With Hailee Steinfeld
A TPG Short
CODES: 3rd POV, MF, handjob, blowjob, deep-throat
DISCLAIMER: Never happened, just a fantasy in my head

It's while working on the Jimmy Fallon show backstage that you meet Hailee Steinfeld in the green room, and she couldn't be lovelier. Surrounded by her entourage, she innocently flirts with you and right away you can't help but feel a strong chemistry there.

Despite this, you decide to keep it fun and professional, and a half hour later as the show gets underway, you head backstage to check up on the guest star and are taken aback by Hailee's sexy new attire – a tight little black number, with matching heels.

To your surprise, Hailee grabs you by the hand and asks you to show her to a private bathroom as she thinks she's going to be sick with anxiety, despite having been on the show several times before. She claims that having her family sit out in the audience is making her ill with panic.

Naturally, you try to calm her down but notice her reach up and lock the door behind you, leaving the two of you alone for the first time.

"If there's anything I can do, just let me know."

"I need your help," she interrupts you. "This is happened before. I have to distract myself or, I'm going to be sick."

But before you can answer, or give some kind of constructive suggestion, Hailee reaches down and grasps the large bulge in your pants, squeezing your cock firmly with her hand.

"Whoa, what the—"

"Please, just trust me okay." she pleads. "I need this. I can't be sick in this dress, with this make up on."

You immediately panic and begin to stammer how you could get fired for messing around with a Late Night guest, but Steinfeld doesn't seem to care, and just glares into your soul with those big pleading eyes.

You dare not stare back, knowing her pretty and tempting they are.

"Just help me out okay," she whispers. "How do I look, do I look good in this dress?"

You assure her that she does, but that its highly irregular for you to mess around like this. Despite your comments, Hailee quickly fishes out your hard cock and proceeds to jack you off in her hand – her eyes growing to the size of saucers as she admires your package.

"Mm, you're nice and big."

"This is crazy,"

"Please. It's the only thing I could think of," she admits. "It's helping me relax."

At that precise moment someone knocks on the bathroom door looking for the actress, and you lie and tell them to check down the hall. This brief flirtation with danger only seems to encourage her, as she now spits on her hand and really goes to work on your tool – twisting it inside her fist.


It's at this point you decide to throw caution to the wind, since you figure if you're going to get fired for consorting with a guest you might as well make it worth your while, and you pull her in close and attempt to kiss her on the lips, only to feel her pull away.

"No, stop. Don't ruin my make up." she objects, while continuously jacking you off. "Not on the lips."

"What the fuck,"

Her refusal to kiss you only confuses and angers you, as you run your hands all over her ass and hips, down her legs and try to reach up under her skirt but the dress is designed in a way to prevent any access whatsoever. Hailee can't help but giggle at your persistence as you try again and again to slide your hand inside her dress, but are denied for your trouble.

"You really want to get in there huh." she taeses.

You ultimately find yourself focusing on her ass, where you rub and caress her derriere through the dress and make her purr.

"Mm, that's nice." she moans, while wiggling her butt.

Frustrated by her antics, you suddenly grab a handful of her long dark hair and cock her head back.

"You know what, I want you to take off your panties."

"Yeah, I bet you would." she smirks back through the mirror while still jacking you off in her hand.

"I'm serious."

"And why would I do that?"

"cause if you don't, I'm going to rip a hole through this dress and fuck you over this sink!"

Hailee reluctantly agrees, and peels her underwear down her legs as you snatch them from her feet and immediately inhale her musky scent, making her giggle at the lewd action. Just the aroma alone makes your cock twitch and leak pre-cum all over her fingers.

"Ah, you nasty fuck." she coos while still jacking you off. "Don't you dare get any of that cum on me, do you understand me?"

"Or what?" you growl back, as you grab her throat more tightly and lick the side of her neck.

"oh-god, that isn't fair." she trembles, clearly excited by the foreplay.

Noting this, you now grope and fondle at her breasts through her dress, observing the way her nipples now poke obscenely through the fabric. Caught up in the moment, you push her forward over the sink and playfully tap the head of your bare cock against her firm tushy.

"Give me one good reason why I don't rip this fucking dress off and pound you senseless."

Hailee responds by swinging around and kissing you hard on the lips, breaking her no-kissing rule before dropping to her knees in front of you.

"Fuck it," she quips. "We have to be quick."

In an instant the Oscar nominated actress opens her mouth and engulfs your sword, smearing her bright red lipstick all along your tool.

You place your hand on the back of her head and now feed her your cock, marveling at the way she dutifully opens her throat and takes you all the way inside, pausing briefly to gag and cough as you brush the back of her tonsils.

"Good, good girl." you groan down at her, as her eyes suddenly flood and she weeps uncontrollably to your throat-fucking.

"Ugh. You like that?" she teases up at you as you pull out of her sloppy mouth and smack the head against her extended tongue.

"So fucking sexy," you tell her. "You were born to suck cock. Polish my wood."

Hailee doesn't hesitate as she swivels her head from side to side, using her hand on your shaft at the same time. She pauses every now and then to spit and slobber all over your bell-end, making sure to cover your penis in thick ropes of spittle.

"I hope you're happy," she mumbles between slurps. "You ruined my make up."

"Make me cum with your mouth or I'm going to rip this god damn dress off you, and fuck you in the ass!"

The actress moans to this threat and picks up her pace, really going to town on you. The animalistic groans alone make your nuts swell, much less her talented tongue and fingers.

"Yeah? You wouldn't dare," she teases while squeezing your nuts. "If you try to fuck me, I'll scream."

"At this point I don't care." you counter. "If you scream, I'll just go straight to your ass."

"Ugh-fuck." she moans back as she slurps at your cock with renewed energy, intent on making you pop.

Noting how worked up she is you add, "Maybe if you're good, I'll let you clean me off after I FUCK your ass."

It only takes a mere minute before you suddenly and gloriously shoot your load into the back of her throat.

While you're initial reaction is to pull back and fire rope after rope across her pretty face, Hailee instinctively grabs your ass to hold you in place, fixed tightly against her face to ensure that you ejaculate into her belly.

...three and a half minutes later, you watch spellbound as the leggy starlet casually saunters out to the waiting audience with a smug expression on her face, the taste of your hot creamy load still fresh in her mouth, like nothing happened.