Ultimate Taboo
With Michelle Keegan and Natalya Wright
Written by TPG
CODES: MFF, inc, cheating, fingering, blowjob, rimming, public
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only. It's not real. Just fun. Get over it!

Despite only dating a few shorts weeks, Natalya and I were deeply and utterly head over heels in love with each other.

In fact no sooner had we hooked up, had she introduced me to her family and friends, including her incredibly hot sister-in-law Michelle Keegan, who as it turned out took a keen interest in our budding relationship.

"You guys are the cutest couple," Michelle pointed out. "I hope you two stay together. You give the rest of us hope."

"Everyone says we're too young to be in love," Natalya replied while holding my hand.

"Just ignore them," the actress smiled before pecking Nat innocently on the lips. "Most of the time they're just jealous."

Of course, Michelle was probably one of the most captivating creatures I'd ever seen, and judging by the way Natalya looked at her I was sure she felt the same. In fact later that night as Nat and I messed around on my bed, she decided to have a little fun and brought up Keegan's name, driving me absolutely stir-crazy.

"Hmm.. I bet you'd love it if this was her mouth sucking your cock right now," she purred while slapping my length against her face.

"You wouldn't be jealous, having her share it with you?" I teased.

"Nah, not at all. I'd happily let her suck your cock. Michelle and I are really close. Who knows, maybe she'd even teach me a thing or two."

As the words left her mouth, I felt myself tense up as Natalya dipped her head down below my balls and proceeded to rim by ass, something she had never done before.

"Jesus, where'd you learn that?"

"Just a little something Michelle told me to try, said you'd like it."

She wasn't wrong.

In fact her actions riled me up so much that we proceeded to fuck harder than we ever had before.

Afterwards, Natalya remarked how hot it was to introduce Michelle's name into the bedroom, which quickly developed into a daily ritual in our love making – fantasizing about her hot sister-in-law and the things she'd do to us.

As a matter of fact, Natalya had such an active imagination that I almost knocked her up on two separate occasions. Of course, we both knew it was almost impossible to keep this level of intensity in our relationship, and it soon proved to be the case, with me suggesting that we take a little break from each other over the holidays.

HOWEVER, the very next day I was surprised to find Keegan at my door, who apparently decided to come over in the middle of the afternoon with concerns about Natalya's state of mind.

"You have to talk to her," she insisted. "If not for her, do it as a favor to me."

Michelle then begged me not to break up with Natalya, and give our relationship a few more weeks, at least until the holidays were over. I could tell from the language she used that her sister-in-law's happiness meant the world to her, and decided to push my luck and see what it was worth.

In truth, I half expected Michelle to just slap me across the face and storm out of the apartment, but that's not what happened. Instead, she attempted to bribe me with cash.

Recognizing the significance of this, I declined Michelle's offer but countered with one of my own. Funnily enough, Keegan could read my lewd mind and immediately shot me down.

"Are you having a laugh? You really think I'd sleep with you just to save Natalya from a broken heart?"

"Well maybe not sex, but I'm sure we could come to some other arrangement."

When I hinted at the prospect of a blowjob Keegan laughed in my face and flatly refused, before offering to let me see her naked body instead. While normally I'd be inclined to agree to such an offer, I realized the position I was in and didn't want to waste it. That being said, we probably stood there debating for over ten minutes before I finally argued her down to some physical contact - a simple kiss.

"Look, a kiss or nothing." I finally demanded.

"—fine, FINE. I'll do it!" she answered, before stipulating several conditions.

Considering what was on offer I probably would have agreed to just about anything. But of course, just as we stood poised to go through with the task, we heard Natalya's car pull into the driveway downstairs and suddenly panicked.

"Shit, she's here!"

In an instant, Michelle grabbed me by the face and kissed me hard on the mouth. I barely had time to respond before she broke the kiss and rushed downstairs, leaving me breathless at the door. I barely had time to catch my breath before Natalya was up in my face crying and abusing me for wanting to break up.

Fortunately for her the entire encounter with Keegan left me in such a state that I kissed Natalya hard on the lips, before throwing her onto the bed where I fucked the ever-loving shit out of her - pounding her ass into the mattress for hours on end.

It was probably the most intense sex we'd ever had up until that point.

Several days later, Nat invited me out to the family BBQ which as it turned out was being held at Michelle's place. Amusingly enough the host of the party could barely look me in the eye and seemed intent on avoiding me until, I finally cornered her alone in the kitchen.

"You shouldn't be in here," she said with her back to me. "..the others might get the wrong idea."

Despite this I walked over and placed my hands on her hips and told her that I was looking forward to collecting on the promise she'd made back at my apartment. Of course, this set her right off, insisting that she had already held up her part of the bargain, and that there wasn't going to be a repeat performance no matter what I said or did.

However when she realized how determined I was, and that I wasn't going to take no for an answer, Michelle finally conceded.

"okay fine, just not here." she said, before announcing to everyone that she needed to go get some supplies.

In spite of my initial excitement I was then disappointed when Natalya and Lauren (Michelle's cousin) decided that they too wanted to come along for a drive – negating the entire purpose of the trip.

Minutes later, the four of us were sat in Mark's brand new sports car heading out to the local shops, with Michelle and Lauren seated up front, while Nat and I sat in the backseat messing around.

"Ugh, do you guys ever quit!" Lauren whined.

"We can't help it." Nat slurred, clearly drunk from the party. "We just can't keep our hands to ourselves."

"Yeah didn't you hear, we're in love." I smirked.

Michelle's response to this was to turn up the stereo and try to ignore us in the back of the car, but it was still fun to see her steal glances at me via the rear-view mirror while Nat and I kissed and carried on.

When we finally arrived to the local Tesco it was Lauren and Nat who immediately offered to jump out and go buy our supplies, leaving Michelle and I alone in the vehicle. I remember thinking at the time, I couldn't have planned it any better.

Funnily enough the moment the ladies disappeared into the store my hands seemed to have a mind of their own, grabbing and pawing at Keegan's hips and legs from the backseat.

"Hey, cut it out! They'll see us." she whinged, before addressing the issue at hand - offering to make me another deal in regards to my relationship with her teenage sister-in-law.

"Three more months," she insisted. "..do we have a deal?"

"Sure," I shrugged. "But that all depends on how keen you are right now."

"Just a kiss," she reiterated. "Nothing more. Don't get any funny ideas."

But as Keegan spoke, I let my hands wander around her body and reached up to gently cup and fondle her ample breasts.

"oh, I don't know about that." I purred into her ear. "I think we can do better than that, don't you?"

Against her better judgment, Keegan agreed and permitted me to grope her incredible figure. I took this opportunity to lean over and kiss the side of her face, before she finally responded and kissed me back. It wasn't even the actual deed that made it so hot, but the mere fact that we were out in public - in her husband's car no less.

In fact what was supposed to be just a single kiss quickly turned into several long drawn out smooches, as we had to stop and start due to a number of passersby, which apparently spooked her. In any event I grew so tired of her excuses that I finally shoved my hand down into her pants and felt her jump in her seat.

"Are you crazy! They'll be back any minute." she gasped as I rubbed her delicious mound through her bikini bottoms.

"Yeah but you can't tell me that doesn't feel good," I grinned as I play with her. "Spread your legs, Michelle. Let me touch you a little."

I watched her comply and part her knees to accommodate my hand. The heat of her pussy was so intense I thought it was going to burn my fingers. Despite all her whining and complaining the onetime Corrie star was indeed wet to the touch, and moaned accordingly as I finally made direct contact with her cunt, and smeared her wetness all around her sex.

"ugh. I can't believe I'm letting you do this to me right now," she mumbled. "..this is messed up."

"You want to make Nat happy don't you, this will make her happy."

"I don't know how you talk me into these things,"

Unfortunately for us I only managed to finger her for a few short minutes before the girls emerged from the store. I'd never been more thankful for BLACK tinted windows in my life.

By the time the ladies climbed back into the vehicle I had time to taste my fingers and was already attempting to shove my hand into my girlfriends panties to play with her too, who unlike her sister-in-law was more than eager to let me play with teen pussy.

Amusingly enough we didn't even get two blocks from the store before Nat playfully winked and dropped her head in my lap and began to blow me in the backseat – with Lauren and Michelle seated right up front. I was actually surprised by how long it took for them to notice that something was going on.

"Holy shit, are you two serious right now," Lauren blushed. "Get a room!"

The look on Michelle's face was priceless. I didn't know if she was going to pull over and kick us out, or stop and join us for that matter.

By the time we arrived home Nat and I were so worked up we almost considered staying in the car to have sex, but were ultimately talked out of it. Instead, Lauren and Michelle busied themselves in the kitchen while Nat and I loitered around the house, kissing and canoodling in various rooms before we slowly made our way upstairs.

"I'm really horny now," she whispered hotly.

I could read her mind and knew that the entire incident – especially with Michelle in the car – really turned her on.

"I can't believe you made me do that,"

"Hey, I didn't force you to do anything." I chuckled as we shared another kiss. "You wanted to do it in front of her, admit it."

We both knew it was true.

With everyone occupied downstairs, Natalya and I ended up in one of the bedrooms where we proceeded to mess around, unaware the entire time we were being watched by Michelle.

"I hope you guys aren't messing around in my bedroom," she said as she entered the room.


"You better not let Mark catch you up here, he'll kill you both."

"Please don't tell him," Nat slurred while on her knees jacking me off. "In fact, can you do us a favor and keep a lookout?"

The expression on Michelle's face was priceless. I'm not sure who was more surprised by her next actions, me or Michelle when she stepped into the bedroom to join us.

"You know, if you're going to risk getting caught, the least you can do is make it worthwhile."

"oh-yeah, like how," Natalya grinned, goading her into action.

I gulped hard as Michelle stared directly at my cock, and could tell from the way she licked her lips that she was more than impressed with my package.

"I should probably tell Jess about this, and get you both in trouble but.. that'd only be a waste of a nice hard cock."

"Don't you think he's pretty big?" Nat boasted.

There was a long pause as Keegan chose her next words carefully.

"You better not tell anyone about this,"

"I promise." Natalya answered, before the two beauties were suddenly locked in a hot tempestuous kiss.

When they finally came up for air, Michelle and I were suddenly kissing - right in front of my girlfriend!

"This is going to be so hot," Natalya whispered, before being kissed on the lips herself.

The two ladies kissed deeply again, and explored each other's bodies - pawing at each other's clothes. Michelle and I then smiled as we each took one of Natalya's pointy nipples into our mouths and hungrily devoured her teen body. As I tongued my girlfriends magnificent breasts, I took the opportunity to reach around and squeeze Keegan's butt.

It was without doubt the single best derriere I'd ever felt.

Natalya's eyes were now closed in rapture as her famous sister-in-law played with her nipples, pinching and twisting them between her thumb and forefinger, while I looked down to see Michelle's other hand working two fingers over my girlfriends clit at the same time.

The next thing I knew, Keegan was on her knees with her head buried between Nat's legs, eating her teen peach with great gusto. My drunk girlfriend could only groan and run her fingers through Michelle's hair, spurring her on.

"Yeah, eat her pretty little pussy Michelle," I commented. "Nat's always wanted that, it's one of her deepest, darkest fantasies."

Natalya's moans came faster as did her breathing, until she suddenly flicked her hips wildly and came all over her sister-in-laws mouth. When Keegan finally got up to join us again I kissed her hard on the lips, eager to taste my girlfriends cunt.

"Now you two," Natalya insisted. "..I wanna watch you fuck!"

I didn't have to be asked twice, and moved directly behind that luscious ass. Michelle seemed to know exactly what I wanted, bent over the bed and wiggled her butt in front of me.

The sheer deliciousness of her warn, snug cunt was absolutely divine as I began to move with long deep strokes. I remember thinking I must have been at a good angle, because Michelle began to moan in time with my strokes.

"Ugh, ugh, ah, fuck me!" she growled through gritted teeth.

When it finally came time to cum, I waited until the very last moment before I pulled out and prepared to shoot all over her ass, but instead Natalya leaned in, took me into her mouth and drained the orgasm right out of my nuts.

While a part of me felt cheated, all I could do was groan out loud as I filled my girlfriends belly with my hot salty seed.

"Mm, good girl.. don't spill a drop." Michelle winked, before coming over to give her a deep tongue-kiss.

"That was fucking brilliant," Natalya giggled as they shared my hot load.

"Maybe I should have you guys over at the house more often." Keegan grinned. "Keep me company when Mark's away next week."

"Absolutely, just say the word and Nat and I are here."