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Thread: Hollywood Party Chapter 2 (CYA)

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    fanfiction Hollywood Party Chapter 2 (CYA)

    Hollywood Party Chapter #2
    With Victoria Justice, Madison Reed, Selena Gomez
    Created by TPG

    You start to make your way towards the other party when Chloe Grace Moretz calls and asks you to take a quick detour, insisting that you drive over to Sherman Oaks and pick up Victoria Justice.

    Despite this last minute change, you do as you're told and drive in the opposite direction, only to be greeted at the front door by a scantily clad brunette (Madison Reed) who, invites you in and claims that her sister is still in the shower upstairs.

    It's only after taking a seat on the sofa that you realize that not only has Maddy been watching TV alone in the dark, but judging by the musky scent in the air, you suspect she's been masturbating too.

    "Am I interrupting something?" you grin.

    "No, I was just bored.. channel surfing,"

    You both know she's lying, but figure you've got nothing to lose so you decide to have some fun.

    "So.. does your sister know you're down here watching porn while she's upstairs getting ready?"

    Madison initially denies this, but ultimately giggles and admits the truth.

    "Ugh, she acts like she's above it all, but I know she does it too." Maddy claims as she makes herself more comfortable on her leather recliner. "Heck, Vee probably masturbates more than I do.. god knows she leaves her toys all over the place."

    "Well, don't let me stop you." you reply, to which Madison smiles back.



    "It doesn't offend you?"

    "Not at all. Actually, I think it's kind of hot that you're down here playing with yourself, while your sister's upstairs."

    "Truth is, she's probably doing the exact same thing right now," Maddy quips.

    "I suppose, that's what makes it so hot."

    You then watch as she slides her hand under her blanket and proceeds to touch herself right in front of you. You then tell her to pull the blanket aside so you can look at her legs, to which Madison agrees but only if you vow to take her to the party with her sister.

    You explain that it's not up to you, but Maddy still seems determined to change your mind by licking her fingers and dipping them into the top of her bikini bottoms, teasing you with a masturbation show.

    "Do we have a deal?"

    "I don't know," you reply, unconvinced.

    "Maybe during the party we could go someplace private, and have some fun of our own?" she purrs seductively.

    Just then, you hear a noise from upstairs which makes you jump, get up and pace back and forth nervously, as Madison giggles and claims that it's just Victoria getting out of the shower.

    "Relax will you, it's just the two of us here. We've got the entire place to ourselves."

    It's while standing over the masturbating brunette that you reach over and caress her pert breasts, exposing one of her nipples for your amusement. Fortunately for you Maddy doesn't recoil, and simply coos to the action and slips your finger it into her mouth --- alluding to her cock sucking skills.

    "If I make you cum, will you take me with you?"

    "How about, if you can make yourself cum right now.. I'll think about it."

    "Deal. But you have to help me."


    With her permission, you run your hands over her naked breasts and neck and watch spellbound as Madison plunges two fingers deep into her cunt, finger-banging herself while thrashing about wildly on the lazy boy.

    "Unngh-fuck, yeah.."

    Maddy finishes herself off before offering you her slick fingers. You barely have time to enjoy the taste of her sweet pussy before she vaults off the recliner to go get dressed upstairs.

    "I better get dressed, you promised after all."

    "Yeah, I guess I did."

    "Whatever you do, don't leave without me okay." she smiles before pecking you on the cheek.

    "What about your sister?"

    "Let me take care of Victoria. I know how to set her straight."

    Feeling bold, you pull Madison against you and kiss her hard on the lips. Maddy responds by opening her mouth and sucking your bottom lip, before pulling away to go upstairs.

    "Remember, don't leave."

    "Err, absolutely."

    You're head is spinning as you head back out to the vehicle to grab a cigarette and give Chloe a call, who as it turns out doesn't answer her phone. A minute later you almost jump with fright when Victoria Justice taps on your window asking you to unlock the passenger side door.

    "Hey, sorry I'm late," she smiles that million dollar smile. "I didn't think you'd get here so fast."

    You assure her that you don't mind waiting as you take in her sexy ensemble, which consists of a short spaghetti-strap sundress that appears to be sheer in nature, enough that in the sunlight you can clearly see the two piece bikini underneath.

    To make matters worse, the actress is wearing clog-like sandals which elevates her height considerably and only accentuates her long slender legs. In fact they're just about the sexiest set of legs you've ever seen.

    "Your sister was keeping me company while you were getting dressed,"

    "Did she come on to you?"

    "What..? Er, no." you answer rather unconvincingly.

    "That little bitch!" Justice snaps. "Come on, let's go."

    "..but what about Maddy?"

    "Screw her, just go."

    With Victoria's urging you head off in the direction of the party (your original destination) and try your best not to glance over every few seconds and stare at VJ's long shiny legs.

    "I'm sorry if my sister offended you," Victoria apologizes. "She doesn't know when to keep her legs shut."

    "..oh I dunno, she seemed kind of sweet to me." you chuckle as you recall the taste of her sticky cum-soaked fingers.

    You're then floored as VJ flashes you a flirtatious smile, takes your hand and places it on the inside of her leg.

    "Trust me, in a few minutes times you're going to forget all about my sister, I promise."

    You almost pass out as you're invited to caress her bare-naked legs, and marvel at the sheer softness of her skin.

    "Pretty smooth huh," Vee winks. "I just shaved, can you tell?"

    "Er, sure. Pretty sleek."

    "Can you really tell?" she teases, as she slides your hand up towards her crotch. "Here, let me show you."

    Victoria guides your hand towards her sex and invites you to reach under her dress and caress her bare vulva. As silky-smooth as her legs feel, her hairless mound feels ultra soft and delicate --- like liquid velvet.


    "You can touch me if you want," she offers. "I at least owe you that, for making you wait so long."

    Over the next few miles you proceed to touch and explore Victoria's shaved cunt, slowly running your fingertips up and down her greasy slot, while teasing her clit and driving you both to the brink of insanity.

    Your fingers massage her pea-sized nub, before you dip them lower and push inside, curling them back in an attempt to find her G-spot. Victoria gasps and spreads her knees apart, inviting you to have your way with her.

    "Mm, yeah." VJ's purrs. "Keep this up, and you might have to pull over and fuck me on the side of the highway."

    "You know, your sister seemed to get off on having an audience too. You guys are really alike."

    To your disappointment, Victoria seems to take offense to this and suddenly clamps her knees shut and pushes your hand away, apparently annoyed at the mere mention of her sister.

    "okay that's enough.. for now." she quips, "I'm not in the mood anymore."


    Fortunately for you, you soon arrive to the party where you tell Victoria to stay in the car while you go inside to find the others. It's there you see Selena Gomez for the first time, who to your surprise appears to be drunk.

    You take a deep breath as you approach the boozed up singer and ask about her friends, namely Hailee Steinfeld and Olivia Holt. Amusingly enough Selena takes an instant liking to you, and literally throws her arms around your neck and insists the two of you grab a few drinks.

    "Come on, have a drink with me," she pouts. "You're not going to make me drink alone are you?"

    The intoxicated star then takes you by the hand and leads you through the party and up the stairs where she claims her friends are in one of the private bedrooms. But once there, you find the room deserted and are pushed onto a bed for your troubles.

    While apart of you knows you don't have time for this kind of horseplay, another part of you dare not stop what's about to happen as a drunk Selena Gomez attempts to seduce you.

    "Why do you want my friends, when you've got me.." she slurs as she straddles your hips on the bed and takes your hands and places then on her breasts, shutting you up with a sloppy wet kiss.

    To her credit the girl is an exceptional kisser, and you gasp as she takes off her top to reveal that she isn't wearing a bra. In fact it only takes mere moments before the songbird is grinding atop of you in nothing more than her thong panties.

    "Tell me the truth," Gomez rambles. " you think my boobs are too big?"

    You happily massage her breasts and take this opportunity to pinch her nipples between your fingers, causing her to coo and plunge her tongue back down your throat again.

    "Mmmpff.. I like that," she moans into your mouth. "Pinch them harder.. you can play with them. It really turns me on."

    You can taste the alcohol on her breath as the two of you tongue wrestle each other for the next few minutes. Having swapped a profuse amount of saliva, you finally flip her onto her back, pin her knees against her chest and carefully rub the head of your cock against her slippery taco.

    " that what you want, baby?" you tease back " wanna get fucked today?"

    Selena can only moan and glare up at you as you finally push forward and fill her for the first time, her own hands grabbing at her ankles as you stab her cunt again and again with short, rapid strokes.

    "ugh-god.." she grunts as you proceed to fuck her without much fanfare, jabbing her box again and again.

    To your surprise her pussy feels remarkably tight, so much so that you have to stop from ejaculating too soon. Noting this, Selena suddenly swaps positions again and moves to squat over your hips.

    With your hands pinned up over your head, the naked Latina carefully impales herself down on you, and proceeds to ride you like a woman possessed, using her butt and hip gyrations to dictate the pace of your fucking.

    "Yeah, just lay there.. don't move," she pants out of breath. "Let me do this. Let me ride this thing.. I need this."

    To your amusement Gomez starts to make little whimpering noises like a injured animal, as she continues to ride your sword with great urgency, humping you harder and faster with each passing minute, taking more of your length inside her.

    At this point she's bouncing over you energetically, taking all of your length as you spank her young ass for good measure which seems to set her off. Selena cries out loud as you place your hands on sweet little butt, pin her down, and proceed to POUND up into her juicy quim.

    "oh-fuck, oh-fuck.. don't stop!" she cries into your ear.

    As Selena finally climaxes all over your cock, you suddenly flip her onto her back, and with her legs pinned over your shoulders, start to pummel the ever-loving shit out of her --- causing your nuts to slap loudly against her ass.

    The singers entire body trembles as you fuck her within an inch of her life, slamming your hips against the back of her thighs. It's at this point that you lean over to nibble at her ear. The scent of her hair is intoxicating.

    "I think I'm going to cum.." you announce almost apologetically, particularly since you've only been going at it a few minutes.

    "..don't stop, please!" she wails. "..fuck me."

    You raise your hips high enough to allow just the very tip of your sword to nestle between her lips, before crashing back down and taking her breath away. You repeat this process a few more times, pummeling the young starlet into the mattress again and again.

    "Nnnghh.. yes, fuck me!"

    You're more than happy to oblige until Selena does the most extraordinary thing, and starts to constrict and relax her vaginal muscles with each up-stroke. Her already tight, velvet-like grip now squeezes your shaft until it's too much to take.

    "Fuck, this is it. Selena're gonna make me cum!"

    Despite your best efforts, your entire body trembles as you start to ejaculate inside her pussy, before you have the good sense to pull out and fire the rest of your hot load all over her pretty little mound and belly.


    Leave the party with Selena and Victoria
    Introduce Some MILF Fun
    Go Find Hailee and Olivia
    Introduce Ariel Winter
    Call Chloe For More Instructions
    Explore More of the Party


    You can vote for more than one person/event

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    Oh my.

    That was hot, especially the Selena portion of it... not that the stuff with VJ and her sister was bad mind you, just that I enjoyed the stuff with Selena Gomez more. Anyways, I ended up voting for finding both Hailee and Olivia, though I would be all for introducing some Hollywood MILF's as well, given some of the names you dropped in the chat, a couple of days ago.

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    Heh, that's typical VJ right there but at least you could take out all that pent up frustration on Selena to give it to her good and proper.

    Selena and VJ vs Hailee and Olivia should be interesting in the poll, like last gen vs new gen teens, lol

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    victoria and selena competing to get your attention in the back of the car could be really hot

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    Waiting patiently for more VJ love, she's under-appreciated on here I feel.

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