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Thread: "Big Brother" with Tahan Lew-Fatt

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    fanfiction "Big Brother" with Tahan Lew-Fatt

    Big Brother
    With Tahan Lew-Fatt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, Female POV, inc, sleep, handjob, blowjob, mutual masturbation
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    When my brother Jay asked if he could come stay with us for a few weeks, I should have known it'd cause all kinds of problems with David. After all, the boys never really got along, and only tolerated each other for my sake.

    So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when David and I got into a huge fight before bed, where I was forced to grab my pillow and wander off into the spare room.

    "You know what, screw you David." I snapped. "Hope you enjoy your hand, cause that's about all the action you're going to get tonight."

    I was in such a furious state that I didn't even bother to knock as I entered my brothers room, only to see a mad scramble on the bed. Amusingly enough, it seemed Jay had been beating off in bed when I interrupted him, and the look on his face was priceless.

    "Am I interrupting something," I hissed cruelly, before throwing my pillow down and announcing that we'd be bunk mates for the evening.

    Judging from the silence I received I assume my comment struck a nerve, and I actually felt a little embarrassed for him, but to be fair I wasn't exactly thinking about his "feelings" as I marched into his room.

    Now I'll be the first to admit, while I was acting a certain way on the outside, my mind had slowly turned to mush. In fact I couldn't shake the image of my brother's cock out of my head.

    "This sucks," I finally said from my side of the bed, after just a few minutes of receiving the silent treatment. "Do you hate me too?"

    Fortunately for me my brother could read me like a book, and pulled me back to initiate a hug – comforting me in the middle of the small bed.

    "Come here," he said sympathetically, as I turned and propped my thigh over his leg and cuddled him back.

    "I don't want to fight Jay,"

    "I'm sorry." he apologized. "Are you guys fighting about me again?"

    "Nah, it's not about you." I lied, placing my head on his shoulder. "David's just being a dick. We're just working through a few issues."

    I could tell my brother was more than a little uncomfortable with the entire situation. Particularly since he was only wearing a pair of boxer-briefs, while my own sleepwear consisted of nothing more than a tiny tank top and high-cut panties.

    "Gosh, it's so cold in here." I whined as I snuggled up against him. "Can I just stay like this for a few minutes, until I get warm."

    Jay happily concurred and proceeded to brush my hair with his fingers, just the way he knew I liked it.

    "You know, you're a beautiful girl sis," he flattered me. "You don't deserve to be treated like this."

    "I'm just glad you're here with my," I replied, before leaning up to innocently peck him on the lips.

    As my brother continued to pamper me with his hands, I lifted my leg slightly so the top of my thigh would brush against the bottom of his nuts. His body tensed, but he didn't say anything. He was trying his best not to sprout a boner but I wasn't making it easy for him.

    "By the way, I'm sorry I interrupted you earlier." I offered.

    Now he was really tense.

    "I remember this one time, when mom walked in on me while I was playing with myself." I confessed while stroking his chest. "Talk about embarrassing. But you don't have to be with me. We all do it, some of us just do it a lot more than others."

    "Err, I guess."

    "I mean, I still masturbate like crazy when I'm alone," I admitted. "And I've got David."

    "And I've got you." he blurted out, before blushing brightly.

    At first I didn't understand what Jay meant, and could tell that this was about the last thing he wanted to talk about with his sister draped all over him, but I showed him no mercy, rubbing my long smooth legs up and down his bare limbs.

    "If you want, I can put a fresh box of Kleenex in here tomorrow."

    "Um, could we talk about something else."

    At that point in the conversation, all I wanted to do was pop my head under the covers and devour his big fat shlong, but instead I concurred.

    "That's okay, we don't have to talk," I yawned. "I'm really tired anyway. I'm just glad you here to keep my company."

    That being said, I pecked him sweetly on the lips (again) and closed my eyes while still wrapped around him like a straight jacket.

    Of course, I wasn't actually going to sleep but I put on a good show. My breasts where pressed up against his arm and that ill-mannered thigh of mine became even better acquainted with his family jewels.

    To his credit, Jay simply continued to play with my hair and caress my skin as I "slept" in his arms, our brief kisses still lingering on my lips.

    I waited a good twenty minutes before my hand began to roam around his abdomen, and I finally found the nerve to slip it into his boxer-briefs. His dick was rock solid and considerably more thick than the one Dave had dangling between his legs.

    When I felt him tense to my touch, I let out a sleepy groan to cover my brazen invasion and waited to see if he'd remove my hand, but he never did. Patience would now be imperative.

    Of course, if I had been in Jay's position, I probably would have just rolled us over and fucked me till my teeth fell out, but my brother was too much of a sweetheart to take advantage of anyone, much less his half naked sister.

    Eventually, I started to drift off to sleep, but at some point I awoke to the subtle shaking of the bed and realized he was giving his wiener some much needed relief. I lay deathly still, watching through squinted eyes as he fisted his sword.

    The urge to dry-hump his leg was overwhelming but I held fast, as his breathing deepened. Heck, I'm surprised I didn't cream his entire fucking leg I was so god-damn wet. My lace panties were absolutely soaked through!

    As expected, it didn't take long for him to become maniacally committed to getting off, as I waited for the right opportunity to strike. You see, I like to think I've manually serviced enough cocks in my time to know when a guy is about to pop, and this one was rapidly approaching liftoff.

    Just as the very first stream of jism shot skyward, I suddenly and unexpectedly reached over and replaced his hand with my own, gripping his tool like a vice and jacking him off to completion.

    "ugh-NNGHHH-fuck!" he grunted out loud as his orgasm took hold.

    There was a moment of sheer horror when Jay realized I was awake, much less jacking him off, but he was too powerless to do anything but ride the wave and shoot rope after rope of hot spunk all over himself. Semen spurted everywhere, all over his chest and stomach, his dick, and the back of my hand.

    "Grr.. fuck yeah." I growled at the absolutely mess he made.

    Jay eventually regained enough sense to put his hand over mine to stop me milking him, the expression on his face quite comical.

    "What the hell was that?"

    "I just thought I'd give you a hand," I grinned playfully, giving him a wink.

    "Jesus Tahn, I can't believe you did that." he blushed. "How long were you awake.. how long were you watching.. why did you do that?!"

    "I told you, there's nothing to be ashamed of. You don't have to be embarrassed about jacking off in front of me. I'm your sister."

    "um, okay.. well this is officially creepy."

    "What's creepy about it?" I frowned. "I help Dave jack-off all the time."

    "Yes but he's your boyfriend, not your brother!"

    "It really isn't a big deal," I assured him. "It's not like we had sex or something. What's a little rub-n-tug between siblings?"

    "Geez, listen to yourself."

    "Look if it makes you feel any better, how about I bang one out in front of you, and we call it even."

    I could tell my brother was growing increasingly uncomfortable about what we had done, much less discussing it out in the open.

    "Listen, I'm your older sister." I chastised him. "You're only here because I let you stay."

    "I know, and I'm grateful."

    "You're staying under my roof so, my house my rules!"

    He simply glared back at me in shock.

    "You've had your fun, so now it's my turn."

    "Wh-what are you talking about," he stammered. "What are you going to do?"

    "Right now, I'm going to get naked and you're going to lie there and watch me get off."

    Before Jay could object, I ditched my top and panties and lay back in my birthday suit beside my brother. For someone who claimed to be totally against the idea he sure seemed curious. In fact I don't think I saw him blink even once.

    While my brother liked to imply that he was disgusted by it all, his eyes were certainly drawn to my chocolate dark nipples. I grabbed his hand and invited him to touch them, and then locked onto his upper-thigh with a vengeance.

    I began to slide my tender, almost painfully clit against his leg. Strangely enough the more her squirmed and resisted, the more it turned me on. It almost felt like I was taking advantage of him, if not for the fact he was eagerly squeezing and kneading my breasts.

    "Pinch my nipples." I told him. "Can you feel how hard they are right now."

    "Fark. I can't believe we're doing this right now," he whispered.

    "Whack off for me, Jay." I sighed.


    "Please Jay. I need this." I begged. "You want to get this over and done with don't you? Stroke it for me and I promise I'll cum quick."

    As Jay proceeded to stroke his meat, I began to grind against his leg even harder, and to my own surprise I came.

    "Unghh-fuck!" I let out.

    Suddenly there was a throb in my clit that was so powerful I could feel in my forehead. Jay must have been riding the same wave because a second later, a hot sticky load spurted out of the end of his dick and smattered all over his stomach and chest.

    The poor guy came so hard he almost gave himself a facial!

    I'm not even sure who made the first move or how it happened, but a moment later our lips were locked together, our tongues dancing around in each other's mouths, exchanging bodily fluid.

    Aside from a few innocent pecks over the years, it was the first time we had ever made direct contact with each others mouths, and I have to say the sexy son of a bitch knew what he was doing. We probably kissed this way for what seemed like hours, before I finally reached down and played with his hardening cock again.

    Considering the amount of times he had already cum, I was kind of impressed and pleased to see he was hard for me again. The entire scene was so carnal and erotic, that despite his qualms I just went for it and hungrily swallowed his member into my mouth.

    The sensation of his hardened flesh against my tongue, along with the taste of his salty seed was intoxicating. Sucking someone's dick almost came as second nature to me, but hearing my brother groan as I slobbered all over him had my labia vibrating like a guitar string.

    "Is this what you think about, when you beat off," I teased, slurping the tip of his penis. "—you're sisters wet lips wrapped around this fat fucking cock."

    "ah-Tahn." he squirmed about. "I've jerked off to you so many times I've lost count."

    When I stopped to hover just a few inches above his purple helmet and slobbered out a mouthful of spit, it seemed to trigger something deep inside of him.

    In an instant he grabbed the back of my head and proceeded to push me down on his rod, forcing me to deep-throat him. I have to admit I was both excited and frightened by this, but dare not stop him. Particularly since he just about had the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen.

    "I'll make you a deal." I said while swirling my tongue around his bell-end. "If you fuck me right now, I'll let you stay her all summer."

    "..but what about David."

    "Well Dave's going back on the road soon, so we'll have the entire place to ourselves. Just think of it. We can do this all day long. You can take me anywhere in the house you want. We could even fuck in the shower Jay. How does that sound. I can get down on my knees and suck this cock, eat your ass, whatever you want bro."

    I leaned up to soul kiss him on the lips, making sure to use as much spit as humanly possible while fisting his rod.

    "Ugh, fuck."

    "Do you love me," I growled.

    "You know I do,"

    "Then prove it, Jay." I hissed. "I want you to prove it to me, right now."

    That was all I needed to say.

    Despite sensing some initial misgivings, my brother climbed up on top of me regardless as I shoved my tongue into his mouth and reached down to guide his fat salami towards my sex.

    At this point I was so fucking wet I thought I was going to wet the mattress, as I slowly rubbed his purple head along my glistening lips and felt my cunt allow him in.

    "Ugh.. shit," I gasped at the sheer size of his throbbing love muscle. "Fuck yeah, fill me up. Give your horny sister that big fat cock."

    Jay didn't need to be asked twice, and proceeded to fuck me within an inch of my life.

    "ah, sh-sh-shit." I stammered, biting my lip to keep myself from crying out loud. "ke-ke-keep going.. don't stop."

    In fact at one point he kindly propped himself up onto his arms so I could gaze down at his glorious cock slamming in and out of my fuck-hole. I grabbed his muscular arms and pulled as much of him into me as I could.

    "Yes.. harder.. I need it!" I hissed through gritted teeth. "Jack-hammer my cunt, Jay! Make me cum all over that black cock."

    By now, waves of delicious pleasure were building into a tsunami of wanton lust. The need to cum became paramount. David and his entire fucking pit-crew could have walked in on us at that moment, and I couldn't have stopped myself from fucking my brother.

    Just when I thought my poor box was going to be torn in half, Jay flipped me over and took me doggy-style. The angle of attack was so deep and hard, I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. I actually thought he was hitting my cervix!

    "Fark.. pull my hair!" I cried as my brother used me like a ten dollar whore, slamming into my ass again and again. "Sweet, fucking Jesus!"

    A minute later, and an epic explosion rocked within my quim and set my brain on fire. That's when my wriggling and thrashing around seemed to set him off too, because Jay followed me right over the precipice.

    My gorgeous brother let out an audible groan as his cock pounded deep into my twat and stopped, balls deep! I could feel his gooey nut-sap spurt out in giant globs, coating my uterus before pulling out to fire the rest of his spunk all over my arse and back. I finally collapsed forward completely sullied and defiled, trembling uncontrollably as I received my brothers load.

    "Does this mean I get to stay a little longer," he grinned as we both lay there panting and sweating profusely.

    "Babe, if that's the kind of performance you're going to give each night, then you bet your fucking arse you're staying."

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    so so good. Finally Tahan gets some story love again.

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