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Thread: "Soap Star" with Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "Soap Star" with Michelle Keegan

    Soap Star
    with Michelle Keegan

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, inc, drunk, blowjob, handjob, titfuck, anal
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: A long overdue story loosely based around/inspired by her first FHM shoot from way back in 2011.

    I'd been staying at my sister's place for almost a week now and was bored out of my mind, once again left to my own devices while Michelle ran errands and attended work related meetings.

    I was only here because her husband was out of the country for a couple of weeks and Michelle didn't like staying alone in the house for so long. She was too proud to admit it but I was well aware she was simply worried about fans and stalkers finding out where she lived so I was more than happy to play the protective younger brother and live in her multi-million pound home for her own peace of mind.

    It was actually fun to catch up with my sister. We'd lived with each other for years even after moving out of our parent's house and in the past week we'd quickly fallen into our same old routines from bickering over whose turn it was to cook leading to a debate over who had to pay the takeout delivery guy and finally arguing over what to watch on the telly.

    That being said we got on well, better than most siblings, which was why I found it so frustrating being left alone all day, simply twiddling my thumbs and waiting for my sister to get home.

    It was during one of these days, flicking through the daytime TV shows that Michelle called me up on my phone.

    "Hey, what's up?"

    "Andrew!" she exclaimed, sounding a little out of breath. "Are you at home?"

    "Yeah, just watching TV, you alright?"

    "I'm fine, I just need you to check something for me real quick."

    "Sure, what is it?"

    "I need my passport number, it's in the wardrobe in my bedroom."

    "Going somewhere?" I asked while heading upstairs.

    "L.A. in a few weeks," she announced excitedly. "They just want to book the flights now and need the details, or something."

    " which wardrobe exactly?" I asked, walking into her marital bedroom to see two walls lined with built-in closets.

    "Umm, I think it's the far right, it's in a box with a load of other documents."

    I followed her directions and slid the door open only to be faced with several less than decent outfits.

    "Um, okay..." I muttered down the phone at the sight of my sister's sexy lingerie collection.

    "Oh God. Andrew please just ignore anything else in there," Michelle groaned, clearly only just realising what she had on display.

    "Easier said than done," I teased, ducking down to pull out the box she'd mentioned to sift through it for her passport. "Alright I got it."

    After giving her the number, Michelle thanked me with a kiss down the phone before hanging up leaving me to busy myself with putting her things back how I'd found them.

    I was just about to slide the door closed again when one of her lacy garments caught my eye again, making me pause and inspect it a little closer.

    I wasn't stupid so I knew my sister was incredibly popular with the opposite sex, while growing up, my friends had often been more than happy to tease me about it. That being said I'd never really thought about her in that way but even so I really shouldn't have been at all surprised that my sister owned such a vast collection of lingerie.

    Realising how weird it was to be going through her clothing, I pushed it from my mind and went back downstairs. But sat in front of the TV again, the more I tried not to think about it, the more curious I got and the next thing I knew I was right back in her bedroom, sliding her wardrobe open again.

    It was abundantly clear my older sister was a fan of silk and satin and I couldn't help but think how good she'd look all dressed up to impress. But it wasn't until I explored further and discovered Michelle's silver bullet vibrator hidden in the back that I realised I was prying far too much into my sister's privacy and forced myself to step away.

    By the time Michelle arrived home it was already dark. After I'd put everything away back where I found it, I'd ordered in pizza, partly due to my guilt at nosing through her personal wardrobe.

    But if I thought we were in for a quiet, early night, I was sorely mistaken when I saw her enter burdened with several bottles of red wine – gifts from the Lipsy offices where she'd been spending her day and it was obvious Michelle was in the mood to celebrate.

    "What do you mean you don't feel like it?" Michelle complained when she offered to pour me a glass. "When was the last time you got smashed, Andrew?"

    "You're not exactly the responsible older sister, are you? Trying to get me drunk every night!"

    "Well it's only the two of us and you can't make me drink alone," Michelle pouted giving me that all too familiar look she gave when she wanted something.

    It was in that moment I realised I was struggling to look her in the eye after my afternoon spent nosing through her belongings. Suddenly I was seeing her in a completely different light, noticing the way her clothes hugged her remarkable figure, how her messy hair fell down around her face and her dark eyes, still looking at me waiting for an answer.

    "Erm...yeah sure, fine," I shrugged, awkwardly clearing my throat.

    I had to hope she hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary as she flashed me her pretty smile and poured me a huge glass before topping her own up again.

    What followed was one of the most uncomfortable evenings of my young life. It was nothing unusual for us to spend the night huddled together under one blanket watching some bad horror films. Of course, all those previous times I'd never had twisted thoughts plaguing my mind about wanting to fuck my very own sister.

    Unfortunately Michelle knew me well enough to notice something was up and finally called me out on it.

    "What's up with you anyway? Why are you so tensed up?" she asked, giving me a little nudge to get me talking.

    "Hmm? Nothing, I'm fine," I shrugged, trying to force myself to look natural while acutely aware of her large breasts pressing into my side.

    "This film's not that scary!" my sister teased while leaning forward to pour herself another glass of wine, finishing off another bottle.

    "Haven't you had enough?" I asked, quickly changing the subject.

    "Hey I'm no lightweight!"

    Famous last words I'd heard many times and by the times the credits rolled, Michelle was snoring softly, her head rested on my shoulder.

    I hated to wake her but had no choice, gently shaking her awake before I let myself have any evil ideas about her sleeping body.

    "Ehh? What time is it?" she whined groggily, blinking her eyes several times in the light.

    "Just gone twelve, you lightweight," I mocked, standing and offering her a hand to help her up.

    "Ugh, what are you on about, I'm fine!"

    But given how unsteady she was on her feet, she was anything but.

    "I need a bath," Michelle suddenly declared, picking up her wine glass again.

    I simply shook my head and began clearing up our mess while Michelle fumbled her way towards the stairs.

    "Whoa, okay. I remember why I cut back on drinking this stuff now," she muttered, hanging onto the banister. "You might need to give me a hand here."

    "So you admit it, you are a lightweight?" I taunted, making my way over to help her up the staircase.

    "You just caught me on a bad night is all," she claimed.

    Once we reached the landing I began to direct her towards her bedroom but she tugged me the other way.

    "I told you, I need a bath!"

    "Are you sure that's a good idea right now? I can't exactly help you in there, just have one in the morning."

    "It's been a long day, I just need a good long soak you know?" she pouted. "Just come in and help me run it."

    I sighed and did as she asked. I'd always struggled to say no to my sister and it seemed tonight was no different. Of course, the fact that I'd discovered her bullet vibrator earlier on and I was wondering if 'long soak' was code for something else entirely had nothing to do with it.

    In truth she didn't need much help at all so I stood back and watched her lean over to turn on the taps and pour a copious amount of bubble bath into the water, giving me an irresistible view of her underrated ass while she bent over and the room quickly steamed up around us.

    "Alright, I'll leave you to it," I said, guiltily tearing my eyes away from her round backside.

    "Hang on I'm not even in yet!" she slurred.

    "Err—wouldn't that be kinda weird?"

    "Why? We've seen each other naked before," she shrugged nonchalantly.

    "What? No we haven't!"

    "Oh. Well, I guess I owe you then?" she grinned cryptically.

    "Like I said, I'll leave you to it."

    I was actually quite proud of my own willpower then as I turned away. Naturally I desperately wanted to see her naked, especially after the day I'd had but common sense prevailed, knowing it would be crossing a line.

    "Fine but if I slip and break my neck it's on you!"

    She'd spoken just as I'd reached for the door handle, forcing me to hesitate. I don't think she realised how much she was testing my resolve.

    "...would hate to be the one to have to tell mum and dad that," Michelle continued

    "Okay, okay, I'll stay, just hurry up."

    I could almost sense the smug little grin she'd have on but I didn't trust myself to look at her as she started to disrobe.

    "You can peek if you want, just don't go blabbing to your mates about it," Michelle joked, probably noticing the way I was forcing myself to look at anything but her.

    "Why are you in such a weird mood tonight?" I muttered.

    "Why are you?"


    "You didn't go snooping in my wardrobe did you?"

    It was as if she'd read my mind, my silent reaction at her surprising accusation gave her all the confirmation she needed.

    "Hah, I knew it!"

    "You're the one who sent me in there!" I argued, turning to face her once she was in the water, her naked body safely hidden under all the bubbles.

    "So you didn't keep looking after I hung up the phone?"


    My sister had always had the annoying talent of knowing exactly when I was lying so there really wasn't much point in trying.

    "Relax bro, I'm only messing with you," she finally smirked after making me sweat for a minute. "Someone might as well enjoy that stuff, they never see the light of day anymore."


    "Mark isn't in to it, it's all business since we got married, trying to knock me up and—you know we probably shouldn't be talking about this stuff."

    "Umm, yeah I guess not," I muttered awkwardly before trying to lighten the mood. "If you want my opinion though, Mark's a fucking idiot if he isn't into all that."

    Michelle cocked an eyebrow at me and I immediately regretted what I said and tried to retract it.

    "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that..."

    "Come here," she said quietly.


    "Come here!" she repeated more firmly.

    Suddenly she was speaking much more clearly and the glazed, drunken look in her eyes had gone, replaced with the serious glare she was giving me now.

    I gingerly stepped forward towards the edge of the bath, forcing myself to maintain eye contact if only to stop my gaze wandering and seeing anything under the surface of the water I shouldn't.

    I suddenly flinched when her hand reached out. For a second I thought she was going to punch me in the balls for insulting her husband. Instead she boldly grabbed my turgid length, easily wrapping her fingers around it through my loose jogging pants.

    "Is this for me?" she grinned before giving it a firm squeeze.

    It was all I could do but gulp as my hot sister proceeded to examine my package with one hand. It wasn't until a few moments later I noticed her other hand was just as busy under the water, working on herself.

    "Michelle...wha—what are you doing?" I managed to say, my voice barely above a whisper.

    "You saw my underwear, it's only fair I see yours," she reasoned, grabbing my joggers and pulling them down before I could step out of her reach.

    I flushed red as it became perfectly clear I'd forgone wearing any underwear today, my cock springing free so forcefully it almost slapped my stunned sister in the face.

    "Whoa. I guess going commando runs in the family?" she snickered.

    Before I could respond Michelle rendered me speechless again when she reached up and wrapped her wet hand around my shaft once more.

    "So is this why you've been acting weird? You've had this huge thing this fucking hard all night?"

    "Michelle...please," I grunted.

    My sister's hand felt so warm and soft on my cock, I was fighting the natural urge to move my hips in an attempt to fuck her closed fist.

    "Please what? You want me to wank you off or something?" she purred. " this?"

    "Ugh...fucking hell, sis."

    "Does that feel good?"

    "Yes..." I muttered weakly, my knees already feeling like they might buckle and give way.

    "What else do you want Andrew?" she whispered up at me seductively. "You can tell me, it's our little secret."


    "What about my mouth?" she interrupted.

    "You're drunk Michelle," I told her but she carried on regardless, sounding like she was more talking to herself than directly to me.

    "I give amazing head y'know?" she grinned proudly. "But you're so big I dunno if I could even take you all. Lucky for you I like a challenge..."

    I'd never heard my sister speak in this sexy, seductive tone of voice before and it was driving me insane with lust. My heart was beating a mile a minute as Michelle used my cock to pull me closer and she sat up in the tub, suddenly revealing her large natural breasts for the very first time.

    I actually heard myself gasp out loud at the sight of her perfect pair and my sister giggled at the candid reaction.

    "Oh, so you want these do you?" she smiled up at me.

    My heart skipped a beat when she pulled me closer still and for a moment I felt her hot breath on my shaft and thought she was about to take me into her mouth but instead she moved upwards and guided my throbbing cock between her cleavage.

    I'd never been a particularly religious guy but if there was a heaven, I was positive I'd just found it as my sexy sister firmly wrapped her magnificent tits around my rock hard shaft.

    My mouth opened but no sound came out as I reactively moved my hips and began fucking her chest, all while Michelle looked up at me with a wicked smile lighting up her face. Her skin was wet from her hot bath, velvet soft to the touch and still covered in soapy suds offering all the lubrication I needed.

    "Fuck Michelle...that feels incredible," I finally uttered, finding my voice.

    "I know, keep going," she sighed. "...I love a hard cock between my tits!"

    I almost lost control just hearing that admission not to mention when her tongue flicked out to tickle the tip of my penis on each up thrust.

    "Fuck it, I need to taste you," she finally declared, releasing the tight grip she'd had on her breasts.

    In one movement she cupped my balls in her hand, massaging them gently as she brought my erect shaft forward into her mouth, swallowing me whole. My eyes rolled back as I felt the opening to her throat and I quickly distracted myself, reaching down to fondle and play with her glorious tits, making her moan and send vibrations up my spine.

    While my sister started off slow, getting accustomed to my large size filling her mouth, she quickly picked up the pace and her gentle, sensual treatment soon turned into the most intense blowjob of my life, incorporating gallons of spit as she sucked and slurped on my pole.

    "Michelle I can't—holy shit—you're gonna make me cum!" I suddenly gasped, my hips bucking of their own accord as I grabbed her messy hair in an attempt to make her slow down.

    "Mmppphff—go ahead bro, fuck my mouth!" she moaned whorishly. "Give me that load!"

    Hearing her pleading tone sent all rhyme and reason out the window so I tightened my grip on her hair and thrust into her open, drooling mouth, knowing full well she could take it. In only took a few seconds for me to cry out and feed her my salty load, sending several powerful, thick spurts down her throat.

    But even as I released her and began to soften, my insatiable sister carried on, using her hands and mouth to suck on my sensitive dick until I was hard again at which point she dramatically stood up, showing off her naked, glistening wet body in all its glory before turning around, bending over slightly to brace herself against the tiled wall.

    "I need it Andrew, please," she begged over her shoulder submissively. "I need to get fucked!"

    She saw my hesitation. As much as we'd done already and as tempting an offer as it was, especially when looking at her pristine looking cunt and ass, could we really cross that line?

    "You owe me," Michelle reminded me. "It's been weeks Andrew please. I'll make it up to you!"

    At that point my body just started moving on auto-pilot, stepping up to briefly caress her arched back and soft, round ass as I got into position behind her, sliding my cock between her thighs in search of her heavenly little fuckhole.

    "Wait!" she suddenly called out just as I was about to push in.

    "Huh? What's wrong?" I asked sounding more than a little frustrated and terrified she'd suddenly changed her mind.

    "Not there, we can't risk it," my sister decided before reaching back for my cock and offering me a mind-blowing alternative, guiding me towards her ass.

    "Jesus, are you sure?" I breathed, unable to believe my luck as her tiny starfish seemed to twitch and wink at me.

    "Yeah, just do it before I change my mind," she begged, giving me a sexy smirk over her shoulder again.

    I didn't need to be told again so firmly pushed, feeling her tiny backdoor give way to me as I forced my girthy cock into my own sister's butt.

    Michelle let out a long, guttural grunt as I sank into her and I immediately stopped, concerned I'd gone too fast and hurt her but just as I went to pull back she urgently reached back, wrapping an arm around me and pulled me closer until I was literally balls deep.

    "Holy fuck," she cussed, still holding me tight. "Just stay like this for a second. I fucking love that."


    "Uh-huh," she nodded, eyes closed in bliss as she wiggled her ass against me, eager for more.

    "What do you love sis? Tell me."

    Michelle opened her eyes and met my own, smiling knowingly.

    "Mmm. I love having my brother's big...hard...cock filling my ass!"

    In an instant we were kissing, making out so passionately it was as if we were taking out years of pent up sexual frustration we never even knew we had. It was all coming out now though as her grip on me loosened and allowed me to pull back and thrust into her tightest of holes.

    "Oh God!" Michelle cried out, bracing herself against the wet tiled wall as I picked up the pace. "Give it to me Andrew! Ugh. Really give it to me! Fuck my ass!"

    I could barely hold on to her slippery hourglass figure as I hammered away at her backdoor, desperate to give her everything I had until I was unexpectedly rewarded with her asshole clenching down on me as I made my own sister and Britain's sexiest woman cum.

    Michelle damn near lost her mind as her body quaked to its very core and she struggled to maintain her balance standing up in the bathtub but I didn't let up, her erotic grunts and moans being all the encouragement I needed until she wailed out again and I was pushed over the edge with her.

    Her ass squeezed my cock so hard I doubt I could have pulled out even if I wanted to, forcing me to blast my sticky semen deep into her backdoor until I was released long enough to pull back and glaze her ass and lower back with cum as well.

    Almost immediately both our legs gave way. Michelle sank back into her relaxing bath while I simply slumped to the floor as we both caught our breath.

    ", I definitely needed that," Michelle panted happily and positively glowing.

    I couldn't even find words to express what I'd thought of that incredible impromptu experience so simply nodded dumbly until a thought crossed Michelle's mind and she smiled.

    "So how about we go to my room and I show you some of those outfits?"

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    Damn, blew my mind! Great story!

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    Holy god. I finally get around to reading this...
    and now I need a cigarette!! That was insane!!
    Heck, that might be the best Keegan story ever written
    ..and that's saying something.

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    Fucking hell mate, you knocked it out of the ball park with this one.

    I'm definitely becoming more and more of a fan of Michelle Keegan.

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    Finally got around reading the story. Hands down your best Keegan fic!

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