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    It's while walking to my car after work I notice in the car park a woman and her 2 kids are riding around on their hover boards being loud. When I go to back up one of the little twats almost runs into the rear of my car.

    I get out and am about to yell at the kid for not watching where he's going when his mom runs up to me screaming.


    It's then I notice that it is none other than "Home and Away" actress Pia Miller, clad in nothing more than a black bikini top and cut off shorts.

    "Easy lady, why don't you pay attention to your kids?" I snapped back. "Just because it's an empty car park doesn't mean you can't be careful."

    Pia grabs her kids and walks off.

    THE NEXT DAY, we run into each other outside our building.

    "I just wanted to apologize for the other day." she says.

    "Nah, its fine." I reply. "Completely Understandable."

    "I'd love to make it up to you," she asks. "Would you like to come up for Coffee?"

    "I'm actually running late. Rain check?"

    "Don't worry, this won't take long" she quipped with a sexy look in her eye.

    We barely make it into her apartment before she pins me up against the door, unbuckles my belt and proceeds to give me the most amazing blowjob of my life - taking more of my meat into her throat each time, while cupping my nuts.

    She bobs her head back and forth before going very slow and sensual to bring me back down. This goes on for several minutes until I announce I'm about to cum, and she holds the tip in her mouth allowing me to shoot my load into her throat.

    Next... Lily May Mac

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    Lily Maymac

    I'd known since the day I moved in that my sexy next door neighbour was a grade-A cocktease but I'd quickly discovered that was all it was – a tease. Lily knew exactly what she was doing as she flaunted her tight, young body in all kinds of bikinis and less than decent outfits, welcoming my looks and grinning smugly whenever she caught me leering at her while she was tanning by the pool.

    Unfortunately my chances to see her were few and far between because of the amount of travelling she did. On the plus side, while she was away she often asked me to keep an eye on her house, giving me a spare key to pop in every now and then to make sure everything was alright.

    Naturally it hadn't taken me long to go snooping through her belongings and, to my shame, the first thing I'd done was wrap some of her sexy panties around my cock and beat off like a mad man in her bedroom. At the time I'd seen it as a way to get back at the teasing little minx but the explicit act started becoming more and more regular.

    It was fortunate Lily possessed literally dozens and dozens of pairs of underwear each sexier than the last so, as far as I knew, she'd yet to notice the missing garments.

    Unfortunately Lily's travelling schedule was so erratic and unpredictable, I ended up mixing the dates of her return up which led to me stroking my cock with some of her sheer underwear when I heard the front door open and shut downstairs.

    I immediately began to panic as I covered up, stuffed her panties in my pocket but just as I reached for her bedroom door handle she was there.

    Lily let out a sudden scream of surprise at the unexpected intruder before realising it was just me.

    "Fuck, what are you doing in here?! You scared the shit out of me!" she complained.

    "I—err—" I stammered.

    I was already nervous enough and her current state of attire definitely wasn't helping. As usual she was looking sexy as fuck with her top tied to display her midriff and denim shorts so tiny they barely covered her ass.

    "Sorry, I didn't realise you were back today," I finally managed to say.

    "Okay...but what are you even doing in my bedroom?" she asked suspiciously.

    She could see how flustered I was and it didn't take much to work out I'd been up to no good and the fact she noticed the stolen panties poking out of my pocket definitely didn't help matters.

    Lily's expression turned into one of evil delight the moment she snatched her underwear back as she realised she had me at her complete mercy.

    "You know I could call the police on you," she informed me plainly. "It wouldn't be the first time."

    "No, Lily please you don't need to do that," I had to beg.

    "Why shouldn't I?"

    I failed to think of a solid reason and did the first thing that came to mind – turning the blame on her instead.

    "Well can you blame me?" I blurted out. "All your teasing, it's enough to drive a man insane."

    Lily's eyes widened at my sudden comeback but giggled slyly nonetheless.

    "Insane eh?" she smiled while taking a step closer, pushing me back into her room. "Why? How bad do you want me?"

    My heart was hammering in my chest as she stepped so close our bodies were practically touching, her face inches away from mine, her pouty, blowjob lips slightly parted as she awaited my answer. I knew full well that compliments were the way to go with a girl like her so I told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

    "I want you...I can't stop thinking about you," I confessed in a low whisper.

    "Thinking what kind of things? Bad things?"

    " bad..."

    "I am a bad girl aren't I? Teasing my sweet neighbour like I do," she pouted. "Why don't you show me what I do to you? How hard I get you?"

    The look in her eye told me her suggestion was deadly serious so I quickly pulled my cock out for her, already hard as steel just listening to her husky tone and her hot breath on my neck.

    "Mmm...fuck, a bad girl could have a lot of fun with that," she purred, pleasantly surprised by my size.

    "Go ahead," I boldly offered while stroking my meat for her.

    "Is that what you want?" Lily continued, her lips almost brushing against mine. "I bet you'd love to feel my lips wrapped around that thing."

    "Oh God...yes," I breathed.

    "I'd probably make you come harder than you have in your entire fucking life," she promised before suddenly kissing me.

    I groaned into her mouth as I kissed her back and my hand wrapped around her to feel and grope her ass, feeling her grind against me.

    "You're lucky you have a really nice cock," she told me before sinking to my knees.

    It was something straight out of one of my fantasies as Lily peered up at me with her wide eyes, taking my cock in her hand for the first time and giving it a teasing lick with her long tongue.

    "You ready baby?"

    Before I could respond my shaft vanished inside my sexy neighbour's mouth. I threw my head back as she swallowed it deep, taking it down her narrow throat in one go before pulling back, covering it in her shiny spit.

    It was evidently clear Lily loved giving head and was certainly amazing at it, twisting her hands and swivelling her head as she sucked my like a sex demon. She had no qualms about getting messy as she slurped and drooled all over my shaft until my legs were trembling and she suddenly glared up at me with lust burning in her eyes.

    "Give me your cum," she hissed. "It's mine!"

    I moaned as I grabbed her head and forced her back down and began fucking her sweet mouth, listening to her gag and hum around my meat until her eyes squeezed shut as I unloaded, shooting stream after stream of hot, gooey spunk down her slutty throat!

    Jennifer Hawkins

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    Jennifer Hawkins

    It's while renovating a house that word quickly spreads through the construction site that one-time Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins lives just across the street with a few guys having been lucky enough to see her and able to account for her remarkable natural beauty not to mention her fine, statuesque figure.

    Unfortunately for me I'd yet to enjoy such a sighting but the opportunity finally arose when we accidentally struck a water pipe, cutting off the supply for a few houses until we got it fixed. Naturally I jumped at the chance to tell the homeowners if only for the chance to meet Jen, even if it was to give bad news.

    My decision immediately paid off when not five minutes later, after dashing to the other affected homes, Jennifer Hawkins herself answered her door in little more than a sexy, pink, satin dress.

    Thankfully the model giggled at my reaction as my jaw dropped.

    "Whoops, I wasn't expecting company," she smiled flirtatiously, making no effort to conceal the blatant pokies she was showing.

    To my shame I found myself stammering like a nervous teenager until she cut me off and suddenly requested I come inside to check her plumbing since her water had just gone off and she'd been about to hop in the shower.

    Only then did I find my voice and happily agreed to have a look – despite knowing the exact reason her water was off. As the model invited me into her home I had to wonder if the other guys had been watching and could believe their eyes.

    They were soon forgotten however as Jen began leading me upstairs as I forced myself to make small-talk, admiring her beautiful home etc when really I couldn't tear my eyes away from her ass as she climbed the stairs.

    It was only half way up that she peered over her shoulder and caught me looking but didn't look offended in the slightest, on the contrary her smile widened and she appeared to enjoy my lingering looks as I practically drooled over her body.

    "It's just up here," she grinned, continuing to lead the way and seemingly putting a little extra sway in her hips as she walked.

    In her bathroom I fiddled around, not doing anything in particular while we continued to chat and I grew and more comfortable around her the more I realised how sweet and down to earth she was, not to mention her wicked sense of humour which wouldn't have been out of place in the builder's yard.

    "You know the guys can't stop talking about you across the street," I confessed at one point. "Said you're the hottest woman they've ever seen, if you don't mind me saying."

    "Why would I mind?" she asked with a glint in her eye. "Is that why you came over, to see for yourself?"

    "Maybe," I shrugged coyly.

    "And do I live up to the hype?"

    "I think you know the answer to that," I told her plainly.

    "Okay, and what else do they talk about over there...about me," she asked.

    She must have noticed my hesitation to tell her the truth.

    "Go on, I've spent more than my fair share of time on construction sites, I don't mind, honestly."

    "I dunno Jen, some of those guys have real filthy minds," I warned her.

    "Who say's I don't?"


    "Maybe I've been having my own dirty thoughts over here...all those big, strong construction men just right across the street...teasing me."

    Once again I found myself rendered a little speechless as her voice took on a seductive tone.

    "Of course, I'm a married woman, as fun as it would be, taking on all six of you would be far too risky. One though? That could still be fun..."

    I swallowed hard as I slowly stood up, not daring to believe my luck if this was going where it seemed like.

    "No one's going to believe you," she shrugged before effortlessly slipping out of her silky dress, letting it slide down her naked body to pool at her feet.

    It was a vision that would stick with me for the rest of my life but before I could even take it all in she was on me, shoving me back against the bathroom counter as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Despite being married myself I couldn't stop myself and suddenly my hands her on her, caressing every inch of her immaculate body, settling on her surprisingly round ass.

    She gasped a moment later when I decided to take charge before common sense settled in and I lifted her into the air, spun us around to sit her on the edge of the sink where she spread her long legs and reached for my cock.

    In an instant my raging hard-on was out and pressed against her wet, married cunt.

    "Do it," she purred. "Take me!"

    I'd challenge the most loyal of men to refuse such a request so an instant later I was carefully sliding into her snug pussy, filling her up and listening to her groan as her head fell back, exposing her long, slender neck for me to kiss.

    "Ughh—god, keep doing that," she groaned lustfully. "—just don't leave any marks, yeah?"

    That was easier said than done as I kissed and licked at her neck as I began thrusting into her, my hands caressing her smooth legs as our urgent pace quickly ramped up until I stood up straight again to really give it to her, pounding the Australian sweetheart hard and fast over her bathroom sink.

    Finally she cried out loud, her legs cramping shut as she came unexpectedly.

    "Holy shit—" she heaved in disbelief. "You just made me come!"

    I still refused to let up however as Jen now watched wide-eyed and panting as my cock continued to spear her dripping cunt until her body spasmed again. It was this second climax in as many minutes that set me off. Without waiting for permission I simply slammed balls-deep into her contracting cunt and proceeded to give her the biggest, filthiest cream-pie of her life.

    Barely ten minutes later, I was pushed out of Jen's house with a sly grin from the stunning model and back to the construction site where I was inundated with a dozen questions at once but like she'd said – they'd never believe me.

    (Veronica/Vanessa Merrell)

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    re: Vanessa and Veronica Merrell

    It had been a long night for the Merell twins, after returning home from the ROGUE ONE premiere in Los Angeles. Having downed several drinks at the after party, the ladies stumbled home and climbed into bed, to snuggle up in the dark and casually chat about the nights events.

    "That guy was really into you tonight," Vanessa said in the dark.

    "You're just saying that to make me feel better." her sister sighed.

    "Roni, you really need to get laid. It's been months now."

    "I told you I don't need a boy, when I've got my toys."

    "I know but.. don't you miss physical contact?"

    Veronica giggled and hugged her sister tighter.

    "I've get all the physical contact I need right here."

    There was a long pause before Vanessa admitted how she knew all about her sisters recent proclivities, to wake up in the mornings and masturbate beside her in bed when she thought her twin was asleep.

    "I just feel bad," nessa told her. "I'm sad you don't have a boyfriend, and you're so frustrated. In fact I'm surprised you haven't tried to make a move on me at this point, you're so worked up lately."

    "Yeah, don't tempt me," roni giggled. "And don't think I haven't thought about it either."

    Even though Vanessa knew it was just the alcohol talking, she knew there was some truth to her comment.

    "You know I love you right," she told her. "If that'd help."

    Veronica looked at her gorgeous twin sister, realizing she was just as drunk as she was, and more importantly, dead serious.

    "You'd do that?" roni stammered. "I wasn't sure if you'd be comfortable with it."

    "Comfortable? I watch and listen to you masturbate beside me like every morning!" Vanessa slurred. "What do you think I do when you go in the shower!"

    Vanessa kissed her cheek and cuddled some more. They could each feel the warmth of the other's body, and smell the slightly alcohol laden breath of the other.

    The girls lay side by side holding hand and playing with each other's fingers as they mulled over these new revelation. It was sometime later that Veronica made the first move, and gently kissed the side of her neck before their mouths descended onto each other.

    The kiss was gentle at first, but quickly descended into put animalist lust, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths as they moaned and swapped spit.

    Veronica's knee moved between Vanessa's thighs as their pelvises pressed harder against one another and they started grinding on each other.

    "Mmm," Vanessa purred, "..that feels so good."

    "No kidding," said Veronica before they went back to kissing and humping one another on the bed.

    The ladies carried on like this for the next several minute before they finally stopped to catch their breath, the two of them sweating profusely and their mouths covered in saliva.

    "roni, can we try something."

    "What did you have in mind?"

    "Don't freak out okay, but.."

    Veronica barely had time to respond before Vanessa peeled her sweat soaked night shirt over her head, spun around and buried her face between her sister legs, swinging one of her own legs over roni's face, and placing the twins in a 69 position on the bed.

    "ohmigod! ..nessa, I don't think this is a good ..ugh, fuck!"

    She barely had time to finish her sentence before she felt her twins tongue plunge between her already sopping pussy lips. She moaned momentarily, before returning the favor and now feasted on her sisters shaved clam.

    "uh, god. yes," Vanessa moaned over her shoulder, "stick your tongue inside me sis!"

    The ladies both moaned and withered around on the bed, causing them both to roll onto their sides where they continued to utterly feast on each other's cunts, both their mouths locked on the other, their chins glistening in juice.

    Veronica licked her sisters clit, then tasted. She gave her another quick lick, then tasted again. She put her tongue deep between Vanessa's butterfly lips and scooped more of her sweet nectar to savor her cunt.

    Having satisfied her curiosity, she buried her mouth between her twins lips and licked her with great zeal, brushing the tip of her tongue up and down the sides of her hood, then flattening it to lick across her clit.

    Judging by her moans, roni knew nessa's orgasm was close, so she inserted two fingers into her cunt and proceeded to finger-blast her which caused her to reach an orgasm almost immediately.

    "Ugh-fuck, roni.." Vanessa moaned between her sisters legs. "I'm gonna cum all over your mouth!"

    In her response to the climax, Vanessa buried her face down between her sisters legs and without thinking plunged her hot tongue into her sisters asshole, sending Veronica into hysterics and causing them to both cum within seconds of each other.

    Morena Baccarin

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    Morena Baccarin had a well known reputation for screwing around on set so it was no surprise that this was the topic of conversation as we prepped the sexy GQ shoot before the mother of two arrived with all of us wondering if that reputation of hers extended to photoshoot sets as well as film sets.

    As soon as the sexy actress arrived though we all shut up, suddenly feeling star-struck and nervous around the stunning woman but to my surprise, she appeared to take a liking to me, catching me on my own while I fiddled with some lighting.

    "Make sure you make me look good," she quipped from behind me.

    "You hardly need any help from me on that front," I claimed, making her smile.

    Judging by the half empty glass of red in her hand, it appeared our star had been helping herself to the complementary wine and already had a glassy look in her eyes which I only noticed since I was forcing myself to maintain eye contact giving the fact she was topless save for a green jacket, flaunting some serious side-boob.

    "You can look, that's the whole point of this shoot isn't it?" she remarked, noticing my struggle.

    "...just didn't want to offend you," I shrugged meekly, while stealing a quick glance none-the-less at her large, natural tits.

    "Would take a lot to offend me," Morena assured me with a sly wink.

    "Should have heard what the guys were saying before you turned up," I stupidly blurted out.

    But as much as I tried to backtrack, Morena insisted I spill and give her the details of our lewd conversation we'd had about her and her casual hook-ups. As promised, she still didn't seem offended, if anything she was amused and seemed to get a kick out of the way we'd spoken about her and made her look around the room in a new light, knowing every single one of them wanted to fuck her -- as if she didn't know that already.

    "...and what about you? Am I meant to believe you weren't involved in all this?"

    "Well--erm--" I stammered, unsure if I should admit to being the guy who started it.

    "You telling me I don't get your cock hard?" she purred, boldly stepping forward and grabbing me through my pants.

    I jumped as she gave my cock a good squeeze. I'd never grown hard so fast in my life as she grinned mischievously up at me and, after checking no one was looking our way, she casually parted her jacket a little to give me a glimpse of her pretty, rubbery nipples which looked about as hard as I felt.

    "Yeah? This what you wanted?" she hissed quietly. "You all think I'm a little slut, so I might as well act like one, right?"


    But before I could stop her she dragged me into the next room where we could be alone where she suddenly dropped to her knees to blow me! It was strictly down to business with Morena intent on getting me off as quickly as possible with her mouth and hands, treating me to an intense, mind-blowing, sloppy blowjob which soon had me weak at the knees. Soon enough she was making such a mess she was forced to shrug the jacket off, tossing it aside and leaving her completely topless below me and allowing me to reach down to cup and fondle her heavy breasts, earning a stifled moan of approval.

    "Like my tits?" she murmured between sucks.

    "Uh-huh," I nodded dumbly as I marvelled at how soft they felt in my palms.

    "Then you'll love this!"

    Without further ago the busty actress sat up to wrap her breasts around my shaft, forming a tight seal for me to buck my hips in disbelief.

    "Fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum!" I grunted out loud while she glared up at me lustfully and egged me on, begging for my load.

    A moment later I gave it to her, gasping as a torrent of jizz spurted from my tip to plaster her face and titties before she wrapped her lips around the head to guzzle the rest down her throat.

    "Mmmm, so that's one to go?" she smirked, referring to the rest of the men on set.

    Next Picture
    (Jordyn Jones)

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    Re: Michelle Keegan

    We'd been flirting with each other for months until one fateful afternoon when Michelle Keegan arrived to the station to fill up her vehicle, and this time appeared to be dressed in nothing but her workout attire.

    I just about crapped my pants when the striking beauty wandered into the store to pay for her fuel and then asked if she could quickly use the restroom around back.

    I'd been waiting for a day like this from the moment we met, and quickly locked up the till and wandered into the back room where I had strategically placed a gloryhole which lead into the bathroom next door.

    My heart pounded as I spied through the hole to watch Michelle peel down her yoga pants (no panties?) and proceed to tinkle, before sitting back to leisurely play with her shaved mound!

    I waited for the right moment to strike, and finally pulled my pants down to feed my eight inch cock through the hole, only to hear her gasp with fright.

    "Jesus! What in the fuck," she let out before realizing who the mystery penis (most likely) belonged to.

    There was a long pause as I waited for her to respond, and finally appreciate the trouble I had gone to arrange such a thing. I was taking a huge gamble.

    "You clever little man," she smiled. "Sod it, why not."

    I didn't have to wait long before she grasped my hard cock and proceeded to give me one of the hottest, sloppiest blowjobs I'd ever received, and even added some lewd commentary to the mix, asking me how long I'd fantasized about her.

    "I bet you've wanked in here a hundred times, thinking about me sucking your dick like this ...yeah?"

    All I could do was moan as she worked me over with her mouth and hands.

    As incredible as this was, I was then floored when Michelle stood up, turned around and backed up onto my cock, taking me into her snug cunt before pounding her ass against the wall again and again, making the entire partition shake.

    "Umpphff-fuck yeah. Gimme that young cock! Fuck me."

    As much as I tried, I couldn't hold out for very long and ultimately shot my wad deep into her cunny, filling her twat with my creamy thick load.

    The actress then straightened herself up, flushed the loo and wandered back out to her car like nothing happened, granting me a playful wave from the drivers seat that told me this wouldn't be the last time she'd stop by.

    Next Up...
    Jessica Alba, Olivia Holt, or Victoria Justice

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    Re: Olivia Holt

    It's while on a business trip in Vegas that you get to talking with a pretty brunette, Chelsea, at a bar who reveals she's also in the city for one night only on work. From her flirty behaviour and the way she'd been eye-fucking you all evening, it's clear she's up for a little NSA fun (one night stand).

    It's not until she invites you back to her table that you're floored by her hot blonde friend -- Olivia Holt. She's an absolute stunner and a shallow part of you secretly wishes it had been her you'd bumped into first but it's too late now.

    Olivia watches the pair of you flirt for another hour or so, constantly rolling her eyes and grinning knowingly.

    "Omg guys, just get a room already," she finally quips, fed up of being the awkward third wheel.

    Thankfully Chelsea is game and quickly heads off to the bathroom to freshen up first, leaving you alone with Olivia for the first time. Although you're only left together for a matter of minutes, you can't help but flirt with her as well, alcohol fuelling your confidence but you're surprised when she suddenly flirts right back.

    She's actually far cockier than you first assumed.

    "I've seen the way you've been checking me out, we both know who you'll really be thinking about tonight," she winks slyly just as her friend returns.

    "Everything okay?" Chelsea asks, noticing the stunned look on your face.

    You quickly clear your throat and nod while Holt continues to smirk out of the corner of your eye before the three of you take the short walk back to their hotel and up to their adjoining room.

    It's there Olivia disappears into her own room leaving you alone with Chelsea to raid the mini-fridge together and get even more wasted before the inevitable happens.

    Despite Olivia being just a few feet away, Chelsea makes no effort to keep the noise down and is extremely vocal as you take her from behind, fucking her hard and fast while -- just like her friend had claimed -- constantly thinking about Holt.

    Unfortunately your spontaneous fuck-session is cut short when Chelsea practically passes out leaving you hanging with a serious case of blue balls. When she doesn't wake you sigh and decide to grab a shower and finish yourself off in there.

    Standing under the water, with your back to the door, you're too distracted to hear anyone come in so jump when a soft hand suddenly touches your back. Before you can say a word, Olivia hushes you and reaches around, replacing your hand with her own on your cock.

    It all feels dream-like as she kisses your back and uses two hands to pleasure you.

    "Were you thinking of me?" she whispers with a slight giggle in your ear as she jacks you off and suddenly causes you to grunt and ejaculate all over her pretty hands and the shower wall!

    Next Girls:
    Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld or Gal Gadot

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    I'm Selena's bodyguard whom she's been having an affair with, who sneaks me into a seedy bathroom and drains my cock while her pineapple head looking BF is busy on his phone.

    "Oh my god, I can't get over how big you are."

    "Heh, yeah. Amazing what not doing blow will do for you. Now remind me how well you suck that dick" I breath while putting my hand on the back of her head.

    "Yeah, you want me to put it in my mouth?" she asks while gripping my tool and inhaling the scent.

    "Yes, for fuck sake! Stop teasing me you little bitch."

    Selena starts on my nuts taking each into her mouth, before licking the underside from base to tip. Swirling her tongue around the head and eventually taking the whole thing down her throat in one go. This goes on for about 10 minutes before she begs for me to shoot my load into the back of her throat.

    "Mmm, can't let good protein go to waste," she winks before opening her mouth and showing me she swallowed.

    "Indeed," I respond as we clean up and head back out to the party.

    choose between:
    Debby Ryan,
    Sammi Hanratty,
    Georgia May Foote

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    Re: Jordyn Jones

    It was a week long cruise and day one you first spotted a petite young blonde giving you the eye.

    You find this particularly surprising since you're obviously old enough to be her father but she doesn't let up and makes it perfectly clear it's you she's interested in.

    This continues for a few days across the deck and while you don't exactly intend to do anything, you can't help but enjoy the attention and admire her tight little body from afar.

    Things eventually come to a head one evening when she separates herself from her friends and decides to approach you, asking why you've yet to make a move on her.

    You shrug and give some excuse but it seems the more you act disinterested, the more aggressive she becomes, insisting there's no way any guy your age would be able to resist a hot, blonde teen like herself.

    It's all big words and you tell her as much until she decides to prove herself -- grabbing your junk right there on deck!

    You immediately panic and push her away but she's insistent leading to the pair of you grappling briefly on your recliner until the next thing you know she's on top of you with her arms pinned behind her back.

    "What's the matter?" she grins down at you while grinding against your body.

    Naturally you quickly get hard, your cock pressing against her crotch.

    "When was the last time your cock's had some teen pussy?" Jordyn continues.

    Before you can stop her, Jordyn suddenly wiggles out of your grip and deftly slips your cock out of your swimshorts, pulls her bikini to the side and impales herself on your cock!

    The pair of you both gasp and any qualms you may have had quickly vanish as her wet teen cunt squeezes your shaft -- you don't even care about the fact anyone could walk by and catch you in the act

    Jordyn turns out to be a real ball of energy and rides your cock more aggressively, getting louder and louder until you finally cover her mouth as she comes.

    It's only then you decide to take charge, flipping her over onto all fours to roughly slam into her and fuck the shit out of the spoiled teen until you pull out and cover her ass and back in jizz!

    Next Girls:
    Paris Berelc, Dove Cameron or Lia Marie Johnson

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    Well if no one else is going to...

    Re: Lia Marie Johnson

    It wasn't the first time you'd chaperoned your sexy neighbour to and from an event and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

    Fact was, Lia had you wrapped around her little finger despite being a few years younger but she was a grade-A tease and always made it clear, however unlikely, that you could be in with a chance with her.

    She of course added to this by giving you a lingering kiss on the side of the lips every time you picked and dropped her off although you both knew you were after far more.

    The opportunity finally arises when you arrive home with her even drunker than usual but before helping her inside, she instead insists on coming to yours first to sober up a bit in case her parents catch her.

    Naturally you're happy to let her come in where you fetch a glass of water only to come back to her crashed out on your sofa.

    Evil thoughts immediately enter your mind as you admire the sexy girl next door sleeping peacefully and you ultimately tell yourself you should really make her more comfortable -- for her own sake.

    You start off innocently enough by removing her heels, and in doing so feel her smooth legs and sneak a peek up her dress to admire her pink thong panties.

    Given the dress she's wearing there's unfortunately not much else you can do but -- given this is your one chance -- you soon talk yourself into feeling her large, natural breasts.

    The moment you start you can barely take your hands off her, massaging her tits through her dress and making her hum and moan softly in her sleep.

    You're harder than steel at this point and given how much of a heavy sleeper she appears to be, you risk taking your cock out to beat off over her pretty face, even daring to brush the head of your cock against her soft lips.

    You almost lose your composure when Lia instinctively flicks her tongue out and licks you, leaving her lips parted and granting you enough access to push in a little.

    While your brain is screaming at you to stop before you go too far, your body continues of its own accord, pushing into her warm, inviting mouth inch by inch.

    It feels even better than you'd imagined and you end up closing your eyes, simply enjoying the sensation of Lia's wet mouth around your shaft.

    It's not until you suddenly hear a hum and feel her tongue move and swirl around your cock that you look down again only to see Lia's bright, green eyes glaring up at you...

    Next Girl...
    Sarah Ellen, Brooke Hogan or Pia Miller

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