Inspired by Ashley Graham's routine as Jessica Rabbit.

Of course in this case, she keeps pushing my buttons almost as much as her massive chest all but pushes out of her outfit, especially when she sees I could burst in my pants then and there. That is especially hard to contain once she slowly unzips her top to let her breasts pop out, and then when she lowers the rest of her outfit to let her giant ass and the panties that barely cover it out as well.

She then starts removing my shift so her chest can brush my own, as her gloved hands unzip my pants and carefully take out my cock and balls. Finally, she cradles the back of my head with one hand, cups my cock and balls with her other and kisses me, then breaks off to whisper for me to cum all over her, and one tugs from her silken glove does it.

With my cum dripping all over her stomach and waist, she takes off her gloves and rubs it onto her skin, then I kneel down when she's done to lick it and every other ample curve in reach. Soon enough, I pull her panties down and lick everything they covered as well, with my hands barely covering her ass as well as her panties did before she cums onto me.

But I keep holding onto her ass when she gets in my lap, and when my face is buried in her tits. My cock comes back to life enough for me to slide myself into her, but not enough so I don't go off after several minutes of her riding me in my lap. I stay contained even when I get her on all fours to eat her and then fuck her from behind, when she lies on top of me and I spank her, and when she does the same when I roll on top of her.

But when she lies on her stomach and I spank her huge behind with my cock while fingering her, then when she cums on my hand and I rub her juices on her huge tits before fucking them, and when her lips reach my throbbing head soon after, that pretty much does it as I shoot right in her mouth and all over her lips this time....