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Thread: "Barely Lethal" with Dove Cameron, Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner

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    fanfiction "Barely Lethal" with Dove Cameron, Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner

    Barely Lethal
    with Dove Cameron, Hailee Steinfeld and Sophie Turner

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, MFF, finger, blowjob, oral, rim, shower, public, voy
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Got inspired to revisit this old idea since this cast deserved a write up so better late than never, I hope you like it!

    I'd only been dating Sophie Turner for little more than a month but the red-headed teen had already invited me to come all the way from the UK to Georgia to stay with her while she filmed one of her teen movies. Naturally I jumped at the chance to visit the States for the first time plus I was probably as eager to see her as she was to see me.

    We'd been separated by work for a couple of weeks now and the almost nightly phone sex we'd been having had only been getting filthier and filthier. She was so good at riling me up I suspected I'd get straight off the ten hour flight, storm into her hotel room, pin her down and fuck the ever-loving shit out of her before even saying hello!

    Of course, that wasn't exactly how it went down but it wasn't far off.

    "Come on spank me! Ugh. Fucking harder!" Sophie moaned as I took her from behind.

    I did just that, slapping her thick, pale ass again and again. The fact the entire hotel floor was occupied by her 'Barely Lethal' co-stars and crew members didn't put her off in the slightest as Sophie moaned and screamed louder than ever for them all to hear.

    "Fuck I missed this tight little cunt," I growled down at her as I pummelled her as hard as I could.

    "Ugh...yeah? It's all yours baby, make it cum, make it cum all over that huge dick!"

    Grabbing a fistful of her fiery red hair, I cocked her head back and slammed balls-deep into her teen clam where I exploded for the third time that night. Sophie moaned until her voice cut out as she came like a freight train, forced to experience her first ever dirty cream-pie.

    "Holy shit," she panted with an exhausted smile afterwards, slumping forward as I slipped from her dripping cunt. "...I can't believe you did that, that's so fucking nasty!"

    Sophie was giving one of her wicked grins as she reached back to play with her spent pussy while I grabbed a drink, more than aware we'd be going at it again in a matter of minutes.

    She reached out and pulled me towards her, bringing me into a passionate kiss while wrapping her fingers around my cock, stroking it, urging it get hard for her again.

    "Mmm, it's definitely going to be much more fun on set with you around..."

    The next day I was quickly introduced to two of Sophie's pretty co-stars, Hailee Steinfeld and Dove Cameron who had apparently heard as much about me as I had about them.

    "She hasn't shut up about you all week," Dove pointed out.

    "And no wonder why given what we had to listen to last night!" Hailee quipped causing Sophie to blush and slap her on the arm. "Hey don't take it out on me, it's his fault you got no sleep last night!"

    It appeared the girls had all quickly become close friends and were perfectly comfortably teasing and insulting each other and wasted no time dragging me into their playful banter, each one of them giving as good as they got.

    As Sophie had said, hanging out on-set all day was definitely fun. The three teenagers shared a large trailer but there were often hours at a time while Hailee and Dove were off filming scenes that Sophie and I had the place to ourselves.

    Within the first week of my visit we'd managed to fuck on every surface in that place from the sofa, fold-out bed to the kitchen and then bathroom sinks. Sophie had always been an insatiable little slut and doing it in the middle of her working day got her off more than anything else. I often had to stuff her panties in her mouth just to stop her screaming the place down.

    Of course, what we were doing was hardly a secret. Dove and Hailee loved to bring the topic up whenever the four of us were alone in the trailer teasing and making fun but after a while, the odd looks they began giving me were getting more and more difficult to ignore – and I wasn't the only one to notice them.

    "So what do you think of Hailee and Dove?" Sophie sprung on me one afternoon while I accompanied her across the set to her next scene.

    "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked, suddenly panicking I was being led into a trap.

    "Do you think they're hot?"

    "What's brought all this on?" I said, dodging her leading question.

    "I's just, I'm pretty sure they both have a crush on you, you've seen the way they look at you!"

    As much as I loved the idea of having all three, hot teen co-stars vying for my attention, I assured Sophie they were probably doing it on purpose just to wind her up.

    "Ignore them, you know what those two are like!"

    "Yeah I do, and that's the problem!"

    It was only then I realised it was worrying her far more than I'd expected. Despite being a loud, dirty girl behind closed doors, out in public she was far more coy than she let on.

    "I bet they aren't as fun as you," I changed tact before suddenly pulling her behind the director's tent.

    "Whoa, what are you—oh God—wait!"

    Sophie gasped and squirmed as I suddenly slipped a hand into her pants, passed her trimmed, red bush and began toying with her sweet cunt.

    "What are you doing?" she gulped, glaring at me nervously.

    "Helping you relax, you've got nothing to worry about."

    "Uggh—we don't have time..."

    "Shhh," I whispered, slipping two fingers into her tight snatch.

    She bit her lip and wrapped her arms around me, clinging on for dear life as I began to finger her just the way I knew she liked it, eager to get her off as quickly as possible.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, ugh—someone's gunna catch us!" she panted.

    "Cum then," I hissed back into her ear. "Cum all over my hand you little slut!"

    "Oh God!"

    With a sudden buck of her hips it hit her, all her strength left her legs as she let out a guttural groan as quietly as possible and I felt her juices coat my hand.

    "Good girl," I grinned before pulling my fingers out and pushing them into her panting mouth.

    Sophie obediently licked them clean and was suddenly so horny she went straight for my belt, eager to repay the favour. But it was just then we heard the director shouting Sophie's name, demanding she get on set given she was already ten minutes late.

    "Ugh, god damnit," she grunted before flashing me a hot look. "I'm gunna get you back for that one later tonight!"

    With that she hurried off on shaky legs leaving me alone to amuse myself for the next few hours.

    After a little aimless wandering I decided to return to the girl's trailer. I hadn't realised how much Hailee and Dove's innocent flirting had affected Sophie so I figured now would be as good a time as any to politely ask them to stop for their friend's sake.

    Of course, that was far easier said than done when I arrived at the trailer to find the two girls in little more than thin bath robes, Hailee fresh from the shower and Dove preparing to go in. They both gave me their sexy little smirks as they welcomed me in to join them. Given their state of undress it makes the already awkward conversation I was planning even more so.

    Ultimately I decided to just get it over with.

    "Look girls, it's probably nothing but Sophie seems to think you keep flirting with me and...err...well, it would be best for everyone if you stopped." I finally blurted out.

    "Us?!" Dove gasped with mock offense.

    "Trust us buddy, if we were flirting with you, you'd know about it." Hailee added while at the same time giving me a playful little wink.

    "C'mon, I'm serious—"

    "Did Sophie put you up to this?"

    "No it's ju—"

    "Tell her other girls are bound to get curious if she keeps bragging about how huge her boyfriend's cock is!" Hailee interrupted.

    Of course I should have predicted they'd feign innocence or simply laugh it off. I'd said what I'd had to say so realising it was futile I got up to leave only to be grabbed by Hailee and pulled back to the sofa.

    "Wait don't go! Sophie's filming for hours, at least keep us company!"

    "Yeah, no funny business," Dove promised with a pout of her ruby red, bee-stung lips.

    Despite being warned off them by my girlfriend I found it difficult to say no so against my better judgement, I agreed to stay, especially when Dove returned from the kitchen area with a few hidden alcoholic drinks.

    It really didn't take much for the two under-aged teens to get a little drunk. We'd only done a few shots and both of them were already looking hazy on either side of me so I suspected they'd been drinking all afternoon, long before I turned up and briefly crashed their party.

    "Right, I really need to take that shower," Dove finally decided, pushing herself up to her feet.

    "Take it easy in there," I warned as she swayed on her feet for a moment.

    "You're welcome to come in and help out," she grinned back.

    After politely refusing she shrugged and went to the other end of the trailer alone, leaving me on the sofa with a tipsy Hailee Steinfeld.

    "Sorry if I made things weird with you and Sophie by the way," Hailee said sincerely a minute later.

    "Its fine, we were probably both just reading too much into stuff."

    "I'm just jealous if I'm honest," she continued quietly. "I wish I had a guy like you around on set. Dove and Soph are fun and all but sometimes I just want the downtime."

    Of course we both knew exactly what she was insinuating.

    "No boyfriend or anything back home?"

    "Not right now," she sighed.

    "Well there's plenty of crewmembers around..." I teased.

    "Oi, I'm not that slutty!"

    "That's not what I've heard."

    "Oh really? And what have you heard?"

    "Just...that you're a fun girl is all," I shrugged innocently.

    "Shouldn't believe everything you hear," she replied, cocking an eyebrow at me.

    "So you're not fun?" I teased.

    Hailee's answer to that one was to 'prove' how fun she really was by suddenly leaning in for a surprise kiss. We were sat so close together by that point there was no avoiding it. Her lips crushed into mine and despite myself, I felt myself kissing the hungry teenager back.

    Noting this, Hailee wasted no time throwing her leg over me and straddling my lap on the sofa before a soft moan she sighed into my mouth snapped me back to my senses and I quickly pushed her away.

    "Shit. Hailee that was bad," I panted, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand to remove her shiny lip-gloss.

    I expected her to be pissed but instead she was still smirking up at me before her eyes fell to the compromising bulge in my pants.

    "Look, I'm sorry if I led you on or something but..." I stammered, making a dash for the exit but Hailee was too quick, jumping up to block my escape.

    "Stay," she ordered. "...or I'll tell Sophie you kissed me."

    I opened and closed my mouth dumbly for a moment, at a loss for words before realising she successfully had one over on me. With little else to do I returned to the sofa, ready to plead my case and beg for her silence.

    "I wanna see that thing," she said plainly.


    "Take it out," she said more firmly. "Show me what's making Sophie scream so loud every fucking night!"

    This was a very different side of Hailee than the one I was talking to not five minutes before and I found myself obediently doing as I was told.

    "Jesus..." she gasped when I quickly pulled my member out, getting it over and done with. "At least it lives up to it's reputation."

    Hailee grinned at me but then only just noticed I wasn't smiling.

    "Aww, lighten up, you want this as bad as I do, just look how hard you are already!"

    Unfortunately the evidence was hard to deny as Hailee stepped closer and leaned in to kiss me again while pushing me back down onto the sofa. I closed my eyes and let her do it but when I opened them again I was taken aback to see the leggy starlet had slipped out of her robe and now stood before me entirely naked.

    "Wow," I gasped under my breath at her tight little body, her hard nipples and completely shaven clam, a nice change to Sophie's trimmed bush. "But Hailee we—oh. Oh God..."

    In one move Hailee put a stop to any of my complaints, dropping to her knees and taking my cock between her soft lips. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as she went down on me, taking me deep into her mouth.

    On each downwards pass she managed to take more of my length until my entire body shuddered when she took me all the way into her throat, further than any girl, Sophie included, had before.

    "Fucking hell—" I grunted, bucking my hips. "That feels incredible..."

    Hailee simply grinned proudly and gave me a cheeky wink as she continued giving me the most intense blowjob of my life. Again and again she went down until her button nose was against my stomach before pulling back up leaving a trail of saliva in her wake.

    "That's gunna make me cum," I finally squirmed after a few minutes of this mind-blowing action.

    "Go ahead," she purred. "Shoot for me!"

    "Fuck—ugh—its coming!"

    Hailee pulled back, opening her mouth wide as she beat my cock to completion. Several thick spurts shot out, plastering her proud, pretty face in spunk. Her tongue lapped up as much as it could reach but she still looked deliciously filthy and clearly loved the feeling.

    "Fuck yeah, you came so hard!" she giggled. "I guess I should get cleaned up before Sophie sees me like this."

    Just the mention of my girlfriend's name made the guilt begin to set in while Hailee jumped to her feet, not a care in the world, as she wandered naked to the bathroom to wash up.

    But I was just in the process of getting up and getting the hell out of there that Hailee caught my eye, crouched by the cracked open bathroom door, a finger on her lips while eagerly waving me over to join her.

    I found myself hesitating at the door again. I'd always considered myself a loyal guy but when faced with temptation like the still-naked Hailee Steinfeld and the prospect of watching Dove Cameron in the shower, I felt my resolve weakening by the second.

    Ultimately my hand left the door handle and I found myself down the other end of the trailer. Hailee quickly moved to give me a good view, dropping to her hands and knees and leaving herself in an intentionally compromising position. In fact, if it weren't for what was going on the bathroom, I probably wouldn't have been able to tear my eyes away from Hailee's ass.

    Dove was none the wiser to the fact she now had a captivated audience. Her blonde hair was tied back to stop it getting wet as she continued lathering her fit body up, her pale, snow-like skin managed to take my breath away.

    She really was something to behold so it's no surprise that my cock began to rise again, quickly noted by Hailee when it poked her in the back.

    "You need somewhere to stick that thing?" she whispered over her shoulder.

    It was in that moment I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and just worry about the consequences of this once in a lifetime opportunity later.

    I don't think Hailee expected my tongue when I moved in behind her but that's exactly what she got. Spreading her cheeks apart, I swiftly buried my tongue into her wet clam and proceeded to devour her shaved cunt.

    Never had I eaten pussy in such a carnal manner before but I couldn't hold back and soon enough Hailee's sweet juices were covering my chin and running down her legs while she did everything she could not to moan out loud.

    While I continued glancing up to keep an eye on Dove, Hailee had long given up on spying on her blonde friend, her head now down on the floor with her ass upraised, pushing against my invading tongue.

    "Yes my tight pussy!" she hissed up at me through clenched teeth.

    But during all this, I kept getting brief glances at her twitching, tiny rosebud so after hearing her begging tone, I went for it.

    It was the yelp and drawn out groan Hailee released when I stuck my tongue deep in her ass that finally alerted Dove to our presence.

    "Oh my God, what you guys doing?!" she shrieked in surprise, briefly making a futile attempt to cover up before realising it was pointless given how long we'd been watching.

    "He's...ugh. Fuck. He's got his tongue in my ass!" Hailee moaned.

    "Yes, I can see that," Dove quipped with a half-smile.

    We must have been quite the sight, especially since Hailee still had my cum plastered on her face. Despite being caught I didn't slow down for a second and now slipped two fingers into Hailee's cunt while tonguing her tiny asshole.

    "Jesus—fuck, I'm gunna come!" the smart-mouthed teen whined below me.

    Only then did I kneel up behind her and slam every inch of my member inside her. Hailee's breath caught in her throat and her feet kicked up briefly as she was suddenly filled completely, more than she ever had before.

    Her mouth hung open and for once she was quiet as I pulled back, only to force myself back in once more. Soon enough whatever pain she had endured evolved into intense pleasure and she pushed herself up, flashing me the most intense 'fuck me' eyes I'd ever seen.

    Grabbing her arms, I interlocked them behind her back, holding her in place as I began thrusting into her dripping twat, her butt rippling on each powerful concussion as she cussed through climax after climax, creaming all over my cock.

    By this point Dove was masturbating furiously to the show we were now putting on for her, leaning back in the shower while she squeezed her breasts and rubbed her clit.

    "Yeah, give it to her, really give it to her!" Dove giggled, directing our actions.

    "Ugh. Yeah I can take it!" Hailee agreed. "Fucking POUND me!"

    "Little bitch needs to be punished for starting without me," Dove continued with a sly look.

    "In that case, you're next." I warned.

    "Good, come and get it."

    I pummelled Hailee's sweet cunt for another few moments before taking Dove up on her offer, striding straight into the shower to pin her up against the wet, tiled wall. Formalities were long gone between the three of us at this point. Dove could only moan as I eased into her from behind.

    "Hmm, yes. That's it," she sighed in my ear. "Fuck me with that hard cock!"

    I took it slower with her, wrapping my arms around her slim body to play with her soft tits, squeezing them in my hands as I steadily increased the pace until our wet skin was loudly slapping together on each deep thrust.

    Soon enough Hailee had recovered and was slipping into the shower to join us. With no provocation she moved beside Dove and passionately pulled her in for a hot, tongue-filled kiss. Even after everything so far, that was without doubt a contender for one of the hottest sights I'd seen.

    The two girls got so into it, it almost seemed like I'd been forgotten, left to watch as I leisurely fucked Dove from behind.

    "Make him cum," Hailee finally whispered to Dove while catching my eye. "I want us to taste him together."

    "Oh God Hailee..." Dove panted as she neared her own peak. "That sounds so dirty!"

    "Yeah, come on, make him cum with that hot little cunt!"

    I was clenching my own teeth now, my hips a flurry as I hammered Dove as hard as I could. This, combined with Hailee now rapidly stroking Dove's clit, finally made her literally squirt her release with a loud squeal.

    "Fuck yes!" Hailee cheered in delight as I pulled out.

    "Oh my god, oh my god," Dove chanted, blushing as her entire body trembled while Hailee dragged her down to her knees with her.

    Before I'd even managed to start catching my breath, Hailee had taken me back into her wet mouth, hungrily savouring the taste of both her own and Dove's juices off my cock, smiling up at me through the shower.

    I was already ready to burst but when Dove suddenly joined in, wrapping her incredible lips around my balls I just about passed out.

    I lasted long enough to feel Dove kiss along and suck my shaft into her mouth but the combined assault proved to be too much and with a final grunt I hit them with it, blasting my hot load across both pretty faces until I was completely and utterly drained.

    It was while the girls shared another steaming kiss that I stepped out of the shower and the exhaustion finally hit me. I felt just about ready to take a week long sleep when I heard the trailer door open and my girlfriend's voice snapped me right back to reality.

    "Hailee? Dove? Where are you guys?" Sophie called out...

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    Nothing hotter than fooling around especially with hot "barely legal "gals

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    So fucking good.
    Read it 3 times already, and I can't stop reading it!
    I can't even decide which part I like best.
    It's just awesome that all 3 of them get a good work out, a good seeing to.

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