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Thread: The Winter Series: Vol.14 - "Just Good Friends" Part 3 with Ariel Winter and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction The Winter Series: Vol.14 - "Just Good Friends" Part 3 with Ariel Winter and Olivia Holt

    The Winter Series: Vol.14 - "Just Good Friends"
    Part 3 with Ariel Winter and Olivia Holt
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, MFF, oral, handjob, mast, titfuck, facial, rimming, 69er, anal

    Part 1 | Part 2

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    Now where were we?

    So things had been better than ever, I had just about everything I could possibly want. Yet, if fooling around with Ariel without it eventuating into something more serious was how it was going to be, then I was intent on pushing her to the limit to see just how dirty she was willing to be with me.

    The advantage I already had going for me was that she craved sex. Some days we'd spend the entirety of it in bed, fucking like rabbits until we couldn't be bothered getting up. On occasions when we were out in public, sometimes she'd be that randy that she would literally drag me into the bathroom of whatever function we happened to be at, demanding I go down on her or insist on a quickie fuck.

    We'd still attend parties, but never give any a clue to anyone, our close friends included, that there was anything going on between us behind the scenes. Ariel did her part in steering the press off the scent that she might be seeing someone. A few weeks back The “Modern Family” cup-cake naughtily made guy-witnesses bubble over when she rocked it wet ‘n wild at a hip Hollywood Hills party.

    I watched on as Ariel was workin’ and twerkin’ for her stunned audience, wearing a super-sexy bathing suit with cut-outs showcasing her much talked about assets, and in most onlookers eyes, she looked hotter than the hinges of Hell!

    I sat there behind the entranced crowd, grinning to myself as I had had more than piece of that little minx in recent weeks. She had the male contingent eating out of the palms of her hands, stating it was a "damn hot day" and suggesting that they hose her down with several bottles of bubbly champagne (despite the fact that she was still legally too young to drink).

    Every guy there just couldn't tear their eyes from her sparkly-soaked skin, and didn’t the little cock tease know it!


    A few days after that entertaining afternoon I celebrated my birthday, Ariel secretly coming home with me after we had a few drinks with friends at a popular nightclub in Hollywood. Before I could even kick my shoes off, the inebriated teen had already pushed me down so I was sitting on my brand new sofa. She wasted very little time removing my jeans, followed by my boxers, firmly stroking my hardening boner.

    The teen actress genuinely enjoyed giving me head, making sure my eyes were locked on hers as she used the flat of her tongue to lick either side of my pole, smiling cutely whenever I moaned out loud. Ariel was even more enthusiastic when she sucked on my tender balls, rolling her tongue around them both, French kissing my sack and tea bagging me inside her warm wet mouth.

    The teen was adept at sucking cock, knowing how to pace her breathing, especially when she decided to deep throat me. She knew when to get me to the point I was about to cum in her mouth, stopping just beforehand to prolong the pleasurable torture. At first I thought the night would be more of the usual. A nice, relaxing blowjob where I'd either eventually finish inside her mouth or if she was really wanting to be dirty, all over her cute face. But tonight truly was special.

    "God your cock tastes so good. I'm gonna make you cum so hard Aiden, but before that happens, let me give you something different to enjoy for your birthday" Ariel said, before sliding the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders, and freeing her grandiose, D-cup sized tits.

    Her milky mounds sat so perfectly on her young chest, and when Ariel used her hands to part them, my cock visibly twitched when I knew what she was preparing to do to me. I groaned when those soft, luscious mammaries formed a pocket around my meat, feeling even more incredible than I could ever imagine.

    "Does that feel good Aiden? Fucking my large, soft titties.."

    "Uhhh God!! Fucking incredible!!"

    "Do you love how it slides in between them, making you feel all warm inside?"

    The teen continued to devilishly describe exactly what was happening below, pressing her massive twins together and using them to firmly massage my cock.

    "I can feel you throbbing down there!"

    She wasn't wrong. I felt like there was an electric current coursing throughout my length as she jerked me off with her heavenly rack.

    "I want you to cum hard! I'll do it faster".

    She dribbled some saliva into her cleavage so my cock glided in between her slick chest quicker, the friction making me quiver.

    "Uhhh, unghh, F-F-fuck!!"

    My toes curled and my eyes rolled into the back of my head when I powerfully exploded my warm goo all up her neck and in between her cleavage, plastering Ariel with one hell of a pearl necklace. That was one of many memorable nights, but the ones I looked forward to were when they were totally unexpected.


    We mainly had sex with a condom, which I didn't have a problem with. But on one particular occasion when we couldn't control our urges and I didn't have one on me, Ariel let me proceed anyway, without even making mention of it. We were at an Emmy Awards after party function hosted at George Clooney's house when Ariel discreetly dragged me into what looked like a laundry room.

    Within a minute of her locking the door, I'd had my dress pants down to my knees and Ariel had her tiny silk panties wrapped around her ankles, the petite teenager pushing her round butt out and resting her innocent looking face on the top of a washing machine as I took her from behind.

    I had to bend my knees slightly, given my statuesque height and seeing as she was only slighting taller than five feet, even with her high heels on.

    "Give it to me!! Make me scream Aiden. No one's gonna hear us in here!" she begged.

    She was right, the DJ that the host had hired plus the several attendees at Clooney's mansion were sure to drown out any kind of noise that Ariel I were already making here in the laundry room. As I fiercely pumped my cock into her dripping cunt, the panting teen moved her arms up to hold the back of my head and to pull my face in close to hers, allowing me reach around to cup her huge, soft titties, squeezing the luscious mounds through the thin material of her dress.

    It would have been quite a sight if someone were to walk in on us at that exact moment. Ariel Winter in her high heels, smooth looking legs apart with her expensive gown hoisted up around her waist, plump derričre pushed out and my cock battering her cunt from behind. I was all geared up and prepared as always to pull out, but to my genuine surprise, she turned her face and looked deep into my eyes when I was close, then softly moaned,

    "Keep going Aiden... You can cum inside me if you want. In fact, I want you to.." twerking her naked booty just to show just how serious she was.

    "Ohhh my God..." I groaned, railing my dick into her warm chasm even faster.

    Hearing those words made me intent on chasing my climax more eagerly than usual, which caused Ariel to turn up the volume on her own moaning and panting. I couldn't contain my excitement, pulling down her top and then pulling her huge tits out of her lace bra, getting my greedy hands onto her supple, hanging globes.

    "Ohhh Aiden! Harder! HARDER!! Cum with me! Inside me!!" she cried, our sweaty hips regions grinding against each other, her warm nectar seeping out of the hole I was pounding into, drenching my genitals and pubic hair.

    "Grrr!! Unghhh! Ahhhh" I grunted loud just before I came, feeling that surge of semen build itself up from deep within, prepare itself for take off, and then that heavenly feeling of being able to release, spewing several spurts of my load inside her sex.

    "Ohmygod!! OhmyGod!! You feel so warm in there!"

    Ariel and I were both breathing heavily as we came down from our simultaneous orgasms, my thighs pressed tightly against her tight round rump. As the last few twitches from my spent member subsided, I slid my semi-erect member from her blushing labia, watching some of my seed ooze out of her slightly gaping hole.

    "Sorry, just didn't want to get any of it on my dress, I really like this one!" she admitted, referring to my load dripping out of her and onto the tiled floor.

    "Of course you do. But then again, you like them all right?" I cheekily shot back.

    "Oh shutup!" she giggled.

    "So, you're on the pill then?"

    "Well, I thought I would just for you. I'm sure you've been dying to do that for ages and, what can I say? It felt a lot better without having to suddenly stop right?"

    "Damn straight!" I happily replied, pulling up my pants as Ariel re-adjusted her bra and dress, heading back into the party as though nothing had happened.


    So as you can imagine, I was doing everything possible not to screw things up. But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

    Given our earlier but brief discussion when she mentioned that more than one guy had attempted to try and stick a finger inside that booty of hers, there were moments that would make my mind drift. These thoughts were more frequent of late due to Ariel flaunting her ass more often in public. She was literally asking for trouble by doing this. Knowing that she was so against "it", only influenced me to try and change her mind.

    Knowing that she'd never tried anal seemed to be a challenge I'd set for myself, ever since hearing of this revelation. It was the one thing I could definitely claim from Ariel that no one else had the fortune of attaining. And by the sounds of it, there had been a number of guys who had tried already.

    The big question was, would she trust me enough? Ariel showcasing her butt at just about every party we attended made me salivate at the prospect of being the first guy to fuck her sweet teenage ass.

    But I wanted it to be pleasurable for her too. I didn't want her to be put off doing it ever again, if I even got the chance in the first place. And I wasn't going to force her into it, as I'd rather she tell me, possibly beg me to sodomize her last remaining hole. I planned to subtly coax her into it, and pray to the heavens that she would just go with it.

    But my self doubt convinced me to wait until she a little tipsy before proceeding. So when we were all alone at her sister's place one night, and had settled in for a movie whilst downing a couple of bottles of wine between us, the first part of my plan had already begun. It took all of ten minutes into the film before we were all over each other, and pretty soon I was carrying the pint-sized star to her bedroom (holding her glorious lower cheeks in each palm). I lay Ariel down on her king-sized bed and dropped to my knees on the floor, burying my head in between her supple young thighs.

    "Ooooh" she squealed as I lovingly kissed her inner calves, pushing apart her legs so I could get a good look at the purple coloured thong that barely concealed her slit.

    Even before removing her panties, I was able to inhale the heat emanating from Ariel's aroused pussy, a wet stain on the silk material further confirming how utterly wet she was. Pulling her underwear to one side, the horny actress had completely shaved her lips clean, her labia as smooth as the top of a grand piano! My mouth watered at the sight, and she moaned out loud when my tongue stroked the length of her juicy slit.

    "Ooooh yeah. That's it! Eat my pussy!" she said with encouragement, resting her legs on my shoulders so the smooth soles of her feet rubbed against my upper back.

    I was really getting into it, delving my tongue into every crevice of her tender little cunt. Ariel squeezed her soft bosoms through her singlet top as I ate her out, grinding her hips so she was literally fucking my face with her dripping twat.

    "Unghhh" she groaned when I pushed two fingers inside her velvety opening, finger-banging the drunk teen and torturing her by softly sucking on her engorged clitoris.

    The feeling of my mouth devouring her ripe teen peach set her off to the point she literally tore her singlet in half to free her braless titties. I lapped at her fragrant taco like a person in the middle of the desert craving water. Her body convulsed around the hard tongue and fingers of mine that were probing her, and just as Ariel was about to explode, I moved my tongue downward and speared it against her clenching little butthole.

    "Holy shit!!" she cried, squirts of her love juice spurting out of her clam and into my open mouth.

    When she finally came down from her climax, she looked at me in a different way. And at first, I thought I had crossed the line and pissed her off.

    "Why...why did you do that?"

    "I'm real sorry, I... I just couldn't help myself" I said apologetically.

    "Don't be sorry, that felt amazing..."

    "You mean it?"

    "Uh huh. I never felt anything like that before" she stated, a twinkle in her tired eyes.

    This was my in. If I ever had a better opportunity to proposition Ariel into letting me take her anal cherry, it was now.

    "Care to let me try something different on you again?" I asked, gently running my fingertips down between her ass cheeks and over her puckered backdoor, causing goose pimples to break out all over her naked body.

    "You mean, you want to put it (looking at my stiff member) in there?"

    "Yes Ariel, if you trust me enough, I guarantee it will be better than anything you've ever experienced".

    Of course, that was a load of bullshit. No way could I assure her of that, given she'd never tried it before and Ariel would definitely feel some discomfort. The selfish side of me was just about willing to say anything to Ariel if it meant getting the green light from her.

    "OK fine, let's do this then?"

    "Really?" I said a little too excitedly, like a kid waking up on Christmas Day.

    "Do it quick before I change my mind!" she said with a stern look, even shaking her head as though she couldn't believe she had actually agreed to even do this.

    I was expecting her to be really reluctant. So the fact that she wasn't, all of a sudden made me a little nervous. I needed a bit more reassurance from Ariel, to know for sure that this was really what she wanted, and that she wasn't going to tell me that she regretted it in the morning.

    "Tell me exactly what you want Ariel. I need to hear it" I asked, wanting her to say the words I'd been dying to hear.

    Leaning up and forward so her face was a few inches away from mine, in a serious voice Ariel said,

    "I want you to fuck my ass..."

    That just about knocked the wind out of my sails. We hungrily kissed each other to all but seal that request. Looking into my eyes, it felt like Ariel's incredible desire to get off again, far outweighed any kind of dirty request that I could suggest to her at the moment.

    "OK, I just want to help relax you first. Lie down and put a pillow under your lower back".

    She did so, instinctively swinging her thighs apart which also gave me a good look at both of her neighbouring holes. Ariel couldn't help but wet her fingers with her mouth and then rub her inflamed slit, lubricating her pussy. I too lathered my fingers up in her warm cream, coating them up enough so that I could spread it around her anal ring, and upon her twitching backdoor.

    "Rub your pussy Ariel" I asked, not wanting to begin until she did so.

    She used three fingers to frig her red rose labia, and just as her mind was focussed on that, I slowly but carefully pushed my index finger against her resisting anus. Ariel tried to close her legs together but found the going difficult with my head in between her legs.

    "Relax baby.. Touch your clit and close your eyes" I said in a soothing tone.

    When she did so, I started again by rimming her cute butthole. This different tact seemed to work, Ariel enjoying having my tongue poking and licking at her pucker, the actress rubbing her pussy faster the more my tongue and mouth dually assaulted her asshole.

    "Ohhh shit!!" she hissed when she felt my finger pop inside of her hot little sphincter.

    "You ok?" I asked, not moving the digit embedded inside her ass.

    "Nghh-hhh" she replied, her teeth gritted and stomach tightening.

    I put my hand upon the one resting over her snatch, getting Ariel to continue rubbing her pussy. When she did so, I started a slow rhythm of penetrating her asshole with my middle finger, sliding it in to the second knuckle and then back out so just the tip was in. Coating my index finger with the juice from her moist labia, I was able to get two digits inside her vice like anus, Ariel giving an animalistic grunt at the uncomfortable intrusion.


    "Good girl.. Almost there" I said, my eyes lighting up to the sight of my two fingers gliding fluently inside Ariel's hot teenage ass.

    My cock throbbed erratically, knowing it would be in there very soon. After a few minutes of this, Ariel began to relax a bit, her grunts now turning into soft groans and then pleasurable moans. I'd loosened her up to the point that she was thrusting her body forward to fuck my fingers.

    Unable to be patient any longer, I swiftly removed my fingers from her ass, the flushed teenager shooting me an almost frustrated glare as I'd cut short her possible climax.

    "Why did you do that? I was just starting to enjoy it!"

    "Relax babe.. That was just the beginning.." I said as I leaned over her, grabbing my shaft and rubbing the spongy tip along her sensitive slit, then pressing it against her slightly gaping anus.

    "You ready?" I asked the anxious brunette, Ariel tightly gripping my forearms and nodding to confirm I was okay to proceed.

    "Keep touching yourself Ariel, as this might hurt a bit".

    I clenched my eyes shut as I pushed forward, feeling her resisting back door keep me at bay for a good thirty seconds. The only thing I could hear was Ariel hectically rubbing her cunt, and the odd blood curdling scream, especially when my thick member finally impaled itself inside her tight, searing asshole.

    "That's it baby. Open up for me.." I groaned, that wondrous feeling of her anal muscles milking my tool unlike anything I could have possibly anticipated.

    "Such a tight little ass.." I groaned, our bodies both covered in perspiration, beads of sweat dripping onto Ariel below me.

    Her secretions were trickling out of her vagina, over her perineum and down to where my cock was, lubing up the circumference of my love muscle which allowed me to bury half of my length up her Greek-sculpted shitter.

    "Unghh!!" Ariel moaned, feeling my cock throbbing inside her pale white booty.

    "Lock her hands underneath your knees Ariel" I insisted, the simple change of position giving me a glorious view of my cock plunging into her ass, and her fingers working her bulging pink lips.

    I started with long drawn out thrusts, savouring the moment for as long as possible. Opening my eyes, Ariel was still playing with her pussy but also pinching one of her hard nipples. She was breathing as though she was in labour, her eyes rolling onto the back of their sockets, truly overcome by the new sexual sensation.

    With both of us breathing deep, erratic breaths, it was of some relief when I felt my balls smack against her ass, signalling that I was all the way inside of her.

    "How does it feel?" I asked as I ceased thrusting temporarily.

    "Much better. I'm getting used to it. Can we try and different position though?"

    "Turn over on your hands and knees" I suggested, without giving her an option for what position she may have liked instead.

    "Very nice.." I smirked to myself as Ariel bent over on the bed in front of me, hoisting up her plump posterior.

    Lining my shaft again, I took her by surprise by slamming into her pussy instead, the teen giving off a audible sigh as I used her inner juices to lube up my cock again.

    Once I was oiled up enough, I withdrew my doused member and painfully reinserted it back into her ass, stretching her tight little shitter again.

    "Ohhh God!!" she lamented, Ariel's deep guttural moans like music to my ears as I railed into her ass.

    "Oww" she cried, the devil inside me sharply spanking one of her firm round cheeks, making the tender flesh ripple erotically.

    "Where's my cock Ariel?" I demanded to know, reaching under her body to roughly squeeze and pull at her large, swaying titties.

    "In my ass! It's deep in my ass!" she replied, saying what I wanted to hear.

    I squatted over the teen so I was almost sitting on her butt, thrusting my cock into her loosened back package with almost downward strokes. The feeling was incredible, edging me ever closer to breaking point.

    "Ohhh fuck! Gonna cum!" I wailed, barely able to get the words out as I was now kneeling in behind the petite starlet again.

    Just as she could feel me preparing to withdraw and blow my load all over her ass and lower back, to my genuine surprise, Ariel put a halt to proceedings.

    "NO!! Don't take it out! I'm so close!"

    I was so rapt up in the heat of what had taken place that night, I hadn't realised for the past minute or so, Ariel was fingering her other hole, attempting to also try to get off. Holding her hips tightly, the teen looked back at me, her hair awry and face covered in sweat, along with the rest of her body, giving me the nod to carry on.

    I pulled her much smaller body back as I thrust forward, salivating at the sight of her ass taking in the entire length of my love muscle, again and again, so my balls slapped against her slimy cunt lips.

    "Oh my god! Cumming" she cried out on ecstasy.

    "Holy fuck!! Grrrr!" I grunted, finally conceding the inevitable, the long awaited orgasm thundering through my shaft and spurting into her bowels, just as Ariel's squirting pussy drenched the front of our legs and soiled the bedsheets beneath us...


    So this would usually be where the story would end. And considering how the previous section finished up, it wouldn't have been a bad way to go. But as I mentioned near the end of the second part of this story, there was still a couple of issues I wanted to address, if I was given the chance.

    Convincing Ariel into trying anal, and me being the self-designated partner for this special occasion was the first part. The other, was one of my conquests that got away due to my over confidence and sheer arrogance upon first meeting her. Care to guess who I might be referring to? (It's in the title if you hadn't noticed!) But just as I was yet again trying to devise a plan for how to go about this, and how to ask Ariel for her help, I received some news that was going to change my future outlook.

    Earlier that day, I'd received a letter in the mail, notifying me that I'd been accepted into the army. A felt a bit of dejection upon reading it, knowing that my days of partying would be put on hold for an unknown amount of time. As I said before, all good things come to an end. I just didn't expect it to happen like this.

    Nevertheless, this was something I'd wanted for a while. I broke the news to Ariel at the Teen Vogue after party function we both attended that night,
    that was hosted at newly single, Angelina Jolie's Hollywood mansion. There was plenty of other young celebrities present, parading themselves like an all you could eat buffet of teenage flesh to feast ones eyes on.

    "So when do you leave?" Ariel asked, clearly stunned that our secret six month rendezvous would be soon coming to an abrupt conclusion.

    "Next week" I meekly replied.

    "Is there anything I can do for you?"

    Given the positive sort of person she was, Ariel no doubt wanted us to try and enjoy my remaining days together, and with the way she spoke, I knew she also wanted to give me something special to depart with. It no doubt was going to be something even more memorable than letting me fuck her tits like I did on my birthday.

    Just as she said that, as timing would have it, Olivia Holt of all people walked in, wearing a asymmetric silk-crepe red and blue dress, all by herself.

    "I have one idea. But you're probably not gonna like it" I replied, nodding my head in the leggy blonde's direction so Ariel could see whom I was referring to.

    "Oh I see. Holt hey?"

    "Are you mad?" I asked Ariel, wondering if admitting my interest in the stunning teen had made her a bit jealous.

    "Mad? Far from it! She's insanely hot! I take it you're also trying to make up for that shut down a few months back right?"

    Just when I started to think that Ariel was completely oblivious to what was going on in other people's lives, she all of a sudden becomes the most switched on person in the room. I thought she'd forgotten about that night, but it seemed through all her partying, enjoying the single life and sleeping with random guys, she still remembered the lowest point of my young life.

    "Yeah I suppose I am. I'd sure love to have a crack at her, if you don't mind? But I'll need your help as I'm pretty sure she hates my fucking guts!"

    "Of course, but, you would't be the only person to have a thing for Olivia ya know...?" she said, arching one of her eyebrows to show me who she was referring to.

    "You too??"

    "Uh-huh. I know for a fact that she likes to play for both teams. She's mainly into guys, but has been known to have the odd fool around with Bella and Peyton in the past. But since she started seeing the Ray, Olivia's not been as adventurous of late. Let me go talk to her, see what your, I mean, our chances are?" Ariel said, hopping up from the sofa we were seated on to go and chat to the "Kickin' It" star.

    I didn't know exactly know what she was discussing with her, aside from both girls complimenting each other's chosen outfits. But I could tell when my name was dropped into the conversation, given the dirty look Olivia shot me from across the room. At that point I was hoping Ariel would just bail out on the whole plan.

    But after a few minutes of the girls conversing, the original look Olivia had given me, all of a sudden changed into one of interest, and if I didn't know any better, possibly lust. With a gleeful nod and the girl's exchanging a smile to each other, Ariel headed back towards me as Olivia disappeared into the crowd of party attendees.

    "You are in luck!!" Ariel said with a more than a tinge of excitement in her voice.

    "So it turns out that she and Ray just had one almighty argument this afternoon, which is why she arrived by herself. AND... she's already half-baked!"

    "You're fucking kidding me? So what did you tell her about yours truly?" I asked, more than intrigued to know how Ariel changed Olivia's tune towards me.

    "Oh you know, the usual. I told her that you were one of my closest friends, that you realised the error of your ways and if she wanted some company tonight, and if I could provide a certain someone that knew what they were doing in bed, then she should hit you up tonight!"

    Ariel couldn't hide the devilish smile on her face, taking more than a swig from her champagne flute as though to congratulate herself for doing the groundwork for me.

    "So how's this supposed to work then?"

    "She asked me to meet her upstairs in a few minutes in one of the vacated rooms. They have food and drink up there as well apparently. I'll loosen her up, then you come up in about ten or so minutes and then work that charm you supposedly have" Ariel said, taking a sarcastic, thinly veiled swipe at my ego.

    After downing two shots of liquid courage real quick, I made my way upstairs and investigated every single room. I failed to ask Ariel which room I was going to meet her in before she left. So when I checked the one at the end of the long hallway, I opened the door cautiously and walked in on an incredible sight.

    The two highly desired teens were making out in just their underwear, in what I could only presume was Angelina's master bedroom! I stood there gob-smacked in the doorway, staring in disbelief at Ariel and Olivia really going at it, licking tongue's, swapping spit and stroking each other's long lustrous hair. Considering there was so much sinful teen flesh before me to take in, it instantly made me rock hard to the point I had to adjust my shorts.

    Olivia's hands were understandably all over Ariel's bra-encased tits, the buxom brunette pushing aside Holt's silk white thong to tease and prod at her flawless looking pussy.

    "Holy mother of god" I whispered under my breath, audible enough to attract both girl's attentions.

    "Room for one more" Olivia invitingly said to me.

    You can imagine how fast I had my clothes off, eager to be a part of the fun that had started just before my arrival. When I moved onto the bed, the only piece of clothing remaining on my person were my silk boxers, wanting Olivia to preferably be the girl to remove them.

    With the blonde starlet in between Ariel and I on the bed, we both immediately focused our attention on her. Olivia and I closed our eyes as I kissed her soft, velvety lips and deftly removed her bra to free her supple young breasts. Ariel deftly peeled Liv's underwear down her smooth legs to gain better access to that pristine looking snatch.

    "Ohh wow!" she cried when my mouth went to feed on her pert tits, licking and lightly biting her rubbery nipples.

    I myself jumped at the feel of her tender fingers stroking my shaft through my underwear, as I slobbered my mouth and tongue over her exposed chest. At the same time, Ariel was now lying in between Olivia's splayed thighs, going down on the vulnerable Disney starlet.

    "Ohhh shit!" she exclaimed, Ariel sliding a finger inside what I imagined was an incredibly tight cunt, to go with the hard tongue that was attending to her burgeoning clit.

    "Take it out. I wanna see it" she said in a desperate tone, looking at me with those ultra hazy eyes.

    I kneeled to her side so my waist was eye line with her face which continued to change expressions when Ariel flicked her tongue against her moist slit or if she sharply finger banged her wet little cunt.

    Olivia's eyes widened when my six inch tool was unveiled, gently stroking it with her manicured fingers which sent a shiver up and down my spine.

    "Oh my..." Olivia grinned, clearly satisfied with what I had to offer.

    "What did I tell you?" Ariel said to Liv as she removed her mouth from between her legs, the brunette's chin glistening in her juices.

    "Fuck yeah!" I groaned as Olivia took my cock inside her glorious mouth without warning.

    Those incredible brown eyes looked up at me as she bobbed up and down on my hard shaft, Olivia cupping my tender balls in one hand and making me sigh when I felt her sharp nails rake against my inner thighs.

    Whatever had happened between she and her boyfriend was clearly not on the forefront of her mind, as she was blowing my cock like a woman possessed, hell bent on gaining my approval, not that there was any worry about that. As much as I wanted to let her continue, I had her stop out of fear of cumming prematurely.

    Ariel made a show of removing her matching bra and underwear set, Olivia's eyes lighting up at the sight of her D-sized bare naked breasts for the first time. I firmly jerked my cock as Ariel lay her body upon Olivia's, mashing her soft massive twins against her face. With Olivia attending to Ariel's hanging tits, the pair rubbing their wet pussies against each other and Winter's ass in a presenting position, I couldn't let the opportunity to take Ariel doggy-style.

    "He feels so good inside me Liv" I heard Ariel whisper to the blonde beneath her, making her hopefully more keen to savour what she had been accustomed to for the past few months.

    As Ariel moaned and cried into Olivia's shoulder, I looked into the insatiable blondes' hazy looking eyes (probably due to what she had been smoking earlier), biting her bottom lip which only made me rail into Ariel harder, trying to get her off as quick as possible so I could get to fucking Olivia.

    "Ohhh wow, need a breather after that!" Ariel said as she lay to Olivia's side, out of breath after the quick pounding I'd just unleashed upon her.

    With Ariel recovering, I set my attention on Olivia, her innocent, anxious young face knowing what my intentions were, as I kneeled before her on the bed. Without me asking, she parted her slender legs, offering me her heavenly teenage body. I took a hold of my turgid member and groaned inwardly when I rubbed the length against her moist folds.

    "Give it to me stud, fuck me! Show me you're worth the hype"

    Ariel gave me a wink, her way of telling me to enjoy the ride whilst it lasted. My eyes clenched shut as I penetrated her strong fortress, Olivia's incredibly tight pussy gripping my cock for dear life. The blonde bombshell was heaving like crazy as she was completely impaled on my thick cock, her hips thrusting upwards and head arched backwards as I drove deeper inside her.

    Ariel, who had done her hair up in a bun by now, leaned over to kiss and comfort the clearly flummoxed girl, who was seemingly not used to having a proper man fucking her for a change. Olivia was quite flexible given her early days of gymnastics and cheerleading. This was still the case as she allowed me to pin her legs against her chest so her feet rested behind the back of her head.

    From this position I was able to pump more of my meat inside of her inflamed channel, by balls slapping against her tight little ass. Ariel was squeezing one of her incredible breasts and fingering her taco as she watched on, licking her fingers every now and then to not only taste herself, but to moisten her labia up even more.

    "Oh God Ariel, he's so deep inside of me, so big!" she said in pleasurable pain, mouth open wide and grabbing my shoulders tight, curling her silky pins around my waist as I pummelled her into the mattress.

    "Wanna taste my pussy? You've made me sooo wet after that!" she remarked just after I slid my soaked shaft out of her battered hole.

    Grinning like an idiot, I nodded in response and watched in awe as Olivia straddled my face so I could savour her wet teenage plenge, holding her hourglass hips and letting her ride my hard tongue. If savouring her delicious, sweet cuntsap wasn't enough to satisfy, Ariel made the most of my unattended cock, licking away mine and Olivia's mingled juices along my length, sucking on the sensitive head so sweetly.
    Olivia continued to grind her ultra smooth thighs against my barely shaven face as I dug my tongue into her dripping wet folds.

    "Oh my god!! So so good!!" Olivia cried in a sing-song type voice.

    I wasn't entirely prepared for when Olivia climaxed and drenched my face in her love juices. But I've always been of the belief that what goes around comes around, and she'd get her turn real soon. Before that though, I decided to return my attention to Ariel, by once again relishing what I'd claimed for the first time, a few nights earlier.

    With Ariel lying down in front of me and Olivia caressed the brunettes full natural breasts and long dark hair, the shocked look on Holt's face was priceless when she watched me slowly, painfully slide my cock inside of Ariel's sweet puckered asshole.

    "It's so fucking good Olivia!" Ariel groaned, now convinced that anal was the best way for her to reach peak satisfaction.

    "Damn I love fucking this ass!!" I grunted as I clutched at Ariel's creamy jugs and sawed into her back passage.

    Despite the initial shock of seeing Ariel taking it up the ass, Olivia helped matters by rubbing Winter's bulging clit, causing the petite brunette's hips to involuntarily undulate at the dual sensation going on in her private regions. Heightening Ariel's pleasure, Holt sneakily put her mouth over her gushing slit, flicking her tongue over her the sensitive pearl that had peaked out of her clitoral hood.

    "Keep your mouth on her pussy Olivia. It's time for the little butt-slut to get off" I said to her, pushing her head down in between Ariel's supple rounded thighs.

    "Ohhh harder! More!!" Ariel cried as I railed in harder and Liv's tongue swirled and flapped at her inner pink.

    I was on the verge of release, such was the tight clenching sensation of Ariel's spasming sphincter around my member. I took a big risk when I withdrew my cock out of Ariel's sodomized hole, pulling Olivia's head up by her blonde locks from in between Ariel's legs, holding the back of her head with one hand, and jerking my cock with the other, showering her Neutrogena-laminated face in warm strands of thick cum.

    "God yeah!!" I groaned, coating the pretty teen's eyelids, lips and cheeks in my manly spunk.

    "Goddamit! You completely soaked my face!!" Olivia angrily said.

    "One-all baby!" I chuckled in response.

    Olivia huffed as she got off the bed, heading to the ensuite to clean herself up. I lay next to Ariel, both of us knowing that this was a night neither one of us would ever top.

    "Sure gonna miss having you around Aiden..." she said as she turned to look at me.

    "Certainly going to miss nights like these Ariel!"

    The End...

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    absolutely saved the best for last. :D Loved it.

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    God that was fucking hot. Thanks for another brilliant read Hearsz!

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    Great job as usual! Definitely a good story to think about later :)

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