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Thread: "DNA" with Lia Marie Johnson

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    fanfiction "DNA" with Lia Marie Johnson

    With Lia Marie Johnson
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, drunk, sleep, blowjob, fingering, cream-pie, anal
    DISCLAIMER: Never happened in real life, just a figment of my imagination
    A/N: Found myself playing around with another one of LemonTalk's story ideas and got carried away (again)

    For as long as I can remember there's always been an undeniable attraction between my niece and I. In fact I'm sure most people would deem our relationship wildly inappropriate, but as far as we were concerned there was nothing sexual about it, even if we often greeted each other with a friendly peck on the lips.

    In recent months Lia had enjoyed going out with her friends and would often drop by the house at various times of the night. While most of the time she used my pet cat "kitty" as an excuse to come over, we both knew the real reason for her little impromptu sleepover's was that she didn't want her folks to know about her late night drinking and smoking habits.

    Not that I minded of course, since I much preferred her crashing on my sofa than spending the night with some asshole who'd only use and abuse her. It also helped that we lived on the same street, so she was over the house so often that it literally became her second home.

    Well, it was during one of these instances that she turned up on my doorstep reeking of alcohol. As it turned out Lia was apparently experimenting with online dating apps, and had decided to come over after one of her late night "hook-ups."

    Inside she joined me on the couch where I offered her a six pack of Coors Light, delighted to see that my bubbly young niece was in one of her fun, flirtatious moods.

    "You know you're only going to spoil her if you keep pampering her like that," I said, referring to the way she coddled the cat.

    "Good, I'm glad she likes it. At least someone's getting some satisfaction around here."

    "Apparently so, cause you're making her purr."

    "That's cause I know how to stroke her uncle Mike," Lia winked. "Kitty likes it best when you use one finger and move it around in little circles.. don't you baby, we both like that."

    I couldn't help but blush as several lewd thoughts flashed through my head. In fact I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying something inappropriate.

    Fortunately for me Lia broke the silence by asking if she could spend the night (on the couch) and wondered if she could take a late night shower. I happily concurred, but realized that in her current state she could barely keep her eyes open much less get up and shower.

    "You know you don't have to keep caressing the cat like that," I grinned. "Your fingers will probably get tired."

    "Nah, I'm used to it. My fingers never get sore. I've had plenty of practice, trust me. They just go on and on and on."

    The two of us snickered at the double entendre before Lia grabbed the blanket and snuggled up to me on the couch, settling in to watch some late night TV. I don't mind admitting I was already sweating bullets as she rubbed her nubile body beside me and leaned her head on my chest.

    Lia sighed. "I always love it when we spend the night just snuggled up on the couch together."

    "So are you going to tell me what happened tonight?" I quizzed, as I reached down to casually play with her hair.

    My adorable niece could only coo in response as she spoke from the heart.

    "Ah, I dunno. Boys are just lame, uncle Mike." she purred. "All they ever seem to want is sex.. nothing else, just head."

    "Well, you certainly can't blame them. I hear it feels pretty fantastic."

    Lia giggled at my comment as I felt her hand (innocently) caress my chest.

    "I just wish they wouldn't be so obvious about it. They don't even make an effort at conversation or buy you dinner anymore. They just want to get right down to business, straight to the blowjob stuff."

    "You mean the guys you meet on those dating apps, I'm shocked." I taunted.

    "Yeah well, I don't think I'm going to use them anymore. I think my fuck-buddy days are behind me."

    "Fuck-buddy days?" I repeated. "Dare I ask but, how many dates have you been on?"

    "Err, not too many. I think." she paused as she tried to add up the number in her head.

    The mere fact that she had to stop and count told me it had been plenty.

    "Jesus, that's a lot of blowjobs." I muttered under my breath, making her fake outrage and punch me in the leg.

    "Hey!" she pouted.

    Meanwhile, as the two of us giggled and discussed her dating problems I felt her absentmindedly run her hands up and down my belly, gently assuring me that she was feeling relaxed, and wanted me to keep playing with her long blonde hair.

    With most of our attention directed at the TV, her hand slowly began to focus its movements towards my left nipple, playing with it through the light shirt I had on. Lia then shifted slightly so she could rub my chest as the two of us lazily conversed in the dark.

    At this point she was still focused on the TV screen while totally unaware of the effect her touching was having on me.

    I had always read about men who were sexually aroused by having their nipples touched, but I'd never considered myself one of those people. However having Lia's long manicured fingers scrape across my chest felt both soothing and titillating at the same time, particularly since she was my nineteen year old niece.

    In fact I could feel my cock stand to attention inside my boxers, and I responded by caressing and massaging her neck and shoulders until she quietly purred and drifted off to sleep. I'm not even sure what time it was when I woke up to find Lia still fast asleep, but her head was no longer on my chest and now rested in my lap!

    I suddenly found myself at a crossroads, trying to decide whether to leave her that way or risk disturbing her and carrying her off to my bed. But as I lay there debating my next course of action, I suddenly found myself distracted by an abundance of cleavage - her young ample breasts spilling out of her top.

    Of course, I'd seen my fair share of tits over the years but the fact that these belonged to my gorgeous teen niece only made it so much more erotic, and almost impossible to resist.

    With trembling hands I brushed the hair off her neck and slowly worked my way across her chest, gently squeezing and cupping her tender flesh. I actually heard myself gasp at the sheer softness of her skin, only pausing when she let out a quiet whimper in her sleep.

    Despite her moans, I continued to molest her on the couch, feeling and fondling her magnificent breasts before reaching over to caress her hips and ass. At this point there was no doubt in my mind that her young body was BUILT for sin, and I suddenly had no reservations about having some fun with it.

    Driven by lust, evil thoughts quickly formed in my head as I hiked up the back of her skirt to reveal the most perfect little butt I had ever laid eyes on, two perfectly formed cheeks split up the middle by a tiny black thong.

    I snaked my hand down her body and slipped it under her skirt, gently massaging her sex through her panties, before dipping them beneath to seek out her clit. There I circled around it like a shark, teasing her nub and causing it to harden to my touch.

    Lia's breathing deepened as I focused on her clit and teased her nipple at the same time.

    As I explored her incredible body juices began to flow freely from her pussy, her legs shifting wide to allow me full and unfettered access to her sex. With her legs spread apart I could now explore her entire mound and quickly determined she was totally shaved clean.

    The revelation alone almost made me pop in my pants.

    "Shaved.." I muttered under my breath. "Holy shit, that's so fucking hot. My baby girl is smooth as silk."

    It was an incredibly erotic and surreal few minutes as I played with her body, until I suddenly panicked when I felt her stir in her sleep and brush the side of her face against my shorts.

    For a moment I was dumbfounded, unsure of what to do or say. I'm not even sure I could do anything anyway as she proceeded to rub her chin and face against the bulge in my boxer-briefs and teased my cock with the tip of her nose.

    When Lia progressed to kissing the outline of my penis I decided to give her a helping hand. In fact I barely finished tugging it out before she grasped my cock in her hand, and with her eyes still shut, opened her mouth and wrapped her sweet lips around my purple helmet.

    My sexy niece groaned erotically as she engulfed me in her mouth, as I now threw caution to the wind and speared two fingers straight into her tight little box. I soon found myself jerking my hips and pushing more of my meat deep into her mouth, genuinely surprised by her oral aptitude.

    I flicked and pinched her nipples with my fingers, making her squirm and groan in delight. In fact the harder I pinched the louder she became, and the more convinced I was that she was fully awake and well aware of what she (and I) were doing.

    In any event, her face grimaced in pleasure as I toyed with her nipples and fingered her pussy. Caught up in the moment, I then let my fingers slip out of her wet glove and suddenly plunged a single digit into her asshole, getting her full and undivided attention quick smart.

    Lia groaned audibly to this action and immediately sucked me with renewed vigor, as I now probed her tiny shit-pipe and explored that magnificent ass. As a matter of fact the moaning teen seemed so aroused by this ass play that she seemed intent on making me pop in her mouth, but I had other ideas.

    Nevertheless, despite my grand schemes the mere sensation of her talented mouth working me over was too hard to ignore and I finally snatched a fistful of her dirty blonde hair and proceeded to FUCK her mouth.

    "Yeah, good girl. Stick out that tongue.." I growled down at her. "Open that sweet little throat, Lia."

    It was only when I neared my orgasm that I finally found the courage to stop her blowjob and pulled her up to the couch, laying her on her back. The entire world seemed to fade into oblivion as I pushed her legs apart and guided my turgid cock to her entrance, pushing forward to enter her for the first time.

    I carefully embedded myself into my naked niece, pushing at her insides. Despite the lust we shared, I began to make love to her on the couch. It was a slow and arduous pace at first, before passion kicked in and I began to pound her harder and faster.

    Lia could only grunt to the action as she was forced to take my thick vein-laid cock again and again, before I placed my mouth over hers to silence her moans. Over the years I had kissed my pretty niece a thousands times before, but this was different. I could feel her tongue slithering around in my mouth.

    With her knees raised up and now pinned against her chest, I pummeled her honey pot, my balls slapping loudly against her ass as she glared up at me with sheer lust on her eyes – her mouth falling open with each firm concussion.

    "UGH! ugh-fuuuck," she grunted. "Yeah, fuck me."

    With Lia's eyes now burning into my soul, I suddenly pulled out of her sex and placed the head of my cock against her tiny bunghole. The look on her face was priceless when she realized what I wanted.

    "Hold your legs back baby, uncle Mike is coming inside."

    "ugh-god, please go slow." she pleaded. "I've only done anal a few times uncle mike."

    "Do you trust me?"

    Lia nodded in the affirmative. "You know I do. I love you so much."

    "Then give me your ass, Lia. Uncle Mikey wants your sweet little backdoor."

    I then watched spellbound as my sexy niece licked her fingers and reached down to prepare her anus for me. At first I watched her dip a single finger inside, before returning her attention back to her clit and rubbing herself furiously before urging me on.

    "Do it. Fuck my ass."

    "Yeah, is that what you want?" I growled, turned on by her dirty talk.

    "Please uncle Mike, stick that big fat cock inside my ass." she moaned while playing with herself. "I want it. I want it bad."

    I didn't need to be asked twice, and cruelly tapped the head of my cock against her tiny sphincter, making it twitch in anticipation.

    "Are you ready for this,"

    "Yeah, fuck me uncle Mike. I like it. I like it rough."

    "Are you a dirty girl?"

    "Fuck-yeah I am. I love it hard and nasty. I love getting FUCKED in the ass like a little slut!"

    "Is that what you do with those boys you meet online."

    "Uh-huh. Most of the time I just like to suck their cocks and have them shoot their loads all over my face and chest, but every once in a while I get really turned on and let some stranger fuck me in the ass!"

    As my sexy niece spoke dirty to me, I slowly buried my sword into her tight bunghole - stretching her rectum considerably.


    "Ah, you little slut." I growled as she continued to rub her cunt for me. "Had I known how dirty you were I would have taken this teen ass a long, long time ago."

    I now pulled back slightly and slammed myself back into her again, fucking her with deep long strokes while she flicked her bean and shuttered violently to the combined assault. As Lia sobbed out loud and climaxed intensely, I proceeded to follow her over the precipice.

    "Ah baby.. I'm gunna cum," I groaned. "you're going to make uncle Mike shoot his fucking load in your ass!"

    To her credit Lia simply wrapped her long legs around me and urged me to come - to shoot my "hot load" deep into her backdoor, as it had always been a long standing fantasy of hers to receive a filthy cream-pie.

    Who was I to stand in the way of her dreams, I figured.

    So I grabbed her roughly by the long hair, hard enough to make her wince in pain, and proceeded to absolutely pummel her backdoor like a ten dollar whore before I finally began to empty my sac into her fledgling depths.

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    He sure deposited some DNA. :claphands: Great work. So hot.

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    You've outdone yourself again, TPG. Insanely hot story. :sizzling:

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    Holy shit, I'm going to be posting my ideas much more often if you keep writing them up 10x hotter like this. Hopefully this won't be the last time you take on Lia as well, she deserves more attention with that body of hers.

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    For some reason whenever Lia is in a story it's a lot more hotter. Maybe it's just the fact that she acts like like a slut and cocktease in real life, my opinion. Anyways I'm rambling another great story, looking forward to more great stories from you in 2017! Keep up the amazing work!

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    She has a Body Built for SIN !

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    Nice to see another Lia Johnson story get posted, as there are so few on here featuring her.

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