It's not easy being the father of a girl as young and tempting as Jordyn Jones. Well, technically I'm her stepfather, but her mother prefer that she calls me Dad.

Jordyn often liked to take advantage of that fact (me not being her real father), especially when she hit her teens and started becoming ultra flirty around me when my wife Kelly, her Mom, wasn't around.

It made me really uncomfortable to say the least, but it didn't stop me from having dirty fantasies about her every now and then. Despite knowing how morally wrong it was, I found my attraction growing each day for her. And the more her mother and I argued, I noticed that Jordyn would always take my side.

A week before our holiday weekend away, Jordyn, in an intoxicated state, told me that she had a crush on her Daddy (me), and wished that one day she and I would ditch her mother when the time was right.

Stunned by this, I was even more taken aback when she straight out kissed me! I rejected any further advances she may have intended upon that night, but the sight of her in a white singlet and pink cotton panties as she left the living room made my cock stiffen and my filthy mind wander again.

On the first morning of our holiday, Kelly had decided to go the gym for a workout while I decided to check out the pool.
Approaching the several deck lounge chairs, my heart stopped when I found Jordyn laying across one of them, in just a bikini top and bottoms, showing off her flawless teen body.

Before I could sneak away unnoticed, Jordyn called out to me.

"Over here Daddy!"

I couldn't leave now, and I was worried how I would react to seeing that hot little half naked figure of hers up close.

"Mom not with you?" she asked.

"No, she's gone to have a workout in the gym" I replied, trying not to stare at her slim legs, or her sexy little feet, that I couldn't help but notice had red painted nails on her toes.

"Ughh, she'll be there forever! Never mind, I have you to keep me company. Say, do you mind putting some lotion on me?"

"Umm..." I hesitated.

"Please... I don't wanna burn..."

I sat in behind her, marvelling at her faultless skin, her thin stringed bikini and her tight little ass. This should've been every mans dream come true, but for me it was my worst fears confirmed. This was where she started to bait me into temptation.

Squirting some of the cool liquid into my palms, I started with her shoulders, my dick hardening at the sound of her soft moans and the way her head lolled to one side as I descended down her back.

"Let me make it easier for you Daddy..." Jordyn innocently said, lying down on her front, untying her bikini top and begging me to do her legs and thighs next.

My brow began to form beads of sweat as I greased up her limber legs, one by one, inadvertently massaging her toned thighs and succulent calves without realising.

"Mmm, that feels so good. Now my front..."

Before I could object, Jordyn had flipped over, holding her loosened top against her chest with her hands and twitching her nose like a chipmunk, knowing she had me all riled up. This time she didn't lie back down, looking at me with those sultry eyes and her lips quivering as I coated the front of her legs with cream, then her inner thighs, before moving back away from her sex...

She bit her lip as I grasped her tight flesh, and just like one of my dirty dreams I'd had of her that week, Jordyn softly requested,

"Now rub me here, it needs your parental attention..."

"Jordyn..." I said, looking around to see if anyone was watching, paranoid that someone would see such a young girl being felt up by her perverted father.

"No ones watching Daddy..."

And with that, my teen step-daughter pulled her bikini bottoms to one side, unveiling her hairless teenage lips, the most exquisite sight I'd ever laid eyes on.

I was stunned beyond words, the horny young blonde taking my fingers and using them to caress her lubricating labia. I couldn't help myself. Despite every chance of being caught fingering my daughter in broad daylight, with my wife possibly returning any second now, I proceeded to slide my thick digit inside of Jordyn's ultra tight pussy...

"Oh Daddy..." she cried under her breath, biting into my shoulder as I finger banged her with my slick middle finger.

Her supple thighs closed around my working hand, and without much more work I could feel her inner cunt walls spasm, tightening around my soiled digit. Jordyns eyes were clenched shut and her mouth suctioned upon my shoulder blade as she came, wailing into my skin.

I looked around again, relieved that no one was looking in our direction as I slowly retracted my hand from between my daughter's legs.

"Wow... Just what I needed... Thanks Daddy!"

"Umm, you're welcome sweetheart" I replied, not really knowing what to say.

"Now how about I do you?" she suggested, grabbing the bottle of lotion.

"No need. I put some on before I came down.."

Not wanting to let me off that easily, the little seductress had other ideas.

"Yeah, but I think you may have missed one really huge spot!" she replied, noticing the tent shape in my swim trunks before lightly stroking it.

My nerves began to rattle once again as I let my cunning minx of a daughter proceed by sliding my shorts down, allowing her to fondle her father's hard cock in public, despite the potential consequences if we were to get caught out by her mother...

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