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Thread: "Grande Satisfaction" Part 2 with Ariana Grande

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    fanfiction "Grande Satisfaction" Part 2 with Ariana Grande

    Grande Satisfaction: Part 2
    With Ariana Grande
    Written by TayMaster
    CODES: anal, ATM, finger, MF, oral, spank, squirt
    DISCLAIMER: This story is COMPLETELY fictional. This is not real and will never happen. This story is for your entertainment purposes only.
    A/N: I decided to finish this earlier than my expected date, I just couldn't wait to finish it, well, here it is. Enjoy, and grande on.

    It's been a couple of days since my arousing experience with Ariana. I mean it's not rocket science. You don't just go to a celebrities house to see her sucking on two dicks, you know? It's just not your typical day to day life.

    I spent countless hours and days on reminiscing on that as well, knowing that it was no longer a sexual dream, and I started wanking off to Ariana once again, spending time looking at fan-made nudes and photos of her. It felt so right.
    It also felt right knowing I am going on a date with her, but I think to myself, hey, this isn't going to be no ordinary date. Tonight, I will evily pull off my greatest encounter yet. A few hours before the date, I decided to wear
    something classy, but not fancy. I didn't wanna show up just being all too picky with myself, I was always that typical kid that picked up shirts and pants from the floor that I have usually never washed. I was a dirty kid back then,
    but nowhere as dirty as I will get tonight, I was going to step up my fucking A-game, wether she likes it or not.

    I got dressed, did my normal date routine normally everyone usually does, though my routine tonight was gonna be a whole lot different. I grabbed my phone, gave Ariana a quick wake up text, put the phone away and hopped in the car. I
    wanted to grab her in a nice car, though mine was nice, it should be a car she'd like, especially with the money she has, or earned. It was gonna be a deep ride inside and out, I couldn't skip a beat.

    During the ride to her house, I dreamed about the most sexiest things I'd do to her. Without a doubt, millions of guys wanna fuck her, her petite body is just right for me, I couldn't ask for better. The way her gut-wrenching boobs
    tabled into place, how perfect my big long cock would stick in between those small breasts, implanted or not, how her legs would flop around as I fucked her from behind, and in most ways, a stunt I'd like to call, mission impossible. I
    thought of that oragasmic move a long time ago as a kid, but it'd still work. It sounded like it'd do good wether it happened or not.

    I took a huge puff of air, breathing heavily and getting myself ready to get her out of the house for once. I wouldn't be suprised if she was on another cock again tonight, crushing my demanding sex plans with that doll, but I was
    gonna take a shot.

    I open up the car door, close it, and I immediately ran to her door. I opened her door with pleasure of coming into the divas luxurious home.

    "Hey, Ariana? You in here?" I, in a confused mood, yell at her.

    "Yeah, I'm coming, hold on a sec" she yells back in a tired mood.

    I then wait for her to come down, she comes downstairs wearing a red sparkly club-styled dress that you really don't see typical celebs wear. The amount of makeup she used on her lips, her face, her body, was astonishing, but not
    necessary. It always pissed me off when girls wear makeup, especially Ariana.

    She'd put her purse strap around her shoulder blade. "You ready? I don't got all night." she asked.

    "Yeah I am, glad I can spend this night with you." I eagerly said, not trying to waste any time with her sassy, bitchy self.

    "Excuse me? All night? Hell no child, you don't even have the class to spend a night with a woman like me. Please." She says in her average bitchy tone.

    I roll my eyes, showing her the sign of disbelief. She's only doing this because I'm a poor man, yeah I get it. I didn't care. She'll care after the fucking she gets.

    "Keep talking like that little girl, or you will lose the "class" you apparently call yourself your own." I replied back with a sudden step.

    "Whatever child, let's just go." she rolls her eyes, shoves me away and gets in the passenger seat of my car.

    I then get in the car, I keep the radio off so I don't blow her ears off. I didn't wanna look like a perv, a freak, or a stalker by playing her own songs on the radio. Especially with sexual thoughts I don't wanna
    let out just yet. I wanted the perfect time to do it too. We arrive at this fancy restaurant near her house called "Dirty Clams". I am guessing it was a seafood restaurant, just by it's name and logo.

    "Really hotshot, is this the best idea you had in mind" she asked, looking at me.

    "What else were you expecting from your average pizza man, huh?" I sarcastically spoke back to her. I wanted her to like me just for one night, so I wanted to poke some fun at the diva, anybody would.

    "Nothing honestly, an 18 year old Burger King cashier could do better than this, honey." she says back in a tone, though this time, deeper.

    We get out the car, rushed into the building and I get me and her a table, the servers at the front were very confused and shocked, a disbelief came rushing into both of their decieving eyes. Why should I be suprised? I was on a date
    with the most popular sexy petite diva, Ariana Grande. It doesn't get any better than this.

    "Um... alright" the servers both said, and grabbed us a table. I wasn't shocked by their reaction, they knew I was just some small old town guy, no one famous as her ex-boyfriend Big Sean. Hell, I knew for a fact they still have
    a thing or two going on in that house, it still smells like him all the time, why shock me?

    We both sit down, ordered typical soft drinks as well. As we look at the menu, Ariana looks up at me, and boy I wasn't expecting this. Her mood suddenly changed in a heartbeat. A bitchy whore to a sweet little girl. I liked her style.

    "Hey um.. can I ask you a question?" Ariana looked up and asked.

    "Yeah sure, what is it?"

    "First off, not to get crazy here, but what is your name and, why would someone like you take me out to a fancy place?" "You have no money and your taking me out on dates, something I never experience." she sadly and quietly asks.

    "Well, I just want to show you how much you mean to me. Ever since I was little you were always my favorite actor and diva, it's hard to realize that I'm actually on a date with you, I wanted to make it right." I answer back.

    She'd blush and continue looking at the menu. I kinda forgot what she ordered, because the entire time I just kept staring at her tanned cleavage, her slimmed, sexy-looking body and dress. It fitted on her just fucking right. We
    both ordered at a pace, we received our food just on time. We really didn't talk at all, getting caught up in each others eyes and our dinner. After bite to bite, both of us finished and it was time for the check, I call the waitress
    to bring me the check so I could pay, but then Ariana stopped me for a minute. Assuming she wanted to pay, I quickly stopped her before she could rearrange the whole jiggamaroo.

    "I'll p-" I stopped her and I replied back, "I got it. Give it to me."

    Ariana gave me the "thank you" look, I assumed she wanted to keep her fame as the beauty and rich queen, but I was gonna turn the tables around as planned a while ago. I paid for our dinner and by then it was time to leave.

    "Thanks for paying, you really didn't have to." Ariana mentions on the way to the car.

    "Heh, don't mention it." I replied back. I wanted to have a depressed look on my face, so she felt bad for me. It was easy to get a woman like Ariana herself into those typical mind games, I wasn't even gonna try to push hard. As
    we both walk into the car, I drove back to her house, and we park.

    "Well, here we are" she says in a seductive voice. That was a first charm, wasn't it? Tay stop, your getting ahead of yourself, lil bitch.

    "Yeah, carry on." I say in a fast pace, placing my hands on my temples. At this point, I knew it was gonna get interesting, remembering the bet me and her made, well, I'm not finished.

    "Uhm, well, I am not leaving this driveway until you delete those photos." Ariana says, crossing her arms.

    "Heh, well you see Ariana, you still owe me that pizza money, wouldn't want me to get fired, would you?" I replied back with a mysterious grin.

    "Ugh! What else do you want from me, jesus your annoying."

    I get out of the car and I stand up as I shut the door. "How about we go inside and talk about it?"

    She'd shrug and sigh.. "Ughhh! Fine, just hurry up."

    We both go inside, and we sit on her comfy sofa. I had to prepare myself for this "negotiation" that I was about to posess. Will this be my chance? Oh boy, I was about to find out too.

    "Alright child, what is it that you want? You want my money? Fine. You want some of my belongings? Fine. But I am sure as hell not getting you fame, you can wash that away." she mentions. Bitch mode just came into effect immediately.

    "Why would I want that?" I'm not a little kid who gets paid an allowance for doing chores, that's classic, but still, I chuckled after thinking about it.

    "Because you need money, there is no denying that statement darling." Ariana replies back to my sudden questioning.

    "Question is, what "business" do you have to take care of huh?"

    "Business that isn't suitable for you and your class." she replied.

    "You really don't think I am suitable for that "business" do you?"

    She'd chuckled in a cocky way "I don't think you can kiddo."

    I'd stand up to give her a blackmail offer. "Alright Ariana, this is where this all ties up into a little knot."

    "A knot?" she questions.

    "Yeah, a knot. Blackmail."

    "Your gonna blackmail me? Do you even know who I am capable of?" she says, turning on her obsessive bitch mode. It always hits her.

    "Yeah, capable of sucking dick every night for fame. You can't never hide that around me, not anymore."

    She'd roll her eyes and she'd look up at me--- "What do you want?"

    "You know exactly what I want. I want a little preview of what those men have been getting princess." I said with a huff, though I really didn't even hesitate, spending nights just thinking of her in many ways possible.

    She looked at me in confusion, and glimpsed at me after saying my part. "You are fucking sick."

    "Honestly, sucking multiple dicks in your home and leaving it all on the floor to rot is pretty sick, when I saw you sucking them off that day, it got me triggering hot. It was sexy, your body, your technique, and just the hunger
    in your mouth got me into it."

    She gets up and looks at me, licking her made-up lips in desperate composure. "Oh, so you are wanting to fuck me? You want a piece of me? Fine. But make it quick, I'm only doing this for the deletion." she says without a stutter.

    "Shit, right now?"

    "What did I just fucking say?"

    "Alright alright, calm down gal."

    At this point, a dream was about to full out come true, this was gonna be amazing, without a doubt. Can't believe I was about to get a piece of that round, petite ass and pussy I've been slithering my tounge for each
    day and night. It was about to go down.

    "I want to see what that mouth can do."

    Ariana puts her phone down on the couch, she puts her hair up into a ponytail, she'd get on her knees and she'd start to unbutton my pants with a sudden desperate motion. I knew she needed some cock, it's been a while since she's
    received it, from a man like me. She had no idea what kind of juicy stick she was aiming for.

    As she undid my pants, slipping them down to my knee caps, she looked up at me as she pulled my boxers down to the same area, freeing my hardening mine into the air.

    "I should've known you wanted to fuck me, all you had to do was ask" she'd chuckle and she'd tease me by grabbing onto my big juicy cock that was deeply in love with Ariana's hand, about to be punished by her dirty mouth.

    She grabs onto my cock, barely fitting onto her hand, and started to jack it in a normal pace. She used both hands at some point to get a good grip and aim on the tip that aligned with her hungry fullfilled dirty mouth.

    "Mmmmmhh..fuck are fucking amazing already." I groaned as I felt the greatness and electrifying power coming to my nerves with every rub and touch of her magic hand.

    She let out a moan as she began to spit on her hand and rubbed my erected mine with her juicy, power hungry saliva. She was a dirty little whore, no question about it. It was at her leisure, and I know she was very proud of it.

    "Ughhhhhh.. oh.. FUCK Ari... shit!" I couldn't help but groan in pleasure, it was fucking amazing. Ariana just had that style in here, she had it built into her like superwoman, her magic was unrailing.

    She let go of it, freeing it as it bobbled around the place, as she continued looking at it, she mentioned: "You know, I should be ashamed of myself."

    "Why do you say that?"

    "Out of all of the cocks I have sucked and fucked, your cock is just massively huge. Biggest one I have ever worked on, fuck." Ariana mentions.

    I knew at this point her mouth was watering, her pussy filling with wet tense moisture, and ready for some deep action. She knew she wanted me.

    "Heh, well princess you were missing out."

    "Yeah, apparently I was." She begins to insert it into her mouth, her left hand holding the end of the big punisher, and starting swirling her petty tounge, slitting her spit all over my tip.

    She gazed at my hungry cock throughly and magically. She starts sucking it with a total ounce of a hard and powerful lust. The sparkles in her eyes just made it much better, I could play with this doll all fucking night.

    For another few minutes, I was having the best oral of my life. Nobody will be able to conquer this cock like she is doing, before the night is over, she will be done with her intense mission.

    She works her mouth magic all over my cock as she sucks it with a brilliant state of mind. I wanted to tease her a bit to get her into the mood, but then again I didn't wanna annoy her too. It was just some business.

    "God damn Ari.. you suck this cock so well.. should've known what your little ass has been doing behind your fans back. What a sloppy sucking whore."

    "I know, I am a whore, I love sucking and fucking dicks all day long. You love it, don't you?"

    "Oh, fuck yes." I insisted.

    After countless minutes of getting a sloppy and sticky blowjob from her presence, she stops and gets up.

    "Ready to do the honors?" Ariana asked in a seductive, sexual tease.

    "I am ready everyday."

    I end up bending her over on the couch. Her hands held her body up as I began ripping off her expensive dress, I didn't care at this point, all that mattered was her satisfaction I deserved. I notice the tight pink leathered bra she
    is wearing, and her tight maroon thong, she was down and fit to become this kind of whore tonight, for one man. Me.

    She tells me to sit down and I obeyed, hell, wasn't I in santa's wonderland, because she was ho-ho-hoeing tonight! I sit down as she starts stripping off her bra and thong, exposing her petite body right in front of my gazing eyes.
    My eyes never left her body, nor could it. Before I could make my move, Ariana starts twerking her round tanned petite ass right on top of my spit-covered rail. I repeatedly look up and down as her ass shakes and flops against my tip.

    "Uhhhhh...damn Ariana when did you get so naughty? Jesus." I asked, enjoying the scene.

    "It doesn't matter, I'm only doing this for your money." she winks and says.

    Enough of the teasing, I decided to pick up Ariana off her sexy legs and powerbombed her onto the sofa, that's when I start sliding my decently sized long fingers into her waterfalling slit.

    "Mmmmmmhmmm..." she lets out a soft moan with a solid innocent touch against my ear.

    Continuing on, I continue to finger her in and out, the more wet she gets the more wetness I feel covering my finger.

    "Guuuuhhh...ooooohhhh fuck! I'm so so so sorry...fuck!"

    "What Ariana? Sorry for what?"

    "I-I'm sorry for not paying you back, I'm so sorry.. GUHHHHH..." she'd cut out after I fucked her slit until she felt the pleasure rise.

    This continued on for a good while, though I didn't make her cum, but I knew what would. I stopped so she could sit up.

    "What do you need from me daddy? Do I need to be punished?" she asked softly.

    Her innocence was brilliant. I was treating her like a dog.

    "Heh, you do need to be punished, extremely hard."

    I grab my erect cock and I slide it throughly into her pussy, about half of the inches of my cock, and I start railing into her snatch. Enjoying the scene too much, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    "Oh my god! Fuck... it's too big! Stop! Mmmmmhhh!"

    I keep thrusting into her and within every thrust, Ariana was getting nailed hard, her boobs bouncing, her nipples getting hard, and her pussy escorting more of her sweet juice. I think I heard Big Sean mentioning her pussy tastes
    like pineapple.

    "Ooooohhh...fuck...Ariana you are so fucking tight! Ugh!" I thrust and groan.

    "Oh my fucking god, fuck this tight little pussy! You know you fucking love it you fucking sick bastard! UGGGGH FUCK ME!"

    At this point I knew Ariana had a fetish for getting fucked by big cocks. Her tight hole was barely touched, I am guessing not much guys spent too much time on her like I would. But I liked it, knowing I was one of the only men to
    step up onto the plate and ruin her dripping, wet hole.

    *SMACK* "You love getting spanked? You love getting PUNISHED?

    "Uhhhhhh! Ohhhh! YES I DO!"

    *SMACK* "Say that again! Say you love getting your tight hole punished!" I demanded.


    I cross her legs as her feet are above my head, I continue thrusting my penis straight into her innocent executed hole. I grip onto her ass for more oragasmic guidance.

    "Oh my... FUCK YES... FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Ariana moans and screams.

    "Ooooohhhh...ugh fuck."


    I kept fucking into her lubricated hole, before I know it Ariana's walls clamp down onto my big cock, her cum blasting out onto my cock, and she continues squirting everywhere. It got all over my legs, my feet, my cock, just everything.

    "God damn Ariana, just jesus." I say.

    "U-ugh, Tay, that was amazing.. you fucked me so fucking hard!" Ariana says, breathing heavily after the fuck punishment I've given her.

    "Better be, but I'm not finished yet."

    "You didn't cum yet, what the fuck?" Ariana angrily says.

    "Well, at this point I guess we will be changing that."

    "How do you insist we do that?"

    I grab my oozed cock into the palm of my hand and I turn her around where my punisher is directly aimed toward her asshole. "Here."

    "U-Uhm wait, I-I can't do that Tay, it'll hurt!" Ariana says.

    "Doesn't matter, you get what you deserve."

    Not wasting any time, I insert my cock into her beloved tight asshole, barely even fitting, I fitted it in inch by inch until her ass was completely torn apart and opened.

    "AH, T-TAY, F-FUCK, GUUUHHH! OH MY F-FUCKING GOD!" Ariana screams out as I continue to total her tight ass chamber. I could barely move my cock in and out.

    "Ooooh fuck yeah! Shut the fuck up you little whore! A whore like you deserves this punishment!" I say and I work on her ass harder, slapping her ass within each thrust I continue to encounter.

    Ariana grips onto one of the sofa pillows as I fuck her tight ass, I get a good grip on her tan shiny sphere so I can get more slaps onto it and get a great grip within each thrust into her ass.

    "Oh. My. Fucking. GOD!" Ariana screams out.

    My engine starts revving as I feel my cock about to pump out with loads of my cum.

    "Yeahhh! Right there Ariana, hold fucking still... fuck... fuck!"


    "Ari.. fuck.. I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna c-cum inside your ass!" I groan and I unleash my ooze inside her tight asshole. I'm sure she felt it blast into her ass and up her body, but that's too much of an enjoyment scene.

    "Yes Tay, that's right, cum inside this pretty ass! You know you love it you cunt!" Ariana teases me with her tone.

    I pull out of her now opened, ruined ass and I shove my cock directly into her mouth. She'd suck all of the cum and juice off of my cock.

    "Like the taste of your own ass little whore?"

    She'd suck it more as she looked up at me. "Don't make me admit it." she replied.

    I pull my penis out of her mouth and I put my clothes on, so did she. Eventually I had to do my part of the job.

    She'd wipe her hands as she put on some comfortable clothes on. "So, gonna delete the photos now?" she asks as she touches her ruined makeup.

    "Yeah, always gotta do your part of the deal right?" I chuckled and said with an enthusiastic tone.

    "Mhm, I'm gonna admit, you fucked me great Tay. Not a lot of men know how to fuck a woman like me. I crave it." Ariana says as she smiles.

    "Heh, you should've known I had this kind of class darling." I say as I delete the photos off my phone.

    "That doesn't mean shit though, just because you fucked me doesn't mean you are class, honey. You still have to get on my level of fame." the bitchy songstress says without a stutter.

    "Yep, and I'll be back to fuck you again. Don't think I won't get another shot." I chuckled and grinned.

    "Oh really? Not unless I say so. Because here and anywhere else, I'm your boss and I am the only woman that can give you orders. Got that kiddo?" she bitches at me with a tone of relief.

    "Yes, deal." I insisted.

    "Good, your hired."


    "Your hired to be my bodyguard at this house. I'll tell you when to come do your duties." she says. "No payments either, your doing this for me."


    "Now get your ass out of my house, I need to clean up and suck some more dicks." she says sarcastically.

    I leave her mansion and I go back into town to rent a motel room, I still had her number and she still had mine, so she'd text me whe she needs my duties. I'm sure at the point where she said she'd suck some more dicks, it was
    obviously to piss me off and get me all into the jealous portion of life. But I didn't care, what mattered is that I finally fucked my crush and destroyed two of her holes. It was fucking amazing, the bitchy petite litle whore deserved
    it. For the next few months, I guess I will be heading in and out as her bodyguard, doing her favors, and working as a pizza man again, and renting motels. I had no other future plans but for Ariana. My only chance to treat her like
    a dog was tonight, but for the future, I got a famous petite songstress as my mother, for now.

    Guess it'll be another trip to hell once in for all.

    ---THE END---

    Thank you everyone who was ready for part 2. I know a lot of y'all were ready for part 2, and I'm sure y'all are ready to see more of the story in the future. Liked the story? Leave a like and feedback! It helps me continue
    doing what I do best, and that's create sexy fanfictions. I can't wait to release another part of the story sometime else.


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    Is there gona be a part 3 ? it was really great and i'm really hoping an other story with ariana

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