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Thread: "An Early Morning Gym Session" with Kate Beckinsale

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    fanfiction "An Early Morning Gym Session" with Kate Beckinsale

    An Early Morning Gym Session
    With Kate Beckinsale
    By Darzan
    Codes: MF, Oral, Finger.
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL Story contains sexually graphic situations. If your under age, or easily offended stop reading now.

    I hit the gym that morning at the hotel as I always did. Just after four am. A horrible time truth be told but it worked best for me. When I was away for work it was better to start early and it was the easiest time. I liked to get an hour in while it was quiet most people asleep. Then I could shower and have breakfast and head of for meetings or whatever else I had scheduled in. Today was like any other day as I slipped inside. The one difference was for once I wasn't alone.

    I didn't think much about it at first. I went through my usual routine warming up properly and then hit the weights. Laid back I took in the sight of my fellow worker for a moment. A woman, which made it even better, slim, slender figure. As I watched she was stretched out working the treadmill and luckily was facing away so I could idly watch her as I worked. It made for a diverting distraction.

    She was fluid in her motion all lithe and slender, long brunette hair tied back into a ponytail as she worked. Whether she knew I was there I didn't know. If so she didn't acknowledge it anyway. I shook my head flashing a rueful grin, and settled into my own workout before I became too distracted. Once the weights were done I hit the treadmill to though I made sure it was slightly away from hers to one side. This time she did notice me flashing him a glance and a brief smile. As I started up she was slowing down.

    After a few minutes she stepped down wiping the sweat down of her face with a towel. I stared ahead of me at the wall pondering. I mean it was shock as much as anything. I knew the face well enough to recognise who it was there with me. Kate Beckinsale, I shook my head silently as I ran just trying to keep an eye on her while being vaguely discrete about it. She wasn't working out so much now just stretching on a mat over my shoulder. Watching her body move into different positions and poses, her yoga I guessed was almost as distracting.

    I almost cursed, growling as I misplaced a foot and almost slipped. Behind me I heard a soft chuckle. I stepped back slowing it down and finally moved off to take a breather. I glanced back around to see her watching me eyes flashing mischievously.

    "I'm sorry. It's not every day I stay here and find company this time of the morning. Let alone a Hollywood actress." I muttered somewhat apologetically. Kate merely smiled at me. "It's not every day I find myself here working out this time of the morning either." She added chuckling softly. "But I have some work later and I like to make sure I get some workout in every day even if I'm staying in a hotel." She explained.

    I couldn't help but let my eyes run over her figure again now and gave a sigh of appreciation. "Yeah I can see that. It's worth it, trust me, you look great." Which was really an understatement considering the way she could move her body flexing and moving into different poses all fluid and graceful.

    I picked up a bottle of water nearby and cracked it open taking a deep drink, taking a few steps closer towards her. She continued moving didn't say anything just held that small teasing smile on her lips as she looked at me in between poses. "So do you always look this good in the morning or is it really just my lucky day?" I teased a little just testing the waters. I mean how many chances was I ever going to get to be this close to Kate Beckinsale.

    "You caught me on a bad day really. I'm not really dressed up, no makeup, covered in sweat." She added laughing as she tugged at her tight top, which did hug the curve of her breasts not to mention the damp skin, tiny beads of sweat running down just into the hint of cleavage I could see. I shook my head a little. "If this is a bad day I'd hate to see you on a good one." I remarked not even really thinking. She smiled a little and nodded her head.

    "So would it be too much to see if you were free to enjoy breakfast?" I continued just holding my breath chancing to luck. "Sadly I can't. Got an early morning appointment doing some media work. TV appearance then a radio show. So I'm going to shower and clean up then go get ready, got a car to catch." She quickly dashed my hopes on that front. Still it had been a better morning than I hoped.

    "Well if you’re ever staying here again. I'm here quite often and usually hit the gym this time before work. So if you ever wanted to take me up on the offer I'd love to enjoy breakfast another time." I left the offer there checking my watch sad to see I had to get a move on myself if I wasn't going to fall behind. I shook my head a little and offered my hand towards her in farewell.

    "Well I'm going to have to move myself. Enjoy the shower, and the busy morning." I replied just enjoying the light touch of her fingers as she reached out and gripped my hand shaking it lightly. She smiled again and nodded her head, her eyes still glinting a little giving me a curious look I couldn't decipher.

    Eventually taking my hand back I turned and left her, shaking my head as I grabbed my water and headed back through one of the doors that led to the men's locker room. I quickly stripped down the shorts and T-shirt I had been wearing dropping them to one side before heading to the showers.

    I stepped inside and turned the water on letting it run hot before easing myself under the spray. I stood there silent for a moment. I tried not to think of Kate doing the same thing next door. That gorgeous body of hers all sleek and toned glistening wet in the water. I signed. Wishful thinking on my part of course. Then I realised that I was suddenly sporting an erection at the thought of her. I groaned in frustration looking down at myself standing out straight and hard. I didn't have time for this either but found my hand reaching down of its own accord gripping the length and stroking my fingers to the head groaning a little.

    "So is this all part of your morning routine as well then?" I heard behind me, the soft teasing words making me whirl around in surprise my erection suddenly pointing straight towards where baffled I could see Kate standing in front of me.

    I couldn't even speak for a moment. I mean she was dressed still but right there watching me in the shower in the middle of the men's changing rooms. "The shower, sure, yes it's easier here than back in my room. The rest.....well I guess that was what company did." I half choked out after a moment. She laughed again softly and then just reached down gripped her tank top and began to strip it of.

    It was less of a tease and more of a practical movement. She lifted the tight fitting tank top over her head and dropped it down onto the floor. But then she turned a little, her back arched putting on a show as her hands drifted down to the waistband of those tight bottoms she wore. She pushed them down over the curve of that delicious firm ass of hers wriggling a little as she guided them over her hips and legs to fall to the floor. She wasn't wearing any underwear, just bare and smooth and as her hands came back up to tug the sports bra of she wore as well, now very naked.

    I almost groaned then, seeing her naked, her skin still damp with sweat. She turned towards me, giving me the full view of that gorgeous body head on. She was walking forward right towards me. I thought she was going to slip in alongside me in another stall which would have been crazy enough. Instead she just pushed straight past me her body sliding along my erection as she moved into my own stall.

    It was a little tight now with both of us, not that I cared right then. I just turned to see her sigh with pleasure as she ducked her head under the hot spray of the shower. Water cascaded down her slender figure leaving her slick and wet. She was quiet for several minutes concentrating on cleaning up. I was just standing, staring enjoying the show. Finally she turned and glanced over her shoulder at me.

    "Well aren't you going to help?" She teased me again her body arching a little that gorgeous firm ass just pressing back so my erection rubbed along the gentle curve. It was all the invitation I needed then. I moved forward and reached out and just wrapping my arms loosely around her slender body.

    She was running her hands through her hair and while I rested my hands on her hips somewhat awestruck in all honesty. Not entirely sure where to begin. Thankfully Kate at least had more of idea of what to do. She reached and took a bottle of lotion down and took hold of my hand. She squirted some of the gel into it smiling. "I think what you want to do is to rub it in. Maybe starting here." She murmured placing my palm against her toned belly. Then maybe move it around a little to make sure every part is lathered up." She guided it up to her breast clasping my palm against the firm mound while I just groaned.

    Thankfully even if my mind wasn’t completely working yet, my body was. I cupped her breast squeezing it again pinching her nipple between my finger and thumb for a moment which elicited a soft moan. I held out my other hand towards her and she reacted squeezing out more of the lotion. In complete heaven I began to rub it in to her skin sliding my hands around that smooth supple body.

    She was slick, naked and wet her body glistening from the water the steam building up around us. I couldn't believe her body. Firm and toned my hands pressed against every inch enjoying her now. She was busy shampooing her hair and then rinsing it out moving in front of me smooth and supple. Every time she moved a little or bent forwards that gorgeous firm rear grazed my rock hard shaft teasing me even more.

    She turned her head a little a playful smile on her face watching me. My hands moved back up to cup her breasts squeezing. Then I was just trailing my lips across her shoulders until I captured her mouth, that light brush of lips first, before I went back for more. Deeper and harder nibbling on her lips and feeling her tongue flick out to tease mine playfully.

    I enjoyed that, enjoyed the taste of her. But it only made me want more. I broke back a little still holding those firm breasts and let one hand drift down sliding along her taut toned belly.

    "So I think if were here, we need to make sure you're clean all over." I murmured letting my eyes run down over her.

    "Oh yeah? What did you have in mind then?" She replied back her voice light and teasing.

    "Something like this maybe. I like to make sure I do a good thorough job of things." I teased her again letting my fingers move down lower across her belly down between her thighs just to stroke lightly against her entrance. I drew my opposite hand from her breast around to her shoulder slowly sliding my way down along her back running my fingers along her spine until I could brush her hip and then find the firm swell of her pert behind.

    I squeezed and groaned almost simultaneously, my erection throbbing again at the touch of her slick wet flesh. She must have felt it. The teasing minx pressed back rubbing that firm derrière against me so I was just sliding myself between her cheeks. My fingers were lightly exploring her. I traced across her entrance caressing the bare lips of her sex and parted them a little just delving inside.

    In front of me she gave a shocked excited gasp pushing back again at my touch. She was slick and wet there to, liquid heat on my fingers as I edged one gently inside exploring. "Some attention needed here perhaps?" I teased her softly leaning in to nibble on her earlobe. I caressed her, stroking my thumb up and down until I could circle and brush her clit.

    "Maybe you need to go down for a better look?" She teased me rocking back again for a moment looking at me sideways over one shoulder. I delved inside her a little deeper my fingers exploring that slick heat of her stroking in and out while I just growled with hunger. I could do that. I wanted that.

    I kissed her shoulder and started sliding down planting kisses along her spine until I reached the small of her back. I carried on down until I was presented with her gorgeous firm ass. I couldn't resist a little bite, hard enough to leave a mark while she gave a shocked gasp above me. She leaned forward resting her upper body against the polished tiles of the shower. The sight of her bare breasts squashed against it even more tempting.

    But it served the purpose of lowering herself a little and pushing her hips back towards me. As she parted her legs a little as well she gave me all the room I needed to enjoy her fully. I dived in, one hand on her hip the other still stroking and caressing her clit. Only now I could taste her. "Oh god, yes that's it." She hissed above me reaching around her hand in my hair holding me against her.

    I placed mouth over her sex and started hungrily sliding my tongue over her lips using my fingers to open her up and slide inside. The taste of her was like nectar on my mouth. I groaned and pushed harder, deeper, licking and sucking hungrily. She was hot and wet, so wet. Above me I could hear her panting and moaning. Her body straining as I feasted on it. She cried out for me urging me on as my tongue slithered inside her delving deep licking up every drop of her juices as it spilled from her.

    I wanted to drive her crazy, wanted to taste her excitement and make her explode all over me. I nuzzled her a little easing back teasing her, flicking my tongue along her lips while I teased my fingers inside her. "Is that better?" I murmured softly glancing up. "Don't you stop, don't you dare stop!"

    "Oh yeah are you sure? You seem cleaner now though?" I teased.

    "Not until you've finished."

    "Finished what exactly though, I thought we were cleaning up?"

    She arched her back the curve of her ass just bouncing and moving a little pressing back against me while I teased her. "Until you finish me."

    "I thought we were nearly done?" I continued to tease. I wanted her to say it. Wanted her to tell me what she wanted all those dirty details that would be featuring in fantasies of mine for years.

    "Not until you've made me cum!" She hissed back.

    "Oh really I might a little more detail than that if I'm to help."

    "Oh god just make me cum. Put that mouth right over my clit and suck and keep working your fingers inside me." She urged me panting, straining back against my touch.

    I couldn't resist any longer hearing her speak anything like that was intoxicating enough. I gripped her ass with one hand spreading her cheeks apart. With the other I added another finger working her sex sliding in and out of her slick wet hole. Then I ground my mouth against her clit sucking hungrily.

    She groaned again, her body riding my mouth her lean torso gleaming wet, her bare breasts squashed against the wall sliding up and down as she rode my touch. It didn't take long, the moment to intense the pleasure to much. She began to cry out her moans of satisfaction hot and fierce echoing out around the shower as she climaxed. I guided her along never stopping just lapping it up.

    She tasted sweet, sweet and exotic, her body vibrating as she came. The taste of her filled my mouth and our moans mingled as I eased her into a state of contented bliss. Gradually I eased back my touch my mouth sliding back, slowly withdrawing my fingers from her sopping wet entrance.

    I was aching myself. Hard, aching and needing to enjoy her. Kate was still leaning against the wall panting; bare breasts still squashed appealing against the tiles. Slowly I rose up behind her hands wandering over that glistening pert behind to grasp her hips. I tugged them back a little just watching her part her legs almost instinctively.

    I guided myself forward into position gritting my teeth as the bulbous tip of my erection pressed and slipped against her wet folds. I heard her gasp, felt her body quiver as she felt what I was doing. Then she turned her head those dark eyes watching me.

    "Do it, fuck me." She half moaned.

    I gave her exactly that pushing forward and feeling the head of my shaft part her folds sliding inside. I took her there like that, half bent over in the shower moaning as I held her hips. It was a smooth thrust, one long stroke that opened her up to take me inside but still it felt exquisite. The velvet sensation of her walls gripping my shaft had me gritting my teeth.

    The soft noises of pleasure that escaped her lips as I took her felt even better. I held myself still hands just luxuriating in the sight and touch of her slippery wet body. I squeezed that firm ass of hers hand coming back down a little sharper to spank her lightly. She was straining against me, her hips sliding and rocking, edging herself back onto me as I held her making it impossible to resist.

    I began to move easing myself in and out of her just holding her hips admiring the sight of her naked wet and willing as I fucked her. The hunger built and increased by the second. I couldn't stop myself, couldn't hold back. The pace gradually ramped up the sound of me fucking her joining the sound of her moans ringing of the walls. She was panting and crying out with every thrust I made. My hips were slapping against her ass now pushing her body back against the tiles, the sound of wet flesh hitting wet flesh or the shower wall ringing out.

    I could hardly believe this morning. Naked in a shower buried deep inside Kate Beckinsale. It was crazy, it was hot, it was utterly impossible to resist. I took her with ever growing passion sliding deep letting her bounce back and forth on my throbbing hard length while my hands fondled her behind or slipped up to squeeze the lush curves of her breasts.

    I could feel myself throbbing harder and harder by the second felt like I was about to explode and at that moment the thought of spilling myself deep inside that molten wet core while she gripped and milked my shaft was about all I could think of. Kate though seemed to have other ideas.

    She slipped free leaving me moaning and whipped around lightning fast to face me again. Before I could say a word she dropped down on her knees and pressed in close. Her warm eager mouth didn't hesitate just slipped around my cock taking the head and dived down deep on the length hungrily sucking away tasting her own sweetness. I could feel her working it, licking and sucking, her tongue teasing the swollen tip swirling around the head making me moan again as I gripped her shoulder.

    She knew what she was doing. The tension radiating out from me increased by the second. My engorged swollen length throbbed under her teasing touch. Her lips were sealed tight just effortlessly sliding up and down my shaft her fingers wrapped lightly around the base to hold it steady. I groaned again hand sliding through her hair, hips edging back and forth a little just to see the sight of my solid hard cock filling her mouth as she took virtually all of it in.

    She teased back her lips pulling back of with a pop. She rubbed them gently over the tip her eyes watching me the whole time, her tongue flicking out to slide over me. The sight of her lips, glossy and wet where they gathered the moisture leaking out made me moan again loving every moment of it. I wanted to cum there and then just spill myself inside that warm eager mouth.

    Instead I reached down slipped my hands under her arms and tugged her up. I wanted her again, now no waiting. She kissed me hungrily breasts pressed to my chest her nipples dragging against my skin. I let my hands slide down over her firm ass again and lifted her up. She knew what I wanted.

    Her legs spread around and over my hips as I guided her back, slapping her against the wall to support her weight. Held up by my hands I just drove myself back inside her again. I watched her eyes drinking in the sight of them. That heated look as I thrust inside her. I didn't hold back now. Lunging and pushing my hips against her body I drove myself in and out of her pussy. I felt her rhythmically squeeze around my shaft.

    Her cries of pleasure were muffled by my mouth as we kissed. I felt her nails raking over my back hard enough I knew that there would be marks left. I didn't care. I was lost with her, inside her. I surrendered myself to that most carnal of desires being inside her tight hot and wet and filling her up over and over again.

    I felt her shudder arching and grinding her hips on my, the friction and contact of our bodies making us both pulse. I felt her body tense and then explode shaking and quivering as she came again this time all over me. Her mouth broke of her cries ringing out again as she leaned against the wall slick and wet.

    I held her there as she fell back leaning into me limp and panting. I was still moving, still working myself inside her body and felt my own release about to join her. She must have felt it to.

    "Not inside me, on me. Easier to clean up, but you get to see it all on me." She suddenly murmured nibbling on my ear.

    As much as I enjoyed the idea of emptying inside her. I wasn't going to argue, and there was a certain something about covering the sexy brunette with my cum.

    I pulled myself back out of her slick and wet and then lowered her so she was standing again. She didn't pause. She dipped down to her knees and wrapped a hand around my shaft stroking up and down. Her mouth slipped over the head sucking again. I was so close it didn't take more than a moment.

    "Kate!" I hissed out warning her. She slipped her mouth free, moaning to, head tilting back half watching me, half watching my shaft as she stroked me of. I could barely muster the words. Entranced I watched my cock pulse and twitch in her grip and then finally explode.

    Spurt after spurt of hot creamy fluid shot out splashing over her upper body, then her breasts. It covered the firm curves in glossy splatters. It dripped down over her nipples and ran between them.

    I could hardly believe the sight of her glistening and wet now covered in cum as well. When it was finally over I felt her kiss and tease the head with her mouth just tasting the last few drops and licking them of me before she moaned a deep satisfied sound.

    "Well that wasn't the morning workout I expected but it was better than most." She added laughing as she looked back at me.

    "Well it was the best damn workout I've had in a while." I muttered. "Next time I'll give you my card. If you come back we can be gym buddies. Workouts like these and I might even start adding in extras to my schedule."

    "In that case I'll be sure to let you know when I'm back in town next." She teased me again. Finally standing to clean herself up.

    "I'm sure it will add a little extra motivation to training anyway."

    "You know Kate, I'm sure it will."

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    Fuck.... hot little story, I can see what you mean now.

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    Damn that was a great read mate! Thoroughly enjoyed it! :clappp:

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    This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :D

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    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed it. I've got a few ideas for more running around at the moment so should be more to come.

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