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Thread: Storyboard Game (daily)

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    Re: Natalie Alyn Lind

    While you're not normally the type to have one night stands, a hot blonde milf happened to give you the eye and catch you in the right mood at the perfect level of drunk for one thing to lead to another.

    After a night of pretty crazy, memorable sex, you wake up in her bed and sneak downstairs in your underwear for a drink without waking her.

    But it's when you get to the kitchen you get the fright of your life as you bump into a sexy, blonde teenager.

    Of course, your date had said nothing about having children, let alone that they were in the house while you were having some very loud, vocal sex.

    As awkward as the situation could have been, her daughter actually finds the whole thing hilarious after introducing herself as Natalie.

    As it turns out it isn't the first time her mom's done it and to your surprise she actually teases you, claiming she's impressed with your stamina and how well you screwed her mom.

    You don't know whether to be weirded out or turned on as Natalie practically eye-fucks you across the breakfast bar and continues to tease the fuck out of you while you make coffee.

    Given your state of undress, it's hardly surprising when Nat starts eyeing up your package and before you know it she's demanding to see what you're working with, why her mom was moaning so loud and keeping her up all night.

    Despite your refusal, Natalie ultimately corners you against the fridge and has a look for herself, pulling the waistband of your boxers to peek at your swelling cock.

    Something changes then as Nat flashes you a hungry look and without warning drops to her knees to blow you right there in the kitchen!

    While she's not as experienced as her mother, she makes up for it by drowning you in spit and riling you up with plenty of dirty talk.

    She claims she's so much tighter and sweeter than her mom and you should have spent the night in her bedroom instead, where you could have done whatever filthy thing you wanted to her.

    With a growl, you ultimately pull your cock out of her throat and bend her over the kitchen counter to impale her wet little cunt hard and fast.

    Natalie's moans echo around the kitchen as you grab her heavy tits and pound her from behind, she feels so good it only takes a few minutes for you to pump your load inside her.

    While you pull out and she thinks you're finished you hold her in place and abruptly push into her teen ass instead, making her cry out until you muffle her with your hand.

    You rail her tiny shit-pipe as hard as you can until she cums and you shove her back to her knees to feed her your dirty cock and unload what feels like a gallon of spunk into her teen belly!

    Next Girl...
    Olivia Holt, Sammi Hanratty or Lily Maymac

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    RE: Olivia Holt

    You've only known Olivia Holt for all of a few hours, but right from the start you can tell she's a Grade A cock-tease who's clearly interested in you - despite the fact that you're twice her age!

    In fact from the moment you're introduced on the set of her latest photoshoot, the gorgeous blonde won't stop flirting and messing with you, to the point where others are starting to gossip.

    It's around lunch time when you're tasked with grabbing lunch for the crew, and decide to take the loan car used in the shoot (dodge challenger) and are surprised when Olivia announces that she wants to tag along with you, putting the entire shoot on hold.

    The two of you hit the highway and head in the direction of a fast food joint in Malibu, with Liv flirting hard with you the entire way. In fact at one point she takes off her heels and rubs her feet, and asks if you have a foot fetish since she's noticed the way you've been checking them out all morning.

    "It's okay if you do, I don't mind." she casually comments. "We've all got our own fetishes when you think about it."

    "Really, what's yours?"

    "I've got a thing for older men," she claims. "Or as my friends like to say, I've got daddy issues."

    At first the actress is all serious but then bursts out laughing, and you're not sure if you should take her seriously or not. You then joke right back and comment that you indeed have a thing for her feet (and legs) and have been wondering all morning what she's got going on underneath that dress.

    "You have huh," she grins playfully.

    You're then taken aback as Liv reaches up under her skirt and peels her panties down her legs, handing them to you.

    "You know, I'm not as innocent as people think," she says as you inhale the scent of her warm panties.

    You then decide to call her bluff and ask her to prove it, which she does by reaching over to unzip your pants while the two of you speed down the Malibu highway.

    A moment later the pint-sized starlet crawls up onto her knees in the passenger seat (cause she's that tiny) and leans over to take your manly cock into her mouth, her sweet teen ass wiggling in the passenger side window.

    The two of you finally make it to your destination, and while ordering your food through the speaker box the cunning little minx refuses to stop fooling around and keeps blowing you!!

    You can't help but blush and feel a strange sense of pride as you make it to the last window to pick up your order, only for the teenage cashier to see Olivia in the act and simply roll her eyes.

    At this point your so turned on by the entire affair you almost pop in her mouth and decide to find the first place to park, and pull Olivia into your lap as the two of you make out aggressively.

    Liv continues to giggle and tease you, boasting that you only stopped her cause you were about to pop – which you don't refute. You're then taken aback as she reaches down and rubs the head of your cock against her teen cookie!

    Before you even have time to think or say anything, Olivia carefully impales herself on your cock, right there in the drivers seat as you sit parked in the parking lot of a famous fast food restaurant.

    "Come on, quick," she pants while flicking her hips. "Before we head back. Just hurry and fuck me."

    You happily palm her butt with both hands and ease her up and down your steely cock while marveling at how tight and hot she is of the tightest little pussies you've ever had the good fortunate of fucking.

    "Fuck, sweetie." you mutter at one point. "You're so tight right now, you're gonna make me come."

    "Do it, baby." she moans back, as a patrol car happens to pull into the parking lot and stops a few cars over.

    "Shit, shit... wait, Olivia!"

    "I don't care, don't stop. Please. Don't you dare stop." she pants into your ear. "I want you to come inside me!"

    As much as you want to stop, you just can't make yourself do it and feel your body moving involuntarily, filling her sweet little cookie again and again.

    "Olivia... please," you whimper as you find yourself on the verge of popping deep inside her snug little cunt.

    "Please come for me," Holt moans as she picks up the pace of her thrusts. "Please daddy, fuck me!"

    Just hearing this tone from her sets you off and you suddenly and unexpectedly erupt inside her teen womb, spurting rope after rope of hot thick jism.

    Olivia gasps to the action and takes your load, before crawling back into the passenger seat just in time for one of the police officers to come over to check on your two, and ends up flirting and getting her autograph instead.

    Minutes later and the two of you head back to the photo shoot with her adjusting her make up and appearance, where you watch her strut and pose for the camera like nothing happened - putting on her best girl next door smile, while your hot load slowly seeps out of her young cunt.

    Next Girl...
    Tahan Lew Fatt, Kira Kosarin, or Victoria Justice

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    RE: Victoria Justice
    It was another beautiful day in Mexico. I was on vacation at a nice resort and was really loving to waking up morning, walking out to the beach and just relaxing by reading, listening to music and watch beautiful women walk around in bikinis. It was a little passed 2pm on the fourth day of my trip when I saw this absolute goddess walking towards me out of the water as I was waling in. It wasn't until she was a few feet away that I recognized her as Victoria Justice. I could feel the big dumb smile spread across my face and right as I was about to saw something a big wave came out of no where knocking Victoria over right into me and sending us both spinning in the water. When we both regained our bearings we laughed and asked each other if we were okay. Victoria stood up first and seemed totally fine, but I knew something was wrong as soon as I stood up. Victoria's eyes darted down to my crotch and her hand covered he mouth as she gasped. I looked down and saw the my bathing suit had been knocked down to my knees and I was now totally exposed. I felt totally embarrassed even though I had no reason to be. I'd always been a shower over a grower so even flaccid I was almost 6 inched and over an inch in diameter. No the less I felt embarrassed.

    "Oh shit, sorry." I said as I quickly pulled up my suit and blushed in embarrassment.

    "No it's fine, I know it was an accident." she reassured me. "Besides, doesn't look like you have anything to be ashamed of there." Victoria gave a sex smile and let the back of her finger nails slide up along my covered shaft as she walked by me back to the beach.

    It took me a while to get back out of the water as I waited for my erection to subside. I tried to to relax the rest of the day, but I found myself just watching Victoria the whole time as she either tanned on the beach or frolicked in the water with her friends in the water. At time I thought I saw her look back towards me but I just dismissed it as wishful thinking.

    When she and her friends started to back up I looked at my watch and decided to do the same. Needing to use the bathroom I decided to use the public ones before going up to my room. It was outside the bathrooms I saw Victoria Justice again. Using the shower to wash the sand and salt water off her bikini clad body. It looked like a fantasy sequence out of a PG-13 high school or college comedy. She caught me watching her as I walked slowly towards the men's room. I could see her eyes give me a full body scan as she bit her lip. She then turned away as I entered the bathroom.

    I finished my business in there and as I opened the door to leave the men's room I was quickly pushed back inside by Victoria.

    "What the hell are you doing?" I said completely taken by surprise.

    "I got tired of waiting for you to make a move, and I wasn't sure I'd run into you again." She said as she pushed me up against a toilet stall wall. She reached up and pulled me in for a kiss before couching down between my legs. "I haven't been able to get my mind off this thing." She said as she pulled my suit down to the floor. She gave my cock head a couple quick kisses before taking me into her mouth and began blowing me.

    It didn't take me long to get full hard. While not super long when hard, 7in, I am really thick and Victoria was having some issues fitting me all in her mouth. "Fuck your thick."She said after pulling me out of her mouth and began stroking me with both hands. Suddenly Victoria let go of me and stood up. "Look, I can't be caught in here so we need to make this quick." She said as she spun around and leaned over to grip the sink with one hand and used the other to slid the crotch of here bikini bottom to the side exposing her pussy lips to me. I stood there paralyzed in disbelief. Victoria spun her head around, "Well? Come on! Stick it in me!" That snap me out of it and I step up behind her, took aim and began sliding into her. "Ooohh shit. Ooohhh fuck. I've never felt my pussy be stretched so wide before." She moaned as I began slowly sliding in an out of her pussy which was wrapped around my cock as tightly as a latex glove.

    "Come on harder! We don't have time for this slow shit! Fuck me harder!" She demanded, and I started to pick up speed. Soon I was pistoning in and out of her as fast as I could. I could feel my balls slap up against her clit with each hard thrust. "Yes that's it pound my pussy!" She yelled. Victoria had a death grip on the sink and I enjoyed watching her face in the mirror contort in pleasure as I rammed her from behind. It the face she gave as she came that set me off. I unloaded everything I had into the former Nickelodeon star's cunt. When I finally pulled out her legs buckled and she fell to her knees, and when she turned around my half hard cock was right in her face. She didn't even hesitate to use her tongue and mouth to clean off any of my cum or her juices off my dick.

    When it was all said and done, she slid her bikini back into place and fixed her hair a bit. I opened the door a bit to make sure the door was clear for her to sneak out. When I gave her the green light she whispered in my ear "Be a Suite 2134 tonight at 10:30 for a go at round two." She then gave me a kiss on the cheek before running off.

    NEXT: Paris Bereic or Stella Hudgens or Sammi Hanratty
    Current Top 5
    1. Hailee Steinfeld
    2. Emma Watson
    3. Anna Kendrick
    4. Victoria Justice
    5. Jennifer Lawrence

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    Re: Paris Berelc

    It had been several years since you last saw your younger cousin, Paris but the moment you reconnected at a family party/dinner there was some instant, awkward mutual attraction.

    As wrong as thought was, you couldn't help but admit Paris had grown up to be hot as fuck and the way she openly eyed you up meant she was equally as impressed with how you'd turned out.

    It didn't help matters that she was glammed up and dressed to the nines and after finding yourself sat next to her at the table, it doesn't take long before long the pair of you are screwing around.

    As it turns out she's as flirty as she looks and, related or not, you end up flirting right back with Paris making several whispered comments about how inappropriate you're both being, but making no effort to stop.

    While the night goes on, Paris helps herself to glass after glass of wine which only loosens her inhibitions and even goes so far as to claim it would have been your lucky night if you weren't related, as frustrated as she is right now being single.

    Thankfully no one else had heard her say it but you hasten to quieten her down, in the process accidentally placing a hand on her bare thigh, but the moment you feel just how soft and smooth and warm her leg feels, you let your hand linger.

    "You taking advantage of me now?" she grins drunkenly, prompting you to quickly pull away.

    "Wait--no, don't stop now, I like it," she whines, quickly replacing your hand on her leg. "I can't remember the last time a guy's touched me..."

    You gulp but being absentmindedly caressing her legs under the table while your family continues to drink, eat and chatter around you.

    "Mmm, yeah I like that," she sighs quietly and to your surprise, you feel her spread her legs a little, inviting you to move onto her inner thigh.

    Your heart is racing a mile a minute as you go for it and move up and under her short dress, edging closer and closer to her honeypot until you're distracted by an aunt you barely know pulling you into their conversation beside you.

    You do your best to join in and answer the typical family questions while your hand remains perfectly still on your cousin's leg until she grows impatient and begins subtly grinding against you and ultimately makes you jump when her hand reaches over and grabs your thigh before squeezing your hard cock.

    It takes all your willpower to keep composed as Paris how rubs your cock through your jeans while grinding her wet, pantie-clad cunt against your fingers.

    Finally you get out of the mundane conversation and quickly turn back to your wayward cousin.

    "You're gonna get us into trouble," you warn her, powerless to stay angry at her when you see the look on her face.

    "I need this, please..." she whined quietly as you deftly slipped your fingers into her underwear and without warning eased two digits deep into her juicy cunt. "--yes! Jesus!"

    Paris almost lifts herself off the chair as you her and had to disguise her grunts and moans with fake coughs which only ended up bringing more attention to her from the table with a few family members offering her a drink in case she was choking.

    It wasn't until she had her most violent shudder and her legs clamped shut around your hand that you take pity on her and withdraw your sticky fingers before she cums in front of her entire extended family.

    By now Paris is flushed pink, panting a little with beads of sweat on her forehead.

    "Meet me upstairs in five," she whispers before excusing herself.

    Next Girl
    Brit, Aussie or American...

    Georgia May Foote, Maia Mitchell or Lia Marie Johnson

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