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Thread: "Pool Shark" with Debby Ryan

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    fanfiction "Pool Shark" with Debby Ryan

    With Debby Ryan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, drunk, voyeur, public, blowjob, handjob, fingering, oral
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It was only ever suppose to be just another "typical" house party on the eastern suburbs of Sydney, when word spread around the house that an actual celebrity had arrived to the party.

    In truth, I knew very little about Debby Ryan, but according to the comments I heard from other guests, Debby was apparently some well known Disney star from LA, who was currently in town shooting a movie.

    Well as luck would have it, it only took a few minutes before we were ultimately introduced, and to my surprise we hit it off almost immediately. In fact the busty actress seemed surprisingly funny and down to earth, not to mention quite playful and flirtatious, as we eventually grabbed our drinks and made our way down into the basement "games room" to play some pool.

    It was there that the flirting intensified to the point where I actually felt obliged to tell her that I had a girlfriend. I'm not even sure why I did it, I guess I just felt compelled considering the obvious chemistry we shared.

    "That's too bad," Debby pouted. "I was actually hoping to make a few friends while I'm out here in Sydney."

    "Friends, or fuck-buddies?" I quipped playfully, while taking my pool shot.

    "I didn't say that," Debby grinned. "But I'm definitely down here to have some fun, no strings attached."

    As the two us continued with our game, I couldn't help but marvel at the deep cleavage she flaunted. In fact she just about had the best set of tits I think I ever saw, and I'm almost positive she knew exactly what she was doing. In fact everything about this girl screamed sex pot, from her large natural breasts, to her long shapely legs, and those full pouty lips.

    "What about your friends upstairs," the actress quizzed. "Don't tell me everyone at this party has a girlfriend!"

    "Pretty much," I shrugged. "But I doubt that'd matter much, considering how good you look tonight. I'm sure you'd find some willing participant to take you home."

    "Good, good to know," she purred in her husky tone. "cause I'd definitely make it worth their while."

    I didn't doubt it.

    All flirting aside, we then spent the next few minutes just talking about what she looked for in a man, and which one of my friends she found attractive, even admitting to having several one night stands while in Sydney.

    "So you obviously don't have any trouble meeting new people," I commented.

    "I just don't like sleeping alone," she confessed. "Is it wrong that I hate coming home to an empty bed?"

    "I'm sure one of the guys can help you with that."

    "Maybe I'll need more than just one guy,"

    "At the same time?"

    "Sure, it wouldn't be the first time." she boasted while flashing me a sinister grin.

    "You fucking tease."

    We both laughed.

    It was at this point that Debby and I hit the sauce pretty hard, throwing back several more shots of alcohol before turning our attention back to the game and making a few side bets.

    I found this particularly funny since she was so drunk already she could barely stand straight without the aid of her pool cue, and more importantly, had no idea that I was actually a regional snooker champion myself.

    Nevertheless I played along as we continued to make bigger and bolder bets which ultimately turned sexual.

    "What are you afraid of," she finally teased. "Worried a girl like me will kick your ass?"

    "Hardly, but like I said I have a girlfriend."

    "So, I don't see her standing here." Debby countered. "You're just using her as an excuse."

    "Well you're just full of confidence tonight," I grinned.

    "Tell you what," she said, before checking to see that we were still alone. "How about we make this interesting. If you win the next game, I'll show you my tits!"

    At first I was taken aback, but quickly realized it was just the alcohol talking.

    "I mean, it's pretty obvious you're interested in my tits - you've been staring at my chest from the moment I got here."

    Up until that point I hadn't realized how obvious I was, so I immediately apologized for my leering.

    "Don't bother," she said while taking her shot. "You're not the first or last guy to admire my god given assets."

    "okay, so what happens if I lose?"

    "Simple. I get to see your dick!"

    I almost spat out my drink, which in turn made her laugh out loud.

    "You can't be serious. You're just drunk, you don't know what you're saying."

    "Nah, you're just as drunk as I am pal. Are you chicken?"

    There was a long pause as we eyed each other up, waiting to see who would flinch.

    "okay then, you're on."

    Amusingly enough, I took my shot and ended up potting the black, winning the game and making Debby have to pony up.


    "Fuck, indeed."

    You couldn't wipe the smile off my face even if you tried, as Debby hesitated briefly, before she actually pulled up her top allowing me an uninterrupted view of her magnificent breasts.

    "Happy?" she quipped sarcastically. "Asshole."

    "Hey, you made the bet!" I laughed. "You offered."

    Between her full natural breasts and that sexy, smoky voice, it was almost impossible not to grow a third limb in my pants.

    But as incredible as this was, the betting only continued and progressed into even more debaucherous activities, with Debby insisting that we forget the game and just go right into betting on trick shots, and seeing what each other was willing to do.

    Unfortunately for me my luck soon ran out and I was forced to pay up in the form of showing her my cock.

    "God damn it, this is humiliating."

    "Don't be like that, I did it. Time to pay up."

    Funnily enough the look on her face told me that she was more than a little impressed by my package. In fact she didn't say anything and just bit her bottom lip as she helped herself to another stiff drink.

    "Interesting," she mumbled while contemplating something. "Care to make things a little more interesting?"

    "What did you have in mind?"

    "How about, if you make this next shot, I'll let you touch me where ever you want."

    "Where ever I want?" I repeated, while staring at her tits. "okay, but what's the catch."

    "-but if you miss I get to touch it," she clarified. "Your cock, I mean."

    I didn't need to be asked twice. As far as I was concerned it was a win/win situation. Either I was going to get a handful of titty, or Debby was going to reach into my pants and grab my cock.

    "You're on."

    We quickly toasted to her success and downed another mouthful of drinks, before we proceeded with the bet. But as it turned out, the pressure of the moment was too great, and a minute later Debby glanced over her shoulder to keep an eye on the door as she reached down to grab at my junk for the very first time.

    "Jesus, you've got cold hands!" I gasped. "Does this make us even."

    "That girlfriend of yours is a very lucky girl," Deb slurred. "I could play with this thing all night long."

    "Yeah, I bet you would."

    "Don't tempt me," she winked while standing just inches away from me. "Not while I'm in the mood I'm in right now."

    Funnily enough as Debby spoke, I couldn't help but notice how she refused to take her hand off my cock, squeezing and stroking me gently as we now stood there by the pool table.

    I responded to this in the only way I knew how, and instinctively reached up to cup her ample breast, receiving little to no resistance, while I felt the weight of her heavy boob and proceeded to tweak her erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

    "Well, this game certainly took an interesting turn," I joked, as we casually stood there fondling each other in the games room. "Wonder what the guys would think if they walked in on us right now."

    "This is so bad," Debby whispered while keeping her eyes on the door. "I can't believe I'm letting you get away with this."

    "I think it's only fair considering you have your hand on my cock,"

    "Mm, and what a cock it is." she replied hotly, her big drunk eyes staring into my soul.

    We both knew she was drunk, but I didn't care. She just looked (and smelt) so fucking good in that moment.

    Just fondling her like this was making me hard, much less the way she now gripped and squeezed my shaft with her hand and proceeded to jack me off in her fist.

    "You like that?" she purred, as I pulled her body closer to mine and played with her nipples.

    "You're really good at that,"

    "You think anyone will come downstairs," she began to ask, when I suddenly interrupted her comment with a hard kiss on the lips.

    In an instant I shoved my hand inside her pants, surprised to find that not only was she NOT wearing any panties underneath, but was clearly wet – permitting me to plunge two fingers into her cunt, knuckle deep.

    Deb responded by thrusting her tongue down my throat, as we moved towards the small bathroom off to the side, never breaking our lip-lock. There she finally pulled her mouth away to let out a cry as her entire body shuddered in pleasure, to my probing digits.

    I just kept up what I was doing, spearing my fingers in and out as she pressed her face against my neck to stifle her moans. When her shaking tapered off to some random twitches, I continued to lightly stroke her clit until she let out a deep sigh.

    "oh-god, fuck."

    I took this opportunity to bring my slick fingers up to my mouth and savored her essence, making her blush in shame. I then proceeded to kiss her neck while groping her breasts through her shirt and fumbled with her belt, eager to pull her pants down her legs.

    Once her shirt was pulled up over her chest, I hungrily devoured her glorious tits, licking and sucking her large round puffy nubs while moving to kneel between her bare legs. I'm not sure what she was expecting but she was clearly surprised when I kissing my way down her body and nestled between her legs kissing around her mound.

    Debby was now seated on the very edge of the sink as I buried my face between her thighs, running my tongue along her slit, slurping up her juices as she let out another audible moan.

    "oh-god," she let out, as I lapped at her prickly mingle.

    She reached down and gripped my head, humping my face as I ate her shaved box. Ultimately, I slipped a single finger into her sex and focused my licking on her clit, causing her to suck in her breath and start tensing up more and more.

    "Fuck, please. ohmigod." she chanted as I devoured her sweet fuck-hole.

    I was somewhat amazed by how snug her pussy felt around my digit and knew that it was going to feel heavenly to slam my cock into her. I had zero doubt that, as soon as she'd cum again, we'd be fucking in no time – despite our less than ideal surroundings.

    Ryan was tensing up more too, as she continued to hump my face while gripping my head. I was happy to provide her with as much pleasure as possible as I was certain that she would be returning the favor soon.

    Then, just before she started to cum, she went rigid, arching up off of the sink and letting out a sort of squeal. While I continued what I was doing - slurping her cunt like a slippery oyster - she suddenly went limp and started to shake uncontrollably.

    Her orgasm appeared to be long and intense so I didn't let up until she'd gone completely still and I was certain that she'd finished. As I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth, she let out a contented sigh.

    "Ah, so good."

    Without missing a beat, Debby reached down between us and guided my tool to her pussy and eased herself down on it, letting out another moan just as I did. Her snug, slippery sex felt incredible as it engulfed my bell-end, while I did nothing more than stand there and relish the sensation of impaling her while placing my hands on her thick, round ass.

    As the actress started to ride me slowly however, my hands found her tits and caressed the soft flesh and hard nipples. The contract was sensational. Her nipples were thin and very stiff but her tits were soft and smooth against the palm of my hand, while I felt her shaved puss glide along the length of my rod, giving little to no resistance.

    She was humping my cock pretty good, having drastically picked up her pace as I'd been distracted by her heaving chest. It was at this point that she began to push back each time I thrust forward so I was delving nice and deep, my balls slapping against her buttocks.

    Debby ultimately wrapped her strong legs around mine as I thrust into her hot fuck-hole, pursuing my own orgasm since she'd already had hers.

    "Fuck. Fuck. Someone is going to catch us!" she panted breathlessly. "Is somebody coming?"

    "No," I quipped without thinking, "but we can be quick, okay? Just a few more pumps."

    Debby seemed to ponder this for a second as she lay there embedded on my pole and decided that I was right.

    "Just hurry, please. Hard and fast, okay?" she requested and I was more than happy to oblige.

    The "JESSIE" star let out another gasp as her body started to tremble and her pussy flooded me, creaming the base of my shaft in a white ring of grool. I was almost at the brink myself as I continued to spear her with my staff again and again, fucking her good and proper until she suddenly stopped me mid thrust.

    "Don't cum inside me okay!"

    I simply nodded without thinking much of it, before she stopped me again and repeated her demand.

    "Do you hear me, you better not cum inside me!"

    I agreed again, if only to shut her up but when she realized that I wasn't slowing down in my thrusts she decided to take matters into her own hands, and pushed me back and dropped to her knees before me.

    I let out an audible groan of disappointment before relishing the feel of her hot, wet mouth around my tool. If I thought her pussy felt good, words can't begin to describe how great her mouth felt, particularly those soft pillowing lips.

    To her credit, Debby knew exactly how to draw out the pleasure when time allowed, but she also knew how to get me there quickly, though still with intense satisfaction. I felt my orgasm build quickly and was glad for the opportunity, as risky as it was.

    "You can cum in my mouth if you want," she offered in a submissive tone, before swirling her long tongue around my bell-end.

    In fact for a moment it almost felt like this was done not for my pleasure, but her own as though she was getting off on the taste of her own pussy.

    "Yeah, polish my knob Debby." I told her, while grabbing the back of her head and fucking her hot, sloppy mouth.

    "Ugh, come for me." she grunted in that deep husky tone. "—shoot in my mouth!"

    I didn't need to be asked twice, and with my family and friends socializing upstairs, I blasted a hot filthy load into the back of Debby Ryan's throat, watching as she greedily gulped it down.

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    Bout time she got a new story... Farking hell mate, great stuff as always!

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    And he's back. Well fucking done mate.

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    Another GREAT Story ! Loves me some Dirty Debby!

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