Re: Natalie Alyn Lind

While you're not normally the type to have one night stands, a hot blonde milf happened to give you the eye and catch you in the right mood at the perfect level of drunk for one thing to lead to another.

After a night of pretty crazy, memorable sex, you wake up in her bed and sneak downstairs in your underwear for a drink without waking her.

But it's when you get to the kitchen you get the fright of your life as you bump into a sexy, blonde teenager.

Of course, your date had said nothing about having children, let alone that they were in the house while you were having some very loud, vocal sex.

As awkward as the situation could have been, her daughter actually finds the whole thing hilarious after introducing herself as Natalie.

As it turns out it isn't the first time her mom's done it and to your surprise she actually teases you, claiming she's impressed with your stamina and how well you screwed her mom.

You don't know whether to be weirded out or turned on as Natalie practically eye-fucks you across the breakfast bar and continues to tease the fuck out of you while you make coffee.

Given your state of undress, it's hardly surprising when Nat starts eyeing up your package and before you know it she's demanding to see what you're working with, why her mom was moaning so loud and keeping her up all night.

Despite your refusal, Natalie ultimately corners you against the fridge and has a look for herself, pulling the waistband of your boxers to peek at your swelling cock.

Something changes then as Nat flashes you a hungry look and without warning drops to her knees to blow you right there in the kitchen!

While she's not as experienced as her mother, she makes up for it by drowning you in spit and riling you up with plenty of dirty talk.

She claims she's so much tighter and sweeter than her mom and you should have spent the night in her bedroom instead, where you could have done whatever filthy thing you wanted to her.

With a growl, you ultimately pull your cock out of her throat and bend her over the kitchen counter to impale her wet little cunt hard and fast.

Natalie's moans echo around the kitchen as you grab her heavy tits and pound her from behind, she feels so good it only takes a few minutes for you to pump your load inside her.

While you pull out and she thinks you're finished you hold her in place and abruptly push into her teen ass instead, making her cry out until you muffle her with your hand.

You rail her tiny shit-pipe as hard as you can until she cums and you shove her back to her knees to feed her your dirty cock and unload what feels like a gallon of spunk into her teen belly!

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