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Thread: "Written in the Stars" with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Written in the Stars" with Dove Cameron

    Written in the Stars
    With Dove Cameron
    Written by TheLW
    Codes: MF, Blowjob, Finger, Spank
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    A/N: This story takes place during the filming of Dove's
    Written in the Stars music video (which was filmed last year, making her nineteen in this story), so she'll be wearing the same white outfit as in the video.

    click on gif for video

    Over the last three days, I had been working with a director named Colton Tran as his assistant, helping to film a music video for Dove Cameron's and Ryan McCartan's song Written in the Stars. It's while working on set, that I can't help but notice, just how stunning the teenage blonde is, especially in the hot little outfit she's wearing, which leaves very little to the imagination.

    During the first two days of filming, I had very few run-ins with the gorgeous actress, though when our paths did cross with one another, she came off as pretty flirtatious, including making a couple of comments one would find inappropriate, especially considering we were in the middle of making a music video that also happened to feature her boyfriend.

    It wasn't until the third and final day of filming when I cornered the teenage singer in catering, calling Dove out on her teasing ways.

    "You know, you're just a little cock tease, prancing around like you're hot stuff."

    "Cause I am hot stuff."

    "Well, it's bullshit. Acting like you want to get fucked when you have no intention on going through with it."

    "Bullshit? Who said anything about it being bullshit." the Disney star shrugs.

    "What about your boyfriend? I'm sure he'd be pissed if he found out you were screwing around with another guy."

    "Please, Ryan's gay," she claimed "...our relationship is a means of convenience."

    "Really?" I answer back " shit."

    "Yeah, with us "dating," he gets to stay in the closet."

    "And let me guess, he doesn't care if you screw around?"

    "Of course. Now, what do you say we go somewhere more private, and have a little fun before we have to start shooting again."

    A few minutes later, and the two of us make our way to Dove's changing room, which pretty much consists of a black leather couch, a small coffee table, and a bathroom off to the side for showers.

    Once inside, I took a seat on the sofa as the Barely Lethal star follows me from behind, before I pull the blonde hottie down across my knees, hiking her skirt up, as I raise my right hand into the air, bringing it down across the TV star's backside.


    With each hard slap across her creamy white ass, the actress lets out a whimper, as I continue bringing my hand down across her rear end a dozen more times, turning her ass cheeks, a beet red.



    "You've been a bad girl, haven't you Dove."



    "Being a little cock tease these last few days."



    "We both know what you really want is a good hard fucking, and luckily for you, I'm going to give it to you."



    Having spanked the singer's bottom more than enough times, I have her get off of my lap and drop to the floor, grabbing the waistbands to both of my pants and boxers, as I slightly lift myself up from the couch, pulling them down to my ankles.

    Dove spits on my cock, before taking me into her mouth, and giving me a blowjob. As she's bobbing her head up and down, I reach over grabbing a handful of her hair, and begin to move my hips in an upwards motion as I start face fucking the Disney star, forcing her to take all of my meat stick down her throat.

    As the songstress starts choking on my cock, I release my grip on her, letting her up for air, before repeating the process, as I'm once again buried deep in her throat, after several more thrusts into her mouth. Dove moans and can't help but pull away as saliva drools from her lips.

    The Descendants star gets to her feet, and takes off her top, before pulling down the matching white skirt... she then leans over and is about to take her heels and stockings off, when I stop her.

    "You should leave them on, it'll make this hotter."

    "What, you have a fetish for heels?"

    "Something like that."

    "Whatever gets you off."

    The nineteen-year-old then straddles my cock, like a lioness pouncing on prey, as she starts to bounce up and down, riding my prick cowgirl style. I place my hands on her side, as she grinds back and forth across my shaft, all the while I gyrate my hips in a swirling motion, stimulating the wall of her vagina.

    "Fuck me," the singer cries out.

    Wasting no time at all, the horny Liv and Maddie star quickly switches positions, as she lays back first on the couch, before I get beside her, lifting her leg up, so it's almost touching her head, and place my penis back into her love mound, slamming into Dove in a sideways position.

    "Don't stop."

    "That feels so good."

    As I'm pounding away at her teenage pussy, I bring my hand down to the starlet's vagina, using a digit to rub her clit, it doesn't take long until Dove has an intense orgasm causing her body to shudder.

    "Oh God!"

    "I'm cumming.."

    With her clam juice on my finger, I bring it up to her lips and invite her to taste herself.

    "Mmm, I taste good."

    Once again I pull out, as we readjust our bodies so I'm now on top of her. I grab Dove's legs, folding her up like an accordion, and plunge my slick member back into the starlet's dripping wet sex hole. Over the next several minutes, I continue thrusting into the blonde actress like a jackhammer, pounding away at her tight cunt.

    "Ugh, I'm about to cum, where do you want it?"

    "Inside me, cum inside!"

    It's with one final thrust that I give the songstress her wish, and unleash a torrent of cum inside of Dove Cameron's well-fucked cunt, before collapsing on top of her.

    The End
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    WELL DONE SIR ! Another GREAT Dove encounter !:yahoo:

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