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Thread: "Dishonest Beauty" with Jessica Alba

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    fanfiction "Dishonest Beauty" with Jessica Alba

    Dishonest Beauty
    with Jessica Alba

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, sleep, rim, anal
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: MrBlonde sent me this idea and I thought it would make for a nice, hot short. Hope you like it!

    I'd only been crashing on my cousin's couch for a few days but his wife Jessica was already trying to push me out of the door at every opportunity. If anything this only made me want to make myself more at home just because of how fun it was to wind her up, especially since Cash insisted I stay as long as I needed to get back on my feet.

    It was turning out to be a usual Friday night at the Alba/Warren household, the kids were tucked up in bed and Cash and I were playing some old video games while Jess joined us in the living room, rolling her eyes at the activity while she worked through a few bottles of red with us.

    Before long Cash and I began making stupid drinking bets on the game which, unless I lost on purpose, didn't work out too well for my older cousin who ended up drinking almost an entire bottle by himself over the next thirty minutes.

    "Uggh, it's just your generation with your fast reactions!" he complained finally, tossing the controller down as he downed another glass.

    "Would you slow down, babe?" Jess commented disapprovingly despite having more than her fair share to drink herself. "—and you shouldn't be encouraging him!" she directed at me.

    "Hey, don't blame me if the old timer wants to have a good time!"

    Jessica narrowed her eyes at the comment, her mood souring again as she finished her wine and stood up to go to bed.

    A few minutes later we heard the shower turn on upstairs as Jessica treated herself to her nightly hour long pampering. During this time I couldn't help but make a few more dumb bets with Cash and before I knew it he was tapped out and could barely stand, ultimately slumping over to pass out on the couch.

    As he began snoring softly beside me, I grabbed the remote to flick through some channels, settling on the ending of some bad late night movie to watch before calling it a night myself.

    Despite my drunken, staggering walk, I managed to fumble my way through the dark house as quiet as possible without waking any of the kids but I found myself doing a double-take as I passed the master bedroom.

    It seemed Jessica had left her bedside light on and her door slightly ajar. I blinked hard several times, peering inside to see her fast asleep on top of her sheets, facing away from me. But what I was really focussed on was the way her silk nightie had ridden up leaving her glorious, tanned ass cheeks exposed to my drunken leering.

    I gulped and actually subconsciously licked my lips as I walked into the room without thinking. Getting a closer look I saw she still had a pair of thong panties on but even so they left almost nothing to the imagination, riding up between her cheeks.

    It must have been the alcohol flowing through my system which gave me the stupid courage to continue walking into her room, my feet thankfully silent on the carpeted floor.

    Naturally I knew my cousin's wife was absolutely gorgeous but right now there was just something so captivating about her ass that I couldn't look away and without even realising it, I was at the edge of her bed and was reaching out to touch it.

    "Jesus..." I hissed under my breath as I felt the softness of her butt for the first time.

    In my mind I knew what I was doing was wrong, caressing and soon massaging by cousin's wife's ass while she slept, but at the same time I told myself she had it coming given the way she'd treated me the past couple of days. Besides, no one would ever find out so no harm done really.

    Even so, I mentally told myself I'd leave after another minute of fondling her bubble butt, but at least five passed before I finally noticed the aching hardness of my cock.

    It was while unzipping my pants however that the noise seemed to trigger her awake and with a stir she began turning over. My heart skipped a beat in my panic, especially given my hand was still squeezing her ass but as quickly as the fear came it vanished again when I realised she was wearing a sleep mask over her eyes.

    A breathed a sigh of relief but my panic soon came back when she reached to remove her mask and look at me.

    "Leave it on," I grunted instinctively in my best Cash impression.

    "Oh yeah?" she replied, surprising me when her lips curled into a playful smile at the kinkiness of it all. "...we'll have to be quiet."

    "Hm-mmm," I heard myself agree as she rolled back over and now began to wiggle her behind at me, inviting me to continue where I left off.

    I gulped again. At this point it would probably draw more suspicion if I stopped. I had no choice really, or so I convinced myself.

    Feeling Jessica Alba grind her world-renowned ass into my hands made it impossible to think otherwise so I continued massaging her cheeks while tugging my hard cock out to stroke it at the same time.

    Before long I let my fingers slip into the crack to pull at her thong panties, roughly yanking them aside to examine her tiny, puckered asshole which twitched and winked at me invitingly.

    Dropping to my knees, Jessica groaned wantonly as I spread her cheeks wide with both hands, exposing her entirely. So far there was still a line that hadn't been crossed and if I wasn't still so buzzed I probably wouldn't have gone over it, but in that position, I did what any other man would do, and leaned forward to lick her at tiny rectum.

    "Oh fuck—" she whined, squirming on the bed as I gave her a few, tentatively licks. "...keep going. Deeper..."

    Sweeter words had never been said. It was actually quite amusing to hear my cousin's bitchy wife sound so submissive, listening to her begging me to rim her like a little slut.

    "You want it inside you?" I whispered, keeping my voice as indistinguishable as possible.

    "Uh-huh, yeah! Stick your tongue in my ass, babe!"

    Judging by the tone of her voice she sounded so riled up already she probably wouldn't have even noticed if I'd spoken out loud in my own voice anyway. Not that I gave it much thought since I was far too busy wiggling my hard tongue into her tight butt.

    I was surprised to discover how pliant she was as she keenly took my tongue into her burning ass without much fuss.

    I ate that sweet ass like a man possessed, ultimately rolling her all the onto her front and pulling her hips up to plunge my tongue deep inside her rectum again and again, drooling and spitting on it as she moaned and grunted for more, her sleeping mask still blinding her from the world as her face was pushed into the mattress.

    "Fucking hell Cash!" she gasped, gripping the bedsheets in her fists as she began bucking against my face. "I love that! Spit on my ass again, that's so hot!"

    I keenly obliged, spitting at her before burying my way into her backdoor again to make her cuss and whimper.

    "Fuck it," she hissed suddenly. "I need your cock inside me. I need it now!"

    The unadulterated desperation in her voice gave me no hesitation as I got into position and moved to impale her sweet cunt but she stopped me before I could go any further, reaching back to grasp my cock in her hand and redirect me.

    "No. I need you in my ass tonight Cash...please."

    Who was I to deny such a request?

    With a simultaneous groan I pushed against her snug ring and felt her body tense when I popped inside. The searing heat of her vice-like ass almost made me explode immediately but I held firm as she relaxed her muscles and let me push deeper and deeper into her experienced hole.

    "Oh my God," I mouthed as I looked down to admire my handiwork, my thick cock buried almost balls deep inside Jessica fucking Alba!

    By now her body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and in her current position, face down, ass up, her silk nightie had slipped down to expose her naked back.

    "Wow," she sighed lustfully through gritted teeth. "Cash you're so hard right now...feel so fucking big in my ass!"

    I was still rendered speechless, although even if I weren't I wouldn't have dared utter a word through fear of revealing my true identity. I simply enjoyed the moment, grabbing her slender hips to slowly pull back before slamming back in, sending a ripple through her cheeks.

    "Ooh—ugh. Again!" she demanded. "Nice and slow and deep, make me cum first then you can do whatever you like, yeah baby?"

    Despite hearing her usual attitude coming through, I couldn't exactly argue with that so began fucking her sweet ass just the way she liked it, giving her long, powerful thrusts while her hand reached between her legs to rub circles around her clit.

    Thankfully it didn't take too long for her breathing to become more laboured and her body to tremble as she neared her climax. I had to clench my teeth not to blow my load into her bowels too early as I stopped moving entirely and watched as she began to jerk and fuck herself against my cock.

    "Yeah good girl," I hissed out loud against my better judgement. "Fuck your ass on that cock, make yourself cum!"

    "I'm close babe! Ugh—fuck—ohmigod!"

    Jessica began to ramble and whimper while I gave her a couple of firm spanks until she finally hit her crescendo, her entire body turning to jelly as she came, her ass briefly clenching down and squeezing my fat cock harder than ever.

    It was almost thirty seconds later before she finished and began coming back down to earth by which time I was already thrusting into her backdoor again, now eager for my turn.

    "Ugh—fuck—yes—pound me!" she grunted. "Don't stop until you cum you hear? I want your load!"

    I growled down at her and ended up snatching a fistful of hair, pulling her up onto all fours and cocking her head back as I pummelled her tiny backdoor for all it was worth.

    To her credit, the mother of two took it like a champ and never stopped begging for my seed and a few minutes of this rough fucking, she was rewarded with exactly what she wanted. My fingers dug into her skin as I exploded, rope after rope was sent hurtling into her, filling her tiny rectum until I pulled out and proceeded to cover her firm ass cheeks as well.

    To my relief, Jessica was so exhausted after her impromptu assfucking, she muttered out a few final comments about how much I came and how nasty it felt getting her butt filled with cum before she slumped forward and mumbled herself back to sleep.

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    Fuck, man! I read this three times now and more times will follow over the next few days. You really delivered here, even better than I had hoped!

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    I too will be re-reading this several times over the next few days! Great read LT.


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