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Thread: Storyboard Game (daily)

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    (Sarah Ellen)

    Due to you living in Europe these days it has been a couple of years since you have been over to visit and now that you finally managed to come by you are instantly floored as you meet Sarah, your now fully grown niece. To your shame you can't help but check the teen out multiple times over the weekend, hoping that nobody would notice as your eyes repeatedly linger to her behind.

    During the first night you get up in the middle of the night due to not being used to the Australian heat anymore and wander to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. On your way back you come past Sarah's room and when you see that it is a crack open a primal instinct inside you forces you to take a peek. Silently popping your head in you feel shame as you spy on your sleeping niece, but that shame is instantly forgotten as you see her lying on her bed, the covers kicked off due to the night's heat. She is lying on her side, facing away from you and your mouth goes dry as you admire your teen niece's tight little ass. The light pants she is wearing wrap her derriere in a delicious way and her small white t-shirt has ridden up her back to reveal a good portion of nicely tanned skin.

    However, your moment of madness passes and you quickly retreat, hurrying back to your bedroom, cursing your creepiness. Nonetheless, back in bed you can not help but stroke your cock to the image of Sarah's tanned, tight ass...

    The next day, with your brother and his wife at work you find yourself alone at home with Sarah, who sleeps till midday before finally waking up. It is another hot, humid day and after taking some light breakfast she wastes little time heading for the pool.

    Your eyes almost bug out of your head as you sit on a lounger with your laptop while Sarah prances around in the tiniest of bikinis, leaving you unable to focus on any work. You try to act as inconspicuous as possible as she lazily splashes around, but when she finally emerges dripping wet to lie down next to you you have a hard time concealing your boner.

    After drying in the sun for a bit while mindlessly chatting with you Sarah makes your jaw drop as she unties her bikini top and asks you to put some lotion on her back. Nervous like a teenage boy you agree, rubbing the cream into the smooth skin of her bare back, until you suddenly hear Sarah moan in delight.

    You freeze, though only for a split second, but it is enough for Sarah to notice and she giggles innocently before turning her head to give you a teasing look.

    "What? I like this as much as you do!"

    You are then floored as she reveals that not only did she notice you spying on her last night, but she is also more than aware of your raging boner and just to top things off she demands to see it!

    "You want me to keep quiet about this? Then drop those shorts, mister!"

    Completely speechless you can't think of any excuse and finally just comply, whipping your dick out for your niece's benefit, who gasps, impressed. Without hesitation she then grabs your solid cock and strokes it in her soft hand, looking up at you with big, teasing eyes.

    "It's sooo big!" she moans dramatically before cracking up as you shudder.

    Given that the situation is already surreal enough you throw caution into the wind and take charge. Sarah gives a muffled gasp of surprise as you grab the back of her pretty, blonde head firmly and push your member into the wet warmth of her mouth, beginning to give her hard thrust. To her credit, your niece hardly gags and doesn't protest as you fuck her face by the pool, rough and fast. Instead she looks up with smoldering eyes.

    To your utter shame you don't last more than a few minutes before you pull out and explode with a roar, busting your sticky load across Sarah's pretty face, who just smirks. With her nose, cheeks and forehead covered in spunk she takes you back between her lips to suck the last dregs out, making you groan befoer she giggles and gets up, declaring that she needs a shower.

    However, as she turns to leave you grab her wrist and push her back down onto her back and it is Sarah's turn to gasp as you rip her bikini bottoms off, revealing a completely shaven, wet clam. She grins and just as you see she is about to give another snide comment you stuff her mouth with her own balled-up bottoms before pushing her legs up to her knees.

    Sarah's moans and cries are dampened by her gag as you begin to feast on her cookie like a man possessed, burying your chin in her snatch and lapping up her nectar. You have her eyes roll back into her head within minutes and take that very moment to up your game even further and push her knees back even further before lowering your aim. Sarah bucks with shock as you give her pristine teen asshole a tongue kiss and start rimming her.

    The teen harlot clearly loves this as her muffled shrieks only grow louder as your tongue widens her tiny sphincter. Clearly this is the first time anyone has eaten her ass and she goes absolutely mental, twisting and twitching around as she cums hard.

    It's only then that you pull her bottoms from her cum-painted face. "I'll keep these!" you declare, "Now you can have your shower!"

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    As nerdy as it may be, you'd harboured a crush on Game of Throne's 'mother of dragons' for years now so you can hardly believe your luck when you find yourself on a two weeklong ocean liner cruise with the actress herself Emilia Clarke.

    Naturally she garnered plenty of attention from the hundreds of guests over the first couple of days before she was finally left alone long enough to relax but you'd still yet to build up the courage to speak to her.

    The opportunity finally arises late one night however on the penultimate day of the trip. Having had a little too much to drink, you're wandering the empty deck, enjoying the cold sea breeze when you hear some sniggering and low whispers and you know full-well a couple are having some fun nearby.

    Not wanting to intrude you continue on but do a double-take when you spot the couple, none other than Emilia who looked very drunk and was openly flirting with one of the ship's sailors, already having stolen his hat.

    You watch them grapple playfully for a moment before an alert on the crewman's radio calls him away. He groans in frustration but Emilia merely pouts and refuses to give his hat back, promises she'll be right here waiting so she can give it back when he returns.

    As he dashes off, Emilia is left alone and suddenly spots you watching and quickly approaches. At first you're worried she's going to have it out with you for spying on her but instead she's incredibly friendly and seems to just want some company.

    To your surprise you're barely even star-struck and boldly flirt right back no doubt thanks to the alcohol running through your blood and clouding your nerves. Before you know it almost thirty minutes has passed with no sign of the sailor and you can hardly believe your luck when Emilia decides 'screw him' and invites you back to her private cabin instead.

    It's back in her room that she proceeds to re-enact one of your favourite scenes from her show and slips out of her clothing to stand there naked as the day she was born except for the sailor's hat still perched on her head.

    With a grin at your stunned reaction to seeing her naked in the flesh, Emilia takes charge and crawls on top of you, shoving her tongue down your throat while sliding your pants down to free your cock. She's so horny and desperate for it she foregoes any kind of foreplay and you can only groan as you feel her impale herself with your thick cock, grunting in your ear before sitting up to ride you hard and fast.

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    (Selena Gomez)

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