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Thread: "Coronation Street" with Michelle Keegan and Georgia May Foote

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    fanfiction "Coronation Street" with Michelle Keegan and Georgia May Foote

    With Michelle Keegan and Georgia May Foote
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, anal, drunk, mutual masturbation, rim, ATM, phone sex, toys
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I hadn't seen or spoken to Mark Wright in several years, but in that time he had apparently done well for himself having recently married local actress and onetime FHM model Michelle Keegan.

    When he initially invited me over to dinner to meet his hot wife, I didn't really know what to expect, but not only did Michelle and I hit it off right away, but to see us carry on you'd think WE were lifelong friends - as we both seemed to have similar personalities and a twisted sense of humor.

    In fact we became such good friends that we soon fell into a daily routine in which Michelle would call me up around midnight each night and catch up on the days events while Mark ran around the house locking up before bed.

    Of course Mark was well aware of the late night phone calls, but he didn't seem to care. I suspect it didn't concern him one bit since he was more than confident that Michelle would never dream of cheating on him. Which I suppose was true.

    Be that as it may, it was a few weeks into this new found friendship that the happy couple decided to set me up on a blind date, with Mark intent on hooking me up with one of his wife's co-stars, Georgia May Foote.

    In truth I knew very little about the actress or what she did, but according to Michelle she was a "good sort" but just not particularly bright, which was apparently my type.

    "huh?" I said, trying not to take offense.

    "I'm only kidding." Michelle laughed. "I thought you'd be happy. Most guys would kill to be in your position."

    "How do you figure?"

    "I thought it was every guys dream to date a girl who was young, dumb, and full of cum."

    She had a point.

    "Besides—" Michelle boasted. "You'll be happy to hear that the tabloids have touted Georgia as the next Michelle Keegan."

    "You must be so proud having your own personal little mini-me." I joked.

    "Trust me. There's a lot I could teach her."

    I didn't doubt it.

    Amusingly enough Michelle also found it curious the way Mark suddenly seemed to take an interest in my love life, and how eager he was to see us hook up - constantly suggesting weekends away together between the four of us.

    "You guys haven't even met yet and he's already making plans."

    "Err. I wouldn't worry about it Michelle." I assured her. "I doubt Mark would ever cheat on you. He's too terrified about what you'd do."

    Michelle snickered.

    "Nah. He knows I'd never do anything too drastic. I'd just fuck one of his friends and call it even."

    "So you have thought about it then?"

    "I'm only human." she giggled before waiting after a long pause. "—but I'm not that evil."

    That being said, things then took an interesting turn the night before the big double date, when Michelle found herself alone in the house and insisted I call her up and keep her company, both of us drinking and chatting away into the early morning hours.

    We must have laughed and discussed about a dozen different topics before the conversation began to get a little racy. While I'd love to say that it was probably just the wine talking, I suspect there were other factors at play.

    According to Michelle, she seemed to be under the impression that I was definitely going to get lucky with Georgia, and now appeared interested in role playing and discussing what I was going to do to her if given the chance.

    The conversation then got steamy as we began to discuss our previous experiences, likes and fantasies, before the two of us stumbled into a little phone sex fun - both of us spurred on by the other, admitting that we were turned on.

    "Where are you now?" she asked in a breathy tone. "Are your hands free?"


    "Are you stroking your cock?" she said bluntly.

    My heart was beating so hard I was sure she could hear it through the phone.

    "I'm on the couch in the dark." I told her. "Just casually playing in front of the TV."

    "Mm. Yeah. I bet you are. Me too."

    "You are?" I replied somewhat surprised. "Tell me. Tell me everything."

    "Right now I'm lying on my bed. I got the TV on in the background and my hand inside my pants. My nipples are really hard. Just laying here listening to your voice and petting myself...stroking my pussy."

    I felt my breath catch in my throat when I heard her slide her fingers into her mouth and lick them clean.


    "Mm. I taste really good tonight."

    "I bet you do."

    "That poor girl." she added, referring to Georgia. "She probably has no idea what we're scheming and what you're going to do to her tomorrow night."

    "Does that get you off?" I teased. "Knowing that I'm going to fuck the shit out of your hot friend."

    "uh-huh. It does. A part of me wishes I could watch it happen. I love watching people fuck."

    Just hearing Michelle talk this way sent a chill up my spine.

    "Well I'd love to watch you get fucked one time, Michelle."

    "oh, I get really loud and frantic when I have sex. Some nights Mark isn't even awake or into it and I just climb on top and get off."

    "Is that your favorite position, being on top?"

    "Mostly. But I also like getting fucked from behind." she admitted. "—there's just nothing like getting pummeled into a mattress."

    "So you like it hard and fast eh. A little doggy-style action." I grinned. "You like having your hair pulled and your butt spanked too?"

    "uh-huh." I heard her whimper as her fingers moved faster. "Really hard and fast yea."

    There was a long pause as we both whimpered into the phone, both of us openly masturbating.




    Without a moments hesitation Keegan did as she was asked and spread her knees wide on the bed, while continually rubbing her cunt.


    "Now taste yourself." I insisted. "Slide your tongue around your fingers. Get them nice and wet."


    She keenly slobbered all over her digits before returning them to her cunt.

    "Ugh. Fuck." I heard her sigh. "Just keep stroking. I like it. Keep stroking it for me."

    "Why don't you use your other hand to play with your breasts."

    "Ugh. If I do that you'll make me come."

    "Hearing you come will probably get me off." I told her.

    "You think we can come together?"

    I then listened to her flick her clit at rapid succession before she finally shuddered her orgasm into the receiver.

    The next day I rocked up to Mark's house before heading out to the restaurant together - where it was arranged for me to finally met my blind date.

    Just as Michelle had promised, Georgia turned out to be an absolute stunner, but despite how good she looked, I couldn't help but share a private giggle with Keegan as we both recalled our late night phone session.

    At one point during dinner I caught Michelle leaving the ladies room where we stopped to chat and she reminded me not to tell anyone about the incident we had shared, claiming that she had never done anything like it before, even with Mark.

    While I wasn't entirely sure whether to believe her or not, she appeared to be a little drunk and in a very playful mood and finished our conversation by saying that if I played my cards right I might get a repeat performance.

    "You what?" I gasped dumbly. "You fucking tease. Why would you tell me that while I'm on a blind date."

    Michelle simply laughed at my reaction before adding that in her current mood, she was seriously considering calling me up later and letting me listen to her have sex with Mark.

    "You wouldn't dare." I replied stone faced, while she giggled at my expense. "That would almost be too cruel."

    "Now you know how I feel." she said referring to her co-star. "—knowing you two are going to fuck later on."

    Before I could respond Michelle then leaned over to kiss me on the side of the lip before making her way back to the table, making sure to wiggle her ass that little bit extra from side to side.

    Fortunately for me the date with Georgia went off without a hitch, so well in fact that we ended up leaving the restaurant earlier than anticipated and immediately went back to my place to get "better acquainted." Truth be told we barely managed to make it through the front door before we were kissing and pawing at each others clothes.

    In fact I was so worked up by Michelle's antics all evening that I didn't even wait to get to the bedroom before I hiked up Georgia's dress, bent her over the back of the sofa and proceeded to pound her from behind - while she was still sexily clad in her six-inch heels and black lace stockings.

    "Ugh-shit! Fuck!" she cussed at one point. "Yes. Fuck the shit out of me!"

    I happily obliged and pounded the moaning starlet hard and fast.

    Thankfully the actress appeared to be hard up for cock, and seemed to be just as kinky and foul-mouthed as I was - asking me to smack her ass during sex and squeeze her throat as I jack-hammered away. We actually ended up having sex all over the apartment, until she finally passed out around 4am.

    I only remember the time because Michelle had chosen that exact moment to send me a faceless picture of her bare naked ass in the shower, with a caption that read "Wish You Were Here XOXO"

    The unexpected gesture was so hot and risque, I simply rolled over and proceeded to fuck Georgia again - disturbing her sleep by taking her in a scissor/pretzel move, before rolling her over and pummeling her ass into the mattress until she finally screamed out and came.

    It was just about one of the most savage and carnal things I'd ever done to a woman - treating her like a piece of meat - and yet she seemed to love every second of it.

    As you might expect, Georgia and I were immediately smitten with each other and proceeded to send racy messages back and forth over the next few days, which she really seemed to like. In fact she'd often reward me with plenty of dirty talk and lewd imagery about the things she wanted to do.

    "I've been thinking about you all day." she claimed during one phone call. "Just so you know. I'm not wearing any underwear today."

    "Right now I want you to stop what you're doing—" I told her. "Go to the ladies room, find a stall and play with yourself."

    Amusingly enough Georgia didn't hesitate, and soon moaned into the phone as she furiously masturbated in the public toilet.

    But as great as this new found romance was, Michelle called me a few days later and appeared to be in a very foul mood, claiming that Mark and Georgia had been messing around! As it turned out the two had been corresponding with each other in secret and Keegan was livid, wanting to teach the little upstart a lesson.

    "When I get my hands on your girlfriend I'm going to skin her alive!" she hissed through the phone.

    To prove her point Michelle then went on to explain how her so called "friend" was more cunning and deceptive than I imagined, and was already dating a much older man, while stringing me along at the same time.

    At first I refused to believe the allegations but things started to make sense and I was pretty peeved.

    "I'm telling you she's a lying little slut!" Michelle growled. "I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her."

    Up until that point I don't think I'd ever seen Michelle so mad, and as strange as it sounds it was kind of hot. That being said, the two of us then began to hatch out a plan on how we could punish Georgia.

    It was actually during this conversation that I noticed Keegan's mood seem to go from one extreme to the other, from anger to sadness, to happy to aroused, before she finally confessed how unhappy she was in her own marriage, and how utterly frustrated and unsatisfied she was in the bedroom.

    "Ugh. You don't understand." she confessed. "I have to get off all the time."

    "Don't you guys have sex anymore?"

    "Not as often as I'd like." she claimed. "—and Mark's only ever in the mood once or twice a week, if I'm lucky."

    Hearing the tone in her voice I actually felt sorry for her.

    "What's really fucked up is, when we first hooked up all we ever did was have sex." she explained. "Sometimes five, six times a night. But ever since we tied the knot the chemistry between us just seems to have fizzled out."

    While I tried to commiserate with her plight Michelle suddenly sounded defensive.

    "I know I sound like a little slut right now, but I just miss having fun. I need to get laid damn it. I'm so sick of using my vibe."

    With all pretense gone, I tried to respond with a few snide comments hoping to cheer her up, but this only led to her sniping back and quickly kicked off another bout of hot phone sex.

    "Meh. You're just saying that cause you wanna hear me come." she accused.

    "Hey. You're the one who claims to be hard up for sex." I challenged. "Least you can do is let me listen. Let me help you."

    I then listened to her scramble to the side of her bed to retrieve her trusty vibrator which she began to use while talking dirty - telling me how she wanted to watch Georgia get FUCKED in the ass, and how she'd happily do it herself with a strap-on.

    In fact I was soon blown away when Michelle admitted that not only did she regularly watch porn, but that she was actually into ass play and constantly craved anal, but Mark was too timid to try it.

    "Jesus. Now there's an image." I said as she went on about how horny she was. "Michelle Keegan on all fours getting drilled in the ass."

    Then to prove her point she proceeded to jam the chrome device into her butt while I jacked off on the other side of the phone.

    "Ugh. I wish you could see me right now." Michelle purred. "I look like such a little slut."

    "You sound so fucking hot though."

    "Maybe we should do that one day?" she mused. "Have you come over with some friends and watch me get off with my vibe."

    "Trust me Michelle, we'd do a lot more than just watch you."

    "Mm. I like the sound of that." she cooed to the mental image of a gangbang. "All those guys standing around me jacking off. That's always been a fantasy of mine. To have a roomful of guys just beat off and come all over my face."

    "—all the while you're on your knees, naked with a vibe in your ass." I added. "God damn that's hot."

    "Fuck-yeah." she agreed. "I'm such a little slut when I wanna be."

    A minute later Michelle came like a freight train before catching her breath and laughing hysterically, chuckling at the absurdity of it all, and vowing to teach Georgia a lesson she wouldn't soon forget.

    "You still want to teach her a lesson?"

    "You bet your ass I do."

    The weekend arrived not long after with the four of us planning to go out on another couples date, but as it turned out Mark was suddenly called away, throwing our plans into disarray and leaving me alone with the ladies on a Friday night.

    Fortunately for us Keegan then suggested that the three of us hit up a local tavern down the street, where we ended up getting blind drunk, before stumbling back into the house after midnight, where the plan had been for Michelle to snap Georgia and I in a "compromising" position.

    Shockingly enough things didn't go to plan and instead the ladies and I drank even more with Michelle inciting a little impromptu strip tease in the living room.

    "You know if I didn't know any better I'd say Michelle might fancy you Georgia." I teased from the couch.

    "—how do you know I don't fancy her too?" my drunk girlfriend slurred while clutching Michelle and dancing around in their underwear.

    "I have to admit you do make a hot couple." I grinned.

    "How do you know we haven't messed around before?" Michelle teased as the ladies danced and casually fondled each other.

    Surprisingly enough Georgia not only seemed open to Michelle's advances, but appeared open to experimenting with the two of us at the same time, and experiencing her first threesome.

    Naturally I assumed this was completely out of the question since the initial idea was to take advantage of Georgia, and also because of my friendship with Mark. I mean even though Keegan and I had messed around on the phone, I never imagined crossing the line and having an affair - as naive as that sounds.

    Still. Watching Michelle strip down to her bra and panties, I couldn't help but admire how incredible she looked and found myself wondering what it would be like to have her.

    It was at this point that I went to the bathroom to relive my bladder and give the ladies some much needed privacy, only to pass by the bedroom a minute later and find the girls making out on Michelle's bed.

    At first I considered interrupting them with a snide comment, but instead I found myself simply standing there watching spellbound as the half naked Corrie stars explored each others bodies and kissed one another passionately.

    I'm not even sure how long this went on for before Michelle finally kissed her way down Georgia's body and began dragging her tongue across her bare naked thighs and hips - each lick bringing a new moan and an instinctive lifting of her hips.

    Before long Keegan had the 25-year-old star moaning and humping the bed. She was really working her to a fevered pitch, without any hint of stopping or slowing down.

    Having spent a considerable time just teasing her to the brink, Michelle finally brought her face to Georgia's mound and began licking and kissing her sex.

    "Mm. You like watching her eat my pussy, you pervert?" Georgia said when she noticed me spying.

    It took a moment for me to notice the playful tone in her voice.

    "Absolutely." I nodded.

    "Ugh. She's so good at it too." Georgia moaned before arching her back, forcing her pussy into Keegan's mouth.

    "I'm just getting started here." Michelle muttered before pushing her tongue back into her cunt.

    With Keegan's permission, I approached the ladies and watched up close as my friends wife now hungrily devoured her co-star, her eyes glaring up at me the entire time.

    Georgia reached out a hand, urging my cock closer to her lips and began to suck it into her mouth. To her credit, Michelle was really working her pussy over and added two fingers for good measure - dragging her friend towards a toe-curling orgasm.


    Suddenly Georgia released my cock from her lips and yelped out loud as she pressed her cunt against her lovers face, spearing her juices all over mouth and chin. Once her orgasm subsided Michelle rose from between her legs, her chin glistening in her friends shiny essence.

    It was just about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.

    "I've been waiting all night to do that." Michelle remarked before leaning up to kiss Georgia hard on the mouth.

    "I want to watch you two together." Georgia suddenly stated. "I want to see you suck his cock."

    Time seemed to stand still as we suddenly found ourselves at a precipice.

    Strangely enough Michelle didn't hesitate, and reached up to grasp my hard cock and stroke it in front of her face before leaning over to kiss it gently on the tip. I don't mind admitting that the only thing hotter than having Michelle Keegan suck my dick, was the prospect of having her blow me in front of Georgia May.

    I now stood there moaning audibly as the ladies leisurely sucked and licked me in concert, stopping every so often to share a tongue kiss before returning their attention to my staff.

    "Stop. Please." I finally stammered, shocking them both. "Let me watch you two mess around some more."

    The girls smiled before returning their gaze to each other. Despite their rivalry there was an obvious and undeniable attraction between them, even more so than between Michelle and I.

    "How about we strip you completely." I said while helping Keegan undress. "—and get you two into some hot sixty-nine action."

    Without further ado, Michelle happily complied and moved to straddle Georgia on the bed, permitting the girls to lay in opposite directions in the middle of the mattress. The sound they made together was indescribable. Something I'll never forget for the rest of my days.

    "Good, very good." I commented while jacking off. "—stick your tongue in her ass, babe. I think she likes that."

    Both ladies now moaned as they eagerly rimmed the other for my amusement, their passion increasing in leaps and bounds.

    "oh fuck. Michelle—" Georgia sobbed. "That tongue. I'm gunna come. You're gunna make me come like that."

    "Yeah you like that?" Michelle snapped back. "You like my hot wet tongue in your ass!"

    A minute later Keegan buried her face in her friends snatch and made her come before rolling off and swiftly propping herself up on her hands and knees, her face buried in the mattress with her bare-naked ass swinging in the breeze.

    "Fuck it. I need a cock!" she hissed. "—get over here and stick that big cock inside me now!"

    With my girlfriends permission I shuffled over, pointed my member at Keegan's shiny box and pushed in.

    "Ugh. God that looks so fucking hot—" Georgia gasped as she began playing with herself. "Fuck her babe. Fuck her good."

    I gave Michelle several long slow strokes, reaching bottom with force before pulling back out. To my surprise her pussy reacted accordingly, clenched tight around me and causing her to moan out loud.

    "oh-fuck. Nice and deep." she chanted over her shoulder. "Give it to me. Give me that big cock!"

    "Yeah. Ram that cock inside her babe!" Georgia chimed in as she reached beneath her idol and began stroking her clit.

    It took all of a minute for Michelle to cry out loud as I pounded her cunt and Georgia rubbed her clit at the same time. The duel action caused her pussy to clamp down tight on my rod, as she screamed with what sounded like, an earth shaking orgasm.

    As Michelle finally collapsed forward on the bed, Georgia swiftly took my slick sword into her mouth and slurped it clean, before spinning around and pressed the head against her own pussy.

    "I want you inside me so fucking bad right now!"

    I immediately grabbed onto her hips and rammed my full length into her as hard as I could. I didn't give her a chance to adjust at all, I just started slamming my cock into her as hard as humanly possible, taking out my aggression on her.

    Noting this Michelle quickly spread her legs and invited Georgia to eat her peach while I fucked her from behind. There was a moment during this tag-team event that Keegan and I exchanged knowing glances, as our wildest fantasies were fulfilled.

    When Georgia finally came she screamed her orgasm into Michelle's cunt before slumped forward in a hot mess. But Michelle wasn't finished with her yet, and immediately flipped the exhausted actress onto her back and straddled her face - settling her cunt down onto my girlfriend's mouth and directing them back into an impromptu sixty-nine position.

    "Please ...I can't." Georgia panted from below. "I need a break. I have to stop."

    "Just shut up and stick that tongue inside me you little slut!" Keegan growled while humping her face. "I'll tell you when you can stop."

    "Fuck-Yeah." I said as I reached out to grab Georgia's flailing legs and spread them wide, pinning her knees to the bed.

    "Go ahead. Fuck her in the ass!" Michelle hissed before spitting on my cock. "Teach this little whore a lesson in manners."

    With Michelle's face now hovering just a few inches away from my cock, I prepared to press in and heard Georgia sigh between her friends legs. When I finally slipped the head into her ass, her sphincter appeared to put up a brief fight before ultimately yielding and twitching open enough to let me in.

    As I proceeded to fuck her sweet little ass I knew I couldn't last long - she was just so god damn tight, and the vision of Michelle hovering just above while rubbing her clit drove me insane with lust.

    I slowly rocked back and forth, inching my way further inside Georgia's shit-pipe as both women now moaned into each other's pussies. I could feel my orgasm building quickly, and pulled out briefly only to watch Keegan hungrily devour my sword - cleaning me off with her talented mouth!

    "Jesus ...god damn that's hot." I gasped before slipping my cock back into Georgia's snug backdoor.

    "Do it again." Michelle urged. "Fuck her ass and let me taste it."

    I did as she asked and had to use all of my strength not to blow a hot load into the back of her throat.

    "God damn you're sexy when you do that."

    It was at this point that I felt my nuts tighten and knew I would be blowing my wad at any moment. Thinking quickly I grabbed a fist full of Keegan's hair and placed her head sideways against Georgia's belly so I would look at her face as I pumped into Georgia's ass.

    With Michelle's pretty face directly below me and Georgia's tight sphincter clamping down on me like a vice, I grabbed her hips with both hands and pounded away - shooting my load deep into her rectum, and letting out an almighty howl as I filled her bowels with spunk.

    When I finally slipped free with a pop I pulled Michelle up to kiss her hotly on the mouth, only to watch her then dive down between us and hungrily lick the gooey mess which leaked out of her friends bunghole.

    Spent, the three of us finally collapsed onto the bed, completely sated and exhausted.

    "oh god." Michelle giggled a minute later, while reading a new text message on her phone.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Mark wants me to ask if you guys want to come over for a BBQ tomorrow night."

    "Just tell him, thanks but no thanks, we've already made plans."

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    Hey now. See what happens when u get inspired and do shit spur of the moment. #Magic. :D

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    Yep, that was awesome and these two are definitely great together.

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    Jesus what a story Loved the bit where Georgia got woken up just to get slammed then straight back to sleep, fucking brilliant

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    Fantasitic, slutty little Georgia got it just the way she was meant too.

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