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Rating:NC-17(Violence,Lesbianism,Incest desire,and of course sex)


Warning:Angel stopped Darla from killing Cordelia,and then raped Lilah.
Wesley doesn't know what to say to Fred after she
knows he has had sex with Cordelia but doesn't realize she Is the
one he wants. Darla's anguish over losing Connor lead
to her and Angel having sex. A portal opened,and a 18 year old
male came through. Darla realized It was Connor.
He then fired a stake at Darla.
Cordelia Part VIII:The Return
By Robbins(marvelrobbins@Yahoo.com)
Angel runs In front of Darla. The stake goes through his hand. He feels

Gunn lunges at Connor. Lorne takes cover. Gunn launches blows against
Connor. Connor dodges them,and kicks Gunn onto the floor.

Wesley gets Fred on the floor,and covers her. Angel removes the stake
from his hand.

Connor heads for the door.

"No!" Darla says.

Darla runs after Connor. Angel runs after Darla,and grabs her,and
prevents her from following Connor out of the Hotel.
Connor Is outside the hotel. He Is surprised by all the daylight. He runs
away from the hotel.
Angel Is still holding Darla. Gunn,Wesley,Fred,and Lorne stand up.

"Let go of me Angel!" Darla says. "You can't go out In the sun Darla."
he tells her. "He Is our son" Darla says.
"How can you be so sure?" Gunn asks. "I'm his mother" Darla says. "He
was just a baby a short time ago" Gunn says.
"A Mother can tell" Darla says. "In some dimensions time goes faster
than on Earth" Angel says. "He needs me" Darla says. "I will go when
the sun goes down" Angel tells her. "I will go with you" Darla says.
"No,you won't" Angel tells her. "Like hell I won't!" Darla replies. "Listen
to me Darla.He just tried to kill you" Angel says. "He Is still my boy,and
this Is his home" Darla replies."He doesn't need his Mother right now"
Angel says."What does he need then?" Darla asks."He needs to learn
things." Angel tells her. "I will never forgive you If something happens
to my son Angel"Darla tells Angel. "He Is my son too Darla" Angel
says,and lets go of her.

Darla goes upstairs.

"Keep her here" Angel says. "Angel,you really think you can keep her
from going after him?" Gunn asks."Yes,she Is his Mother,and a
Vampire" Fred says. "Darla still sees him as her little boy she dotted
on.And I don't want her getting hurt. " Angel says.
Darla sits on the bed In her,and Angel's room. She can't believe her
boy Is back. She wants to make up to him letting that bitch Cordelia
take him. She doesn't care what Angel says. He should be here with
his family.

Angel walks In.

"I need to know you are going to stay out of this" Angel says. "I can't
promise you anything" Darla says."Darla,I have to be able to make
decisions around here without you defying me" he tells her.
"You weren't the one who carried him,delivered him,and took care of
him" Darla says."Darla,I know how much you love Connor. But,he Is
not your baby anymore. He Is almost a man.And he tried to kill you"
Angel says. "We are his family,and this Is his home" Darla replies. "If I
can I will bring him back but please just let me handle this. Let me be
the Father" Angel says. "All right. I will let you handle It" Darla
says. "Thank you" Angel replies. "If you hurt him I will never forgive
you" Darla tells him."I am his Father Darla. I want him back here too"
Angel replies.
Back In Sunnydale Buffy Summers sits In her living room. Buffy thinks
about Dawn. Since her return from the dead she can't get Dawn off her
mind. There Is nothing she would like more than to take Dawn Into her
bedroom,and make passionate love with her. These feelings are so
strong she can barely go on. She knows wanting to fuck her sister Is
wrong but Buffy did have these thoughts anyways. She totally Is In love
with Dawn. And she can never be with the one she loves so much.

Xander walks In. He sees Buffy there. He has noticed for awhile how
distant she was.

"What Is It Buffy?" he asks her. "Nothing" she replies.

He sits down by her.

"You can tell me" he replies.

Buffy has to do something to get her mind off Dawn. She kisses him

"Why did you do that?" he asks. "You know you have wanted It" Buffy

Buffy puts her hand on Xander.

"I need to be fucked Xander" Buffy tells him.

Xander Is stunned.

"I need to feel something. And you know you have wanted to fuck me"
Buffy tells him.

Xander thinks god yes do I want to fuck Buffy. He kisses her.
In the bedroom Buffy lays nude on the bed. Xander,nude,Is on top of

Xander has his hands on Buffy's breasts,and are caressing them at
the same time he Is riding his dick Into Buffy's pussy. He can't believe
after all this time he Is fucking Buffy.
Back In LA Lilah Is at a bar. She has been having a lot of drinks. She
Is very pissed Angel raped her. And she can't do anything to him.

Cordelia walks Into the bar In a very noticeable dress. She likes being
the center of attention. She sees Lilah.She goes up to her.

"Drinking alone sweetie?" Cordelia asks.

Lilah sees Cordelia. Even she notices how hot Cordelia looks.

"Shouldn't you be fighting the good fight. Oh,that's right Angel threw
you out for his bitch Darla" Lilah says.

Cordelia simply smiles.

"Don't you get tired of serving others. Bitches like you,and me should
have men serving us." Cordelia says.

Cordelia rubs her hand across Lilah's arm. Lilah feels very horny.

Lilah stands up,and kisses Cordelia. Cordelia thinks this Is working
Buffy wakes up to see Dawn,naked,on top of her.

"You know you want this,Buffy" Dawn says.

Buffy screams as Dawn goes down on her.

Buffy wakes up next to Xander. She thinks to herself fucking Xander
still doesn't get Dawn out of her mind. God she thinks to herself how
much she wants Dawn but can't have her since she Is her sister.
In Cordelia's bedroom back In LA Cordelia lays nude on the bed showing
her great body,and nice breasts. Her legs are spread. Lilah has her face
buried Into Cordelia's Cunt licking out her fine pussy. Cordelia thinks to
herself Lilah Is good at this,and she Is now hers to use In her plans as
she sees fit.
At night Connor Is In a abandoned building. He turns to see Angel.

"You've been away for a long time Son" Angel says.

Connor lunges at Angel. Angel throws him to the wall.

"We are going to have a talk Connor." Angel says. "About what Demon!"
Connor says. "About family. Your Mother has
missed you" Angel says. "Who cares about that Bitch!" Connor says.

Angel slaps him hard.

"That Is your Mother,and you will treat her with respect. From the day
you came Into this world she has loved you. Holtz taking you nearly
destroyed her. And even after you tried to stake her she still wants
you to come home" Angel tells him.

Connor doesn't know what to say.

"You have a home Connor. And a family. But,I won't allow you to hurt
your Mother.If you want,you can go back to the Hotel." Angel tells him.

Angel leaves.
Darla Is pacing around the lobby of the Hotel. Gunn,and Fred are also

Darla thinks she should have gone too.

Angel walks In. Darla sees him.

"Where's Connor?" she asks.

"I talked to him" Angel says. "I see you screwed up on that" Darla
replies to him."I let him know he has a home here If he wants It"
Angel replies."You should have done a better job" Darla says.

Darla goes upstairs.

"Your the one who has to deal with her when you go upstairs" Gunn
says."So,you guys feel like a movie or three?" Angel says.
In a hallway Connor knocks at a door. Cordelia opens the door. Connor
has never seen anything so beautiful as Cordelia. Cordelia Is Impressed
by him.

"Holtz told me If I ever found a way back to look you up" Connor says.

Cordelia smiles at this fact. Connor can aid her against Angel,and Darla.

She grabs him.

"Cordy,will make things so better" she tells him.

Cordelia kisses him hard,and pulls him Inside. She closes the door.

To Be Continued