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Thread: Pool Girls #3 with Lia Marie Johnson (CYA)

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    Poll Pool Girls #3 with Lia Marie Johnson (CYA)

    (CYA) Choose Your Adventure
    Pool Girls #3
    with Lia Marie Johnson, Jordyn Jones, Dove Cameron and Maia Mitchell

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, voy, shower, drunk
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    Previous Chapter

    With Maia Mitchell and Dove Cameron busy debating the rules of beer pong, with Maia insisting they make it more fun by having the loser drink and do a forfeit each turn, you decide you slip upstairs in search of Lia Marie Johnson while you have the chance.

    As you reach the landing it's clear this is the 'out of bounds' part of the house with no one else in sight but it doesn't slow you down as you search for the bathroom, following the sound of Lia's shower.

    You decide to knock on the door but after getting no response you try the handle, surprised to discover it was unlocked, letting you slip into the large, steam-filled bathroom.

    You don't go undetected for long however, with Lia hearing you when you close the door behind you and peeking her head around the shower curtain.

    "Oh, it's just you," she says, flashing you her pretty smile again.

    "Figured I'd come grab your details while I had the chance," you explain.

    "Is that all you were after?" she smirked. "Walking in on a girl in the shower like that? Anyone would think you had ulterior motives..."

    "Purely business," you lie.

    "Hm. Shame."

    There was a brief silence between the two of you during which Lia looks you up and down.

    "Did you want to rinse off the chlorine as well?" she finally offered, pushing the shower curtain over and inviting you to join her.

    Unfortunately the stunning teenager was still wearing her bikini but it was still quite the sight with her large, natural breasts almost spilling out and covered in droplets of water. Naturally it wasn't an offer you could refuse.

    Within a few seconds you're stood face-to-face with the pretty starlet and you're moments away from throwing caution to the wind and kissing her when you both hear someone approaching.

    Thinking quickly, Lia pulls the shower curtain closed and leans past you to turn the shower off.

    "I'm kind of here with a date," she explains with a guilty whisper, hoping not to get caught showering with another guy.

    Before you can ask her more, a couple comes stumbling in, the door swinging shut behind them. By the way they're kissing and groping it's clear they're after some privacy and there's little doubt in your mind as to what's going to happen next.

    Lia simply bites her lip nervously, unable to suppress a little grin of amusement as you both peek out to see Jordyn Jones being lifted onto the bathroom countertop by the guy she'd been flirting with in the pool.

    It's clearly a casual, spontaneous fling between the pair with barely two words spoken before Jordyn has her bikini unceremoniously ripped off her nubile body and a moment later is roughly impaled by the man's thick cock.

    "Unngh—shit!" she yelped. "Fuck. You're big!"

    "God damn," the older man grunted in response, sinking into her. "...such a tight little pussy!"

    "Uh-huh, yeah you like that? When was the last time you had teen pussy like this?" she teased back, easily taking his length and encouraging him to fuck her.

    You and Lia can only watch in amazement. You even wonder if Jordyn's bitten off more than she can chew as the guy begins to absolutely pound into her young box but by the look on her face and the sounds she's making, she's loving every second of it.

    "That's so hot," you hear Lia whisper in your ear with a soft giggle.

    You have to agree and almost feel a little jealous. Reading your mind and caught up in the moment, Lia boldly reaches back and cups your cock in her hand, feeling its hard girth to ensure you're enjoying the show as much as she is.

    She flashes you the most seductive look yet over her shoulder, inviting you to touch her body. You don't need to be asked twice so quickly slide your hands up her wet stomach, go straight under the bikini top to cup and squeeze her magnificent breasts directly.

    The sexy starlet practically melts in your arms as you skilfully play with her sensitive, natural tits before you move behind her and begin grinding your hard cock against her sweet ass.

    "Ugh—yes," she encourages under her breath, pushing herself against you.

    It doesn't take her long to take charge again, reaching back to pull her bikini bottoms to one side, displaying her bald cunt for the first time before guiding your cock straight to her creamy centre.

    You're left speechless as Lia wantonly pushes back against you and impales herself on your stiff rod in one motion. You're amazed at how tight and wet she is, her velvet pussy walls rippling and squeezing against your unprotected shaft.

    Your hands come down to her waist but you can't bring yourself to pull out as she rolls her flared hips a little to take more of you inside, grunting erotically in the process.

    By now Jordyn had been flipped over like a ragdoll and was being fucked to within an inch of her young life from behind.

    From the way Lia was urgently rocking herself against you, desperately fucking herself on your cock, you suspect she was after similar treatment, and who are you to say no?

    Grabbing a firmer hold of her slippery, wet body, you thrust forward just as she pushes back, forcing your cock deeper into her wet cunt than ever and making her gasp out loud.

    "Oh fuck!" she yelped quietly. "Yeah fuck me deep!"

    Thankfully the other couple were so caught up in what they were doing you go undetected as you pull back only to slam back into the YouTube star as hard as you can.

    You quickly build up a rapid rhythm, sending her sweet ass rippling on each powerful concussion and causing her to grunt and moan uncontrollably. It almost becomes a competition between you and the unknowing other guy, with you intent on fucking Lia as hard, if not harder as he's pummelling Jordyn.

    Before long the sound of your slapping flesh is echoing in the shower and you're sure by this point the other couple are aware they aren't alone but simply don't care enough to stop. With Lia's already wet body now covered in a fine film of sweat, your hands keep slipping so you settle on running your fingers through her dirty-blonde hair, curling it around your hand and giving it a sharp tug, cocking her head back.

    "Unggh—" she grunted. "Yes I love that! Pull my hair and fuck me! Fuck me!"

    She continued to chant and mumble while her juicy cunt became wetter and wetter with every long thrust. Looking up for a moment you suddenly find yourself locking eyes with Jordyn Jones in the mirror she was being fucked against.

    She'd apparently been watching for a while, moaning whorishly and getting off to the show you were now putting on as her man relentlessly thrust into her battered cunt.

    "Oh fuck—I'm cumming!" she suddenly gasped which only made the guy go faster.

    Jordyn babbled on, getting louder and louder until she suddenly screamed and almost lost her damn mind. The man fucking her was forced to pull out as the tiny teenager proceeded to squirt all over his cock and the bathroom floor, her entire body trembling in the aftershocks while her back was suddenly splattered by several ropes of warm spunk.

    Even in your experience you'd never seen such a wanton display, amazed at Jordyn's ability to squirt like that and it apparently had a positive effect on Lia too who moaned loudly as she creamed on your cock, her churning cunt squeezing and milking your shaft until you're forced to pull out and give her the same treatment as Jordyn, spraying your creamy load all over her back and ass.

    "Whoa, that was kinda crazy," Lia panted a minute later.

    There wasn't much else to say as the four of you get cleaned up and sneak off one-by-one, promising to keep your sordid little experience a secret.

    By the time you get back downstairs the game of beer pong is in full swing and to no one's surprise, the Aussie born actress is winning with ease with Dove in the process of downing her fourth cup.

    Given her size it didn't take much to get the petite blonde drunk and she now stood uneasily, swaying on her feet while Maia contemplated her forfeit, apparently having won the earlier argument.

    "I think it's time for some proper dares," Maia decided after a moment of thought. "Let's see you put those lips to work, I wanna see you make out with someone! The only rule is, you're not allowed to know the guy's name."

    "Pfft, easy!" Dove slurred before scanning the room.

    For a second your heart skips a beat as her eyes seem to linger on you but ultimately she shrugs and grabs the guy closest to her, pulling him in and making the room watch enviously as she crushes her pillowy lips against his and you even see her slip in a little tongue.

    Understandably the lucky guy is more than a little stunned when she finally pulls away to receive a little round of applause led by an impressed Maia.

    "I should get you drunk more often, sweetheart," the brunette grinned mischievously while Dove lined up her next shot.

    To everyone's surprise, she nailed it, giving Maia her first drink of the game which she took without question.

    "Go on then, do your worst," she challenged while Dove thought of a suitable dare.

    "Well since you love teasing me about how everyone's seen my tits, I think it's only fair we all saw yours," the tipsy blonde finally declared.

    Maia narrowed her eyes before glancing around the crowded kitchen. For a moment it appeared she was going to back out but she was far too stubborn for that.

    With baited breath you watch as Maia tugs at the string of her bikini and briefly flashes the entire room.

    "Whoa hold on, you gotta give us more than that!" Dove complained. "Topless for the next round at least!"

    "You never said!"

    "C'mon babe, they're so nice to look at," Dove pouted.

    "Fine," Maia relented. "But if I get this next one in, you have to go topless for the rest of the game!"

    "...and if you miss?"

    "I'll lose the bottoms as well."


    Naturally this caused quite the stir in the captivated audience. As far as you're concerned it's win/win as Maia drops her bikini top to the floor to stand there topless and proud in the middle of the kitchen to line up her next throw. It's at this point you notice Lia across the room catching your eye and giving you a playful smile as she fiddles with her drink.

    "We don't have all day," Dove teases impatiently.

    Maia ignores her opponent, licks her lips, tosses the ball and with a single bounce drops it into the middle cup. Raising her arms and jumping in triumph sends her pert tits bouncing while it's all Dove can do but flush red.

    "Come on then, pay up, let's see those pretty things," Maia giggles while Dove takes her time drinking.

    "Fine but this is unfair, all these guys getting a free show," Dove complains while also discarding her bikini top and clutching her arm over her chest.

    "Hmm, you're right actually," Maia agreed, turning to the gathered audience. "Maybe we turn this into a team game, get a few of you guys in, unless you're scared?"


    What do you do next? (Vote above)
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    • Team up with Lia
    • Go back into the garden
    • Check the house for new arrivals

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    Best chapter yet. Pants down. :bravo:

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    I'm in full agreement with Mac, definitely the best chapter yet.

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    Fantastic chapter and scene in the bathroom memorable, good job

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