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Thread: Pool Girls #1 with Selena Gomez (CYA)

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    Poll Pool Girls #1 with Selena Gomez (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure
    Pool Girls #1
    with Selena Gomez

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, BJ, public
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    You're already winning at life being the photographer, turned friend, turned friend with benefits of world renowned singer, Selena Gomez.

    Even now, a few months into your secret arrangement you still can't believe your luck every time she calls or shows up at your place out of the blue. You'd simply been in the right place at the right time and decent looking enough for Selena to notice you at the airport while you'd been snapping photos of her. Before you knew it, she'd dragged you off into the executive bathroom and the girl of your dreams was on her knees, draining the cum from your balls within a few minutes of wrapping her sweet lips around your cock.

    Thankfully, in the weeks following you'd managed to last much longer than those few minutes whenever you hooked up with the insatiable starlet.

    In truth, you suspect the thing Selena really likes, and why she keeps coming back for more, is the secretive nature of your little affair with her feeling incredibly naughty for fucking a fan.

    Even so, the pair of you got on surprisingly well. So well in fact it got to the point where Selena decided she wanted to introduce you to a few of her friends – probably with the intention of getting their approval before potentially going public with her new relationship.

    Fortunately for her, the perfect opportunity arose just a few days after her decision, with one of her closest friends, Hailee Steinfeld, hosting a private pool party at her place so Selena jumped at the invite.

    "Why are you so nervous, my friends won't bite!" Selena pouted during the drive over.

    You shrug your shoulders and force a smile, but as much as you try to hide your insecurities, Selena can read you like a book.

    "Trust me, they'll love you!" she insisted.

    "Here's hoping," you mutter.

    As much as you'd been looking forward to the opportunity to mingle with Selena's hot friends, it had only recently dawned on you that if you failed to make a good impression, or if her friends simply took a disliking to you, Selena would no doubt end your relationship then and there.

    "Seriously babe, you look so tense," Selena continued.

    You glance over at your sexy passenger and see her giving you her unforgettable, seductive smirk and realise she's having some very inappropriate thoughts.

    Before you can even ask her what she's thinking, she makes it perfectly clear, turning towards you in her seat and placing her hand on your leg.

    Immediately you tense up a little, gripping the steering wheel a little tighter as Selena casually strokes your thigh with one hand, all while smiling at you with her pretty, dark eyes.

    "You want me to help you relax?" she whispered softly.

    "Here? Right now?"

    As exciting as the prospect was, you're still surprised given how Selena was fairly reserved when it came to sex – not that you'd ever complained.

    "It's always been a little fantasy of mine," she admitted with a blush while stretching for your cock. "—to mess around in public, y'know?"

    "Oh really?" you can't help but grin as she starts opening up to you. "And what other kinky little fantasies do you have?"

    "Hmmm, one at a time I think," she teased back with a wink.

    You don't push the topic and simply groan as she tugs your cock out from your loose shorts and wraps her pretty hand around it.

    "Fuck. I love this big cock," she hissed, making you throb in her hand. "—always gets so hard for me!"

    "Uh-huh," you agree. "So what are you gonna do about it?"

    "I'll think of something..." she purrs as she starts stroking your length.

    When you stop in traffic you thank your past-self for splashing out on dark-tinted windows. Surrounded by cars and other motorists, you can't help but grin – if only they knew you were currently getting a handjob from Selena fucking Gomez just a few feet away!

    It seems your date is only getting started however. Just as the light turns green she leans over to unexpectedly drool a long line of warm spit over the head of your cock.

    "Oh fuckk—good girl," you grunt approvingly as she begins beating you off faster, spreading her spit all around.

    "Yeah you like it when I get nasty and messy, don't you?"

    "Fuck yes, do it again!" you order, suddenly grabbing her by the back of the head and pulling her down, urging her to spit on your shaft again.

    Selena does as she's told, spitting at your cock again while you speed down the freeway. You almost cause a pile-up however when she takes your breath away and engulfs the head of your dick into her wet mouth.

    Given how much Selena loves giving head it shouldn't have taken you by surprise but you still grunt, thrusting upwards into her inviting mouth to gag her.

    "Mmmphhff—I'm gonna make you cum," she promises as her head begins bobbing in your lap.

    You don't doubt that for a second as Selena proceeds to give you the sloppiest, hottest blowjob she's ever treated you to.

    At one point, with the road ahead empty, you pull her up by the hair to forcefully kiss her. Her eyes were watering slightly from her consistent deep-throating and her spit was dripping down her chin but she'd never looked sexier. After sharing a quick, intense kiss, you push her back down to re-enter her throat.

    Selena can only moan wantonly as she swallows your cock whole, sticking her long tongue out to tickle your balls.

    "Ugh. Fuck. You ready babe?" you finally groan.

    All you get in response is a muffled grunt in the affirmative before you pop, blowing your wad into Selena's belly with several powerful spurts.

    By the time Selena sits back up, smiling proudly and wiping her chin clean, you're pulling into Hailee's neighbourhood.

    "Feeling better?"

    "After that, I can barely even remember what was bothering me!" you reply truthfully.

    After parking up in the busy driveway, Selena takes your hand and leads you round the side of the house and into the garden where the party is already in full swing.

    Your jaw drops and you barely even know where to look as you find yourself surrounded by some of the hottest young babes Hollywood has to offer, all bikini-clad, hyperactive and throwing back drinks.

    But none were more excitable than the host.

    As soon as we stepped into the garden we heard Hailee scream as she ran over and practically pounced on Selena. The two long-time friends babbled and hugged excitedly for a minute before finally calming down at which point Hailee set her sights on you.

    "...and who's this?" she asks with a smile and an oddly seductive glare.

    Selena quickly introduces you but you barely have time to say hello before the two of them are whisked away to catch up and greet some of the other guests, leaving you alone in a strange house surrounded by strangers.

    You take a moment to get your bearings, thankfully given your background in photography, there are a few ladies you recognise, not that you know them personally but at least it's a start.

    In the centre of the garden is the swimming pool where you spot a pair of upcoming starlets, Lia Marie Johnson and Jordyn Jones shrieking and splashing around with some friends. At the far end of the pool is a small, circular hot-tub where busty teen, Ariel Winter catches your eye and appears to be the centre of attention.

    Meanwhile, there are a few games set up on the other side of the garden including table tennis where by the looks and sound of it, a fairly heated game is going on between Paris Berelc and Natalie Alyn Lind.

    Given the calibre of the girls outside you also wonder if it's worth heading inside to grab a drink from the kitchen to find out who else was in attendance.


    What do you do next? (Vote above)
    • Go for a swim in the pool
    • Join the girls in the hot tub
    • Watch the game of table tennis
    • Get a drink from the kitchen

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    Off to a good start Lemon, looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the next chapter.

    Lucky guy, getting some road head from Selena.

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    voted for all the options cause #democracy

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    Damn, what a decision to have to make. Although, maybe I'm biased, but its hard to go past Lia and JJ in the pool.

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    I'm all about seeing Whos in the Kitchen

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    short and sweet but an nice intro.... kitchen for a drink to run into possible someone half drunk is my choice.

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