Do You Remember The First Time? Chapter 2
With Margot Robbie
Written by RV96
Codes: MF, oral, cones
A/N: A fanfic that's completely fictional that probably has never and will never happen? Why I never! Yes this is complete fantasy and never happened. Title taken from the song of the same by Pulp from The World's End soundtrack. This is going to be my first series but I'm not sure how long it'll be but hope you enjoy it! As always, feedback is more than welcomed.

*When we last left off, Tony & Margot were having a night-in with a simple dinner and a movie. About half through the movie, they went through their usual "sexy times" as lovers are prone to do. After Margot had succumb to sleep, Tony quietly pulled out a beautiful diamond engagement ring that he had bought with his months of working as TV cinematographer. Was Tony considering popping the question? When? Will we get to learn more about their high school past and Tony's first time? Read to find out!*

*Present day*

After about 20 minutes of contemplating WHEN I should pop the question to my best friend who shares the same bed as me, I decided to do it on my birthday that was coming up in 2 weeks. I kissed the box and tucked it away on my side of the bed and stashed it on underneath a pile of books and other items on my drawer as I went to sleep. In my slumber, I had a long dream about the rest of Sophomore year. I remember as soon as Margot joined the cheer squad, she instantly became one of the most popular girls in school. She had it all: integrity, beauty, and smarts. My kind of girl.

*High school*

Even with her growing popularity and befriending boys and girls higher on a totem pole than me, she always made time for a nerd like me. One day during lunch, we talked about what we wanted to do post-high school.

"Tony!" She yells as she gave me a great big hug that I returned.

"Hey Margot!"

"I wanna ask you something. What do you plan on doing after high school?

"Hm." Margot pondered. "Either go to college or not but my ultimate goal to become an actress. You?" She asked me.

"I'll be honest I don't think a traditional college is cut out for me. My ADHD plus sitting in a large room listening to lectures when it usually takes me a bit longer to process information. So going to the Art Institutes is my best bet. I wanna become a director or cinematographer.

"Ooh nice. I kinda figured seeing as you're kind of a movie nerd." She giggles"Kinda huh?" I joke back as we both chuckle. Nothing of massive significance happened throughout the rest of Sophomore year. Well at least not at school. We hug out at each others' house and met our respective family members. My mom instantly fell in love with Margot and would make cringey "boyfriend/girlfriend" "jokes" whenever Margot would stay over for dinner. Damn she loved my mom's cooking. She also loved my grandmother, who was my legal guardian at the time.

I loved chatting with her mom and dad about film and TV but I did hit a slight "roadblock" if you will in the form of her brother Cameron. Cameron would always use subtle tactics to intimidate me like swinging a baseball bat outside while maybe occasionally giving me a blank stare. All of this was odd as I wasn't even dating Margot but I can relate to his concern and one day, me and him talked.

"Cameron do you have a problem with me?" I asked calmly but bluntly. He just stayed silent.

"Cameron I'm not dating your sister. We're friends that's it. I have nothing but respect for your sister and your family. Look, I get it you're protective of your little sister and that is your responsibility as the oldest. I have 3 younger siblings of my own. The eldest sister is going to start high school soon and she's developing. I gotta look out for her too." I said to him as he slowly turns to me.

"Wow thank you Tony. Look I'm sorry I've been acting really fucking dickish towards you. It's just that between getting laid off plus you hanging around Margot all the time, I'm just...agitated a little. You're her friend and I should not drive that wedge apart.

"You got laid off? Man I'm sorry." I offered.

"Eh it's alright man. Besides, mum and dad already have offered me a job at the hospital. I start next Friday. Nepotism am I right?" He ironically said as both laughed as we spot Margot approaching us.

"Hey boys what's so funny?" She asks. "Oh nothing much just hanging out." Cameron responded. Margot simply smiled and I smiled back.

*Present day*

I awake to the sounds of slurping and kissing. Takes me a few seconds to come to but I immediately know those sounds. Margot is giving me a morning blowy. Always the best. I smile as I open my eyes fully and see her gently blowing and stroking my cock as she smiles back at me.

"Good morning. I take it last night wasn't enough for you?" I joke with a low voice and a smug grin on my face as gently cup her small face with my hands.

"It's never enough with you babe." She quips in between sucks, which caused me to rock my head back and groan in pleasure. Margot saw this and took it upon on herself to quicken her sucks and strokes.

"Damn Margot I didn't know you had this much energy in the morning. FUCKING KEEP GOING." I groaned aloud. Usually, it's me taking charge during these morning quickies.

"Mhfmhmhmm" Margot moaned on my cock and she began to firmly squeeze my dick, furthering pushing me to my climax.

Margot then began to slow her strokes down, much to my dismay. Her sucks also began to subside, disappointing me further and me questioning why she was slowing down.

"Babe why are you slowing down?" I questioned, only for her to give me a fairly hard squeeze and tug, which caused me to wince.

"Oh wow..." I moaned as she once again returned to her previous of fast strokes and sucks. She knew what she was doing. Even though this was supposed to be a "quickie", she wanted to make sure we both benefited from this and we both enjoyed it for as long as possible.

"Fuck fuck fuckfuck there I'm gonna cum!!!" I groaned but Margot just continued sucking and stroking. Finally, I reached my climax and with a throaty groan, I came inside Margot's pretty (and slutty) little mouth for the 2nd time in about 8 hours and like 8 hours prior, she continued to suck my deflating cock making sure to get every single last drop possible.

"Good morning to you babe." Margot replies finally done with her sucks. There's about a minute of silence before pounces back up and heads to the bathroom.

"You heading anywhere today babe?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm doing some ADR sessions today as in my next movie, I'm narrating. Shouldn't be longer than 3 hours. Oh and I'm meeting meeting the cinematographer and Cara (Delevingne) for a quick pick-up shot." She replied.

"Oh gotcha." I retorted as I can hear the shower running . 10 Minutes later, Margot comes out of the shower with a white towel around her lithe frame.

"Hey your birthday's coming up. What should we do?" Margot curiously asked.

"Margot, we already went over this. I'm not a big party guy so can we please keep it simple?"

"Sure." She said with a hint of snark.

"Was...Was that sarcasm I detect little missy?" I ask her as she's putting on her clothes.

"Ok." She replied with full intent of being sarcastic as hell.

"Margot I'm dead serious. No massive party please." I'm all but begging. "C'mon it's WAY too early for us to be arguing." I told her but she didn't say anything. She turns on the blow dryer and begins doing her hair.

"Fucking forget it!" I yell as I put both my hands over my face. Unbeknownst to Margot in that very, we have a mirror in the bedroom that's directly facing the bathroom and with the bathroom door open, I see Margot cropping a smile across her face clearly loving me when I'm moody when it comes to the subject of big parties.

"You didn't think I would see that smile of yours? It's impossible to miss a smile like that." I retort as she just rolls her eyes.

I enter the bathroom to brush my teeth as she applies some makeup. "Fine, if you don't want a big party we won't throw one." Margot THEN says almost defeated. "Thank you. All I want is family and some friends. Nothing too big." I replied with a smile.

"What are gonna do this morning hm?" Margot asked as she's about to walk out the door.

"I don't know. Make breakfast, go for a walk, jerk off, buy a new fan, take out the trash. The usual." I joked as Margot chuckled and kissed me as she went off to work.

Funny enough, I did all of those things except buy a new fan. And under 2 hours! Anyways, ever since Margot urged to remember about the first time we met in high school and now I'm starting to remember key events during high school, in particular Junior year, which was an...Interesting time to put it lightly. Margot specifically mentioned Cara Delevingne, who was the first person I ever had sex with and also went to our high school at the same time. Now it's time to really take a trip down memory lane as those were some of the best times of our lives and also some of the darkest.

End of chapter 2.