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Thread: "Grande Satisfaction" Part 1 with Ariana Grande

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    fanfiction "Grande Satisfaction" Part 1 with Ariana Grande

    Grande Satisfaction: PART 1
    With Ariana Grande
    Written by TayMaster
    CODES: MF, Oral
    DISCLAIMER: This story is COMPLETELY fictional. This is not real and will never happen. This story is for your entertainment purposes only.

    I have always been an Ariana Grande fan since I was a kid. But now today I have just gotten past the "under 21" mark, that gives me the turn on of sexual pleasures with her, though I knew that was never happening. It's like even
    since I was a kid, it was always her boobs and ass, especially those stunning latina theighs. It always got me in the mood and wild, I barely paid enough attention to her acting the entire time. Every night after everyone is asleep,
    it gives me the urge and chance to wank off with sexual pleasures of fucking Ariana. I have been doing this for a while. Days have gone by and I have been doing this on a rare occasion, now I don't find myself doing it no more.
    I find no interest in fucking her. I moved on, but how do you move on from a celebrity you have never met nor known? Jesus, I am screwed up in the head suppose. It's what I get from my family and friends a lot.

    Beyond the interests, I started working as a pizza delivery man for Pizza Hut. It's not the typical job I wanted, I have always been a tech in computer systems, but apparently I can't do that without a diploma am I correct? Or even a
    degree? I have always been awful in school, I haven't even passed 11th grade yet. So it's pretty much at my leisure at this point. Took me a while to actually find a job for me, but then I found it and saw the "10 an hour" mark plus with
    the tips I could be getting, so I said fuck it. I'll do it. I have been delivering pizzas to elders and just basic families always ordering pizzas. Tips weren't really given and I got seriously pissed off. It always pisses me off
    when I get no tip, especially when I drive my ass off just to deliver a pizza, like what the hell? Shit is hitting me hard, but I was forced to work. I am 21 and I still am in a junior class. Everyone looks at me when I walk in
    because they fucking know I am a dumbass for failing three times in my life.

    I go home from work, getting directly kicked out of my home. It's not your typical expectations everyday wether you are coming home from school, work, or anywhere.


    I couldn't help but shed tears while I was forced to pack my shit and leave. After all my parents have done for me, not to mention my cunning obsession with Ariana. I had no home, no phone, nothing. I don't get paid until every end
    of the month. So I had to put the shit in my car, close my trunk. and leave without a peep. I spent cold nights and long days in a car, working my ass off with barely any sleep to cover my tired ass. Eventually, not knowing the best day
    of my life would come just a month later.

    I got paid about $600.00, which was enough for gas, groceries, a couple of nights in a cheap motel room, and a cheap phone. I wanted to begin a new life. On the next delivery night, I was told this order was going to a woman, not knowing
    who it was, but I was excited, it could be Ariana, I lived in her area, and I never often got woman deliveries. I run out the door with 2 pizzas, one cheese and one pepperoni, a 2 liter of Pepsi, and a order of breadsticks, and go into
    the car, ensuring the pizza logo was still attached to the roof of the car. I drive over to the designated address given me, I sigh and walk to the luxurious home door, giving it a hard knock. I was shocked by it's design and wondered
    whom could afford such a huge place like this. Especially wondering why it doesn't have no door bell.

    Without a doubt one of my best nights, my dream celebrity known as the beautiful sexy latina Ariana Grande innocently opened the door.

    "Hi pizza man!" Ariana says with a passionate voice, sounded just a tad bit like her role as cat in Victorious.

    I stutter. "H-Hi, uhm, it will be $36.60"

    Miss Grande scatters all around her purse, her pocket, looking for the exact amount of change that she owed. Took her 5 minutes to try to find anything. The rich gal had nothing on her.

    "Ugh! I should've paid with my credit card. Is there any way you could exchange this order into a card order sir?"

    I smile with a cunning grin on my face, because I knew this was my perfect chance for blackmail, this could be my chance to fuck my crush.

    *laughs* "Oh, I'm sorry, you should've had cash in the first place darling."

    Ariana has a devastated look on her face, her innocent, tight, short body was leaning against the door fame as she puts her head down, trying to figure out what to do at this point. But at that point I felt bad for her. Eh, not really.

    "Please, I can pay you back, I can go back there and give you the money after I finish, I just want my pizza." Ariana says with a innocent look.

    Before I said anything, each innocent cunning look she made was so sexy. It made me boned, and ready to fuck. Jesus, she can't be innocent. All the cocksucking she does around her house, her producers and her workers, no way she can
    look this innocent. It was deeply fucking hot.

    I look down at her with a fake-sad look. "Ariana, as much as I don't want to say no to you, I can't just go back and exchange the order. You have to give me the cash now or you can't have this." I said with a sickness in my stomach.

    While saying my deep message to her, I couldn't help but notice what she was wearing too. She was dressed in a tank top with a skinny-tight bra, a pair of short shorts, and some fuzzy cat socks, revealing her sexy tanned legs. I didn't
    miss a thing.

    "Sir... please.. I'll do anything, I just want my food, is that too much to ask for?"

    "I don't know Ari, what do you think? Why buy all of this when you literally have no cash on you? Kinda suprises me honey."

    Ariana looked up at me with a bitchy look, she hates being called rich and famous in a stealthy way. Especially she knows exactly why she is even famous in the first place.

    "Look, give me this now, and I will go pay the money back, I don't have the fucking time to be wasting my time with a worthless pizza man, now give me it and get the fuck out of my face. Got it?"

    "Damn" I said with a sexy look. I knew how bitchy she could be and I expected it, but the way she said it was very shady, and she was in a big rush to have this food now.

    I hand her the order, and before I walk back into my car I look back at her stunning self and ensure I get my tip and cash. She'd nod with a sassy look, slamming her door with ease.

    So I drove 30 miles back to the Pizza Hut in the area, I was glad to see no orders were put in place yet. I decided to wait in the employee's room, waiting for the manager to get back and to receive the money Ariana promised me. The
    manager came in with anger.

    The manager yells "Why the hell did you give a order to someone for fucking free, are you out of your mind Tay?

    Though I forgot to mention my name in my introduction and to Ariana, I answered back with the best specific way possible, I was never deeply good with words at all.

    "I did not sir. She specifically told me she had no cash on her and I told her no exchanges were taken, she said she would come back with the money."

    "Well funny Tay, because her order was completed 2 hours ago. As his voice raises, I was spooked by the tone he used at the end. "GET THE MONEY NOW OR YOU ARE FIRED."

    "Alright alright, calm down, I'm going back now" I put my gear back on and hop back in the car, turning on some Ariana Grande music I cherished for a while. I drove all the way back to Ariana's mansion. While stopping in her driveway
    again, I noticed 2 different cars were parked right where I parked at. I am guessing her family had no garage space? I don't know, but I definitely knew something was fishy. Your average pizza man or not, I was gonna find out what it

    I get out of my car with ease, I put my fists into a ball, and I knock hard on her door. I repeated this for 5 times and got no reply. I was starting to get pissed off, I decided to open the door anyway and enter her luxurious home.
    But that didn't distract me from her presence. I quietly close the front door and walk around her house, I knew I could get arrested for this kind of celebrity passing, but hell, I am going to take my chances. Just an average human
    being with a stunning voice, right?

    I started getting closer to the kitchen to some average pizza smacking, sucking and slurping. I assumed she was just eating up and getting ready to bring the money back, I was totally wrong. As I walked into the kitchen and the dining
    room, I crouch behind the kitchen counter so I didn't get spotted. I slipped my head up to take a peak, and before I noticed, I just saw the most sexiest and most lustful movie scene, though it was real.

    As I peaked, Ariana was stripped of her clothes to nothing but just her fuzzy cat socks. Her clothes were sat next to her, she was blowing the hell out of two men in suit and ties. I was devastated and turned on at the same time. Not
    to mention I was on a deep urge of jealousy. Men were only wearing their suit and ties, their khakis down to their knee caps, getting their cocks sucked by Ariana. First off, the cocks the men had weren't even close to being compared
    to mine, I don't even know what gives Ariana the urge to go and suck some dicks. The food wasn't even touched. I brought her food for nothing, haha, figures.

    As I watched her suck on, I was amazing and shocked by how dirty and sloppy she was sucking those hungry cocks. She slurped after each tounge swirl by tip, she covered their cocks with her watering saliva as she happily looked up at
    the men. Her style, her posture, and her amazing fit tanned latina body just working on those cocks was the most best feeling a man could have. Wish it would've been me, but nope. Not a chance in hell. About 5 minutes later, she was close
    to getting the men to nut all inside her mouth, she jacked and sucked the two cocks with ease and hunger, in a faster pace than before, giving me the idea to take pictures of this.

    I get my phone out, though I had a decent camera, I didn't wanna zoom in too much because of quality, I took multiple pictures of Ariana's secret behind it all. She really wasn't a virgin, she really wasn't sweet. She was just
    a whore sucking multiple cocks a day in her home and getting fucked by gangbangers on a daily, I wasn't suprised. I wanted to full out embarrass Ariana to the entire world, so she isn't the cute innocent Ariana no longer.

    I get up, and I walk in a pace towards them, the three wasn't even paying attention to my tall human body, all they wanted was Ariana.

    "Alright kiddos, y'all can stop the horseplaying." I said loudly, echoing the mansion.

    The three turn around and look straight at me. The two men not saying a word, especially seeing a man with a pizza hat and uniform.

    The look and shock in Ariana's face was deeply satisfying, shocked seeing me in her home, wanting my money.

    "WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Ariana yells with a sassy tone, exposing her tight breasts and tight shaved pussy that seems like hasn't been touched in months.

    "Oh, nothing at all, just came to get the money you said you were giving back" I replied.

    The two men were embarrased and had a smell of fear, I could easily tell. I was twice both of their size combined, and they probably thought I was her boyfriend or something, especially on how ugly I look. Beyond all of that, they
    decided to act tough around the sexy diva, and tried to harass me and threatened to kick my ass, so I defended myself on the best way possible.

    "Hey kid, better get the fuck out of here before we lay our hands on your ass, which you wouldn't want. You don't even know what real business is."

    "Maybe not, but I can definitely tell you that this whole thing has nothing to do with the both of you, just finish up and go, me and her have some business to take care of." I replied with a firm grip on my fists.

    They looked at each other with ease, licking their lips for more sexual pleasure from the diva, but instead, they zipped up and left Ariana's home.

    Before I continued with the argument with Ariana about the money for her order, I still kept wondering throughly on how she had no cash on her whatsoever. I mean, she's a star, a diva, and rich. I mean ever since her
    "Dangerous Woman" came out, I knew each better she was getting, it was coming some all of the fucking she's been doing, no doubt about it. But in reality, it made me a mouth-watering, rock hard, physchotic pizza man. But I liked my

    She'd get up and look at me, covering her small boobs in embarrassment. Though I liked what she was doing, I never thought I'd see a former Victorious star turn into a cocksucker. It was pretty sexy.

    "I'm sorry you had to see this, I was just helping them with something I swe-" I cut her off with a temper after she tried scooping her way out of this, even knowing I saw exactly what she was doing to them.

    "Sorry for what? Telling me you were gonna bring back my money after you finished eating? It's been literally 3 hours and nothing has came back to our headquarters, my manager almost fired me because SOMEONE had to stay at home and
    suck on some dick instead of EATING what she FUCKING ORDERED." I yelled at her. She was embarrased and upset, she knew that she had punishment coming at her.

    "I-I'm sorry sir... it's not right of me.. I should've ate.. I'm sorry.." she replied as she teared up.

    "You know what's even better? I now have photos of what you do to earn your little fame." I pull up my tracfone and show her the nasty photos of her and those two men, knowing her fame and money would all be gone with one click of
    a button.

    "Uhm.. why did you capture me like that.. your fucking sick.." she replied and gasped.

    "I'm sick? Well, apparently it's funny coming out of your mouth." I replied back to her as she put her clothes back on, she did it most of the time as I talked to her.

    "Look, what you saw was completely not what you think.. please please please don't show no one those photos.. I'm begging you sir.." she said in total embarrasment and fear.

    "Why shouldn't I?" I questioned?

    "I will do anything you want me to for you to delete those photos, please." she pleaded.

    "Let me take you out to dinner, just me and you. Tomorrow night at 8PM." I said without fear. I wanted to fuck her, but I was gonna wait for that kind of assessment.

    "Really? You want to take me out to dinner? Fine, I'll go out with you" she said. But it better be quick because I have business to take care of." she also mentioned.

    "Fine, I'll let you take care of your "business" later." I chuckled and said. I then grab her phone number then I leave her house with a smile. Before I left, I could tell she doesn't like me. She gave me this big dirty look at the
    front door. I'm sure she didn't' care for me to have her number anyway, I mean, especially with this kind of cheap ass phone.

    --- END OF PART 1---

    Part 2 to be coming soon, I release new stories and parts usually every 2 days. So stay tuned for some more "Grande Satisfaction". You won't wanna miss it.

    - TayMaster

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    Yeah I have noticed a few quickies. Part II should be out soon and I will definitely be sure that those are taken care of before the next release.

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    I'm really waiting for the next part, I think there is not enough ariana grande story and your story was great

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    You will love it. It doesn't get any better than that. :)

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