at this point that I realized I was on the verge of cumming, and announced my orgasm.

    "Cum all over my tits!" she growled while fingering her ass.

    But without warning, I did something that probably surprise me more than it did her, and pressed the head of my cock firmly against her twitching ass, feeling it gape open as I suddenly ejaculated inside.

    She groaned out loud and came a moment later as she rubbed her cunt frantically and felt my hot load shoot inside her rectum!

    "oh-fuck, I can't believe you just – ohh – came inside my ass!"

    The entire seedy affair was so shocking and unexpected, that before I realized what I was doing I instinctively pulled back from her ass and jammed the head of my cock into her young cunt, taking her breath away.

    Lily's eyes grew to the size of sauces as I entered for the first time, and despite having just cum a minute earlier, the snugness of her pussy had me hard as steel. I barely moved my hips as she cupped her breast with one hand, while the other reached up to hold against my chest, insisting that I go slow.

    But at this point there was no turning back.

    With our eyes locked on each other, I pulled back slowly only to SLAM myself back into her again, causing her to gasp and moan for more. I began humping her with a slow, steady rhythm. Lily's legs wrapped around me, the soft soles of her feet stroking me as she slipped a hand up under my shirt and caressed my back.

    As I slammed into her again and again, she began to whisper a constant stream of encouragement.

    "ah-yeah, fuck me. Fuck my sweet little cunt!"

    With that soundtrack playing in my ear, she came first, wailing and biting my neck while her cunt squeezed me like a vice. I continued to screw her for several more strokes before I finally finished, and remained buried to the hilt inside her sweet box as I filled it with load after load of hot spunk!

    We lay kissing together, our naked bodies rubbing against each other. Even then I didn't get into Lily's apartment, but at that point it was a mute point. As I dropped her off outside her house later she gave me a very chaste kiss.

    "Thanks for the lessons, I won't forget it."

    Over the next few weeks I didn't hear from or see Lily again and life pretty much returned to normal. I'll admit that day to day activities seemed dull in comparison, and I began to feel quite down. But that all changed one evening when I received a call from a sweet sounding teenager who was interested in taking a lesson.

    "May I ask, how did you hear about us?" I inquired.

    "I think you might know one of my friends, Lily Maymac?"

    I felt my heart drop.

    "—she told me how much fun she had, and how much of a great teacher you were. I want the exact same lessons, if possible."

    Even though her words were dripping in innuendo, I still wasn't sure just what she knew and if Lily had told her everything. Lily's giggle washed over me as I tried to compose myself and grabbed a pen.

    "That should be fine. What name should I put down for the booking miss...?"

    "Just, Sarah." she replied. "Sarah Ellen."

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    Ok. Holy fuck. That was hot as shit. What an epic introduction for lily. I seriously hope we don't see the last of her on here. And what a nice little treat at the end. Hehe maybe we can see Sarah and Lily have some fun together with our instructor? Just a great read.

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    That was definitely a brilliant introduction for Lily and with that ending you're basically obliged to do some kind of follow up with Sarah, lol.

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    WOW.. what a lesson... You surely DROVE her crazy :)

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