The Winter Series: Vol.14 - "Just Good Friends"
Part 2 with Ariel Winter
Written by Hearsz
Codes: MF, oral, handjob, mast

Part 1

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

Ariel didn't contact me for several weeks after that night in the on-set hotel room. I'd accidentally caught her teasing, flirting with, and then pleasuring two crew members, also allowing them to simultaneously drill her mouth and pussy in one hell of a threesome.

With all the sexual acts that Ariel had engaged in, some of which I'd been able to be a witness with my own eyes, should have made me feel certain things. Anger, confusion, disgust - just to name a few.

But it was pretty much the opposite. Sure, I felt envious of the guys that had been with her, even a little jealous. However, just seeing how much she enjoyed it and that she evidently loved having different partners on each occasion, only turned me on more.

I guess it was because I was no better or worse than her really. I had grown used to the idea of sleeping with whomever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to. Sure, I didn't always have it all my own way. I may have led some girls on in the past and gave them the impression that there would be more to it than just the sex.

But deep down I knew that wasn't who I was. And it probably wasn't who Ariel was either. But being in a long-term relationship it seemed, wasn't healthy for either of us at the present time either.

Just before we entered this phase of her not talking to me, I'd been working on how I would go about breaking our "Just Friends" policy. Although my feelings had changed in recent weeks. Now all I wanted to do was straight up fuck the kinky little slut. Problem was, she more than likely hated my guts, and I may not ever see or hear from her again.

The last thing Ariel said to me before she exited my car that night, was that I would promise her to keep quiet about what I saw in the hotel room. She feared that if other people on-set found out, word would quickly spread and she could potentially be let go from the movie. She may have been dressed like a gothic-looking whore for the film, but she could do without people knowing she secretly acted like the latter of those two descriptions, whenever she got on the drink.

Even though we weren't on speaking terms, a girl that I had hooked up with a few months back (whom was an acquaintance of Ariel's), invited me to a party she was hosting up in the Hollywood Hills. Naturally I accepted, and upon my arrival I was a little nervous as I knew Ariel was a good chance of attending. She'd seen me very early on, nodding to acknowledge my presence, but not coming over to say anything to me.

The petite teenager looked as radiant as ever, wearing a tight red dress which showed plenty of her ample cleavage, her long dark hair shimmering under the house lights. Ariel did her best to avoid me, making things worse when she went off with some guy out to the pool area, laughing and flirting without a care in the world.

Out of frustration, and not wanting to let her nonchalant attitude get to me, I not only began to sink a few beers and down a couple of shots, I chatted up the first half decent looking girl at the party who'd given me the eye. Within minutes we were upstairs in a vacant room, kissing, fondling and stripping our clothes off, desperate to get it on.

I hadn't had sex in weeks, nor had I jerked off in several days. So as you can imagine I was more than ready to get my rocks off, so to speak. But just as I was about to tear off her panties, she done an about face, suddenly changing her mind about the whole thing!

"Are you fucking kidding me??" I angrily stammered, furious that she waited until the very last second to renege on what seemed like a sure thing.

"I'm sorry.." she weakly apologised.

I should of hurled a barrage of abuse at her, but I took a deep breath, and restrained myself.

"Get out. Just...get the fuck out!" I replied, not even looking her in the eye.

Heading back downstairs after putting my clothes on, I was nursing a painful erection, having to adjust my jeans on a few occasions, before taking a seat on the vacant sofa in the living room.

With the party continuing on behind me, I stared aimlessly at the wall, contemplating several things. The main thought I had was whether I should stay any longer or not. I'd been stewing over this beer in my hand for a good half hour, until 'she' broke my train of thought by sitting down next to me.

"Hi..." she simply said with an anxious smile.

"Hey.." I replied.

"I thought you could use some company".

Rather than acknowledge her pity on me, I changed the subject hastily.

"Where's the guy you were with?"

"You noticed? Don't worry, I'm not into him if that's what you were thinking... What about you, weren't you with someone earlier?"

Looks like I wasn't the only person interested in someone else's whereabouts.

"Yeah she's gone. Indecisive little bitch that one. Kind of ruined my night so I was thinking of calling it a night and getting the hell out of here" I said, still quite frustrated and firmly planting my half drunken beer on the coffee table.

"Mind giving me a lift home Aiden? I kind a had enough of being here too".

I could tell she was a little tipsy, whereas I had sobered up enough to drive, given the pretty weak shots I'd consumed earlier. If I wanted back in her good books, taking her home would be a good place to start.

"Sure, I'll just go get my jacket"...


"So how are things?" I asked Ariel, a few minutes into the drive after leaving the party.

"Pretty good actually. We've started filming for next season, so I've had a lot of day shoots. You?"

Ariel turned in her seat so she was facing me as I kept my head forward, eyes focused on the road ahead. I'd had her in my car a number of times, but this was probably the hottest she'd ever looked, her smooth legs and enticing breasts not at all helping my rock hard boner, which refused to go back into sexual hibernation.

"Yeah..mhmm...OK I guess!"

I struggled to get out a proper reply, and she noticed the uncomfortably in my voice.

"You alright Aiden?"

I knew I could be honest and up front with Ariel, and without giving it much thought, I simply told her the truth.

"Sorry, it's just, that girl back at the party got me all riled up, I haven't been able to think straight since".

Just as I said that, Ariel noticed the huge lump in my jeans, attracting her attention just as I pulled the car up outside of her sisters house.

Unbuckling her seatbelt quickly, Ariel leaned in close to me and said,

"Here, let me help you with that".

To my genuine surprise, Ariel went straight for the zipper in my trousers and started to loosen the buckle on my belt.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"Oh c'mon Aiden, you're not going to get all embarrassed in front of me now are you? I mean, you've seen me naked, engaging in acts not even my girlfriends know about. As your friend, helping you 'release' is the least I could do".

I was obviously glad she still regarded me as a friend, but my heart rate began to quicken when she first pulled my pants down, and then traced her sharp fingernails along the mighty bulge in my underwear.

"My my. Someone's really in dire need of some female attention" she said with a sexy smirk.

Having her fingers stroking my length caused my cock to twitch involuntarily.

"Oh geezus.." I gasped when her soft fingers slipped inside my briefs, and closed around my stiff member.

Ariel's eyes widened when she slid my underwear down, and got her first up close look at my rock solid python.

"Woah... My god Aiden.... It's so thick!" she admitted, barely getting her dainty little digits around it.

I laughed nervously at her praise, but began taking deep breaths when her manicured fingers slid so elegantly along my throbbing pole. The buxom teen spat in her hand, using her saliva as lubricant to grease up my cock, allowing her to stroke me much quicker.

"Good fucking lord!" I moaned, fapping sounds drowning out my sharp gasps.

"Do it for me Aiden. I want you to cum fucking hard!"

Ariel was more than a little eager to help me release, probably because I kept quiet about her on set threesome, just before our falling out.

"Mmm you're as hard as a rock" she sensually remarked, smoothly stroking my cock, cradling my balls with her other hand, and innocently looking at me with those puppy dog eyes.

"I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. Had I known you were hiding 'this' from me all along, well..."

She well and truly defined the term 'cock tease' when she said that.

As Ariel continued to pick up the pace of her handjob, I knew the long overdue climax I was seeking wasn't far off.

"Does that feel good?"

"Uh-huh!" I managed to get out.

"Are you gonna cum?"

"Any second now.."

"Don't! Not just yet. Hold on a bit, I want to keep doing this for a little while longer".

I was filthy that she would tease me like that, the devilish brunette tightly gripping the base to stop me from even attempting to thrust my cock in between the fingers encircled around them. Once the pressure that was rising from the pit of my balls had subsided, Ariel started again.

"OK, here we go.."

Ariel started with slow, firm strokes, building it up quicker and quicker, pumping my pulsing fuckstick rapidly.

"Grrrr!!" I groaned.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stand the pressure building up inside of me any longer, and with a deep shudder, I spurted a long rope of sperm out from my cocktip, coating the wrist and upper arm that was attached to the hand Ariel was using on me.

"Oh wow, there's so much of it!" she exclaimed excitedly, fisting my shaft to enable me to spew out a few more ropes of seed.

"Holy.. Holy fuck Ariel!" I joyfully cried, almsot out of breath and also relieved that I could finally relax again.

"Seems like you were pretty backed up there. You got so much cum on me!" she jokingly stated, licking her arm and fingers and savouring my salty juices.

"Yeah I had a bit of a dry spell.. Sorry about that".

"Don't be. Happy to help... So is that it?" she asked, lightly jerking my semi-hard member.

"Um I, I'm not sure..." I said to her somewhat confused, as she had only just mentioned the mother load of cum I'd just released.

"That's a shame..." she replied, a little dismayed.

My eyelids dropped as I felt like I had disappointed her. However, it wasn't at all what she was insinuating.

"Because I wasn't quite finished yet. But that's OK. I'll clean up if you don't mind?"

Before I could even say a word, Ariel bent her face down into my lap and took me deep inside her warm, sucking mouth, my cock beginning to stiffen again the more she slid her soft lips down my length.

"Oh fuck yes!" I exclaimed, my head tilting back and eyes clenched shut as Ariel blew my skin flute.

She occasionally looked up into my eyes and purposely sucked on the sensitive tip, making it pop out from her mouth, then licking her lips.

"Mmmm. I wouldn't mind tasting a little more Aiden" she seductively asked, licking at the slit.

My eyes widened and my stomach clenched, wondering if I had it in me to fulfil her insanely unbelievable request.

"Can you cum for me again?" she asked, swabbing her tongue around the grooves of my cockhead.

Even though I nodded back, I really wasn't sure if I could. But once she started to again sink my entire length into her tiny mouth, so I entered her narrow throat, I started to believe that I may have some reserves in my balls that needed to surface.

"This time, I want it my mouth, lots of it.." she said when she took a rare break from blowing me.

I shivered when she followed that up by looking at me while she teasingly licked around the sensitive crown, then proceeded to take me in deep again, her nose going into my pubic hair. She moaned and hummed around my girth, making me pant loudly, trying every trick in the book to get me to erupt as she sucked me like a pro.

The windows in my car fogged up at the heat and intensity of Ariel's wicked blowjob. The horny teen sucked me for a good ten seconds uninterrupted, stroked my cock, and then repeated the process back to back a few times, until she begged me,

"Cum in my mouth Aiden. I want it.."

When she built things up again, the way I was moaning must've given away that I was close, as she kept her sumptuous lips closed around the spongy head, and firmly stroked the rest of my length.

"Oh geezus fuck!"

I shot whatever I had left stored up, Ariel lewdly sucking me like a vacuum, using all her experience to drain every last drop from me. She still continued to blow my softening member well after I'd given her everything I had, opening her mouth to show me what I'd deposited there, before swallowing it.


I would've thought that things would be different between us after that night. At the very least in a sexual sense. And despite the problems of the past few months, I still held out hope that maybe we'd finally become more than just friends.

However, it was the complete opposite.

Everything she said to me in the car seemed to be the truth. She really was trying to simply help out a friend. Sure, giving me a head spinning blowjob was a strange example of this, but I was beyond grateful nonetheless.

"Let's not let this change things between us" was the last thing she told me before kissing me on the cheek and exiting my car that night.

A week later, we were both invited to a daytime pool party in Beverly Hills. Ariel hosted a pre-party at her sisters house, eight of us heading to the ritzy bash a little after midday.

As usual, The Modern family star did everything to turns heads whenever we attended these kind of functions, this one being no exception. She'd arrived in a gold full-bodied swimsuit, with her incredibly tight denim shorts barely containing her plentiful buttocks.

Usually her mammoth breasts would be what attracted the most attention. But on this occasion, one could not help but eye up her mouth watering legs, looking even more tasty in a pair of heels. I did my utmost not to overly check her out during the course of the afternoon, not wanting Ariel or the friends in our entourage to find out that I had seriously fallen for her since the other night.

I tried not to think about it, but it was no use. I could still picture her pretty, lustful face drawn to mine whilst she jerked me off, and those innocent brown eyes peering up at me as she sucked my cock.

As the day turned into night, I was getting a bit bored. My mojo for chatting up girls wasn't switched on all afternoon and it didn't seem like things would get any better the longer I stayed. Things weren't helped by the fact that Ariel had been hanging out with this other guy the entire time, whom she'd conversed with at previous functions. So without saying goodbye to the host or the group of friends I'd arrived with, I decided to bail around eight o'clock.

An hour after I got home from the party, I decided to have an early night, the California sun tiring me out and leaving me more than a little sunburnt. Just as I was about to go to bed, there was a knock on my front door.

"Ariel??" I said, more than a little surprised when I realised it was she that was on the other side.

The teen was visibly upset, also a little drunk from having a few too many drinks.

"Sorry to drop in unannounced, I was close by and just had to come see you" she said, moving past me and into my apartment, not that I had invited her in.

She could barely walk straight in her heels, dropping a carry bag on my dining table and heading over to my worn out sofa. Even as close to Ariel as I had been, even I was surprised at how good a set of pins she had on her. This was all the more noticeable when eyeing her legs up from behind. She was still wearing those blue denim cutoffs, though she had ditched the swimsuit for a loose fitting white crop top.

No matter what this girl chose to wear, it was plain to see that she had curves in all the right places. At least in the places I really desired. I sat beside her on my sofa, handing her a tissue box and more than interested to know what had made her so upset.

"So I was talking with this guy I met a few weeks ago, everything was going great and I agreed to go for a drive with him. So he pulls over on a quiet street, we start making out, feeling each other up, you know, the usual. And then once he'd got his hand inside the back of my panties, he tried to stick his finger in my ass!!"

"Woah, really?" I said in shock.

"He kept persisting but I told him to stop, and then he said that I was the kind of girl who was begging for 'it' in there".

I had to admit, despite how much Ariel had flaunted her shapely backside of late, I really hadn't imagined taking her ass in the fantasies I'd had of her in the past. After seeing what she was wearing at today's party, I could completely understand why this guy was obsessed with it, even if he stupidly went the wrong way about it.

"So then what happened?"

"I slapped him and he forced me out of his car, calling me nothing but a cock tease and a few other nasty things. Once he was gone I realised he'd dropped me off a few blocks from your place. I would have called a cab but my battery died on my phone".

"It's all good. I'm just glad you're OK" I said, consoling Ariel and putting my arm around her.

If I wanted to make a move on her, now was probably the worst time, despite how vulnerable a state she was in. It was the ramifications of the morning after when she was sober that bothered me.

"What is a guys obsession with a girls butt anyway? That's like the third guy who's tried that since I became single!"

"I don't know. I guess because it's so forbidden, it makes some of us want to have it even more. Especially if a pretty girl like yourself initially refuses. So I take it you've never tried 'it' before?"

"Eew, no way! Why, have you?"

"Yeah sure, a couple of times. Some girls really get off on it, not all though. It just takes time to get used to I suppose".

All this talk was making me wildly aroused, not helped by the fact that Ariel's huge titties were nearly spilling out from the front of her top! Thankfully, she changed the subject.

"Look, I'm really tired, mind if I stay here the night?"

"S-sure" I replied.

"Thanks. At least I know I can count on you Aiden" she said, hugging me tightly and pressing that large, firm rack of hers against my chest.

"And would it be OK if I could borrow one of your shirts for the night?"

"Of course. Just pick one out of my wardrobe, and use my en-suite to brush your teeth. There's a brand new brush in the medicine cabinet".

"Thanks" she said, heading into the bathroom via my bedroom.

After locking the front door, turning the kitchen lights out and preparing the sofa for her to sleep on, I decided to go see if Ariel was done with using my en-suite.

To my utter disbelief, I found her lying on one side of my bed, her short figure stretched out, the teen waiting there for me to return. She had taken one of my US soccer jerseys, unsurprising as she had previously shown some interest in the world game. It was hard to tell if she was wearing any panties underneath, as the hem of my large sized sports top on Ariel came down to her mid-thigh area.

Call me crazy, a pussy, or even a little bitch, but the surrealism of this very moment had me rooted to the spot. Most guys would no doubt brag that if they ever had Ariel Winter in their bed, wearing potentially nothing from the waist down, and was slightly inebriated, they wouldn't hesitate to jump her bones without delay.

For the first time in my life, I wasn't sure how to read this kind of situation. It probably was blatantly obvious to anyone else, yet, I dare not make a move. The stunned look on my face I suppose coerced Ariel to say something first.

"You OK?"

"Yeah, um. So I just thought I'd say goodnight. I'll sleep on the couch tonight then".

Geezus fucking christ! I really was all the negative things you people are probably calling me right now.

"Don't be ridiculous Aiden. There's plenty of room in here. Besides, I won't take up much space and let's be honest, that sofa has seen better days".

She was right, it was a total piece of shit furniture that I should have replaced ages ago. There was still one minor problem though.

"OK, it's just, your kind of on my side of the bed".

I was a little superstitious about little things like this. Kind of stupid really.

"No worries, I can live with that".

I had to hold in a gasp as the petite starlet turned her over on the bed so her plump tender backside was on display, my eyes feasting on those succulent cheeks of hers, only separated by a lace black thong. Jittering, I hopped under the covers and lay flat on my back, trying to breathe normally despite the enormity of the situation going on. About ten minutes after I'd switched the bedside table light off and we'd said goodnight to each other, Ariel whispered to me.

"Aiden, you still awake?"

I was more awake than ever, convinced that I probably wouldn't get much sleep tonight.

"Uh-huh. What's up?"

"It's a little cold over here, could you cuddle me?" she asked, reaching over to grab my arm and pulling it over her waist.

Without even answering her I found myself sliding my body across the mattress, and the next thing I knew I was spooning the teen seductress.

"That's better" Ariel cooed.

I wasn't sure if it was intentional, but I could feel her rub the soles of her soft little feet against my ankles, her hand resting upon mine which lay across her stomach. The thing is, it wasn't at all cold, given it was the middle of August and the fact she wasn't required to be rugged up in several layers in clothing. Ariel was clearly toying with me, and I was soon to find out the reason why.

My face was pressed against the back of her head, inhaling the strawberry scent that had been sprayed onto the long locks of her dark silky hair. I was only wearing a singlet and a pair of boxers, and when Ariel nestled her plump derrière in between my thighs, it didn't take long for me to be at full mast.

"Aiden, can I ask you something?" she sweetly asked.

There could've been a million things Ariel was about to ask me. Anything from "How long had I been hoping to get her into bed", to "the number of times I was jealous of her sleeping with other guys" or "why my cock was rock hard right now and grinding up against her ass?"

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"That night you came to see me onset in the hotel room, had you ever spied on me before?".

A deafly silence fell upon the room..

I must say, I didn't think we'd ever discuss that night again. But I was up front and honest in my reply, even if meant giving away probably the biggest dirty secret any of her friends knew about her.

"Well, there was this one time I accidentally saw you with your brother-in-law Dave. I'm really sorry I didn't tell you, but I swear that I found out by accident".

Ariel turned her head to look me in the eye, assuring me that I had nothing to be sorry for.

"Both times you could've blabbed to the media or even my sister, and you didn't. That's why I'm so grateful to have you as a friend".

I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that being honest with her could've turned out so much worse. But she wasn't finished just yet.

"However, you did spy on me, more than once, and it seems like you enjoyed it. So I need something from you now".

"Oh yeah, what would that be?"

"Well apart from the spying, I also helped you out in your car the other week remember? How about returning the favour?" she asked, taking my hand and putting it over her silk covered mound.

"You mean you want me to...?"

"... Put your fingers in my pussy, and get me off Aiden. I need it real bad..."

I was just as aroused as the teen star was, and knew that I'd need to knock one out if I had any intention of getting any sleep in tonight. Still, I didn't let this opportunity pass me by, giving the TV starlet what she wanted by rubbing my index finger along the front of her tiny thong, even though I wasn't making skin to skin contact.

With my face up close to hers, I could hear Ariel's sharp little moans as I fiddled with her clit, the teen putting her hand upon mine to guide me in the direction she wanted my fingers to travel in. Ariel reached down to peel off her soaked thong, which gave me unobstructed access to her bare, teenage sex. She was evidently really horny, grinding her slimy taco against my probing digits. I rubbed her puffy lips in circles, her juices multiplying the faster and longer I played with her buttery plenge.

"Make me cum Aiden" she deeply sighed, pulling at my waist so there was no space in between us.

I dipped my index and middle finger inside her dripping wet cunt, feeling her contracting around me as I fucked her tight little orifice.

"You're so fucking tight Ariel, so damn wet!" I whispered in her ear, licking at her lobe which made her hump her pussy upon my embedded fingers.

Without thinking too much about it, I'd been purposely rubbing my clothed member against her ass and lower back. The whole time I pretended that I was taking her from behind. It didn't go unnoticed for much longer by the buxom brunette.

"You're poking it into my butt!"

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"Pull your cock out. I'll do the rest".

I obliged without hesitation, using my spare hand to somehow remove my shorts to allow my throbbing dick some air. Ariel reached behind her to grab my length, and rather than jerk it for me, she made it look like she was positioning it just below her ass cheeks so I could slip it inside her moist little cunt.

"What are we doing Ariel??" I quizzically asked, wanting to know if this was actually going to happen, finally.

"Don't put it in me, just rub the tip along my lips".

Was she fucking kidding me?? This was dead set torture. It was like getting a lap dance from an insanely hot stripper but not being allowed to get your hands on their goodies. Only this was much, much worse.

However, I couldn't resist her, Ariel further bending me to her will by moving my hands from her hips and placing them onto her soft, succulent jugs.

"Play with my breasts Aiden..."

Her hips slowly gyrated as she grinded her soaking pussy up and down my length, moaning louder and louder, and using her own hand now to rub her sensitive clit. I clutched at her large bosoms, sliding my turgid member along her bulging lower lips The stimulation and the searing heat emanating from her cunt set Ariel off with a flurry of non-stop panting.

"Ohhh keep doing that! You're gonna make me cum!"

Her creamy labia had doused my thick sword in her girly juice, and when Ariel was in a total state of ecstasy, and the majority balance of her mind was anywhere but in my bed, I bit the bullet, moving my cock back slightly, thrusting forward hard and impaling her tight velvety cunt, Ariel gasping in shock at being pierced by my thick rod.

"Oh my God!! Why, why did you do that??"

I panicked, knowing that her reaction meant that I had crossed the line. I just couldn't help myself. Trying to make the move to withdraw my cock from her warm haven, just pissed her off even more.

"No! Don't take it out! It's just, you're not wearing a rubber".

It was only then that it dawned on me that I was inside of Ariel completely bareback! I had to come up with a solution quick to quash her obvious anxiousness.

"I don't have one spare, but, what if I just pull out when I'm about to cum, that be OK?"

She nodded, and then began moaning anew when she felt me twitch within her wet walls, closing her eyes tight when I began to slowly pump my dick inside her, the heat and stickiness of Ariel's tight little cunt further stoking the fire within me.

"Goddamn... you're so fucking tight down there, so fucking hot!" I groaned, savouring the moment bestowed upon me.

Ariel didn't say anything back, the heaving beauty too wrapped up in the intensity of my hard thrusts and trying to bring on another one of her orgasms. I figured I could do whatever I wanted with her, now that our bodies were fused together like this. With both my arms wrapped around her lithe little body, I slipped my hands under the shirt of mine she was wearing, cupping her mammoth, succulent titties.

"Fuck me Aiden.." she softly cooed, hearing the words I never ever thought I'd hear her say to me.

I tweaked her engorged nipples with my fingertips, massaging her firm milky breasts as I pumped her hard from behind with my fuckstick. Ariel slipped the shirt I'd leant her over her head, so she was completely nude, turning her face to look me in the eyes, and moving into kiss me for the very first time.

With my hands still on her perfect boobs, I squeezed them roughly as though they were stress balls, pounding her pussy faster and hearing her moan into my mouth as we continued making out. Her fleshy butt cheeks smacked against my sweaty thighs, the teen forcing her ass backwards to meet my thrusts.

My once hidden lust for this girl was now quite obvious to the insatiable teen. It didn't matter if fucking Ariel would destroy our friendship, I was enjoying this far too much to even care. But as it looked down from my now new position above her, she too was enjoying it.

With me on top of Ariel, I removed my singlet and held her splayed thighs apart, leaning down to lick and suck on her perky pink nipples. I coated both of her twins in my saliva, orally titillating her huge teenage globes.

"Give it to me Aiden. Show me how badly you've wanted to fuck me all this time!" she implored, caressing the sides of my face with her hands.

Holding her hips, I slowly drilled my cock all the way inside her until my balls rested upon her ass cheeks. Sliding all but the tip of my cock back out, I repeated this again, going even harder this time so both us cried out in unison. Over the next thirty to sixty seconds, my body was like a freight train that had no chance of stopping, railing into Ariel as though the end of the world was nigh.

"Oh god, oh shit, unghh!" she wailed, alternating between rubbing her slit or cupping her jiggling boobs, that were flopping around in circles due to my ferocious onslaught.

"Fuck yes Ariel! It feels so fucking good!!" I grunted, her sopping box making sloshing sounds and drenching my inner thighs.

Her smooth legs curled around my waist, locking me in tight as her body went completely stiff, thanks to another intense spine tingling orgasm.

I felt her inner cunt walls tighten around my pulsing staff, and I too couldn't take anymore.

"Holy fuck! I'm gonna, gonna c-c-c..."

I held out until the very last second, disengaging from her squirting furnace, jerking my tool and feeling the first sticky rope of cum erupt from the tip of my bellend, managing to land it in between her cleavage, further spurts painting her slightly tanned belly...


Things were definitely different after that night. We weren't a couple, didn't go on any official dates or anything like that. We were now fuck buddies, who promised not to sleep with anyone else.

This lasted for several months without any talk of a relationship ever discussed in that time. Not that I was complaining, it was the best time of my young life. Speaking up about it would only ruin things. If that's the way things had to be, then so be it.

However, there was a couple of other issues that had remained in the forefront of my mind, still to be taken care of...

To Be Concluded...