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Thread: "Family Affair" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Family Affair" with Hailee Steinfeld

    Family Affair
    with Hailee Steinfeld

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, reluc, cheat, handjob, creampie
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    The house was a hive of activity and had been for the past hour. My brother and his girlfriend were always terrible at getting ready on time and with their car already waiting outside both Cameron and Hailee were dashing around sorting out their outfits while Hailee had her hair and make-up people putting the finishing touches on her literally as they walked out the door.

    It was a relief to see them go in all honesty, even if they had left the place in a complete mess in their hurry. So while I spent the early evening cleaning up after them, Cam and Hailee were off enjoying their red carpet event.

    I didn't mind really. Hailee had been kind enough to offer to take me as one of her guests but I'd politely declined, the spotlight really wasn't my kind of thing. That being said, with how good Hailee had looked on her way out, there was no doubt in my mind everybody's attentions would be firmly placed on her – and rightly so, her legs alone were—

    No. I quickly shook that thought from my head, silently scolding myself for letting my mind drift almost inappropriately.

    For far too long I'd harboured a secret crush on my brother's girlfriend. One I'd felt guilty for having for just as long but I couldn't help myself, not that I'd ever act on it.

    While I was a few years older than the 19-year-old actress, something about her drove me crazy and the more time she spent around the house the more difficult it was to ignore. It didn't help matters with how friendly she was all the time, I'd even initially taken it for flirting before I got to know her bubbly personality better.

    I was still up watching TV alone by the time Hailee and Cameron arrived home. I was well aware Cam couldn't handle his drink so I wasn't too surprised to see it was Hailee supporting him as they loudly struggled through the door while I rushed over to help.

    After setting him down in a vacant armchair, I dropped back onto the sofa and was quickly joined by Hailee.

    "So what are we watching?"

    "Nothing interesting," I shrugged. "Good night was it?"

    "Amazing!" she gushed before excitedly telling me every detail.

    Before I knew it a good couple of hours had passed with just us chatting in low voices, sharing a few beers while Cam snored quietly and our parents slept upstairs.

    "Seriously you should have come with us, the girls there...I mean, wow! Talk about Hollywood's finest!"

    "Maybe next time, yeah?"

    "Come on, what's your story anyway? You're cute, why don't you have a girlfriend?" Hailee pouted, turning to face me with her chin in her hand.

    I shrugged, avoiding her eye and muttered some lame excuse about having no time for a relationship right now.

    "Bullshit, everyone has time for a bit of fun every once in a while."

    "I dunno—"

    "You know, I've got a few single friends, maybe I could hook you up? Nothing serious just...something fun?" she suggested with a sly smile.

    "Nah, you don't have to do that," I muttered.

    "I'm serious! You're a catch, hell, I'd fuck you!"

    "Umm—wow, alright, don't let my brother hear you say that!"

    "Oh oops, sorry I guess I say dumb shit when I'm a little drunk," Hailee smirked, flashing me a seductive look.

    I gulped and shifted uncomfortably. I was sure I must have somehow been misreading the signals, there was no way my own brother's girlfriend was flirting with me so aggressively. As much as I may have wanted her, I had at least some loyalty to my brother left.

    "I should probably go to bed," I blurted out a minute later, making a move to stand before Hailee grabbed my arm and pulled my back down.

    "Aww, don't leave me alone down here," she whined. "I'll stop teasing you, I promise."

    Against my better judgement I sat back down, only for Hailee to take the opportunity to hug me, squeezing her warm, lithe body against me and filling my nose with her intoxicating hair and perfume.

    "Hailee. If Cam wakes up..."

    "What's the matter?" she grinned up at me, reading my mind. "We aren't doing anything wrong are we?"

    "Well no but still—"

    "At least, we aren't doing anything wrong yet..."


    "You're so tense right now," she said, seemingly changing the subject. "You just need to loosen up a little."

    "You're not exactly making it easy," I murmured.

    "I'm not? I can help with that, if you want me to?"

    I jumped and quickly caught her wrist as her hand began to move over my chest and snake downwards. We looked deep into each other's eyes and it took everything in my power to resist her.

    "Stop it Hailee, you're just drunk. We both are."

    "I know what I'm doing," she promised before leaning up to kiss me.

    It was only brief, her soft, pink lips brushed against mine for a quick second but it was enough to let the floodgates open and suddenly I was urgently kissing her back.

    My grip on her wrist loosened as she quietly sighed into my mouth and her hand continued its journey downwards into my lap where she quickly discovered my stiff member, stroking it through my sweatpants.

    "You're so hard already," she giggled, breaking the fiery kiss.

    "What do you expect, you've been teasing me all night!"

    "Don't worry, I'll make it up to you."

    "We can't Hailee," I complained. "I want to but..."

    "Shhh," she silenced me, pushing a finger to my lips.

    I swallowed hard as she glanced over her shoulder to check Cam was still out of it before turning back to me.

    "Now are you going to be quiet, or are you going to get us caught?"

    I didn't say a word.

    "Good boy," she grinned wickedly.

    "Why are you doing this?" I whispered, feeling resigned to my fate as Hailee pulled at the waistband of my sweatpants and freed my aching cock.

    "Do I need a reason?"

    My face must have been telling.

    "What? Did you think I was a good girl?" she smirked. "You've got no idea..."

    To emphasise her point, she wasted no time wrapping her manicured fingers around the base of my shaft, cooing at the thickness and warmth of my hard penis.

    "This is insane," I muttered under my breath, staring at the ceiling.

    "If you don't shut up I'll have to put that mouth to better use," she warned. "God knows I'm wet enough right now."

    "Jesus—" I moaned at the idea, my cock throbbing in her hand.

    "Oh? You like the sound of that?" Hailee teased. "You want to eat my wet pussy?"

    "Fucking hell, he's gonna wake up in a minute Hailee," I panicked, keeping one eye on my sleeping brother.

    "No he won't," she replied confidently while she began pumping my cock in one hand.

    I closed my eyes as the young temptress began skilfully stroking my pole and it only took a few seconds in her warm, firm grip to get me to full mast.

    With my eyes closed, Hailee was happy to take advantage of me and I suddenly felt her wet lips on mine again only this time her tongue snaked into my mouth and I found myself reciprocating.

    As a reward, Hailee increased the speed of her hand and now used her thumb to occasionally swipe over the head of my cock where pre-cum had started to ooze out.

    It wasn't until her lips left mine and she let out a soft moan into my mouth that I opened my eyes again. With the gorgeous actress's face a few inches away from me, I could see the look of bliss that painted it, her brow furrowed and it only took a quick glance to see why.

    With her hand buried in her panties there was no question as to what she was doing and with burning lust in her eyes, she was suddenly determined to make me cum.

    "You close?" she purred. "I wanna see you pop!"

    "You first," I heard myself say without thinking.

    Hailee grinned and before I could stop her she pulled away and proceeded to strip. Naturally I panicked again, if Cam woke up or anyone came downstairs now there'd be no explaining why Hailee was now in the living room with me naked as the day she was born.

    My worries quickly vanished when I saw her in all her glory though. Her body was mouth-watering, from her perky tits and flat stomach to her flared hips and long, silky smooth legs. Any guilt I felt was quickly seeping away with every second.

    Lost in conflicting thoughts and with my jaw on the floor, Hailee leant back on the arm of the sofa and spread her knees to show off her pristine little cunt, shaved with a neat landing strip and gleaming wet as she traced her slit with a single finger. As always, she was a natural born performer and was more than happy to put on a show for her boyfriend's brother – even one as explicit as this and I couldn't help but grab my cock and beat off to it.

    "Uh-huh, yeah stroke that big cock for me!" she hissed approvingly.

    "Keep playing with yourself," I insisted, "I wanna see that pretty pussy cum."

    "Fuck. Yeah that's more like it, keep talking like that."

    "Show me how you get off every night," I growled, edging closer.

    "Ughh—ohmigod," she huffed, slipping a finger into her tight cunt. "I'm so fucking horny right now, I just need to get fucked!"

    "Yeah I can tell, you look so fucking sexy, Hailee!"

    "I need a cock!" she moaned wantonly.

    "Such a hot little slut," I hissed, shuffling forward until our bodies were suddenly touching.


    I forced myself to stop but not before my cock was pressed against her sex, replacing her hand. We both moaned loudly to the contact and simultaneously began to move and grind against each other.

    "I want to fuck you so bad," I admitted.

    "Then do it," she pleaded.

    I could feel her legs on either side of me trembling with anticipation. She just had to come. We both did, then we'd come to our senses, or so I told myself.

    "You're nearly there," I whispered.

    "Uh-huh, so close..." she nodded while I continued smearing her wetness all around and her hand came back to trace circles around her clit.

    I increased the tempo of my short thrusts, gliding my cock against her creamy slit again and again but resisting the powerful temptation to penetrate her until we were practically losing our minds with lust.

    In fact, her body was getting so sweaty, and she was so damn wet I struggled to maintain a constant rhythm and suddenly we both gasped when I slipped and the tip of my cock found the tiny entrance to her fuckhole.

    Instinct took over and I pushed in. To my shame she was so tight and hot I came almost instantly, buried an inch or so inside my brother's famous girlfriend.

    "Nggh—fuckk—" I grunted on top of her as I filled her needy twat with my thick, pent up load.

    Hailee didn't seem to mind in the slightest, on the contrary her eyes rolled back and she squealed as she came alongside me. Her hips thrashed and her legs quaked as she was forced to accept my surprising creampie while I quickly clapped a hand over her mouth to silence her.

    Unfortunately the damage from her loud moans was already done with Cam groggily stirring awake just a few feet away. In our post-orgasmic bliss we clumsily separated and grappled with our clothes while my brother rubbed his eyes.

    I was panting heavily, my focus locked on the television. I wondered if I'd ever be able to look my brother in the eye again but Hailee seemed unperturbed.

    "What's going on?" Cam slurred, glancing around, drunkenly confused by his surroundings.

    "Relax babe, we just got home," Hailee whispered, giving an award winning performance while crouching down beside him.

    I glanced over and watched Hailee give my little brother a quick kiss on the cheek as she soothed him back to sleep before looking my way and flashing me an evil grin, as if to say 'I'm not done with you yet'...

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    That hot little minx. That role (cheater) just suits her so well.
    Your Hailee stories only get hotter and hotter
    ...the more you write about her!!

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