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Thread: Olivia Holt Gym Workout Storyboard

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    boxing Olivia Holt Gym Workout Storyboard

    Olivia Holt Gym Workout Storyboard

    Picture says it all I think.

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    Olivia Holt Gym Workout
    by LemonTalk
    Was only meant to be a quick thing but I might have to turn this into a full story and go all the way, lol.

    For months now you'd been visiting your gym during the early hours of the morning, enjoying having the entire place to yourself but over the past week a new regular had turned up. Naturally you weren't too put off by this given how attractive the young blonde was and actually enjoyed the company, not that the two of you really spoke much.

    More often than not she was accompanied by a personal trainer and from overhearing their conversations, you'd quickly learnt her name was Olivia and she was in the city for the next few months filming some upcoming TV show which immediately makes you even more interested in her, knowing she's a celebrity.

    When her personal trainer wasn't with her, Olivia worked out alone and you can't help but constantly steal glances at her as she diligently follows her rigorous workout routine and builds up a good sweat each and every morning.

    There's no doubt in your mind that she knows you're always looking but she doesn't act offended and as the days pass you begin catching her eye more and more often, earning a cute, coy little smile across the room.

    It was after a particularly exhausting workout one morning that you ended up standing in the locker room showers for some time, simply letting the cold water wash over you when you hear a voice calling out. At first you assume you simply imagined it before you hear it again.

    "Hello? Are you in here?"

    You recognise it as Olivia and step out of the open showers curious, naked as the day you were born, only to be startled when you see Olivia stood right there in the middle of the men's changing room.

    "Whoa, err—can I help you?" you immediately panic, covering up from her inquisitive eyes.

    It takes a minute for Olivia to find her voice again, apparently not expecting you to be entirely naked in the shower.

    "Umm—yeah. The showers are broken in the ladies, I was just wondering if I could use yours but I can wait until you're done," she said, more than a little flustered.

    "Oh no, you carry on, go ahead," you tell her, nodding towards the shower but she was still unsure.

    In an effort to put her at ease you throw caution to the wind and exposed yourself again, turning and heading back into the shower room. You wait patiently under the cool spray and again grin when you see her head poke around the corner.

    " funny business, yeah?" she warns you.

    You simply hold your hands up in mock surrender, making her smile before she begins undressing. Naturally your eyes are glued to her as she strips to her underwear, her teen body tight and toned in all the right places as she steps into the wetroom and turns on the shower on the opposite wall to yours.

    It's really quite a sight as Olivia lets her hair down and lets out a pleasurable sigh as the cold water soothes her aching muscles. While she'd tried to keep decent, her underwear immediately becomes sheer and you're treated to the sight of her cute nipples and some mouth-watering cameltoe.
    It's enough to make you stiffen and before you can turn away to hide your growing arousal, Olivia opens her eyes again and immediately spots you watching.

    "Enjoying the show?" she teases from across the room.

    "Are you?" you counter as eyes appeared glued to your erection.

    "It's not bad," she shrugs playfully. "I've seen bigger."

    "Sure you have princess," you reply taking your long, eight-inch cock in hand.

    Just the way she's looking at you tells you she's lying and you only grow bigger thanks to the hunger in her dark eyes. You give your cock a few experimental stroke for her benefit and when she not only doesn't appear offended by the action but actually nods and encourages it, you're soon beating off in front of her.

    "I bet this isn't the first time you've stroked that monster because of me," she grins knowingly. "I see the way you watch me every morning."

    She wasn't wrong there so you don't bother to deny the multiple loads you'd blown thinking about your pretty gym companion.

    "What about you then, what do you think about when you rub that pretty little pussy of yours?"

    "Big cocks," she replies bluntly.

    "What's stopping you now then?"

    With a little more prodding Olivia plays along and discards her useless underwear to stand under the water completely naked as her hands run down her body and she traces the wet lips of her shaven clam.

    It was without doubt the sweetest little cookie you'd ever laid eyes on and it takes everything in your power not to march over there and taste it then and there. The temptation becomes even stronger when you watch the blonde teen bring her fingers up to her lips where she licks them clean, gathering up some spit before going back down to gently rub her tiny clit.

    Nonetheless you force yourself to stand your ground, not daring to try anything that might scare her off now as she leans against the shower wall and carefully slides a single digit into her pussy, eyes closing as she pleasures herself.

    "Are you close?" you hear her whisper. "You ready to blow that load for me?"

    "Uh-huh...yeah," you grunt.

    You'd been leaking pre-cum for some time now and was already struggling to hold off.

    "Good, cum with me, I want us to cum together..." she moaned as she began to pant and buck her hips.

    Watching her climax a second later was one of the sexiest things you'd ever seen and an image you'd never forget as Olivia squeezes one of her breasts and cries out as she creams all over her hand at the exact same time you blow your wad all over the wet shower floor...

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    So, since I just posted the story here,

    With Olivia Holt

    Here's pretty much the synopsis I had.

    (working title)
    with Olivia Holt and Aubrey "A.J" Joseph

    It's the middle of the night in New Orleans and Olivia Holt can't sleep.
    Between her latest project, Jet-lag, and getting into a fight with ray she feeling restless.
    She decides to burn off some energy in the hotel gym downstairs, only to find it occupied by AJ and his friends.
    As she leisurely runs on the treadmill AJ comes over to say hello and can't help but noticed her pokies.

    The two newly formed co-stars flirt before Olivia ends up injuring herself on the treadmill.
    Aubrey and his friend Dan then help carry Olivia over to a couch where Dan treats her to a massage.
    This quickly develops into Dan and AJ both feeling her up before things escalate.
    Dan proceeds to eat her out while Aubrey has her suck his dick.

    The guys then proceed to take turns on her, spit-roasting her while others tag along to watch.
    Olivia ultimately realizes that they're being watched but she's so turned on she doesn't care.
    At one point a few of the guys who are watching proceed to jerk off to her.
    Ultimately Dan and AJ shoot their loads inside and all over her face, and some of their friends join in.

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    This needs to be a full story

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