Chapter 2-"Flights of the Phoenix"
Written by RV96
Characters: Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan)
Non-Sex Characters: Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult), Lorna Dean, Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender)
Codes: F/F, (Slight) M/F, Cons, Dream, Oral, 69, Mild Action
Disclaimer: A fanfic that’s completely fictional that probably has never and will never happen? Why I never! Yes this is complete fantasy and never happened. As usual, feedback is more than welcomed!
Note: I do not own any of the characters or locations used in this story. The X-Men Universe is owned by 20th Century Fox based off characters from Marvel Entertainment.

"Unleash your power! Let go Jean! JEAN LET GOOOOOO!” And with that one final push from a wounded Charles Xavier through a telepathic call from the Mansion to Cairo, Jean Grey unleashed the fire that was always inside of her and freed the Phoenix onto En Sabah Nur, the first living Mutant known as “Apocalypse.”

With the combined powers of Erik Lehnsherr, Scott Summers, and Ororo Munroe, Jean was able to deliver the final blow to The First Mutant, ending his crusade. But Jean completely lost herself in this entire ordeal. Jean was gone at that point and all that stood before her fellow Mutants was the Phoenix.

“Jean? Jean?!” Xavier exclaimed as he saw Jean collapse to the ground, motionless from the ordeal.

“JEAN!!!” Hank McCoy shouted as he watched his fellow X-Man and friend fall.

“No no no no!” Scott rushes to Jean’s side. They all bring Jean’s motionless body back to the Mansion to Xavier. Hours later and still no response, they arrive back home to Xavier’s Mansion as the Mansion is all but destroyed. Having no choice but relocate, Erik offered to help rebuild the Mansion along with Scott and a few others but turned down an offer from Charles to help teach at the school when it’s rebuilt.

Within the span of about 1 month or so mostly due to Erik’s magnetic abilities, Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters was now reopen for operation but there was still one glaring problem: Jean never recover

“How is she?” Erik asks with a slightly concerned voiced.

“She’s breathing but she’s knocked out cold.” Hank replies.

Jean was placed under great care after the incident. She didn’t regain conscious but she showed no sign of injury and was fully stable. McCoy began to examine Jean’s current state and this lasted for months but it felt like years. Each day, a red/orange aura surrounded her body that indicated she still had no control over this Phoenix.

“She seems to be stable but at the same time…..” McCoy announced worried.

“What is it?” Scott asked.

“This aura around her….You saw what she did. That wasn’t Jean.” McCoy replied.

“I know what you mean but….” Scott tried to answer but stopped as he looked down at Jean.

“What if this……overtakes her?” McCoy once again asked, still examining Jean’s current state.

Even though she wasn’t responding physically, her mind was racing at an almost uncontrollable rate. Jean was in a desolate area covered in ash. Every single area was covered in ash and dust which made Jean feel alone. Suddenly, a wave of wind brushed her to the point where everything around her turned white.

“What….What is this place?” Young Jean asked worried as she wasn’t sure how to comprehend what transpired. Suddenly, a blinding yellow light flashed in front of Jean startling her in the process. She just stood frozen in place, perplexed on whatever was standing in front of her. Suddenly, a voice called out to her.


“What are you?” Jean asked as she slowly moved toward the entity.

“Be not afraid. No harm is meant.” The powerful voice responded. It was the voice of a woman.

“What….WHO are you?!” Jean demanded.

“The sum and substance of life and hope and dreams.” The voice replied. “All that is known to me. I know you Jean Grey. Since your conception to your arrival to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.”

“You still haven’t answered my question: WHO ARE YOU?” Jean was growing impatient.

“I am your conscience Jean Grey.”

“So you’re just a part of my imagination. Great.” Jean sarcastically responded. “What is this place?”

“The White Hot Room.”

“The White Hot Room?”

“You discovered your greatest power, Jean. The Phoenix that burns inside of you.” The voice was now forming into a body. It was an outline of Jean Grey’s but with no skin. The length of her legs to her hair style, all accurate. Jean couldn’t believe what she was experiencing.

“What is wrong with me?” Jean asked.

“Nothing is wrong with you. It’s your power Jean Grey Your gift. But it could also be a curse if not used correctly.” Now the entity resembled more of Jean Grey’s voice, at least an older version of her.

“How do I control it?” Jean asked.

“By embracing it. Accept the Phoenix.”

“But when I embraced it……Well, here I am in this weird place. That isn’t real.”

“Defeating En Sabah Nur was the first step. You showcased it and now it’s time to embrace it. But be warned: don’t let it consume you.” The voiced echoed as a giant wave and flames covered Jean as she closed her eyes. In real time, Jean opened her eyes and gasped.

“Jean? Jean?!” Scott came to Jean’s side. “Hank! She’s awake!” Hank came over to Jean’s side as Jean continued to breathe heavily, still not wondering where she was at.

“Jean, how are you?” Hank asked her.

“I don’t…..Know.” Jean somewhat stumbled her words, clearly still not all there.

“I think we should give her some space, yeah?” Scott said as he quickly gave Jean a quick kiss on the forehead.

Hank continued to examine her as Jean finally calmed down. While physically she felt fine, mentally her mind was focused on something else which, in turn, made her body focus on something else. She had now grown……Feelings.

Over the course of the past few days, Jean had grown an insatiable lust. Jean had sensual thoughts regarding many of her fellow friends, from Hank McCoy to Jubilation Lee. Was this a side of the Phoenix that was being repressed? Jean didn’t know but she did know that it helped with her sex life with Scott; At least initially.

“OH GOD JEAN I’M CUMMING!” Scott shouted as Jean continued to bounce on him, allowing him to ride his orgasm out as she collapsed on top of him and kissed him on the lips.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you Jean but…..” Scott sighed, still coming off his high.

“Liked it?” Jean asked as she laid her head on his chest.

“I….” Scott whispered as he nearly drifted to sleep.

They kept this up for a few weeks until Jean tried to perform fellatio on another student in public, causing a major rift between Jean and Scott.

“Jean, what you did was beyond repulsive.” Charles Xavier said disappointed as she could hardly face him.

“I know Professor. I don’t know what’s come over me.” Jean exasperated.

“We all have thoughts of lust and urges to release them Jean but there’s a time and a place for everything.” Charles explained.

“Have you ever found me attractive, Professor?” Jean asked naively much to Xavier’s surprise.

“I think you’re incredibly attractive Jean but……” Charles hesitated before continuing. “I know you’re trying to enter my thoughts.” Jean’s eyes widened.

“Professor, it’s not me I swear I’m not doing it!” Jean exasperated.

“Jean, calm down. I know it’s not you.” Charles reassured her.

“I understand Professor Xavier.”

“I initially suspected you were going through a phase of Nymphomania but ever since that event when I told you to “Let go”…..I feel as though I have as much to do with this.” Charles bitterly replied.

“What is Nymphomania?” Jean asked.

“When a woman, like yourself, has an uncontrollable urge for sexual intercourse that is Nymphomania.” Charles retorted. “But there’s something more here.”

“But none of this is your fault Professor. I discovered what I’m capable of.” Jean added.

“I know and I will do everything to help you out but rules are rules and we must abide by them. I am compelled and ordered to have you expelled but in this current state you are in, I can’t risk it. I can’t expel you but you can’t live on these grounds for the time being. Do you have a friend in town by any chance? Or any relatives?”

“Yes, I do know someone in town.” Jean said as Charles nodded.

“I will help you get this under control. I promise.” Charles announced as Jean stood up and exited his office.

Jean tried not to cry as she took a taxi downtown into the city where she knew a friend of hers who owned a bar. She examined her complexion in the mirror, noticing her skin was more pale than normal and her long red hair was a bit of a mess but something abnormal appeared that should could not avoid for a second.

As she continued to stare at herself in the mirror, her striking green eyes turned changed to bright orange, causing her to gasp out loud, startling the taxi driver in the process.

“Miss? Miss are you okay back there?” The driver asked.

“Mhm. I’m fine.” Jean squeaked not sure how to react. Was this Phoenix an apparition that released on cue or was it random? Jean still wasn’t sure how to control whatever this Phoenix was but she was determined to not let it interfere anymore.
“Where is it that you’re heading to dear?” The driver asked.

“Alphabet City.” Jean replied as the driver nodded. Alphabet City was developing a bit of a reputation amongst many living in New York with everything from violent Mutants to poor living arrangements, it was basically a ghetto for Mutants.

Jean arrived to one of the apartments as the sounds of distant police sirens bellowed in the distance. Jean was having some second thoughts about this as she walked toward the door. Jean knocked on the door and took a deep breath awaiting for the door to open.
“Jean, how are you?!” The door opened to reveal Jean’s friend Lorna Dane with long green hair and piercing green eyes, more so than Jean’s own green eyes.

“Hey Lorna.” Jean said as she looked around, intimidated by her surroundings as Lorna hugged her.

“Come inside!” Lorna invited Jean in and despite the environment she was currently living in, her apartment was quite tidy with white tiling and a decently constructed kitchen but her TV wasn’t up to par with what Jean had back at the Mansion as it was a green JVC Videosphere set. “Hungry? Thirsty?”

“It’s OK, I’m saving myself for dinner.” Jean replied.

“You look parched honey. You sure you’re not hungry either?” Lorna asked.

“It’s my complexion.” Jean joked dryly. Lorna shrugged her shoulders and continued with getting ready for work.

“What are you doing?” Jean asked.

“Getting ready for work.” Lorna replied as she jotted from bedroom to bathroom.

“Where at?”

“The Black Tom Cassidy.” Lorna replied.

“Well, this is great.” Jean sarcastically groaned. “I need someone to talk to and you’re gonna leave me here alone.”

“Look, I wish I could talk to you about your problem but I really have to be at work.” Lorna panted as Jean just groaned and placed her head into one of the pillows and screamed furiously into them, only for the pillow to completely incinerate instantly.

“Sorry Jean I wish I could OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL?!” Lorna exclaimed as the living room ignited a red hue for a few moments before turning to normal.

“I’m….I’m sorry. Oh my……” Jean gasped as she panted heavily.

“Je…Jean. Your eyes.” Lorna whispered as Jean noticed herself in the living room mirror, her eyes now full orange.

“What’s wrong with me?” Jean whispered as she crumbled to the ground weeping as Lorna attended to her friend.

“Nothing….I don’t know.” Lorna replied confused, not knowing how to react.

“There is.” Jean whispered. “This has been happening ever since the Cairo incident.”

“You were a part of that?!” Lorna asked shocked as Jean nodded her head.

“Look, how about this: I can take you to the bar and maybe ask if a position is open for you, just so you could keep yourself busy.” Lorna offered as she helped Jean off the ground.

“I don’t know Lorna…..” Jean hesitated.

“It’s better than staying here.” Lorna urged Jean to join her. “Just for this evening and if you don’t like it, that’s totally fine.”

“I…I….I guess.” Jean whispered. “But I’m not a fan of bars and I’m not in decent clothes.”

“Look at me Jean.” Lorna showcased her attire. She was wearing a black mini-skirt with green hightop Reeboks, a green jacket, and a black undershirt.

“Never saw Reeboks as being presentable in a bar.” Jean sarcastically quipped.

“It’s casual!” Lorna said in a slightly whiney voice as Jean began to wipe her eyes, which have now returned to their normal state.
“Yeah, in the confectionary world.” Jean dryly added as Lorna started to laugh.

“So are you in or not?” Lorna offered once again.

“Yes, I guess it won’t be that bad.” Jean stated as her and Lorna headed at to the Black Tom Cassidy. The place had a real grimy feel to it as it featured dim lighting and a sense that someone could get stabbed at any moment. Then again, the same could be said for the entirety of “District X” but Jean had already agreed to it. Much to her surprise, she got the job, though it was on a part-time basis. Jean had a decent time maintaining herself through serving customers but she did run into the occasional overly flirtatious/drunk customer.

“Hey, step away from the new girl!” Lorna scolded as two more men tried to hit on Jean. “Pervy jerks.”

“Thanks Lorna.” Jean added. “Did this happen to you when you first started?” Jean asked as she served one of the customers. “Here you go.”

“I STILL get it daily. I don’t even wear anything revealing!” Lorna exclaimed as Jean shook her head and smiled. Suddenly, someone caught her eye. It was a woman with red hair style Jean hadn’t seen before with eyes that…..Almost looked like Jean’s whenever she went into her “Phoenix” stage. But Jean couldn’t pay it no mind as two men in the bar where ready to shoot each other with guns. Luckily, Lorna was there to stop them as she reached her hand out and with her magnetic abilities, destroyed both guns until it was nothing but bullets. Jean was completely taken aback not by the two men who were about to kill each other but by Lorna’s revelation.

“A Mutant?” Jean thought to herself. “With magnetic powers? NO….” Jean immediately put 2+2 together. “Lensherr’s daughter?! Niece?” Jean and Lorna always bonded ever since they were pre-teens on the fact that they had ‘special’ abilities but Lorna always kept them repressed as well as her extended family lineage.

“JESUS LORNA!” Jean exclaimed.

“You OK there Jean?” Lorna asked concerned for her friend.

“Uh yeah. I am.” Jean whispered.

“This chick is crazy I’m out of here!” One of the men exclaimed as he and the other man scampered out of the bar.

“Don’t ever think of coming back here again or I won’t be fucking kind next time!” Lorna exclaimed as she went over to Jean. “How about you take a break for a bit while I clean this mess up, yeah?” Jean nodded as she went over to the corner of the bar and sat at the table in front of the mystery woman Jean eye contact with.

“First time working here huh?” The woman asked.

“Yeah, first time.” Jean replied.

“You ever feel like you’re in a White Hot Room?” The woman asked, causing Jean to immediately look at her. How does SHE know about the White Hot Room?

“What are you talking about? Who are you?” Jean asked.

“I’m just a stranger passing by.” The woman somewhat sarcastically added.

“What did you mean by ‘White Hot Room?’” Jean asked.

“Hello Jean.”

“How….How do you know my name? Who are you?” Jean asked now worried.

“Jean Grey.” The woman replied bluntly. Jean’s eyes widened. This had to be a dream right. It just had to be.

“Bullshit.” Jean replied. “You don’t know anything about me.”

“This the part where I tell you everything that you know and you still won’t be believe me but….”

“You Won’t I won’t.” Both said simultaneously. Jean’s eyes widen and was taken aback while the mystery woman smiled.

“I am you Jean.” The woman said.

“How….Wh…..Why?” Jean asked still completely confused.

“The Phoenix. What’s going on inside you right now I was going through around this same time.”

“I still don’t believe you lady!” Jean growled , getting incredibly annoyed by this woman and her tedious, perplexing responses. “What’s your proof?”

“Charles gave me the push to stop En Sabah Nur in…..”

“Cairo.” Jean interjected. “You are me.” Jean whispered under her breath while taking deep breath.

“After that event, I fell into a coma of sorts for months. Tell me: did the same happen to you?” The older Jean asked young Jean.

“Yes.” Young Jean said trembling. “Ho……How did you cope with it?” Before the older Jean could answer, Lorna went to check on her friend.

“Jean Jean Jean are you OK?” Lorna asked concerned.

“Yes.” They both retorted at the same time, causing Lorna to look at them confused.

“Hello Lorna, long time no see!” Old Jean exclaimed as Lorna looked confused.

“Do I know you lady?” Lorna asked.

“Uh Lorna. There is no easy way to say this so I’m just going to be blunt with you:” Before Jean could responded, Jean interrupted her.
“Jean Grey, nice to meet you….Again.” Old Jean said softly as Lorna’s eyes widened.

“OK knock it off, you’re clearly drunk lady.” Lorna sarcastically quipped as she began laughing awkwardly as both Jeans stood up from the table.

“Lorna Dane, lived in Alphabet City on 2091 N Mammomax Street, worked at the Black Tom Cassidy, and would become an enemy of the X-Men.” Old Jean replied bluntly causing Lorna and young Jean to gasp.

“I don’t freaking believe it!” Lorna exasperated as she sat down on a stool trying to get a grasp on this situation. “Um……I think I’m gonna call it a night. Jean, do you think you can close up in a few?”

“Sure.” Both Jeans replied.

“That is so weird. We’re talking about this in the morning, yeah?” Lorna explained as she slowly exited out of the bar, her eyes never leaving the two Jeans.

“What did you mean by Lorna ‘would become an enemy of the X-Men?” Young Jean asked confused. “How far in my…..OUR future are you?”

“Over 20 years.” Old Jean replied. “Do you feel……Different?”

“Yes. This……’Phoenix’ that’s inside of me is changed me. I don’t even know how to control it. How did you control it?” Young Jean asked.

“There’s no easy way to overcome it but you have to face it Jean. Whatever it is that you fear, you must face it. Whatever it may be, YOU. MUST. FACE IT. Do you know what you fear? Because I do.” Old Jean said sternly as she looked straight into her younger self’s eyes. The younger Jean contemplated it for a second but came to an answer.

“Everything around me turning to dust…..Because of ME.” Jean replied as her voice grew deeper and her eye color began to shift from green to orange.

“JEAN JEAN CALM DOWN.” The older Jean urged her younger counterpart to calm down as Jean started to lose control of herself. Improvising, Jean pressed her two index fingers on either side of her younger counterpart’s temple and began to submit waves into Jean’s subconscious telepathically.

“Jean, you need to calm down.” Older Jean admonished with her telepathic abilities, causing young Jean to widen her eyes and stand back a bit. “Relax Jean.”

“I have….We have telepathic powers?” Jean replied as they both were having a conversation subconsciously. Not wanting to be bothered, older Jean used her telekinetic abilities to lock the doors of the bar and close the windows in case any incoming patrons decided to knock.

“TELEKENIS TOO?!” Young Jean shouted.

“Focus on us.” Older Jean commanded. “You need to calm down.”

“Okay I will.” Young Jean retorted.

“Now…..Focus on your fear. I am going to transport you to the event of which you are afraid of.” Suddenly, small, white waves began to be appear from older Jean’s hands and began to enter her younger self’s head. “FOCUS. FOCUS.” Young Jean closed her eyes tightly and focused on her older self’s instructions. Suddenly, Jean found herself in a desolate area filled with ash and rubble with the sky a bright orange, as if the sun was out but it wasn’t. In the sky, a yellow figure levitated amidst the debris. Jean slowly walked toward the area this figure was hovering but not before tripping over something.

“Oh Jesus……HANK?!” Jean gasped as she noticed the body of her friend Hank McCoy, bloodied and lying motionless. He was dead. Scouting the area around her, Jean noticed the bodies of Professor Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Jubilee, and…..The man she encountered at the Weapon X facility. Jean was in tears.

“Control yourself.” Jean ordered as her voice echoed. Suddenly, the figured turned around and set its eyes on Jean; It was Jean in her ultimate Phoenix form! Young Jean took very deep breaths as she began to tremble at the sight above her. “Let yourself go Jean!” With one deep breath, Jean’s eyes once again changed colors and she slowly started to levitate up in the air and to her fiery doppelganger. Facing her doppelganger, she looked this manifestation in its eyes and slowly locked lips with it, causing it to slowly incinerate with a piercing scream.

Coming back to reality, young Jean opened her eyes only to see that her older counterpart had her lips pressed against hers and that they were no longer in The Black Tom Cassidy but instead floating in mid-air!

“Woah woah what are you doing?!” Young Jean asked as she tried to pull away.

“You’ve embraced the Phoenix, Jean.” Her older counterpart retorted smiling.

“But what is up with the kissing?”

“This all stemmed from sexual frustration, right?” Jean nodded. “Well, now is the time for the ‘final’ initiation of sorts.” With that last word, Jean returned her lips to her younger self as she admired her tall, lithe frame.

“Mmmmmm.” Young Jean shamelessly moaned as her hands trailed her old self’s hourglass figure, admiring her (fitting for the occasion) red dress with her hands as she slowly moved them up and down her body.

“Wait, is this masturbation?” Jean whispered, confused causing her older self to chuckle.

“Don’t ask questions.” Jean replied with a wink as she continued to kiss her younger self. All of a sudden, the orange aura flared up around the two Jeans, causing the young one to shudder a bit.

“What is this?” Young Jean asked confused of her new surroundings.

“What is this?” Young Jean asked confused of her new surroundings.

“Oh you have so much to learn. Think of this as a bed.” Older Jean then proceeded to use her abilities to strip her younger self, incinerate her clothes, causing Jean to crack a small smile as her older self admired her pale, nude body, paying extra attention to her slightly hairy mound. “Now you’re getting used to it. Now me.”

Jean focused for a few seconds but she managed to slowly strip the older Jean’s dress, removing the straps before slowly removing her bra & panties, leaving her body completely nude as her statuesque frame walked up toward her younger, lithe frame. She caressed the face of her younger self softly before tossing her down, which caused young Jean to gasp, clearly indicating who was in charge here.
“Relax.” Older Jean commanded sensually as young Jean laid down on the orange field that entrapped them as she mounted young Jean and once again planted her lips onto her younger versions before reaching down to her chest and playing with her right nipple with her tongue while she pinched her left nipple.

“Ooooh damn it!” Young Jean moaned as old Jean started to switch from right to left and continued this for a few seconds before making her way down her stomach. Before old Jean could make her way all the way down young Jean’s body, young Jean reached her hands out to her old counterparts’ labia and began to furiously play with it, turning Jean onto her back she shoved 3 digits into her vagina, thrusting into them with force.

“Hhmmmmmmm yeah, clearly you’re experienced at this.” Jean giggled, admiring her younger self’s sexual prowess as young Jean paid no attention to her old self’s words and just continued to jam her fingers into Jean’s tight cunt.

“FUCKING LIKE THAT?! HUH?!” Young Jean shouted, never one to mince her verbiage.

“Fucking yes!” Old Jean moaned as she started to thrust her hips upward while Jean continued to shove her fingers deep into her as they locked lips yet again.

“Mmmmmmmmm YES!” Old Jean moaned through the kiss as young Jean now started to use her thumb and created circular motions across old Jean’s labia, teasing her more than anything else as she also licked and sucked on her nipple softly as old Jean started to moan softly. “Oh yessss.”

After a few minutes of light teasing, young Jean resumed thrusting her fingers into her older self, not wasting a beat. “Let go Jean.” She taunted.

“OOOOOH GOD!” Old Jean moaned as she whipped her hair back in dramatic fashion and closed her eyes. She was nearing her end.
“LET GO JEAN. LET GO!” Young Jean taunted echoing the words Professor X relayed to her months back or, in the case of her older counterpart, decades earlier, wanting her to cum. Old Jean bit her lip in anticipation and closed her eyes tighter and her younger self knew she was ready.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” Old Jean moaned as she climaxed with a thunderous cry as the field of fire around them grew larger. After they both had a moment to catch their breaths, they both locked eyes and lips once again before old Jean took control of the situation again.

“Lay down.” Old Jean sternly ordered which Jean complied with a small nod. Anticipating her next move, young Jean lifted her legs slightly as positioned themselves into a 69 position as old Jean towered over her, shaking her bottom playfully while she was at it. Not wasting anymore time, young Jean started to hungrily lick away at old Jean’s clit, getting it even more wet than it already was.

“Mmmmmffpppphhhhhh.” Young Jean moaned against her older self as old Jean began to gyrate her hips Jean, all but sitting on her.

“You fucking like that ass don’t you?!” Old Jean groaned as she whipped her long red hair back in ecstasy as young Jean smacked her ass as she continued to eat her older self out. “OOoooh wow!” The sharp pitch in Jean’s cries indicated that she wasn’t gonna hold out much longer so she proceeded to return the favor by eating her younger self, licking her clit while taking her thumb and rubbing it against her as she did to her a few moment prior.

“OOOOOOOOOH YES YES KEEP GOING!” Young Jean cried out as old Jean grinned, continuing her actions. Muffled moans could be heard from below Jeans body around herself, but nothing could stop her mouth moans as she pushed her tongue over the young girl’s vagina. With the pleasure building up in-between the both, they both slowly started to levitate off the ground as they continued their actions. The much older Jean made it her mission to get her younger self off as she added extra pressure with her now hot tongue.

“Close?!” Old Jean shouted in a boisterous voice. The Phoenix was now coming out as her eyes changed colors and hair began to glow.
“YESSSSS!” Young Jean snapped back as her voice was also deep, though not as deep as the older version of herself. Her hair started to glow red and eyes change to the same orange color. The aura around them heating up and intensifying combined with their impending orgasms was enough to be destructive if they weren’t careful!

“CLOSE” Old Jean groaned as her eyes turned from orange to black, meaning she was near.

“I’M GOING TO CUM!” Young Jean groaned and she was as her body continued to spasm out of control, her normal voice returning. Old Jean was close too as she continued to thrust her fingers into her vagina and eat her out simultaneously.

“KEEP GOING!” Old Jean ordered as she continued her actions. Within a few more licks and rubs, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes ready to take flight, both Jeans finally reached their scorching climax.

“CUMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!” Both of their powerful, almost demonic voices echoed in a bombastic manner throughout all of New York, creating a cloud of light that turned the night sky into an orange sky as if it was the night. The sky was so noticeable and the cries so deafening that Charles Xavier, working late in his office, not only noticed it but even felt it a bit.

“OH MY.” Xavier winced as he placed his hands on his chest and shook his head as the ground had a slight shake.

“Charles! Charles are you OK?” Hank ran in to check on his friend and mentor, also feeling the recent effects.

“Ye-Yes. Yes I am Hank. It’s just that…..” Xavier hesitated for a few moments before continuing. His eyes widened and he came to the realization. In fact, they both came to the realization of what this meant.


The End.