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Thread: Current FANTASY (daily)

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    Wow, just notice these today and it got me thinking...

    Imagine if you were at the beach in Hawaii and happened to see JESSICA ALBA laying out like this nearby, and ended up walking by deliberately to sneak a few extra peaks at her body, which of course she notices but doesn't seem to care. In fact it kinda of gives her a little thrill.

    Then fast forward an hour or so later and she takes a quick dip into the water with her family, before heading up to the nearest public restroom ALONE, only to catch you in there beating off in one of the stalls!!

    At first she freaks out cause she assumes you're in the wrong place, but quickly realizes that its actually a unisex bathroom.

    "Well.. well, don't just standing there staring at me, put that thing away!" she insists as your cock is hanging from between your legs.

    Alba then steps into the stall next door to pee and scoffs and shakes her head, chastising you for being such a pervert. Suddenly the entire incident turns you on and you step out of the stall and go to stand in front of the mirrored counter, directly opposite her stall where you continue to jack off.

    "You know, I can totally see you." she whines from inside. "You're such a pervert."

    "That's kind of the point," you smirk as you beat off. "I can't help it, you're just so fucking hot!!"

    Realizing that you're harmless, Alba can't help but laugh at the situation she finds herself in and giggles as she flushes the toilet, goes over to the sink to wash her hands, rolling her eyes at you the entire time.

    "You've got issues pal, its a shame too cause you're kind of cute." she remarks as you continue to beat off.

    Amusingly enough you notice that she can't stop glancing down at your impressive package, and just as she's about to leave Alba seems to have a change of heart, stops and smiles and turns to look at you.

    "okay, today's your lucky day. Go ahead."


    "I want to watch you finish," she grins seductively. "Think you can do it? ..I'll give you sixty seconds to cum for me."

    You immediately pick up the pace and start jacking your cock like it owes you money. To your surprise Alba then decides to help you along and pulls down her bikini top to reveal her magnificent tits!

    Despite this you're so nervous you still can't make yourself pop, until she suddenly takes things into her own hands.

    "Fuck it. I don't have time for this," she says as she suddenly grasps your hard cock and proceeds to jack you off.

    You almost pass out as she invites you to touch her body, squeeze her tits.

    "I bet you've thought about fucking me so many times," she smiles as she spits on her hand and smears her saliva all around your cock.

    Suddenly, the stunning MILF drops to her knees and slips your hard length into your mouth, cupping your balls with one hand while the other pumps your shaft at the same time.

    "Come on, pop for me!" she urges, and it doesn't take long for you to do precisely that.. and blow a hot sticky load across her surprised face.

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    My first (printed) fantasy of 2017, highly inspired by this sizzling Ashley Graham shoot...
    I get done a long day of shooting my latest movie, when I come across this scene of Ms. Graham 'woman-handling' this (very lucky) 20YO studling (who happens to be my costar); I assumed this was the photoshoot they were doing, but then noticed there was no photographer (or anyone else) around...
    I also notice my co-star's pants tenting as Ashley had her way with him, handling and kissing and squeezing him against her barely-covered curvy body, wearing only a wrap and high-heeled sandals. It was enough to get me sprouting a full set of wood in my own trousers, as I started to semi-consciously rub myself a bit through my pants...
    I step closer toward then, taking off my jacket and shirt (as Ashley had done to her partner), getting their attention, as Ashley seductively licked her full, luscious lips and guided me toward them by her hand, while taking her other one to fish out my co-star's hard cock out of his pants. She then does the same to my dong, dropping to her knees as she jacks and lubes us both up, one at a time, before taking a quick nibble to our cockheads, then lathering our shafts with her soothing wet tongue, going back-and-forth on our fleshpoles with precise skill, alternating between jacking our fucksticks with her soft hand while inhaling the other's rigid meat full with her hungry mouth...
    My co-star can't help but moan out and shiver from Ashley's loving touches all over his young rod and balls, so I lean forward and give him a full mouth-kiss on his lips to calm him down a bit, getting a big wicked grin from Ashley as she notices us twirl out tongues together (and not for the first time), esp when I pinch and tweak his hard nipples good like the skilled bi stud I am, getting him to totally lose it, and surrender his young cum into Ashley's waiting, eager mouth...
    She then rises up to feed me his creamy load into my mouth for a yummy snowball cocktail (again, not the first time I've enjoyed him this way); at this point, we're all fully naked (except for Ashley's heels), and we join together for a nice 3-way kiss/caress to relax us a bit (esp. my young co-star), when I sorta subtly point out my erection is still waving at full mast, which gets Ashley's attention, as she pulls my co-star down with her to take care of business...
    Both of then use their hot mouths and tongues all over my cockhead, shaft, and balls together, kissing and licking and slurping in unison like the cock-hungry sex fiends I (among many in H'wood) know them to be. They pause a bit only to have Ashley get a vial of pure coke from her purse as my co-star keeps enthusiastically fellating me (as I hold his head in place), then spreads a thick line along my wet shaft for them to both snort up, with both energetically resuming sucking down my dong together for several glorious minutes, after which I prepare to cum (helped greatly by Ashley skillfully kneading my ass-cheeks), readying Ms. Graham for her gooey, creamy reward that she richly deserves, which I soon present by blasting several hot ropes of my sweetest stuff all over her face, tits, and those big brown nipples that my co-star loves licking up, particularly hungry for the taste of my seed as much as her supple, sweaty, soft flesh...
    I soon join him for some more oral worship of Ashley's amazing body, then get them to bend over on all fours for the next round, as I prepare to spank their delicious asses (esp. her bountiful one), 'punishing' them for being so (delightfully) naughty with me, first with my gloved hand, then my re-hardening cock, which I intend to fill them both up with very enthusiastically ...

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