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Thread: Current FANTASY (daily)

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    Have this current fantasy right now,

    Where my girlfriend Emma brings home one of her newest friends (and co-star Olivia Holt) and the three of us head out to a local party for Halloween, all the while Olivia and I flirt throughout the night. In fact the chemistry between us is so strong I can't help but get a little jealous as other guys hit on her at the party.

    Fortunately for me they all strike out and she doesn't bring anyone home, but Olivia can tell from the annoyed look on my face that I definitely like her, and for a while I grow concerned that she might pick someone up just to spite me.

    Luckily for me, the three of us finally arrive home around 4am and Emma is almost fall down drunk, with Liv and I having to carry her - despite being drunk ourselves. We then put her to bed and sit around on the couch in the middle of the night chatting and flirting.

    At one point Liv comments how she's so let down that she didn't get lucky, despite all the effort she made (outfit). I snicker and comment that its hardly a master piece, but she giggles and admits that its the first time she's ever done anything so risky.

    "I'd hardly call dressing up as Cher from Clueless risky, Liv."

    Olivia looks at me in an erotic/drunk way.

    "-it is when you're not wearing any panties."

    "Bullshit!" I quip. "You're telling me all this time tonight, you've been walking around without any underwear on?"

    I'm then floored as she reaches over to grab my hand, and slips it under her skirt to PROVE to me that she has no panties on, and to make matters worse, is as smooth as a babies bottom! (completely shaved clean)

    But instead of moving me hand away, I leave it there and proceed to pet her pretty little cunt, causing her to purr and spread her legs involuntarily, as I play and explore her little pussy and start to finger-blast her right there on the couch.

    "You know, you really shouldn't be touching me like that," she whispers hotly. "I've never been with a guy as old as you."

    "You don't like it," I grin. "I'm only 20 years older than you Liv."

    "You're twice my age,"

    "How's it feel to have an old man play with you like this? Run his finger up and down your lips, swirl them around your clit."

    "Mm, I like it."

    "Good. Spread for me." I tell her, pushing her legs as wide as possible with my forearms, leaving her to lay there so open.

    This quickly escalates with the two of us making out, before I finally drop between her spread legs - holding her thighs wide with both hands - and just. fucking. eat. her smooth pussy!!

    To her surprise she actually cums in my mouth, and while I drink down her cunt-juices, she pulls me up and begs for cock - which I'm only happy to oblige, as I slam home and proceed to fuck her right there - still fully dressed in our halloween outfits - on the couch, missionary style.

    I can't believe how tight (and wet) she is as I pull back and slam home, and POUND her hard into the sofa, as she wraps her strong legs around my hips and glares up at me, begging me to fuck her harder and faster.

    "Please, fuck me!" she moans hotly, trying her best to stay quiet in case of waking up Emma just a few feet away.

    I do as she asks and pound her so hard that my balls slap loudly against her sweet little ass, which in turn drives us both wild.

    Ultimately I can't hold out for long (she's just so fucking hot and tight) and I pull out and shoot my load all over her bald cunt, only to watch her reach down and smear some of it on her fingers to taste.

    "Mm-yeah, best Halloween ever." she grins.

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    Please God make that an actual story between these two beauties

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    taking this ones ass in the shower for her birthday

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