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Thread: "Birthday Blues" with Hilary Duff

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    fanfiction "Birthday Blues" with Hilary Duff

    With Hilary Duff
    A TPG Short
    CODES: MF, 3rd POV, exhibitionism, finger, blowjob, cream-pie
    DISCLAIMER: This never actually happened, just a hot little fantasy in my head.
    A/N: Borrowed this idea from one of LemonTalk's story ideas. I was initially going to post this in the fantasy thread, but ended up getting a little carried away with the scenario.

    Just days after celebrating your 19th birthday, your folks ask you to take your kid brother over to a local pool party-BBQ, where you initially assume you're going to be bored, but soon discover that its hosted by singer Hilary Duff.

    Amusingly enough her entire yard appears to be filled with single dads, who stand around mingling with each other while supervising their kids. Being the youngest guardian there, you decide to make yourself useful and offer to help Hilary in the kitchen.

    Unfortunately for you, Hilary doesn't seem to be in a very cheerful mood – as she's been shafted by a catering company at the last minute, and forced to cook and host the party herself - she immediately puts you to work and starts ordering you around.

    Naturally you assume she'll ultimately appreciate you lending a hand, but as time goes by you soon realize that not only is she ungrateful, but as pretty as she is, she's actually kind of a bitch!

    In fact you can't help but grow increasingly annoyed as you watch Duff openly flirt with the other guests, and at one point even see her go upstairs with two different guys on two separate occasions.

    Ultimately the party starts to wind down and you find yourself doing the dishes, collecting plates and essentially cleaning up the entire kitchen area while she continues to flirt and drink and laugh with her friends.

    You also note that as the drinking continues the more childish and rude Hilary appears to be, with her eventually making a snide comment towards you (something about being her slave) which you immediately throw back, but it catches her off guard and she doesn't like it.

    "Excuse me," she snaps, "What did you say?"

    This quickly escalates into a fight, with her telling you to just leave all the silverware in the sink and get out. Considering all the work you've already put in, you're furious at her heartless attitude and call her a bitch!

    "Are you done."

    "You know, you can't go treating people like shit." you tell her.

    But not to be outdone, Hilary also has some stuff she wants to get off her chest.

    "Hey, don't think I didn't see the way you were staring at my ass all day," she counters. "I'm not stupid. I know you only offered to help me cause you thought you'd spend more time with me, and get lucky or something. I'm afraid to say, it's not going to happen."

    Despite it being true, you can't help but feel a little taken aback by her tone.

    "I'm sorry to say but you're not my type," she goes on. "I don't date younger BOYS. I like my men much older.. and successful."

    You're totally humiliated by her comments, and intent to leave without further fuss until she suddenly mentions your kid brother which sets you off and you snap! ..pinning her up against the wall.

    Surprisingly enough, not only is Duff not frightened by this (thanks to some liquid courage) but she almost seems thrilled with herself, daring you to do something about it.

    "Shut your fucking mouth!" you tell her, as she simply blinks back at you.

    "If you're gunna do something, then do it." she teases. "I don't have time for this nonsense."

    "oh, but I suppose you have all the time in the world for those other assholes outside, who were undressing you with their eyes.. wanting to fuck you like some cheap whore."

    "It's none of your business what they were trying to do," she points out. "Just leave."

    "Or what?"

    Suddenly there's a long awkward silence between you as you realize you still have her pinned by the throat (in her own house) and can see her chest rising and falling erotically. Your heart skips a beat as you notice that not only is she sweating from the heat outside, but paradoxically her nipples appear to be two hard pebbles under her shirt.

    Hilary is definitely aroused about something.

    "What if I don't want to go," you challenge. "What if I want what I'm owed."

    "Like I said," she replies. "Do something, or get out. I don't have time for this."

    With everyone right outside, your head is swimming with adrenaline as you call her bluff and reach up and grope one of her breasts, feeling its weight and suppleness. With your eyes locked on hers, you then massage her other breast, before sliding your hand southward towards her crotch.

    "Ah, don't even think about it," she cautions. "Or so help me I'll scream."

    "So scream," you smirk, as you brush your fingertips across the front of her panties, feeling the indentation of her cunt.

    Just rubbing her this way makes her legs quiver as you tease and caress her MILF mound.

    "Right now, I could so easily just—"

    "—just what? You ain't gonna do shit," she interrupts you, almost taunting you.

    Feeling bold, you watch her face as you plunge two fingers into her cunt. Duff can only glare back at you, as you now probe her against the wall and scorn her for being a tease.

    It's at this point that you hear kids running into the house and playing in the next room, which amuses you but makes Hilary panic with fear.

    "Please, not here." she pleads, trying her best not to moan out loud as one of her pet dogs enters the kitchen.

    But the more she resists and thrashes around, the more she grinds against your fingers and grows hotter and wetter. In fact you're only emboldened by this and now jam an additional finger into her cunt, filling her with three digits.

    "ugh.. please."

    You then take her breath away as you withdraw your fingers from her cunt (as requested) only to slide them into her mouth. The actress has no choice but to taste her own pussy, as you feel her hips start to roll against you like they've got a mind of their own.

    "People think you're so sweet and innocent," you remark. "But I see the way you act behind closed doors, the way you flirt with those men. You act like a total tramp.. like a bitch on heat."

    "Why does it bother you, are you jealous?" she teases back. "Or does it turn you on seeing me flirt with those men."

    "Just because I'm young, doesn't mean I'm stupid.. or inexperienced." you reply, before kissing her urgently on the lips.

    To her credit Hilary doesn't resist and simply sighs into your mouth.

    Your own hands now seem to have a mind of their own, as they quickly return back to her slick cunt where they've been sorely missed. This time however Hilary whips her hips in response and seems to enjoy the act of being fingered a lot more.

    At this point the two of you are joined by more of her pet dogs, who simply watch confused as you now finger-bang their owner. Strangely enough you get the impression that this impromptu audience turns her on, as much as it does you.

    "Please, we have to stop.." Hilary urges unconvincingly. "Someone might see us."

    Suddenly, the two of you are shocked as two children appear in the kitchen looking for snacks, and despite catching you and Hilary up against the wall, they have no idea what you're actually doing, or the fact that you have your fingers inside her pussy.

    The actress panics, tries to push you off her but you refuse to budge, and instead stands there with your fingers embedded inside her cunt as she yells at the children to get out and go play in the other room.

    Fortunately for you the young kids are spooked by Duff's heavy handedness, as she turns bright red with shame and is now thoroughly disgusted with you for putting her in such an indecent position.

    "Get off me, I want you to leave. Get out."

    "I thought you said you were going to scream."

    "I can't believe you let that happen," she whines. "Why didn't you stop."

    You simply respond by kissing her hard on the lips again, demonstrating how attracted you are to her.

    Amusingly enough Hilary tries to resist you and bites your lip. She then breaks the kiss and reaches down to push you away but instead grazes your cock and feels the size of your package, causing her eyes to grow wide.

    "I saw you take those guys upstairs," you tell her, as you continue to finger and fondle her. "Why don't you take ME upstairs."

    Without saying another word, Hilary takes your hand and leads you towards the stairs, even as several kids now run around the house with the dogs and see the two of you go upstairs. You barely make it to her bedroom before she pushes you down onto her bed and throws herself at you.

    It's a surreal moment as you can hear the kids screaming downstairs, while music blares from around the pool as her guests enjoy the BBQ, albeit as you have the host of the party shoving her tongue down your throat and grinding her hot little body against you.

    The mere fact that she's ten years your senior only makes it that much more taboo, that and the fact that anyone at any moment can just wander upstairs and catch you both in the heat of the moment.

    The two of you make out ferociously as the blonde starlet quickly works her hand inside your pants and strokes you directly, apparently eager to get her hands on your menacing tool.

    She finally works her way down your neck and chest, and before you can think of anything witty to say, engulfs your eight-inch sword in the warm, moist mouth.

    Duff lovingly suckles the head of your cock between her lips, before slowly sliding her tongue down to the base of your shaft and back up again, almost as though worshiping your penis. You can only moan as she pumps the base with one hand, and buries her face in your balls.

    You then watch spellbound as the onetime Disney star bobs her head up and down in the dim light of the bedroom, sucking, slurping, and glugging on your meat stick like a god-damn pornstar.

    Suddenly, pre-cum leaks from the tip of your rod as Hilary crawls back up the bed and lays on top of you, thrusting her warm tongue back into you mouth. You can feel the weight of her breasts pressing against your chest as the two of you make out intensely, your hands finding and squeezing her round ass.

    In the blink of an eye the singer strips off her clothes and reaches down to rub the head of your cock against her neatly shaved mound, brushing it against her slimy wet lips.

    "oh, you're so hard right now." she purrs above you. "I need this inside me."

    Without further ado, Hilary wiggles her hips and carefully impales herself with your teenage cock. Your penis actually throbs inside her as she slowly adjusts to your length and humps her hips and rides you harder and faster on the bed.

    Her pussy feels absolutely divine as she rides up and down your flag pole, her ample breasts swinging and jiggling above your face. You stop them with my hands, and suck her hard nipples into your mouth which make her moan louder.

    Her panting intensifies as you raise your hips up to meet hers, your hands sliding around to her bare [bubble] butt to help pull her all the way down. You attempt to keep up with the increased pace of her movements as she begins to ride you with wild abandonment.

    "..yeah, faster!"

    This only lasts a minute or so before Hilary's frantic pace ends with a sharp squeal and her entire body shudders uncontrollably, her orgasm coursing through her entire being.

    The pint-sized actress begins to move at a much slower pace as she recovers from the orgasm. But at this point you're pretty close yourself, and the increased lubrication in her pussy helps tremendously with thrusting more of your cock inside her.

    The songstress is dripping wet, sweating profusely as she leans down far enough to kiss you on the lips, as you respond by raising your hips up to continue fucking her. At first she resists, as she just wants to go slow and enjoy her high, but the harder you thrust the more eager her tongue explores your mouth, spurring you on.

    With both hands on her ass, you slam her down against your rising hips and feel her groan into your ear.

    "ugh.. fuck."

    As you fuck her harder and faster, Hilary breaks your lip-lock and takes your earlobe between her lips, biting and moaning your name and begging you to come.

    Caught up in the moment you slide one hand over her ass and dip a single finger into her bunghole, which seems to drive the MILF star absolutely bat-shit crazy.

    "oh-fuck, your finger—" she cries. "Your finger is in my ass, baby!"

    You now pummel her cunt while fingering her asshole while she moans out loud and takes it. You're literally on the verge of blowing the biggest load of your life when you almost have a heart attack when you're interrupted by one of her large dogs.


    Hilary almost moans in relief as you finally let up and catch your breath, then thinking quickly, pull the single mother off your hips and direct her to bend over on all fours, so you can take her from behind.

    With her two large dogs watching on, you have Hilary pose face down and ass up, grasp onto her flared hips and enter her from behind on the bed.

    "oh-shit, you're too big!" she groans. "You're hitting my cervix."

    "Just shut up and let me get off!" you shout, as you pull her ass back down on you and utterly FUCK her senseless.

    "ugh-ah-god!" she cries before covering her mouth with a pillow. "oh-god, please hurry and cum. I can't.. oh-god, take it!"

    You pound and pound and slam your hips into her thick round rump, spanking her thick ass with your open hand as one of her dogs comes over to the foot of the bed to licks her sweat-glazed face. The action amuses you and makes you realize how little time you have before someone might come upstairs and interrupt the two of you.

    That being said, you decide to take things to the next leave and slip your index finger back into her [twitching] asshole, which just about sets her off.

    "ugh-shit, please.." she sighs. "Not my ass again."

    You let your hips do the talking and now pummel her into submission while probing her backdoor with your finger.

    "oh-please," she moans. "Please cum already. I can't take it."

    You can actually feel her sphincter ring-muscle squeeze and release around your digit, as you push more of it inside and wiggle it around.

    "ah-god, fuck my ass." she lets out, alluding to your pinky.

    Just hearing this from her is all it takes. Seconds later your cock explodes inside the moaning harpee, filling the mewling MILF with ream after ream of hot, thick, sticky spunk.

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    Fuck mate, that was even hotter than I'd imagined, feel free to borrow all my ideas, lol

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    Wow, just wow.

    That was hot as fuck. :sizzling:

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