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Thread: "My Brother's Keeper" with Lia Marie Johnson

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    fanfiction "My Brother's Keeper" with Lia Marie Johnson

    My Brother's Keeper
    With Lia Marie Johnson
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MMF, blowjob, rimming, spit-roasting
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Here's another LemonTalk created idea that just clicked with me I guess, and I got inspired #SorryNotSorry

    When my brother announced that not only had he gotten laid via Tinder, but had scored a hottie in the form of one Lia Marie Johnson, the rest of the guys and I were more than a little surprised. Particularly since Lia seemed to be totally out of his league, and a whole lot of fun compared to his previous girlfriends.

    In fact it only took a couple of weeks for the two of them to fall in love, with her spending so much time over at the house that it almost seemed like she had moved in.

    Unfortunately for her, Dan began to have reservations about their whirlwind affair and wanted out, which of course led to many loud arguments between the two love birds, that often culminated with some rough, noisy make up sex that would literally wake up the entire building.

    I remember thinking, for such a small girl she sure had some big set of lungs - literally and figuratively. In fact, as far as the guys and I were concerned, Lia was a keeper.

    Well, as expected my brother eventually decided that it was time to break it off and figured the best way to do it was to cheat on her, and have her find out. At least this would give her an excuse to walk away, or so he thought.

    But that's not the way things panned out, when the cunning teen rocked up to the apartment one late afternoon and refused to leave until Dan got home. As it turned out, Jeff and I were crashed out on the sofa watching SportsCenter, so the last thing we wanted to do was get caught up in my brother's drama.

    "Look, not to be rude but either go home and call him, or take a seat." I told her bluntly. "Because you're bumming us out, just standing there at the door like some injured puppy."

    Fortunately for us the striking blonde decided to grab a beer and join us on the couch, taking her jacket and shoes off in the process. Of course having Lia there was a distraction in itself, as I found myself glancing over to ogle her body and admire the way her large ample breasts pressed against her dress.

    In fact judging from the pokies she flaunted there was no doubt that she was braless as well, and the notion alone made my cock twitch as I began to wonder if she had even bothered to wear any panties underneath.

    Watching her, I still couldn't believe that Dan had not only hooked up with her via social media, but was willing to throw a girl like her to the curb. Naturally, with her spending so much time with us at the house, the guys and I had grown quite fond of her, with Lia and Jeff constantly wrestling around any time they saw each other.

    However, considering the somber mood that night I assumed there wouldn't be any horsing around, as I picked up the phone and wandered into the kitchen to let Dan know that his "girlfriend" was waiting for him.

    And yet, the moment I stepped away I looked back to see them acting out and grappling each other like two twelve year old kids.

    "Err, Lia-" I hissed, while covering the receiver with my hand. "I'm on phone with Dan, is there something you want to tell him?"

    "Um, not right now." she said before shrieking loudly to a rib tickle.

    I'm not even sure why but her flippant attitude really pissed me off.

    "Hey, I thought you came over here to have a serious talk with my brother!"

    "I did, but.." she growled as she continued to struggle with Jeff on the couch.

    While I tried to talk some sense into her, I convinced Dan that nothing was out of the ordinary and urged him to come home. That was until Lia suddenly seemed to have a change of heart and yelled out loud.

    "You know what, tell him to go fuck himself!" she shouted in the background, while still play fighting with Jeff. "If he [Dan] can't even be bothered to call me directly, tell him to go to hell!"

    Naturally, this didn't go over too well with my brother who hung up the phone and rushed to get back to the house.

    I took this opportunity to try and clean up the kitchen while Jeff and Lia continued to act like fucking children, going at it vigorously and refusing to let up as they grappled and wrestled for domination.

    "Ugh. You're so obvious," she quipped at one point. "You only like doing this cause you feel up my tits."

    Noting this Jeff immediately looked over his shoulder and insisted it wasn't true.

    "What, bullshit!" he maintained. "She's lying. She's the one who always grabs my junk!"

    "oh, you liar!"

    I rolled my eyes at the immature couple and left the degenerates to grope each other while I busied myself with cleaning up the apartment, not wanting Dan to see the mess we had made.

    In truth, I'd only been gone for a minute or two when I turned into the hallway and heard the unmistakable sound of a moan, emanating from the TV room.

    I actually stopped dead in my tracks when there on the floor I spied Lia with her lips wrapped around Jeff's cock. The revelation both frightened and excited me, as I simply stood there watching her polish my mates penis.

    "What in the FUCK are you doing!" I gasped out loud, frightening them.

    I'm not even sure who I directed the comment towards, since the house motto had always been "bros before hos," and yet there was Jeff casually sitting back and enjoying a blowjob from Dan's girlfriend!

    Without missing a beat, Lia glanced over her shoulder and smiled back at me, the entire time her hand stroking my friends package.

    "oops, sorry. I guess we got a little carried away,"

    "You guess?"

    "Why do you care anyway," she posed.

    "Excuse me,"

    "We both know Dan's been trying to break up with me for days now, why does it matter."

    I could tell from the glazed look on Jeff's face that he certainly wasn't going to be much help.

    "You two are unbelievable," I huffed, not knowing what else to do or say.

    To her credit though, Lia simply shrugged her shoulders.

    "Well in any event, why don't you just come over here." she suggested, sending a chill up my spine.


    "Dude, trust me." Jeff interrupted. "She's really good. She knows what she's doing."

    "Yeah, listen to our friend." Lia directed back at me. "I'm really good."

    "Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you people!" I jeered. "Dan's going to be home at any minute."

    "What are you afraid of, Mike?" the blonde vixen teased. "Are you scared you might like it. We both know you're attracted to me. You've wanted to fuck me from the moment we met. I see the way you undress me with your eyes. You think I don't notice it?"

    "You're dating my brother." I pointed out. "You're Dan's girl."

    "I can be your girl too," Lia replied before leaning over to suck Jeff's shiny bell-end into her mouth.

    The lewd sucking noise of her mouth made my cock throb in my pants. Of course, Jeff was so lost in his own pleasure that it was left to me try to bring some sanity to the situation, but I just couldn't think of what to do or say. The entire incident just seemed so surreal.

    To make matter worse (or better, depending on your point of view) Lia then reached up over the back of her dress to expose her teen rump, flashing me her thong panties and leaving little interpretation as to what she wanted from me.

    "Are you gonna stand there all day, or come here and fuck me," she taunted.

    I suddenly found myself at a crossroads. While every part of my being wanted to just march over and fuck her senseless, another part of me also wanted to save her relationship with Dan.

    A wild idea suddenly crossed my mind as I strolled over and moved in directly behind her on the floor. I'm not sure what she expected, but I had half a mind to lift up her skirt and spank her so hard that it'd knock the cock out of her mouth.

    However, the moment my hand came in direct connect with her butt I heard myself moan audibly instead.

    "We don't have to tell him," Lia smirked, referring to my brother. "It can be our little secret."

    "Our little secret?" I repeated.

    "You can have me any time you want."

    Against my better judgment, I caressed her flawless butt before leaning over to kiss it.

    Lia could only moan (with a mouthful of cock) as I extended my tongue and gently licked all around her soft buttocks and finally zeroed in on her slit, wrapping my mouth around her taco. She moaned even louder when I parted her cheeks and sucked her entire clit into my mouth.

    She tasted sweet, really sweet. Her pre-orgasmic fluid was trickling down her thighs while on the other end I could see her using an abundant amount of spit on Jeff's cock, utterly drowning his sword in saliva and drool.

    "Ugh, you little slut." I hissed while giving her perfect rump a sharp swat. "Polish that cock. Show us how you love sucking dick."

    "Mppphhff! ..yeah, I love it." she purred. "I love sucking cock."

    Jeff was grinning broadly as he watched me eat Lia's cookie with great gusto. In fact I soon found myself so caught up in it all, that I proceeded to eat her tiny little asshole while sawing two fingers into her teen cunt, causing her to squirm and cry out in ecstasy.

    A minute later her orgasm echoed throughout the room, causing Jeff's cock to leak pre-cum against her chin. It was at this point that I realized we were pressed for time, so I released my own weapon.

    "Grab her by the hair and make her take you whole," I told Jeff. "Make her deep-throat you, I heard she likes that sort of thing."

    "She does huh,"

    Jeff immediately responded and snatched a handful of her blonde hair and proceeded to fuck her pretty face.

    "Yeah make her choke on that thing, while I go deep into this sweet cunt of hers," I added while sidling up behind her.

    "oh yes, do it.. do ME!" cried Lia suddenly finding her voice.

    The actress began to moan as I proceeded to feed my organ into her vagina. Her breath was ragged as she felt the large weapon invade her hole. She tried to cry out but her words were cut off as Jeff thrust his hard meat into her mouth.

    "Yeah, shut her up." I snickered, as I began to pound my brothers girlfriend. "Bitch talks to much anyway."

    Lia could hear my crude words as we SPIT-ROASTED her on the floor, but despite her objections she could only tremble wildly as an orgasm washed over her, causing her pussy to clench down on me as I jack-hammered her ass again and again.

    In fact the ditsy little blonde was so preoccupied with my efforts that she had almost forgotten about the now solid prick that was working in and out of her mouth, but she was quickly brought back down to reality when Jeff let loose and flooded her mouth with his hot, salty seed.

    The local starlet almost gagged on his load as the liquid filled her mouth and began to dribble down her chin. Her own orgasm returned with renewed potency and she closed her eyes and bathed in the delightful feeling.

    I of course was still behind her, pounding my engorged tool into her pussy with primal urgency – letting out several weeks worth of built up frustration, via my love-spear.

    With Jeff blowing his wad earlier than expected, I grasped a handful of Lia's hair and directed her to lean back against me as I tapped her with quick, short pumps. It seemed squeezing her neck during this really seem to set her off, and she began to scream the place down while arching her back sharply and allowing me to grope her succulent breasts.

    When I realized just how loud she was and that I couldn't shut her up, I pushed her forward into the shag carpet, leaving the moaning harlot face down and ass up! Judging from the guttural sounds she then made, this was an entirely new position for her, allowing Lia to feel every bulge, vein and muscle of my penis.

    She could hear me panting and gasping as I pummeled her juice-box, gripping her flared hips with both hands and rewarding her with a huge stream of spunk that erupted deep inside her womb, before feeling my load splash across her back and butt.

    "oh-god.. fuck." she grunted to the climax of our fuck session.

    I barely had time to smack my Johnson against her raw booty when the front door swung open and in walked my brother and two of his friends, the look on their faces priceless.

    "What in the fuck!"

    "Err, you're back already?"

    "Babe! This isn't what it looks like," Lia claimed, making us all look at each other before laughing out loud.

    "Is she being serious right now?"

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    Grr, even better than how I imagined it, I'll be sending all my Lia ideas straight to you at this rate, lol.

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    Grrr shit yeah. Love how you're knocking those ideas out so quick.

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    Lia getting more stories is a great way to kick off the New Year. You're the man, TPG.

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    When I saw rim, spit roast and lia I knew it was gonna be great


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    One of my favourite ever stories from the site, that was brilliant :thumbsup:

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