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Thread: "Uber Tales #9" with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Uber Tales #9" with Dove Cameron

    Uber Tales #9
    with Dove Cameron

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, finger, public, drugs
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Another girl who ended up high on the poll, actually wrote this a couple of months ago but it was her recent posts on snapchat that reminded me to come back and finish it off.

    I'd lived next door to Dove Cameron for years, watched her grow up, celebrated with the family when she landed her first acting job, again when she made her big break on the Disney Channel and before we knew it she was rocketing up the starlet ladder with TV shows, movies and music releases.

    That being said I was still ten years older than her so we were never particularly close up until I quit my job to join the ranks as a full time Uber driver – a pretty lucrative job in the city. Not long after starting, Dove and I fell into a routine whereby I'd drive her into the city and drop her off at the Disney set, I'd go off on my days' work and then bring her home whenever she finished.

    I was actually quite taken aback at how candid she was on our drives, perfectly comfortable using me as her outlet to talk about all manner of things from her unusual on-set life to friends and her long-term relationship.

    Of course, it was this long term boyfriend-turned-fiancé who Dove spoke about most of all so when it finally did fall apart and they split up, I was probably far less surprised than everyone else – in public they'd ensured they were the perfect, cutest little couple.

    Although it had been Dove to end it, in the weeks following she wasn't her usual cheery self and seemed especially down late one evening when I picked her up from set.

    "Do you mind taking the long way home tonight?" she asked, climbing into the passenger seat.

    "Sure, everything alright?" I said, noticing her odd mood straight away.

    "Yeah it's just...I don't fancy going back to an empty bed again tonight, y'know?"

    I'd always found it difficult to say no to the pretty starlet so was more than happy to drive aimlessly around town until she finally let out a sigh and said to save gas and just head home.

    "Whoa, whoa, wait! Pull in here!" she gasped when we entered our street.

    "Huh? What's wrong?"

    "That's Ryan's car outside mine, I really don't want to deal with another one of his proposals, he just doesn't take no for an answer!"

    "Its fine, we'll just wait here until he leaves."

    "...if he leaves."

    But ten minutes later there was no sign of him making a move, it almost seemed like he planned on sleeping in the car if that's what it took.

    "Do you want me to go talk to him?" I suggested finally.

    "Nah, don't waste your time, I can wait him out. –as long as you don't mind that is?"

    "Fine by me," I shrugged.

    "I knew I shouldn't have said yes to that proposal," she admitted with a sigh a few moments later. "I feel like I've wasted all my teen years with nothing to show for it."

    "I'd hardly call your career a waste, besides you're only twenty," I reminded her. "It's when you're thirty that you need to start worrying."

    "But still, I've missed out on doing all that usual, stupid teen stuff; house parties, proms, drinking, getting high...just having fun, you know what I mean?"

    "Uhh—sure," I said, a little taken aback. "But like I said, it's not exactly too late for any of that."

    Dove didn't appear convinced however but she perked up immensely when I reached into the back of the glove compartment and pulled out a small joint and handed it to her.

    "Here, might as well start somewhere, as long as you don't go telling your mom."


    "See maybe that's your problem, you think too much," I teased, taking it back to light it up and take a quick drag.

    Dove narrowed her eyes at that and immediately accepted the challenge, snatching it back to take a deep puff but choking and coughing in the process.

    "Whoa, holy shit," she gasped as she struggled through her first hit.

    "Slow down, we've probably got all night going by his persistence over there," I said, nodding towards Ryan's parked car while taking the joint away from Dove who was already going for second attempt.

    "I can't believe I just did that," she giggled twenty minutes later, blushing at her own rebellious act.

    "Well if you ever need someone to get high with, you know where I am," I grinned back, half-jokingly but actually rather wanting to spend even more time with my hot neighbour.

    "Hmm, I might have to take you up on that you know?" she replied, flashing me a flirty smile.

    "Anytime," I assured her, looking back out the front and secretly feeling thankful Ryan was still lurking down the street.

    Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dove still looking at me as if trying to pluck up the courage to say something, not that she'd ever been shy around me.

    "What's up?" I finally asked.

    "I—I feel weird..."

    "Weird?" I asked, suddenly worried she was about to throw up.

    "Don't make fun of me but...I'm suddenly super horny..."

    I couldn't help but laugh at the unexpected and blunt comment, causing Dove to give me a playful slap on the arm.

    Really I shouldn't have been too surprised, I'd had numerous girlfriend who turned into real wildcats when they were high and it was certainly interesting to learn Dove Cameron may be no different.

    "I bet you wish you were in that bed alone now," I continued to tease her, unable to stop thinking about her little blonde cookie getting wet in my passenger seat.

    It seemed however that she was refusing to let herself be embarrassed and answered back just as confidentially.

    "I dunno, have never really been able to do it on my own."

    "Shit, well now I really feel bad for you."

    "It's not my fault I prefer the giving part of sex, that's what really gets me going!"

    "Umm—" I stammered, at a loss for words for the first time.

    Somehow I hadn't noticed that she'd fully turned in her seat to face me, her sparkling green eyes were locked on mine but I found it almost impossible to meet them, my own gaze too distracted by her slightly parted, pouty lips.

    To say I hadn't thought about that very pair of lips a few times in the past would be an understatement. And right now, coloured their usual bright, ruby red to contrast her pale skin, they'd never looked more inviting.

    So I kissed her.

    I'm not sure which one of us was more surprised by the brazen act. I heard Dove gasp in my mouth but she didn't pull away beyond that, my mind went blank. I simply couldn't believe how soft she felt and I even heard myself let out a small moan when she began to reciprocate the kiss, making the first move with her tongue.

    I had no idea how long we were making out for but when we finally pulled apart we were both breathless, quietly panting for air and my hand had found its way onto her smooth, trembling leg. I felt a brief twinge of guilt since I'd just feverishly made out with my neighbours hot daughter but she was such a good kisser it was difficult to care.

    "That was—" I started before Dove cut me off.

    "Wait...don't say anything."

    I opened my mouth to answer back but soon shut it tight again when she reached over and confidently stroked the tent in my pants, briefly feeling my package before pulling at my belt. When my erect penis sprang free, I felt I had to say something.

    "Are you sure?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

    "I know it's bad but..." Dove answered softly, her eyes glued to my cock while she stroked me in one hand. "...the thing I miss the most about having a boyfriend, is waking him up in the morning."

    "Waking them up?" I asked, failing to see the relevance.

    "Uh-huh, I always woke up before Ryan, and he was always hard when I did," she explained. "So I decided to have some fun – I basically woke him up with a blowjob every single day. It just made me so wet for some reason, I'd never come so hard...and neither had he, of course."

    She finished with a seductive smile and just like that I realised this was no longer the usual, sweet, girl next door Dove Cameron stroking my cock, somehow I'd awoken the behind-closed-doors version of my neighbour. The type of girl to send teasing, topless photos to her boyfriends and wake them up with a toe-curling morning hummer – no wonder he was so eager to marry her.

    Before I could think of something smart to say, Dove leaned over making my entire body tense up as she let out a long line of spit over the head of my cock, surprising me straight away that she'd start off that nasty and making my mind reel at what kind of other tricks she had up her sleeve.

    With my shaft now wet with her saliva as she leisurely pumped me in one hand, she looked back at me, her faces just a few inches away from mine.

    "So...can I suck your cock? I really need to get off tonight..."

    I swear I had to be dreaming. I couldn't even find words so simply nodded dumbly, making her beam and give me a peck on the cheek, no doubt leaving a red lipstick mark.

    But as much as Dove wanted her mouth full of cock, she continued to tease it out, sending a shiver up my spine when she first pressed her plump, pouty lips against the side of my cock with a wet kiss.

    She repeated the action again and again, leaving lingering kisses all over my rod, dragging her ultra-soft lips up my shaft until it got to the point I began to worry I'd come before she'd even put me in her mouth properly.

    "Mmm. I love how hard I can get you," she whispered at one point, gripping my shaft tightly at the base while using only her lips to tease the tip. "You've been waiting for this haven't you? I've seen the way you look at me, at my lips..."

    "Dove...please—" I grunted, begging her to end the torment.

    "Have you dreamed about this?" she continued, her hot breath wafting over my aching cock. "...about getting me on my knees? Getting ready to swallow your entire cock down my little throat?"


    My sexy neighbour simply flashed me another playful look, her green eyes piercing through the otherwise dark car to silently tell me she was only just getting started.

    The next step on her 'routine' appeared to involve her using her tongue and lips in unison to slather my pole in saliva, ensuring every inch was covered before she dipped lower and unexpectedly sucked one of my balls into her mouth, humming and swirling her wet tongue all around it.

    I found myself in desperate need of a distraction and settled on having some fun with her body, firstly her soft, natural tits. Thankfully it didn't take much to push her top and bra down with one hand when I reached under her, granting me access to her full, warm breasts which I happily squeezed and groped.

    It was while doing this I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and managed to look away from her face long enough to see her hand buried in her leggings, playing with herself as she diligently serviced me.

    "You really are getting off on this, aren't you?" I commented before reaching over to roughly yank her leggings and underwear down to reveal her pale, uplifted ass, unable to resist giving it a sharp slap to get back at her for teasing me.

    "Mmpphf—yesss," she purred as I squeezed her tight butt and her fingers twiddled her clit. "I'm so wet!"

    I moved my hand round to find out for myself, pushing her own hand away to feel her dripping cunt and get my own back a little by teasing her, stroking her pussy and dancing my fingertips around her aching clit, feeling her attempt to thrust back against me to no avail.

    "Nghh, you fucker," she groaned, her lips still planting long, sensual kisses on my dick.

    "Suck it Dove, suck my cock," I finally instructed more firmly.

    Without another word she finally wrapped those sweet lips around the head and bobbed down, taking half my length into her wet mouth on the first attempt, three-quarters on the second and suddenly my whole shaft disappeared down her narrow throat on her third try.

    "Holy—fuck!" I gasped, jerking upwards to lodge my tip even deeper, choking her and making her pull back.

    "Mmm—gahh—fuck I love gagging on your cock," she panted with spit down dripping down her chin but before she could fully catch her breath I suddenly forced her down again, prompting her into action.

    With Dove now hungrily slurping and sucking my cock, I rewarded her by wiggling two fingers knuckle-deep into her wet cunt, making her moan around my pole and up her efforts even further.

    "Ughh—fuck, you're so good at that," I grunted at one point after she deepthroated me yet again.

    "Play with my ass!" she hissed, "I'm so close, I want us to come together!"

    I heard myself groan out loud at that request. I simply couldn't believe how nasty my neighbour's hot daughter really was but without further ado, I did as she asked and began circling her tight asshole, my finger slick with her cunt juices, before unceremoniously pushing past her rim and stretching her butt out.

    "Nggh—yeah that's it," she purred approvingly. "Finger my ass while you fuck my mouth!"

    Dove was soon silenced again when my spare hand pushed on the back of her head, forcing my cock back down her throat. With her own hand now returning to feverishly rub her clit, I knew it was a race to the finish line.

    "You ready sweetheart? You gunna be a good girl and swallow that load for me?" I hissed.

    "Mmffphh—" she nodded eagerly while I bucked my hips and flooded her mouth with hot, salty semen.

    I came like a fountain, choking my sexy passenger while she gave a muffled squeal, forcing her pillow-like lips to stay tight around my shaft as her body shuddered. Dove's tiny ass clenched down so hard on my fingers I was forced to pull them free while she rode out her intense climax.

    When all was said and done we were both gasping for air as she sat up straight again to make herself presentable.

    "Oh he's gone!" Dove chirped happily, noticing the now empty drive way.

    "Yep, he left about thirty minutes ago," I grinned.

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    Grrr fuck yeah. What a great addition to the series. Actually thought u were done with it. Glad to see that's not the case.

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    (my head reading that blowjob-ass play sex scene)

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