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Thread: "This Charming Man" with Margot Robbie

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    fanfiction "This Charming Man" with Margot Robbie

    This Charming Man
    With Margot Robbie
    Written by Hearsz
    Codes: MF, cheat, oral, facial, doggie, finger, cunn

    WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.

    I'd have to be the luckiest guy on earth. Well, if not the luckiest, then pretty darn close to it.

    You see, my younger brother Tom finally married the woman of his dreams recently, during a private ceremony in a little town called Byron Bay, on the east coast of a Australia.

    Growing up in London, both of us could only daydream about being able to visit such a picturesque sort of place. But with his directing career really taking off in the past few years, opportunities for travel became frequent. And I, his older brother James, was taken along for the ride with two other close childhood friends.

    I guess you could say we were like the British version of "Entourage", and Tom's the "Vinnie Chase" of our group. Though to be honest, not many people would have instantly recognised the name Tom Ackerley before 2016. He has certainly gained a lot more attention in recent weeks, especially when he finally tied the knot with girlfriend of three years and insanely gorgeous Aussie Margot Robbie.

    The job that Tom assigned to me was pretty simple. Wherever he went I went. Whenever he needed me to do something or to go somewhere, I did it. Not a bad life really, to ride on the coat tails of someone else' success.

    The first time I met Margot, naturally I was blown away by how stunningly attractive she was to meet in person. Not to mention how down to earth she was despite her rapid rise to fame. And that Australian accent of hers made me melt whenever we conversed. My brother seriously hit the fucking jackpot by marrying the Suicide Squad actress.

    They were perfect for each other, they had a lot in common and their schedules seemed to work in sync. However, Tom confessed to me that he wasn't able to keep up with Margot's incredible appetite for sex, and the fact they shared a house in Clapham with five other people (now four), made longer sessions in bed quite infrequent.

    The pair usually had to wait until they were booked into a hotel in LA, New York or Sydney to get that kind of privacy. But those kind of nights had become few and far between, which only served to make Margot keen for even more male attention.

    Over those three years, Margot and I had become incredibly close. She felt comfortable confiding in me considering I knew Tom better than anyone. The more we chatted, the more I felt myself falling for her. Not in a romantic way but more of a sexual lust towards her.

    I vowed that I'd never do wrong by my brother and always believed that Margot didn't hold those kind of feelings towards me anyway.

    So you can imagine how completely unprepared I was the night a clearly inebriated Margot, wearing a tight, figure hugging gold dress, came on to me. It was at a party midway through last year which was held at she and Tom's lavish home, that they sometimes rented out when they were staying in Los Angeles. You read that right, Margot Robbie came on to ME!

    Had it been just about any other girl (that wasn't a banging hot celebrity) then I would've rejected her advances. I would've told her that what she was doing was wrong and completely unfair to my brother.

    But this was Margot "fucking" Robbie we were talking about. The same girl that bared all in "Wolf of Wall Street". That carelessly flaunted her tight little ass in hot pants in "Suicide Squad". Who could forget the scene where she teasingly licked the metal bar of her jail cell? I never thought in a million years that she'd be replicating that scene with me, with my long hard cock in place of that metal bar. I was powerless to stop her advances...


    "Oh God Margot! That tongue of your feels amazing!" I winced, trying to keep my voice down as my at the time, brother's girlfriend, repeatedly licked my solidified member from base to tip in their bedroom closet.

    "I bet you'll love my mouth even more!" she cheekily said, looking up at me from below with those hypnotic blue eyes, bending my cock towards her pretty face and then devouring half my length with her hot sucking mouth.

    "Oh christ!" I uttered, having to cup my mouth as to not giveaway our hiding place.

    The insatiable, horny blonde sucked and slurped her way through one hell of a sloppy blowjob, Margot's saliva dribbling from the corners of her soft, velvet like lips. I grimaced as she cupped my tender balls and flicked her tongue against my sensitive bellend, almost giggling at my grimaced expression each time she made contact with my piss slit.

    Margot jerked my slick tool as she french kissed my ball sac, urging me to unleash my load.

    "C'mon James you stud! Give me that yummy cream! I know you've been dying to ever since we first met!" she urged, rapidly stroking my throbbing member.

    "Ohh fuck, here it comes!" I groaned, gripping my quaking shaft to take control of my impending eruption.

    "That's it baby! I want it all over my face!" she begged, looking up at me with those piercing blue eyes, mouth slightly open and holding her hair back in a ponytail.

    "Uhhhhh" I grunted as rope after rope of my warm, sticky man fluids plastered her porcelain like face.

    Licking her lips and tucking my softening member back into my pants, Margot nonchalantly exited the bedroom closet as though nothing had happened. And a part of me wondered if I'd dreamt the whole thing and was just waiting to wake up from it. But that was just the beginning of our affair.


    This went on for several weeks but it wasn't like we were fooling around behind Tom's back every other day. I was either with him on the job or running errands. When he and Margot did manage to catch up, I was usually close by, which meant the opportunity to have sneaky, promiscuous sex with her usually wasn't too far away.

    One rule that we'd agreed upon early on was that neither one of us would mention Tom when we hooked up, through fear that we might allow our guilt ridden conscious' to ruin the moment.

    There was a night where she asked me to drive her home from an awards show in London, looking dazzling in a tight red dress, with a slit in the thigh to show off her slender, toned legs. Ten minutes into the drive, Margot asked me to find some place quiet to pull over. With the headlights of my car on to give us a chance to see each other on the side of a darkened dirt road, I railed into Margot's sopping pussy as she sat on the bonnet of my car, her arms and thighs wrapped around me, and her white silken panties dangling around one of her ankles.

    "That's it James, pump that tight little pussy, I need it bad!!" Margot cried, her Australian accent driving me wild as I swivelled my hips even faster.

    Her sopping, tender cunt clearly had been dying for much needed attention from my meaty sword all night.

    "Oh God Margot! You're so fucking wet!" I grimaced, wondering momentarily why my brother would leave such a highly sexually active woman out of his sight for a single moment!

    "Take it out, I want it from behind. I love being dominated like that" she purred, a sultry look in her eyes that really revved the motor in my loins.

    "Uhhh" I grunted at the feeling of sliding my cock past her tight, moist folds and inside the beauty from down under again.

    Margot had her long gown bunched up around her slender hips, her slim legs apart, still wearing her high heels and that cute little pale white ass twerking upon my pistoning rod.

    "Ohh fuck me, just like that!" she cried, my thighs clapping against the back of hers, salivating at the feel of Margot's firm looking ass rubbing up against me as I impaled her over and over again.

    I had a good grip on her slim waist with one hand and the other upon her shoulder as I railed into her dripping wet twat, but she brought my hand around towards her now pulled down top, as she wanted me to pinch and tweak her hard little nipples.

    "Oh my God, you're going to make me cum, just like, aiii!!" she shrieked as I felt her clench around my dick, signalling her intense orgasm.

    Hearing Margot lose self control like that caused me to follow suit, and with urgency I slipped out of her vibrating quim, blowing my wad all over her succulent ass cheeks and the back of her thighs, making sure not to get any of my seed on her expensively designed dress.

    Despite the fact we got on so well and how incredible the sex was with Margot, it was still abundantly clear that she still only had eyes for Tom, and her heart would always choose him over me or anyone else.

    I could live with that, as she seemed to have intentions of continuing our sneaky acts of adultery even after she and Tom got married. If he were to ever find out, I'd deal with that problem. It was just something I didn't want to think about while everything was going so great.

    Margot was a drug I was completely addicted to, and I didn't feel like any kind of rehab would stop me from continuing to fuck her as long as she still wanted me to. I was so blinded by my attraction to that woman that over time I soon felt little to no guilt that I was betraying my brother on a continuous basis.

    The day of their wedding was difficult to say the least. Especially having to hear Margot say her vows and that she'd always be "faithful" to Tom especially.

    Naturally she looking stunning in her dress and really composed throughout the service. Not because she was an accomplished actress, but I managed to help a clearly stressed out Margot an hour before the wedding ceremony began.

    Tom was nervous as I stood by him overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He was worried that Margot might get cold feet and being the superstitious type, he asked me to go check up on her to see if everything was okay.

    Knocking on the door, the glamorous actress was a sight to behold, wearing a cream, lace off-the-shoulder wedding dress. She decided to forgo a veil and wear her hair in loose curls, pinned away from her gorgeous face.

    "Can you give us like a few minutes?" she said to her bridesmaids.

    "Sure thing. We'll just make sure the guests are settled in and the flowers are in place" one of them said, following the two other bridesmaids out the door.

    "Wow... you look amazing" I said, trying to be as complimentary as possible without overdoing it.

    "Thanks. Why are you here?"

    "Tom sent me. Just wanted to make sure everything was alright?"

    "You mean he's worried I might back out, right?"

    Margot was always good at reading both of us.

    "Yeah, something like that.."

    "I'm all good, just a little nervous is all. So wha about you, why are you really here James?" she asked, standing up from her seat as I moved to stand next to her.

    Putting my hand on her hip, I hoped the look in her dazzling blue eyes meant she wanted what I did, despite the short time frame we were working with. Both of us were silent for a few seconds, before our sexual urges took over, hungrily kissing each other in a memorable moment of heated passion.

    Margot's tongue swirled around inside my mouth as I lifted her up onto the makeup counter, the soon to be wed stunner wrapping her legs around my waist as I grinded my hardened shaft in between her thighs.

    I kissed and suckled on her sweet smelling neck, loving the feel of her newly sharpened nails running through my short hair, practically massaging my scalp. I had to make sure not to leave a hickey mark on her neck, despite how tempting it was.

    I went to undo my belt, but Margot abruptly put an end to that.

    "We don't have time for that James. I was kind of hoping you'd put something else inside me, to help me relieve some of the nerves I'm feeling?"

    She took one of my hands, sucking on my index and middle fingers, moistening them both in her saliva.

    I caught her drift, lifting up her skirt, her tiny white silk thong looking just as tempting enough to eat as the tasty treat that laid beneath it.

    "Uhhh..." Margot groaned inwardly as I first pulled her panties to one side and pushed my middle finger slowly into her vice like pussy, kissing the wanton actress to muffle her whimpers.

    I got a slick finger banging going, making out with Margot as her warm plenge started to further lubricate. Her juicy hole opened up further when I penetrated her with a second digit.

    Her kissing became more needy and erotic, massaging her tongue against mine, saliva exchanged between our mouths as I now used my thumb to strum her engorged clitoris.

    "Oh god... eat my pussy, please...." she hissed, pressing her body tightly against mine as I slowed my working fingers down.

    Sliding my soiled digits from her moistened slot, I kneeled on the carpet between her splayed legs, peeling down her thong as she spread her legs further apart. It was obvious that she had shaved her now smooth mound for the occasion, not a single hair on her flawless looking pussy.

    "Oh yessss!" Margot gasped as my hard tongue flicked along her wet slit, the sultry blonde gripping the edge of the table tightly with both hands so her knuckles turned pale white.

    I pushed apart her tender flower with my thumbs to lick at her inner pink, the bride to be heaving uncontrollably as I devoured her delicious Australian cunt on her wedding day!

    "You okay in there Margot, you want some company?" one of her bridesmaids called from outside the room.

    "I'm uhh, fine... Just, uhh, give me, nggh, a couple more minutes..."

    "OK, no worries babe".

    I held Margot's smooth legs tightly as I sucked the sweet nectar out of her dripping hole, adding a finger which sent the actress into a mind blowing climax.

    "Oh, yes, yesss, nghhh, shit!!" she cried in a controlled whimper as her womanly juices flooded my mouth.

    Margot gripped the back of my head and crunched her supple thighs against my face to lock me in place as she orgasmed.

    "Oh wow... Thank you James, just what I needed" she said as she caught her breath, kissing me tenderly and tasting her own essence on my lips.

    My phone started to buzz, notifying me by text that Tom had asked if everything was going alright. I replied hastily despite the fact Margot was still laying soft pecks on my cheek.

    I text back, "All good little brother. She's ready when you are".

    To Be Continued...

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    HOLY FUCK!!!! So fucking hot. She plays the cheating role so fucking well. AND there's more? ffs not sure if I can handle any more. But my erection says I can. :D

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    Yup like Mac said... full marks for portraying her as the cheater. Really awesome read!

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    That was awesome!! hearsz

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPG View Post
    That was awesome!! hearsz

    That gif!

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    Pretty good.

    *Story requests are a little tough right now but any ideas are welcomed as my inbox is open*

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    Damn, that was a fantastic little read, Hearsz.

    A shame it took me this long to get around to reading it.

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