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Thread: Starlets to Harlots: The Olsen Twins

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    fanfiction Starlets to Harlots: The Olsen Twins

    Starlets to Harlots: The Olsen Twins
    unknown author

    "Hello everybody. My name is Jermiane Sharpe and this is a very special edition of Starlets to Harlots." Jermiane said into a camera he had facing himself then turned it forward to film the front of the van. Brandon was sitting behind the wheel of his shirt off, sitting across from him. "This is Brandon Phobos and with him is Justin Credible." Jermiane moved the camera to the right were a well built black man sat. Like Brandon he wasn't wearing a shirt. On his right bicep he had a huge tattoo of an eagle clutching a rocket.

    "There they are." Brandon said pointing to a playground where two girls were playing on the swings.

    "Are you sure, they can't be legal." Justin said straining to get a better look at the girls as the van pulled into the parking lot.

    "Oh their legal, been legal for two years." Jermiane assured him carefully opening the door to the van and stepping out without ever losing the frame of the two girls.

    The first stood maybe a hair over five feet, dressed in a blue plaid skirt that came down to her knees and a white button up shirt with tie she could easily have passed for a middle schooler. The knee high white socks with a pair of black stripes and spit shined Oxfords coupled with blond pigtails completed the all the innocent look. She wasn't even paying attention to the two huge men walking across the sand. The blonde was content to push her sister higher and faster in the swing.

    The second girl's face was mostly covered behind a veil of blond curls that came down to her shoulders. She was dressed in a pink flowered sundress that fell just beneath her knees. Beneath that she was wearing a pair of platform sandals that had she been standing might have made her over five feet tall. Her slender legs were kicking back and forth gleefully as her the other girl pushed her higher and higher on the swing.

    Jermiane moved slowly into position so he could see up the girl's skirt each time she was elevated into the air. It was impossible to ignore the tightening in his pants each time he caught a glimpse of her plain white panties. A slight twist brought the two men into focus, Brandon striding confidently toward the young girls. Justin was a half step behind but still focused on the girls.

    As the two girls came into focus it was apparent that they were twins playing on the swings. "Get them. Grab them and drag them into the van." Jermiane instructed moving farther forward."

    "That girl isn't eighteen yet!" Justin hissed as he continued following behind Brandon. "I told you I'm down for whatever but not video evidence of me breaking the law. Do you know what they do to brothers who fuck underage bitches?" Justin asked slowing his pace as he followed.

    "They are both legal. Trust me." Brandon assured as he his black boots first hit the sand and the girl glanced up briefly. The one pushing paused and looked at the two muscular men walking towards her and caught her sister being dragged a few feet through sand by the momentum. The girl in the dress slid off the swing and wrapped her arms around the other both trembling as they backed away.

    "Trust you?" Justin hesitated again as he stared at the girls, then his eyes widened. "Oh my fucking God you have to be shitting me."

    "I told you they were legal now go get one." Brandon said breaking into a run with Justin only a half step behind. The girls shrieked in unison and turned to run but it was too late. Justin snatched the first girl by her curls driving her face first into the sand. At the same time Justin caught the other girl around the waist easily hefting her onto his shoulder and carrying her over to her sister where he dumped her face first and knelt down on her back.

    "Hey not so rough!" The girl complained as she squirmed beneath Justin.

    Jermiane was nearly panting as he ran up for the first close up where the girls would be recognizable. "Ready?" The girls nodded.

    "Hi I'm Mary-Kate-" The girl dressed in the school girl outfit began.

    "And I'm Ashley-" The curly blond added.

    The famous twins finished the speech in unison maintaining that perfect look of tween innocence. "We're the Olsen twins here on Starlets to Harlots!"

    "That was priceless." Jermiane complimented. "Get the girls into the van boys." Even with both girls flailing they couldn't even begin to escape from the two muscular men. Ashley was thrown into the van first, Mary-Kate landing on her a second later as Jermiane and Brandon stepped into the van and Justin took the wheel.

    "What do you want from us?" Ashley cried putting on a convincing performance her blonde curls mostly obscuring her face now.

    "You know exactly what we want. You can start off by kissing your sister."

    "That's gross mister!" Mary-Kate answered pulling herself off her sister. The plaid skirt had ridden up on her hips revealing her plain white cotton panties.

    "Yeah I can't kiss my sister!" Ashley complained twisting her lip in disgust.

    "You'll do it if you don't want me to bash you're little fucking heads in." Brandon growled leaning over the two girls and shaking a fist.

    The girls took a deep breath and turned toward each other, Mary-Kate cradling her sisters face in her hands and leaning forward. The timid kiss the twins shared was anything but arousing. "More, I want to see some tongue." Ashley whimpered slightly but obeyed slowly parting her lips and letting her tongue escape its confines. Mary-Kate mirrored her sister's motions her own tongue venturing forth to meet its twin. Both girls recoiled the moment their tongue's touched.

    "That's weird." They said in unison twisting their faces as if they'd tasted something sour. It only took a glare from Brandon to get them back into action leaning close for a second torrid kiss. The twins began sparing visibly with their tongues straining to reach each other. Slowly they eased together Ashley moving wrapping her arms around her sister and pulling them together.

    Jermiane moved the camera slightly to watch as the girls' smallish breasts pressed together. "Strip your sister M-K." Jermiane instructed. This time Mary-Kate was a little quicker to respond slipping her hands down her twin's back and beneath the pink sundress pulling it up. Her sister had chosen to wear Powerpuff Girls Underoos. Ashley squirmed slightly raising her rump up so her cartoon emblazoned panties could be slid down her slender thighs and left around her knees. Goosebumps started to form on her bare flesh as her sister pulled the gripped the hem of the dress and started lifting it up. Inch by inch Ashley's creamy flesh was revealed to the camera. Jermiane grinned moving slightly so he could get a good shot of Ashley's smooth pussy as soon as the dress was over it. The camera was focused as her stomach was revealed then the underside of her white bra. The kiss was broken for a split second so the dress could be lifted over her head and tossed to the back of the van. Mary-Kate leaned forward again aggressively kissing her twin again as her hand moved behind her back to the strap of her bra. With a single hand she released her sister's pear sized tits and turned her towards the watching camera.

    Justin brought the van to a just outside the apartment that Jermiane used to film Starlets to Harlots. He walked around opening the door so Jermiane could back out of the vehicle without losing the shot. "Crawl." The twins looked up at him then out of the van and down the street. There were a few random people walking down the street, including a Mexican who was mowing the lawn.

    "No you didn't say-" Before Mary-Kate could complete the sentence Jermiane repeated himself. The girls sniffled but obeyed crawling out of the vehicle and down onto the freshly cut grass scurrying towards the apartment door. A few people called out as Jermiane followed behind alternating his focus between Ashley's nude bottom and Mary-Kate's panty clad ass until they reached the door and he opened it letting the girls in. "Now Ashley take off Mary's panties. Mary-Kate lay on your back."

    The blonde with the pigtails glanced in at the camera innocently batting her eyes. "But mister why is she only taking my panties off? Why not all my clothes?"

    "Because you'll look much more innocent with that plaid skirt bunched up around your hips." Jermiane answered as Ashley pulled the plain undergarments off her sister. Jermiane pushed Ashley forward with his foot.

    That was enough instruction for her bury her face in her twin's crotch lapping at the smooth folds of her flesh. The camera was in perfect position as Ashley parted M-K's moist folds and started noisily slurping at her snatch. At the same time she eased a pair of fingers into her squealing sister.

    "Yes Ashley, more more more!" Mary-Kate moaned gyrating her hips against her sister's mouth. Instantly her muscles clenched down around the invading fingers while her eyes started roll back in her head. Ashley held still as Mary-Kate's thighs slowly wrapped around her head digging her heels into her twin's shoulders. "Right there right there!" She panted pulling with her legs and thrusting her hips up to her twin.

    "Justin." Jermiane said motioning to Ashley.

    Permission was enough spur the black man into action moving up behind the petite blonde and shoving a finger roughly into her cunt. Muffled squeals echoed through her sister as Justin worked his pants off with one hand, the other sloshing noisily inside Ashley. "Damn this bitch is wet!" He commented working a second finger into the tight tunnel then forced a third in stretching her out for his cock.

    Without being told Bryan stripped down tossing his pants aside and walked over to Mary-Kate straddling her face. "I want to feel your tongue, just like your sister is doing you!" He barked reaching down and pinching her nipples through the fabric and lowering his ass to her face. "Now!" He shouted twisting her tits painfully.

    Mary-Kate had been moaning but the sudden change tore a pained cry from her lips before she submitted sticking her tiny pink tongue out against Brandon's shitter. Jermiane had to lay down flat to capture the image, tight, wrinkled, clean, brown opening to his friend's bowels with the world famous Mary-Kate Olsen's tongue tickling it. "More." He hissed his back rigid as she worked. Holding her tongue firmly she raised her head poking against his anus until the tight ring of muscle gave way and she was inside scrubbing his prostate with her tongue.

    At the other end of the tangle of human flesh Justin was pulling his fingers free of Ashley's puss smearing her juices along the crack of her ass. He painted her tiny sphincter with cunt juice then started working his thumb in. The protesting scream never escaped her twin's thighs though so Justin worked his thumb in all the way to the knuckle before lining his rock hard cock with her twat. A single thrust buried half of the nine inch monster speared its way into her.

    Nothing in her just over nineteen years of life had prepared Ashley Olson for the slab of black tube steak currently ripping her open. She finally managed to pull her head free of her sister's thighs long enough to scream tears running down her cherubic cheeks. Despite the pained look on her face she was grinding her hips back against him wriggling her hips to get the rest of him in her. Jermiane stepped over Mary-Kate getting the perfect low shot of Ashley's face. Beneath her tear stained cheeks her breasts were swaying with each thrust and beyond that a mammoth sized cock that seemed to be as big as the girl was vanishing into her cunt.

    A thin sheen of sweat was forming on Ashley's face pasting her hair to her face so only her pigtails kept time with her hips. Jermiane balanced the camera with one hand and walked over to Ashley Olson and unzipped his pants fishing his own six inch cock from its confines. She looked up at him briefly wiping the sweat from her forehead then strained forward opening her mouth for his cock. Instead she got slapped in the face with the hard piece of meat, he smacked his hard cock against her cheeks, her forehead smearing her sweat and his precum around for a moment before thrusting it into her open mouth. He was careful to make sure that the camera could see her stunning blue eyes as she stared up at him, her tiny lips stretched around his cock. Then slowly he panned the camera to the other end of the starlet where a thumb was invading her ass and a cock goring her cunt. Each time he speared himself into her it drove the young girl forward forcing Jermiane's cock deeper into Ashley's throat.

    "That's enough of that." Brandon said slowly standing up off Mary-Kate. She was completely covered in sweat her curls plastered tightly to her face. What little make up she had worn was badly smudged and her tiny chest was heaving like she'd just finished a marathon. She wasn't going to get much rest though, not before Brandon gripped her ankles and pulled her upside down. Only Ashley's head and shoulders were touching the floor as Brandon held her in the awkward position. Her legs were pried apart till her petite cheeks were pried open.

    "What are you gonna do?" The innocent looking actress cried as her shirt fell down over her face. The only answer she got was the sound of him gathering up spit wad her ass. Jermiane turned enough to watch as the saliva tricked down over her cheeks and Brandon started to work it around with the tip of his hard cock before finally pushing the tip into her anus. "No not my butt mister!" Brandon wasn't interested in listening to the petite blonde's cries; instead he plunged deeper into her. The camera watched as the Olsen girl's rectum loosened and inches of hard cock slid into her body. Finally he was completely inside the upside down girl.

    Mary-Kate couldn't even see with her shirt down over her head, her skirt was like wise inverted covering her breasts. The only part of the girl that could be seen was her glistening cunt and stretched asshole. The spit that had been used to lube her tiny butthole was frothing over with each thrust. Brandon was merciless, like a rutting beast he let his weight drive him into her with each thrust. "Please mister stop it hurts!" Mary-Kate called kicking her legs back and forth in and effort to escape the torment.

    At the other side of the room Justin yanked his cock free of Ashley's cunt and pressed it against her asshole. If she made a complaint against the invasion it was muffled around Jermiane's cock.

    "Don't you cum!" Jermiane shouted pushing Ashley off his trembling cock and going back to his job as camera man. The lens was completely focused on Mary-Kate's abused anus. "We want the best money shot ever!" He called to Justin while Brandon continued railing the young blonde's anus. The look on her face as she came was priceless as he kept thrusting against her. With a sudden grunt Brandon thrust into Mary-Kate one last time, burying his cock completely inside her blasting her insides with his hot cum. Jermiane started to relax but before he did he gripped the back of her skull pushing her down.

    There was no chance for Mary-Kate to recover before Jermiane yanked his cock free of her twin's warm wet mouth and thrust into her ass. In comparison to the nearly ten inches that had just finished invading her Jermiane's barely six inches was nearly laughable. The cum already deposited by Brandon frothed out of her abused anus letting the camera man really pound the young starlet. A few thrusts later and Mary-Kate had her second load of cum in her ass. Jermiane slowly pulled out getting a brief shot of her gaping asshole before the muscles contracted closing it.

    "Justin!" Justin looked up from Ashley and nodded pulling his cock noisily from the nude blonde and walking to her mostly clothed twin. He aimed down at her asshole, gripping her skirt for balance and rammed himself into her all the way to the hilt. Even more cum sloshed out of her with that thrust dripping down the crack of her ass and down her spine. Justin looked like he was sitting on her each time he pushed down forcing his meat into her buns. It took five minutes of animalistic rutting before Justin filled her shitter with a third load of cum.

    "Ok. This is perfect. On your back Ashley." Jermiane directed moving to get a perfect close up of the girl. Her eyes were glazed with lust and her face coated with sweat. Ashley Olsen looked like she'd just stepped out of the shower with the way her hair clung to her face. "You read for the big scene?" She nodded lazily. "Then say your line."

    Ashley looked over to her sister with a depraved grin. "Mary-Kate, I'm hungry. Do you have anything I can eat?"

    "I've got some cum." Her twin called back carefully rolling onto her hands and knees and crawling to her sister.

    "Oooooo yummy! Can I have some?"

    "Yes but you have to promise to share it with me." Mary-Kate said squatting over her sister's face.

    "I will I promise!" Ashley cried opening her mouth to receive the cum.

    Jermiane held the a hand for silence as he zoomed in on Mary-Kate's asshole, watching it clench and release squeezing the cum out of her anus. The first of brownish white goo splashed against her sisters cheek before oozing in. The second splashed across her nose before oozing down over her eyes. The rest landed in her sister's mouth partially filling it with the corrupt cream. Mary-Kate remained like that for a minute longer straining her muscles and finally farting, spraying the cum over his twin's face like a cum shotgun.

    The men all watched in silent awe as Ashley sat up and leaned over her sister's face and let the thick slime fall into her sister's mouth. Both girls turned toward the camera swirling the gunk around with their tongues before swallowing. "That was yummy!" They said in unison then turned towards each other sharing one last kiss before Jermiane turned the camera off.

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    Now thats what I'm talking about, thanks FF69 great find

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