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    fanfiction From A to B with Sophie Turner

    From A to B
    with Sophie Turner

    Written by MrBates
    Codes: anal, finger, MF, oral, rough
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: I've been sitting on this for ages and only just finished so I hope it doesn't come across too disjointed. Once I start writing regularly again, the flow will hopefully come back but for now, I give you Miss Sophie Turner.

    "Don't just stand there gawping, get in!" she said urgently.
    "But don't you have to be somewhere?" I asked.
    "Fuck that," she scorned before leaning into me and whispering softly in my ear, "Besides, I already missed out on you back home. I'm not letting you slip away again."

    Wimbledon. One of the, if not the, most anticipated event every summer in the UK. Strawberries and cream. Sharp suits and sunglasses. Girls looking absolutely stunning. Oh yeah, and the world-class tennis too. Many celebrities had graced SW19 with their presence over the years and this year was no different. Benedict Cumberbatch. Beyoncé. But there was only one person I had my eyes on.

    I had managed to get a job at the Championships as a cleaner but throughout the two weeks, I found myself doing plenty of different things which frankly I was very grateful for, considering what it led to. It was Day 10 of Wimbledon and the Ladies' Semi-finals were the headline event amongst the tennis on show that day. I arrived early in the morning as usual and was given my tasks for the day. I was initially overwhelmed to be given the chance to spend the day in and around the famous Centre Court. Admittedly I would just be cleaning and tidying but I was praying that maybe I would be asked to escort some big names around the building and even beyond the confines of Centre Court. Turned out lady luck was on my side.

    "Over here Matthew," called my manager, "Could you please take Miss Turner to her designated gate"

    I looked to my right and there she was. I guess it was kind of unfortunate that I knew her from Game of Thrones because she might only see me as the fanboy who guided her to her seat at Wimbledon that year. I mean, we were of similar age so at least I had that going for me. But she definitely had all the right things going for her. She wore a dark pencil skirt which teasingly revealed one of her exquisite legs and a white dress shirt with a few top buttons undone which showed off her pale skin but only the tiniest bit of cleavage given the formal standards of Wimbledon.

    "Of course, it would be my pleasure" I said smilingly as I turned from my manager to face Sophie with all my attention.
    "Aww thank you!" she said adoringly, "I hope I'm not stealing you away from anything important."
    "Oh please don't worry," I reassured, "This is much more fun than taking out the bins."
    She laughed politely as we began walking to the other side of the stadium.

    "What time did you start working today?" asked Sophie.
    "Eight in the morning for the past 10 days I've been here."
    "Wow that's crazy, what time do you get out of here?"
    "It depends on how long the tennis lasts each day so sometimes it's early but most times I get home really late"
    "I do not envy you at all!" she said laughingly.
    "Yeah, but I guess I'm still lucky to be at Wimbledon, seeing loads of tennis and meeting loads of people which is really great."
    "You mean people like me don't you?"

    I was caught a bit off guard but looked at her beautiful face when I answered.

    "Meeting people like you is the cherry on the top."
    "Smoothly done there" she said, giving me a hint of flirtation.

    I sensed that she took a second glance at me when we first met in front of my manager so at least I had that going for me. I couldn't believe I was getting the chance to try it on with Sophie fucking Turner and what's more, she was responding very nicely to me indeed.

    "Cheers, can't say I've been using that line too often at all" I admitted as I opened a door and let her precede me.
    "Well, there's a first time for everything" she said flirtatiously.

    She said this as she walked by me, literally centre metres apart. I could feel her warm breath on my face and our eyes were locked in each other's gaze as she spoke. Her hazel green eyes caught me in a trance and for a second we stopped. There was a clear sense of attraction between the two of us. We smiled before walking on to her gate.

    "Hey, so I will probably be walking in and out of Centre Court and I could use someone to help me along today…" she said to my absolute delight.
    "I could definitely be that someone" I replied, facing her wonderful figure once more.
    "Great! How about we get each other's numbers?" she proposed.
    "Perfect" I said as we both got our phones out.
    "Alright, so I guess I'll see you later then" I said, saying goodbye.
    "Can't wait"

    She left me with another striking sexy look before turning around and walking up the short flight of stairs in to the royal box. I couldn't get my eyes off her amazing ass which was shaped achingly well in the dress she was wearing. I eventually zoned back into life and walked away, finally realising what I had just achieved. The day went on and I had a spring in my step. All the errands I had, for once, felt alright now I had Sophie's eye and more importantly, her phone number. This paid off at around lunchtime when I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

    It was her.

    I quickly finished what I was doing and nearly sprinted off to the gate where she would be waiting for me.
    "Hey you" a female voice said behind me.

    I turned around and before I knew it, I was dragged into a cleaning cupboard just down the way from Sophie's gate.

    "Hey Lily…" I said surprised, "What are you doing here?"
    "What do you mean?!" she said, expecting that I should know.

    In truth, I should have. We got talking a lot in the first few days and then at the end of the first week I went over to the hotel she was staying at nearby and then walked with her to Wimbledon the next morning. It was a casual thing and she really was crazy hot. Normally I would've known what was going on straight away and got to business but, the Sophie business just caught me off balance.

    "Err nothing sorry, just erm" I blurted out, struggling to find an answer.
    "Ohh just shut up!"

    She frankly saved me from embarrassment and immediately kissed me in a frantic manner. She was a busty blonde who was a year older than me and the sex was great I suppose. I felt a bit lazy recently and she was extremely keen so I let her do most of the work but I still stuck it to her good when I stepped up. I realised where I was and decided to use my annoyance at probably not meeting Sophie to fuck Lily hard in the cupboard we were in. The doors had slits which weren't too revealing. However, if we were too loud, then we would definitely get unwanted attention. I began to kiss her properly and also realised that she had already seen to my belt and tugged my trousers half way down. I returned the favour by unbuckling her shorts and yanking them down too as I pushed her against the wall behind her so I was now in the middle of the tight space we had. She started to fondle my growing erection and I was happy to feel no more fabric down there as I put my fingers to good use. I decided to skip the pre-tense and stick two fingers straight into her pussy, which she was impressed by given her sexual moans of pleasure. I used my other hand to cover her mouth so we wouldn't be heard and at that point we looked at each other. I grinned at her and I could tell she was too behind my hand as I continued to finger fuck her. She continued to wank me off as I took my hand off her mouth to play with her boobs under her shirt. I twisted and pinched her nipples which she adored.

    Suddenly though, I caught the sight of something at the corner of my eye. Through the slits in the door, I saw those hazel green eyes from this morning staring straight back at me. Reacting to this, I slowed things down with Lily but thankfully not too much that she would notice. Sophie was simply standing there, leaning against the pillar outside, just browsing through her phone as passers-by would see it. Yet there she was, just watching me fuck some random girl in a cupboard. I'm sure she would work out that the girl worked here too and in that moment I thought that any chance I had, with Sophie, however big or small it may have been, was gone. But to my shock, something different happened. She seemed to be turned on by the scene and showed this by biting her lip in a show of lust. She then laughed before making sure I saw her use her phone before walking away.

    "Fuck, I need that dick inside me now" Lily demanded, once again cutting my train of thought of Sophie.

    I managed to keep Lily happy in the end and she certainly reciprocated that by helping me bust my load in our quick but intense encounter in the small cleaning cupboard. We then went back to work and as soon as I was on break, I immediately checked my phone to see a message from Sophie.

    'Shame that wasn't me in there, was looking forward to a quickie with you…'

    That text sent me nuts and for the next few weeks, we would continue to drive each other crazy as we sexted and sent pictures now and then. But as luck would have it, I would see her again. Sooner than expected too…

    San Diego Comic Con. As every year goes by, this event gets bigger and bigger and bigger. This was my first Comic Con and along with meeting Sophie, it was definitely the best summer ever.

    "Fucking Hall H!" I exclaimed as I took my seat.
    "It's unbelievable" said my mate next to me.

    We had managed to get into Hall H for the Friday where we saw panels for shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the one and only Chloe Bennett. The last show we saw was the one I was looking forward to the most: Game of Thrones. Not only was I hyped to see the writers, directors and actors talk about the best show in the world, but it would also mean seeing Sophie again. We had been texting a fair bit and she knew that I'd be here today. So, any chance I had of taking advantage of the last few weeks' worth of sexts was going to have to be taken today.

    The panel came out one by one and then there she was. She strutted out soaking in the applause before giving a quick wave to the crowd. She was dressed all in black with a leather skirt and turtleneck shirt which accentuated her breasts magnificently. She was brilliant throughout the panel and we were even texting during it. I let her know where I was and she actually smiled when she finally saw me. Then, this came through:

    "Meet me outside the entrance, where us celebs drive up at, after the panel"

    I showed my mates and there was a mixture of surprise, despair and envy. I was past the stage of not believing my luck and just wanted to make sure that I didn't fuck this up. So as soon as Sophie went off stage, I bid my group farewell and headed for the entrance she told me about. I reached a place manned by guards and luckily Sophie was already waiting to drag me through the defence and behind the scenes of SDCC.

    "Follow me" she said hastily.

    We moved swiftly through the crowd and I couldn't even get a word in. I was seeing famous people at every turn yet I couldn't stop to say hello to any of them as Sophie charged towards the exit with me right behind her derrière. We finally reached the outdoors and to my astonishment, a limousine was waiting for us outside. Sophie playfully spread herself across the side of the vehicle like some kind of model, with her tits blaring out at me through that tight black top.

    "Don't just stand there gawping, get in!" she said urgently.
    "But don't you have to be somewhere?" I asked.
    "Fuck that," she scorned before leaning into me and whispering softly in my ear, "Besides, I already missed out on you back home, I'm not letting you slip away again."

    I leaned in for a kiss but stopped right before our lips touched. The tension between us was electric and her warm breath against my skin was enough to wake my snake up. I brushed a finger down her cheek and she placed her right hand on over my left ear and stroked my hair.

    "Well then, you better hold the door for me" I said cheekily.

    It was such a cheesy line yet somehow it worked as she smiled and laughed quietly. She then lightly tapped her lips against mine and I nearly fell into her trap before she smiled devilishly and dragged me into the car. We both laughed and whilst I was sitting down, Sophie had gone up front to tell the driver where to go. Her ass was in perfect view but instead of admiring it from afar, I decided to be bold. I clutched her hips with my hands and pulled her back with me. She squealed in delight as we landed in a heap on the backseats. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, and our mouths for that matter. As the car pulled away from comic-con, my journey with Sophie Turner was really about to kick off.

    I kissed her deeply and placed my hand underneath her left thigh as I turned my body towards her. She sat back and placed her hand on my cheek before I felt her tongue touch mine. I stroked and squeezed her soft thigh which was covered underneath her skirt. Similarly, she stroked my cheek lightly with her thumb as well as running her hands through my hair as our kissing intensified. It was slick, slippery and superb. The driver took a sharp turn and it comically caught us off guard. I fell on to my back in the middle of the limo and Sophie landed straight on top of me. We laughed and teasingly pecked at each other's lips before kissing each other deeply once more. Her breasts pressed against my chest and if the kissing wasn't already enough, my cock began to twitch.

    "Oohh someone's woken up" said Sophie playfully.
    "Can't think why" I replied sarcastically.

    We both chuckled and kept making out as my hands fondled her curvaceous ass. The limo then came to a sudden halt and we heard a knock on the divider between us and the driver.

    "Fuck yes, we're here" Sophie cried joyfully as she climbed off of me and headed towards the door.

    As I got up, she grabbed my hands and yanked me out the door, much to my delight, as we headed into the hotel where she was staying. She led me straight to the lifts and luckily there were people stepping out of one. We got in and Sophie pressed the button for the floor we were heading too. The doors took their time to close and to avoid too much attention we simply stood opposite each other. It was certainly the most agonising part of our time together as her impeccable figure caught me in a gaze. I was about to fuck that figure and those lift doors could not close fast enough.


    Sophie leapt towards me and with her hands pushing down on my shoulders, I managed to lift her body up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as we were locked into a passionate, frantic embrace. I walked over and pushed her body against the railing. She adjusted herself so that she was half sitting on the railing but I still had to hold her up steadily, which was hopefully impressing her and turning her on even more. I withdrew from her mouth and began to kiss down her neck and shoulders. She reacted appreciatively and moaned erotically. Her skin was so smooth and it made me wonder how the rest of her body would feel.

    "Ohh fuuck me" she groaned as I felt her clammy hands on the back of my neck and then on the back of my head as she ruffled my hair.


    "What the fuck was that?!" panicked Sophie.
    "Shit I think the lift's stuck" I said reluctantly, with full knowledge that I was right.

    It was a cruel turn of events. I had spent weeks texting the Game of Thrones star and came to Comic-Con praying for something to happen. Against all the odds, it finally did and yet, the universe threw one more curveball at me. Fortunately, I seemed to have caught that ball and thrown it right back.

    "Sod this I can't wait any longer" announced Sophie.

    She pushed me back and dropped to her feet. She then kissed me hard before I felt what her hands were doing downstairs. My belt was being unbuckled and my dick woke up again after the brief panic of the stalled lift. She snaked sexily down to her knees whilst planting kisses on the way. I stared up at the ceiling in disbelief and was soon snapped out of my hysteria when I felt her hand grasp my growing erection. She seemed to give it the look of approval before beginning to jerk me off. Sophie immediately brought her tongue in to play which caused me to shiver in satisfaction.

    "Shit that feels good" I complimented.
    "Ha, you ain't seen nothing yet"

    She turned it up a notch by sucking on my tip like it was a lollipop. Her tongue swirled around my bellend and boy did it feel amazing. I looked down to see her beautifully wicked eyes and they were signalling only one thing: that she was ready for a whole lot more today.

    "Have you messed around with anyone from the show?" I asked boldly.
    "No one you would know," she replied, "But there've been a few times when extras I like the look of get more than just an acting job when they come on the show…"
    "You horny little devil" I remarked before placing my hands on her head.

    Her hair today was the fiery red she was probably most known for but Sophie was definitely one of those girls who looked stunning in multiple shades. Her fiery hair though certainly fitted the mood she was in today as she began to take in more of my cock in to her mouth with my hands on her head applying some pressure now and then. Quite frankly, she was doing an excellent job without me and her technique was brilliant. She was sucking me off well and she was taking me deeper into her mouth inch by inch. The sounds she was making turned me on even more and I couldn't hold back any longer.

    "Let's see what you're really made of" I challenged.

    I then grasped her head and began to fuck her gorgeous face. I started off at a medium pace, taking in the sight of my meat disappearing quickly into her mouth with her luscious lips sealing me in. I took my weight off the wall behind me and stood up so that I could really start to hammer in to her. She gagged as I thrusted quicker and quicker. Her saliva quickly coated my entire length and her mouth started to glisten around the edges. This all felt magnificent. I arched my back so that I was towering over her a little which meant I could really hone in on her face.

    "Fuck your throat feels incredible" I praised as I gave her a quick breather.
    "Wait until you get further down" teased Sophie.

    I gave out a short chuckle before grabbing her head and fucking her face once more. I started off fast this time and didn't feel like stopping anytime soon. Her nose was being buried into my pelvis at every pump. I then pinched her nose to up the stakes and it was only at this point she decided to grip onto the back of my legs for balance. Her face started to reddened a tad as I planted my rod deep inside and stayed there. She kept eye contact with me and we were locked into the moment. However, I got distracted…


    It was almost like we were in some R-rated sitcom! There I was: balls deep in Sophie Turner's mouth in a broken public lift and we get caught out by its swift recovery. When the voice came on, I looked around in a panicked manner and released Sophie from my control.

    "Oh my god!" I said laughingly in disbelief before shitting myself and realising how I looked.

    Sophie laughed and couldn't seem to stop.

    "Quick, just get behind me and put that up my skirt" she ordered.
    "That's not going to work!" I protested.
    "Do you have any better…"

    *LEVEL 5*

    I hurriedly slid my erect cock up Sophie's skirt and pushed up tight against her. I pulled up my trousers as high as I could in the short time I had where I was flustered to say the least. Sophie seemed to be dealing with it like it was a normal thing. She was an actor I guess but she couldn't stop giggling. The doors opened and I was only just realising that Sophie's mouth was gleaming for everyone to see. Or in this case… an elderly couple…

    At first they didn't seem to suspect a thing. But then once we moved in the slowest possible shuffle as they moved in to the lift, they probably knew what was going on. Their eyes widened at what they were seeing and the lady gasped in disgust! The walk I was doing was indescribable. It was improvised with each step as I was having to deal with undone trousers sliding down as well as keeping my boner up Sophie's skirt which despite the situation, was still hard and tall. I guess it was kind of thrilling and when Sophie turned around and flashed me a funny, alluring look, I couldn't help but laugh. We heard the doors close behind us and thankfully the corridor was empty.

    "My room is literally just around the corner so hurry the fuck up" Sophie said urgently.
    "No problem at all."

    The adrenaline was pumping through my body and all I wanted to do was pin Sophie up against the walls and fuck the shit out of her right here and now. We finally reached the door and as she fussed about with the key, I snuggled up to her body and smothered her neck with kisses. My hands sprawled her body and she couldn't contain her joy.

    "Having trouble getting it in?" I asked cheekily.
    "You better not!" said Sophie with dry humour.
    "Get that door open and you'll know I have no trouble" I asserted.


    At first I thought another ominous mechanical sound had thwarted us again. But thankfully, Sophie pulled the door handle and pushed the door open. The room was what you'd expect from a 4-star hotel. HBO probably didn't have the budget spare to give the actors the highest class of accommodation. Honestly though, any room would've been good enough to fuck this girl in. A tiny corridor led to the room where on the left hand side, lay a king sized bed with a desk and flat-screen TV placed opposite. The room was spacious and next to the large window on the other side of the room, was a mini sofa bed thingy which I couldn't put a label on but I know I wanted anyway.

    We fumbled inside, kissing frenziedly. Sophie was busy undoing the buttons on my shirt as I guided us to the bed. She got to the last button and yanked my shirt away across the room. I returned the favour by helping her remove her top over her head and was greeted by the presence of her fantastic tits. I kissed her hard and pushed her onto the bed playfully. She laughed as I crawled over her before kissing her again. Her hands moved up and down my back and I caught her eyeing up my growing cock in eager anticipation.

    "Perhaps," she teased, "but you've made me wait for it"
    "It'll be the worth it" I asserted.

    She moved herself up the bed so that I would be in prime position to screw the rising Hollywood star. As she shuffled up, we managed to pull her skirt off and her matching white undies too. I lifted her ravishing legs up and rested them on my shoulders. My sopping hard cock was inches away from her tight little pussy and it was killing Sophie to be this close. I decided to vex her further by kneeling down a tad so that I could smother her pale thighs and tease the entrance to her cunt.

    "Eugh hurry up alrea…" she lamented before I cut her off.

    I got back up and slid my cock in nicely thanks to Sophie's magic in the lift. Her body lay still before releasing the tension when my package was finally delivered. Her hands went straight to rubbing herself as I began to thrust into her. I gripped her legs harder so that I could pump into her faster. The faces she was pulling were gold and her pussy felt amazing. I moved my hands to feel her beautifully soft thighs and played with her body like it was clay in my hand.

    "Fuuuck yes keep going" she whined as her hands gripped the bedsheets.

    I really began to hone in on her and the thuds were beginning to make noise now from the soft deep thrusts before. Her body shook with every pound and the position I was in was empowering. Her encased tits bounced too and our eyes met. She was urging me on and I was happily obliging. It was such a good few minutes that I was cursing myself for not doing this weeks earlier.

    "My turn" she demanded.

    I was bewildered at first but quickly remembered how lucky I was to be here in the first place so obeyed her command and pulled out of her pussy. She pulled me on top of her so we could kiss fervently. I don't think I had felt so much tongue in my life but in the heat of the moment we couldn't get enough of each other as my erection was lodged between us. She caught me off guard by suddenly pushing me off her so that now, I was the one lying on my back. Her elegant figure proceeded to climb on top of me as she eyed up my rod in all its standing glory. Her long legs were really a sight to behold but the sexiest thing she did which nearly sent me over the edge was the ease with which she undid her bra and tossed it to the side as her breasts were finally revealed.

    "Meh perhaps" I jested.
    "Ohh fuck you!" she cried in that dry saucy voice of hers.

    She grabbed a hold of my cock and impaled herself with it. She placed her hands either side of me, on the bed, and leant down towards me so she could easily move her silky hips to spear herself repeatedly. I took a hold of her hips with the intention of helping her body move faster. However, her ass was too much of a distraction as I fondled and slapped her sublime derriere. We both moaned, giggled and yelled our way through the more intense fucking. We kissed on and off and looked deeply into each other's eyes as Sophie rode me expertly. She knew the exact right time to slow down then switch it up to make it feel so much better.

    "Holy shit yes" I gasped.
    "Ohh you're definitely impressed"

    I chuckled before burying myself in her breasts. They suited her body perfectly and were pale like the rest of her body. The nipples were hard which was no surprise. She moaned erotically as I seemed to hit the right spots with my mouth.

    "Do you know what would be even more impressive?" I posed.
    "You wanna fuck my asshole don't you?!" she replied instantly
    "How did you even know?"
    "You guys are too bloody obvious like a child asking for ice cream"

    She gave me one last hard thud with her hips and her pussy felt fantastic, if I hadn't mentioned that already. My dick was still in the upright position as she hopped off me for now and got onto her feet. She sauntered around the bed and jokingly put on this alluring, sexy walk which actually kind of worked for me. It probably helped that she was Sophie Turner, naked, but I wasn't one for complaining about details right now. I spun myself around and leapt off the other side of the bed as we embraced each other. We were on the side of the room with the window looking out to the city and I immediately made my thoughts reality.

    I pulled away from her lips and took a hold of her.

    "Oohh steady on Mister…!" she said in a saucy way.
    "No chance" I insisted as I turned her around and pressed her hard against the cold window pane.

    She giggled excitedly and made a noise of arousing approval as wrapped my body against hers and began kissing and pecking her face and neck again. I leant back a bit to take in her heavenly figure against the backdrop of San Diego. Her curves were out of this world and her skin was so soft wherever I lay my hands on her. She shook her hair out and a waterfall of fiery red fell down her back.

    "Jesus Christ you're so hot" I said in disbelief.
    "Hm, I know" she replied smugly, before turning her head around and giving me the sexiest bitch face I'd ever seen.

    I didn't hold back any longer and strapped myself to her body again. My warm member was wedged in between her ass cheeks as we played with each other furiously in a moment of ecstasy. I gained some control after a short while and realised what was waiting for me. I took a hold of my cock and teased the tight orifice of her ass by gently edging my prick into her. She cooed at the jab but I knew this wasn't her first time so decided to go deeper and pushed through. Her muscles contracted around me as I finally got balls deep inside the asshole of Sophie Turner.

    "Holy fuck you're so tight" I cried.
    "Fuck me already" she demanded, spreading her arms across the window.

    I began to thrust in and out of her at a steady, intimate pace. I met her hands and our body heat together was immense. From the boisterous start we had, the sex had come to a slower, more absorbing juncture. It was so surprisingly passionate that I didn't want to ruin the moment with me blurting out some stupid shit and she seemed to have the same feelings. We merely cursed and muttered blissfully as I penetrated her asshole deeper with each thrust. With this change in tempo, I decided that I didn't want things to get too serious since I didn't know if I would get a chance like this again. So I brought things back to the fun, rough and tumble we had at the start. I grabbed her hands and brought them down to her side. I then inserted two digits into her just as tight pussy and vigorously began to finger fuck her as well as keeping my dick firmly planted in her rear end. She moaned loudly at the change and trembled with euphoria.

    "Holy fuck I've been waiting for this for too long" she squealed.

    I kept going and going and going until finally, Sophie got her wish. My fingers were soaked in her cum and she let out a scream of relief and joy. She leant back against me a tad, forcing my cock deeper into her rear end. I held her hot, sweaty body as she caught her breath and kept thrusting into her.

    "Care to try some" I suggested.

    I brought my fingers to her mouth and she gladly sucked them dry. I played with her boobs again before she pushed herself off me in order to return the favour.

    "Your turn"
    She took me by the hand and we hurriedly walked into the bathroom which was just as exquisite as the bedroom. Against both sides of the room were marble sinks and wide mirrors boasted her luxurious lifestyle and beyond that was a white elegant bath. She turned to kiss and got straight to work on my throbbing cock. I knew that I was close to blowing my wad and I think I deserved a pat on the back for holding out this long. With that in mind, I knew what I needed. I pulled her to the sink behind me and immediately spun her around. I then forcibly bent her down and Sophie knew that I wanted to get rough again. Her ass stuck out and I spanked her hard, much to her pleasure.

    "Get on with it already," she blurted out, "I need to be somewhere soon…"

    She smirked in to the mirror and her flustered face couldn't contain the rouse she was trying to pull but I played along.

    "After this, you're the one that's going to begging me not to leave"
    "Prove it then bitch"

    I slid my cock in to her soaking cunt and didn't waste any time. She cooed at the entry but I instantly got to grudge fucking the hell out of her and yanked on her hair for more grip. I hammered her harder and faster as her body shook with every thump I landed on her. To her surprise, I planted myself deep inside her and left myself there for a moment. I then lifted her up and clutched my body to hers so that I could reach the tap to turn it on. I continued to keep her busy by fucking her nicely and smothering her shoulder and neck with kisses. Grudge fucking her with no care in the world was awesome but I knew I could take it up a notch with her.

    "What are you doing?" she said as her voice changed from the feeling of high bliss to being slightly confused.

    I grabbed her hair and forced her into the sink of water before continuing to fuck her hard. To my relief, she didn't flip out and seemed to understand what I wanted to do. The thrill of fucking her like whilst she held her breath like she was gagging on my cock was insane and when I brought her up, I was never as hot for her as I was then.

    "Holy shit that was fucking amazing" she yelled in delight as I continued to bone her hard.

    I put her under again and held her longer this time, pushing her to the limit. I pulled her out of there and her drenched face looked amazing as water dripped down her body. Her make up was obviously ruined but it made her look even sexier. I dragged her to the middle of the bathroom and leant her slightly away from me at an angle for me to give her one last pummel. I gripped her throat and pulled her head back slightly before beginning my final assault.

    "Ahhhh fuck yes yes yes yes" she shouted at the top of her voice

    Her sublime ass was staring right at me and when I turned to a mirror, I could see those tits bounce thanks to my work. The faces she pulled were so hot and after taking in her figure once more, I couldn't hold it in much longer. I let my tight grip on her throat go and pulled her against my body before we both groaned loudly as I came into her pussy.
    I pulled out after the initial shots and she turned around instinctively to take care of the rest. She wanked me off and knelt down so she could take me into her mouth again and clean up every last drop.

    "Fucking hell that was worth the wait" I sighed in exhaustion.
    "You and me both" she said after licking my sore bellend and her lips too.

    We took a moment to catch our breaths.

    "Now what?" I asked, "You really need to leave?"
    "Fuck no," she laughed, "I need a bath first. Care to join me?"

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    oh my. Don't even consider myself a Sophie fan but that was a hot read.

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