Chapter 3-"Men Are Still Good
Written by RV96
Characters: Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)
Non-Sex Characters: Henchmen, Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons), Carmine Falcone, Zack Miller (OC)
Codes: M/F, Cons, Oral, Cumshot, Creampie, Action Violence
Disclaimer: A fanfic that’s completely fictional that probably has never and will never happen? Why I never! Yes this is complete fantasy and never happened. As usual, feedback is more than welcomed!
Note: I do not own any of the characters or locations used in this story. The DC Extended Universe is owned by Warner Bros., based off characters from DC Entertainment.

Batman watched over Gotham City as their champion protector. Ever since Superman’s death, Batman but moreso, Bruce Wayne changed. His strive of wanting to become a better person and a better protector to Gotham was fueled by Superman’s death and the emergence of a beautiful Amazonian warrior that has been roaming amongst the Earth long before Bruce Wayne or his parents were ever conceived.

“Alfred, there’s about three thugs standing outside of the old S. Lorenzo Toy Factory.” Batman said to Alfred over his communication device planted into his cowl. But he wasn’t worried about what was happening outside but inside instead. Batman was waiting for a particular thug who was scheduled to appear. The thug in question was an informant of The Riddler, who developed a recent pattern of only striking on Wednesday nights. It’s currently Monday night and the GCPD received an anonymous tip as to the location of where this hideout.

“Has the thought of this day being on the Eve of Valentine’s Day slipped your mind, Master Wayne?” Alfred questioned as it was in fact Valentine’s Day Eve currently but Bruce was not worried about that. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a date on Valentine’s Day that was more than just a one night stand let alone when he bought any gifts.

“What is it you’re trying to insinuate Al?” Batman asked bluntly.”

“I’m not insinuating anything Master Wayne.” Alfred bashfully replied. “It’s just that….that lovely Amazon you’re hanging out with now.” Alfred mumbled lightly making reference to Wonder Woman, the Amazonian beauty whom Bruce had formed a friendship with.

“What was that Alfred?” Batman demanded to know.

“Oh I said nothing of interest Master Wayne.” Alfred covered his tracks. “Master Bruce, you and I both know Mister Nygma is always one to plan out his strategies but…..Striking on Wednesdays?” Alfred quantified.

“I was confused by it too at first but I finally figured it out.” Batman replied as he continued to scout the S. Lorenzo Toy Factory from atop a gargoyle, blending in the cold and the dark.

“Of course you did.” Alfred sarcastically replied to Batman’s response.

“Edward’s mother was born on a Wednesday. That’s also the date she died.” Batman said bluntly.

“Oh…..” Alfred replied and there was a few seconds of dead silence before something happened. A black truck appeared in front of the Factor and Batman immediately stood his guard waiting to see if this man would arrive. The information he is carrying is paramount to helping stop The Riddler’s latest crimes.

“Any luck Master Wayne?” Alfred said as Batman continued looking on. Suddenly, a man appeared out of the black truck but it wasn’t the man Batman was looking for.

“Negative Alfred.” Batman replied as he let out a low sigh.

“How long has it been, Master Bruce?” Alfred pondered.

“3 Hours, 2 minutes, and 32 seconds.” Batman replied instantly. “I could take it from here Alfred, you go on and get some rest.”

“Hmmm I think I will wait it out another 5 minutes.” Alfred replied, which caused Batman to smirk a bit. Alfred Pennyworth ever reliable.

“Of course you are.” Batman replied sarcastically, lining up with Alfred’s quip from a few moments prior.

“I know it’s a little late to state this Master Wayne but remember the last time you encountered this deceitful Prince of Puzzlers.” Alfred said to Batman, which made Batman remember his last meeting with Riddler. It was in an underground bunker in Founder’s Island and Riddler had built a mechanism that trapped Batman and a device that would’ve extracted thoughts from Batman’s subconscious. Nygma, always one to be overzealous, inadvertently exposed a weak point in the form of a yellow button. Batman was able to fight out of his captivity, press the yellow button that controlled his device, and defeated Nygma, sending him back to Arkham Asylum. Of course, Nygma was escaped and now we’re at this moment.

“What did you even say to Riddler that caused you to break free?” Alfred enquired.

“Fooling Riddler into thinking he was actually winning, I gave him my ‘final words.’” Batman said.

“And those were?”

“I gave told him my contingency plan for my death.” Alfred was completely silent.

“I’m sorry, come again Master Bruce?”

“Hold that though Al.” Batman said as he noticed one of the thugs he was watching over was a gun runner. “One of the men is a gun runner.”

“Any idea on where they could be from?” Alfred asked. Batman zoomed in with his Binoculars and Detective Vision to decipher where this person or people could be coming from.

“Fabricación de dedos y Kane. They’re from Mexico..” Batman replied as he returned to hide out of sight.

“Mexico huh?” Alfred said.

“I don’t think they’re Cartels though Alfred. Riddler would be the last person I would see having Cartels in his crew.” Batman said.

“You should take a listen to their conversations.” Alfred offered as he could be heard audibly taking a sip of his coffee.

“Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” Batman sarcastically replied as he turned his comms to listen in on these thugs’ conversations.

“Why would Riddler need guns from Mexico? I thought he was a uh….Ya know, a psychological kinda guy.” Thug 1 said.

“Look, I was just here to deliver the guns that Mr. Nygma paid handsomely for that Mr. Falcone was selling.” Thug 2 replied.

“Figures.” Both Alfred and Batman said in response to the revelation that “The Roman” Carmine Falcone had supplied Nygma with the guns? For what purpose? That remained to be seen.

“These things are loaded right?” Thug 1 asked admiring the weaponry.

“That one there. That MP5K you’re holding right there.” Thug 2 replied as he pointed at the specifications of it. “115 mm of barrel length; Magazine capacity at 15/30 rounds; 9mm Caliber.” Batman analyzed the specs of the charcoal colored weapon as the thugs continued to admire it. Within seconds, Batman easily figured out the precise position to disable it and how to do so.

“OK you ugly bastards, this is me signing off!” Thug 2 said.

“That’s it? You’re leaving? Just like that.” Thug 1 responded.

“Yeah, just like that.” Thug 2 shot back before fleeing the scene.

“Alfred, check for the last known location of Carmine Falcone.” Batman asked and received an answer within seconds.

“Well, he was last checked into the Gotham City Royal Hotel in the Diamond District just 6 minutes away from you.”

“How long ago, Al?” Batman asked.

“About 3 days ago, Master Wayne.” Alfred responded.

“Looks I’m paying Falcone a visit then.” Batman said.

“But what if he’s already left?” Alfred asked.

“Trust me Alfred, Falcone always leaves hotels at the early hours of the night.” Batman replied. “Sure you want to stay up this night?” The only response Batman received was a low yawn. “Seriously Al, get some sleep. You’ve earned it.”

“Hmm you’re right Master Wayne.” Alfred drowsed. “Good night.” Alfred signed off and let Bruce have take control for the rest of the night.

“Good night Alfred.” Batman replied as he continued listening in on those who remained.

“Maybe Riddler is building a weaponized army?” Thug 3 asked.

“Of what? Robots?” Thug 4 added sarcastically.

“Yeah! That is exactly what I mean!” Thug 3 replied. As the two thugs were bickering, another vehicle showed up. This time it was black car that showed up and out appeared one of Riddler’s top moles Manny.

“Bingo.” Batman whispered. Manny was one of two Riddler moles, the other was named Zowie. Zowie was confronted by Batman a few nights prior and, to the surprise of no one, was captured after holding up a jewelry store on 10 Leslie Avenue. As for Manny? He was shorter, older but more imprudent than Zowie and it’s kept them to be as unseen as possible. Until now.

“Got the paraphernalia?” Manny asked wearing an all black coat with a black hate and a grey mustache.

“Yeah, it’s here.” One of the thugs said as they unloaded the rest of the guns.

“Seriously, what is Riddler’s plan here Manny? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to need guns. And working with The Roman?” Another thug requested as Manny let out a low grunt carrying the boxes.

“That is on a classified basis my good man.” Manny retorted as he opened the boxes to get a peak at the guns. His expression automatically turned from stoic to elation. “Perfect!”

“It’s good?” A thug asked.

“It’s real good!” Manny exclaimed admiring the weaponry. “Are these loaded?”

“This one is.” A thug replied as he handed Manny the MP5K as he cocked it in place. This was Batman’s chance to strike. But just as he was ready to emerge from the chilly darkness and into the fray, a familiar voice whispered near his direction.

“Hello Bruce.” An exotic voice called to him and it was none other than his new didactic “friend.” Well, companion. Sister-in-arms? Comrade? It was Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Whatever the proper terminology was, Bruce/Batman and Diana/Wonder Woman had grown a fondness to one another and were on a mission to find the other “Warriors” to help aid them in an impending battle but now was not the time.

“Diana?! Now is NOT the time!” Batman hissed as he tried to look away at her but even though he was still a brooding, brutal vigilante on the outside, underneath he was still a heartbreaker and a ladies man and could appreciate a good-looking woman and Diana was just that and then some.

“Hello to you too Bruce.” Wonder Woman sarcastically quipped as she approached him, wearing her trademark battle attire but with a elegant and striking cape/cloak that was blue with a hint of gold that formed similar to the Eagle encrusted on her armor. A fitting contrast to Batman’s black and grey with a black Bat emblem.

“Diana, normally I wouldn’t mind your company but I am a little busy right now.” Batman replied as he continued to watch over the deal that was taking place before him but couldn’t help but admire Diana’s beauty.

“Bruce, it’s about those other…..’Warriors’ we discussed.” Wonder Woman explained as Batman cocked his head slightly to her direction. “I found one of them. Well, most of him.”

“And that is?” Batman asked interested in her response.

“Remember that young man strapped to that wall with his father with that box that launched and attached itself onto him?” Wonder Woman asked.

“I do remember.” Batman replied.

“Well that young man’s name was Victor Stone and was based here in Gotham. Athlete to your Gotham City University football team. His father Silas has gone missing and it has a direct tie to our mission.” Batman was taken aback.

“We have to go…..No, we can’t.” Batman bitterly replied as he turned to the deal that was still going on.

“Let me assist you Bruce. It’s the least I could do.” Wonder Woman offered with a slight grin as Batman was perplexed. The battle with the Doomsday creature brought out a side in Diana that she has kept locked up for over a 100 years; The sensation of combat and preservation of human life.

“No offense but I don’t think low-level thugs is an Amazonian warrior’s forte.” Batman dryly quipped as Wonder Woman raised an eyebrow and took his wisecrack as a challenge.

“Those boys down there?” Wonder Woman somewhat naively said as Batman nodded. Seeing Manny waving his gun in the air like a mad man inside the was his cue to strike. From the dark into the bright night lights shining on the S. Lorenzo Toy Factory, Batman spread his wings like a Bat and within a heartbeat, crashed through the window of the Factory, leaving everybody inside to be stunned as Batman stood there like a statue, waiting for them to make their moves.

“BATMAN!” One thug exclaimed.

“AH SHIT NOT HIM!” Manny exclaimed.

“Goddamnit Manny, you didn’t say anything about The Bat!” Another thug scolded and the second he finished his sentence, Wonder Woman sprung into action standing side-by-side next to Batman.
“THE HELL?!” One thug exclaimed.

“Who the hell is she?!” One of the thugs shouted in disbelief but before any of them could act accordingly, Wonder Woman tossed her shield at that particular thug and turned him inside out, knocking him unconscious in the process. Wonder Woman had a wild smile spread across her pert lips and gave the thugs a wink before Batman made the first move, leaping in the air and Dropkicking two thugs onto the ground.

“Manny don’t use the gun!” One of the thugs shouted before being subdued by continuous elbow strikes from Batman to his shoulders and head. Manny had no choice but to use the only working gun at their disposal but Wonder Woman was more than ready. The moment the first bullet fired, Wonder Woman raised her trademark steel gauntlets and one by one, the bullets that were fired ricocheted and bounced off the gauntlets with ease. Manny couldn’t believe it.

Wonder Woman slowly walked up to him and grabbed the rifle from his grasp and proceeded to bend the gun as if it was made of straw. Manny was now paralyzed in fear and almost put into a trance.

“You’re….You….You’reyou’reyou’re like Super…..Superm…” Manny was trying to compare her to Superman, the fallen Champion of Metropolis. Meanwhile, Batman was continuing to brawl with the other thugs.

“You have two options.” Wonder Woman sternly ordered. “Either you could stay here and continue to fight only to see your life expectancy shorten.” As soon as Wonder Woman announce that, Batman snapped thug’s leg, leaving him to cry in agony. “Or, you could walk away from all of this with your bones intact. Choice is yours.” Wonder Woman said softly but before Manny could even entertain a response, Batman tossed a thug into Manny, knocking him silly.

That same thug that was piled onto Manny stood right back up and grabbed a pipe to try and attack Wonder Woman with it. Like she would battling the armies of Ares or Ares himself, Wonder Woman swiftly dodged the thug’s as the thug swung the pipe around like it was a hammer, straining himself with long, drawn out attempts. Right as the thug had an opening to strike her head, Wonder Woman raised her right forearm and the pipe came crashing down only to vibrating pugnaciously and cause the thugs arm to tremble as Wonder Woman delivered a thrust kick to him, sending him halfway across the room.

Batman finished beating down the remaining thugs but one remained. Someone was cowering in the corner, staying out of sight until Wonder Woman notice him. The assailant tried to flee but with her Lasso of Truth, she managed to easily capture him and bring him towards her. But to her surprise, the assailant looked relatively young and boyish.

“Stand down young man!” Wonder Woman ordered as the young man was thrashing around, trying to break free. “This is my Lasso of Truth. It will trap any person in its grasp and force them to tell the truth. Now what is your name?!”

“Zack Miller.” The young man replied said sporadically. He was afraid.

“How old are you?” Wonder Woman asked as Batman walked over to him.

“19.” The young man replied.

“Why are you here young man?” Batman asked.

“My dipshit father got into some bad debt with Mr. Falcone and so now I’m working for him.” Zack bitterly replied. Batman was one step closer uncovering Falcone’s ties to this whole ordeal. “Falcone pays incredibly well but I don’t want to do this anymore. But I have no choice as me and my family have no real means of proper income.” Wonder Woman felt sympathetic and released Zack from the Lasso’s grasp.

“Do you know anything about what The Riddler is planning?” Batman questioned as he helped Zack off the ground.

“I’m not sure what the end game for him is but I know it involves a lot of guns supplied by Mr. Falcone.” Zack stated as he pointed to the large box of guns. “And robots.”

“Robots?” Batman said. “I thought that was just something one of those thugs from the outside said?” Zack shook his head.

“No sir! Look, I don’t know where Riddler found those things but I am 100% positive they are robots and he plans to arm them with guns. I swear, that’s all I know.” Batman and Wonder Woman nodded their heads.

“Where do you live, kid?” Batman asked as he was calling in The Batmobile.

“2091 C. Dixon Rd. 10 Minutes from here walking or so. Why?” Zack asked.

“Your ride is here.” Batman announced as the Batmobile’s thunderous engine roared outside. Zack’s face lit up a bit. “And about your father’s debts to Falcone…..You won’t have to deal with him ever again after tonight, I promise you.”

“May Hera watch over you.” Wonder Woman gently stated to Zack as she softly rubbed his, causing him to noticeably blush as he exited the Factory but not before Batman made one last proclamation.

“Zack, you should…..Expect a visit from Bruce Wayne.” Batman said leaving Zack confused at first but nodding and exiting the Factory and hopefully this life.

“Now…..Where were we?” Wonder Woman rhetorically asked as she readied her Lasso, Manny finally showing signs of life again.

Sluggishly, he began to rise to his feet, only for Batman’s boot to stand right in front of him. Looking above him, he then turned around only to look at Wonder Woman’s heels and briefly looking up her skirt before Batman grabbed him by his shirt.

“NO NONO PLEASE STOP!” Manny cried out as Batman positioned him against the wall. Diana was just about ready to use her Lasso of Truth again, Batman stopped her.

“No. That’s too easy.” Batman stated. Manny’s eyes widened.

“I don’t care who you are Batman or whoever you are but I’ll give you whatever you want! Money, weapons, gadgets anything!” Manny implored to the two heroes but they were having none of it.

“Do you know anything about Riddler’s robots? What’s he planning?!” Batman ordered.

“I don’t know!” Manny exclaimed. Batman’s patience was being tested.

“Your partner has more guts than you! NOW TELL. ME. WHAT. YOU. KNOW.” Batman shouted.

“Who Zowie? That kid took too many chances and it cost him.” Manny arrogantly replied, which caused Batman to smack him in the head.

“REMEMBER NOW?!” Batman growled.

“Batman, take it easy.” Wonder Woman calmly reasoned but Batman was not having none of it.

“PLEASE STOP!” Manny cried out. Having enough of Manny’s stalling, Batman pulled out his Batarang, grabbed Manny’s left hand and stabbed it, causing Manny to shriek in pain. Wonder Woman was horrified.

“BATMAN STOP!” Wonder Woman ordered as Batman held the Batarang into Manny’s hand for a few seconds before letting go. Batman stepped away and Wonder Woman tore a large piece of cloth off and wrapped it around his hand. “Now will you tell us?” Manny had to take a few deep breaths while Batman reassessed himself.

“I don’t know about no robots I swear on my mother’s eternal soul. But I do know Falcone shipped him a large case of guns, to use against you. Now what The Roman and The Riddler, I haven’t a damn clue! You have to believe me.” Manny begged. Wonder Woman seemed to believe him.

“That’s all you had to say.” Wonder Woman whispered. “But you still have to pay for your crimes.” Manny simply nodded as the sirens of the GCPD reverberated. Tying him and the rest of the thugs up with a large white rope that was left sitting in the factory, Batman and Wonder Woman made their exit. Batman was heading straight for Falcone but Wonder Woman wanted answers as to what came over Batman.

“Bruce, what in Hippolyta’s name got over you?!” Diana scolded.

“Diana, every time you question me, it detracts seconds that we need to stop Falcone. Besides, I know where he’s at.” Bruce dryly added.

“You didn’t have to take it that far. What you did was…..” Diana said but was interrupted before she could finish.

“I KNOW what I did, Diana!” Bruce replied annoyed at Diana’s persistent nagging and refusal to drop the discussion.

“Oh really? Remember what you told me at….” Diana paused for a second. “Clark Kent’s funeral? ‘Men are still good’ were you meticulous words.”

“Diana….” Bruce urged her to drop it.

“You even expressed to me that you would change. You saw hope in humanity again, the same way I did!” Diana explained as she stared her gorgeous, exotic brown eyes into Bruce as he was still wearing his intimidating black cowl. He looked back at her with his eyes with a sense of sorrow and confusion and even she could see that. With the cowl on, he might as well be the grim reaper for criminals but to her, she was still looking at Bruce Wayne. Bruce gave a subtle nod before explaining where Falcone was located with Batman using his grappling hook and Wonder Woman leaping into the air from rooftop to rooftop as the chilly weather attacked her with her striking brunette flowing along with her cape. The breeze of Gotham City at night was as enthralling as it was intimidating.

“This is his location yes?” Wonder Woman asked as Batman nodded.

“See that black Aston Martin DBS V8? Usually, he drives it himself or someone drives it for him and it seems like one of those nights where it’s the latter.” Batman stated.

“What’s our battle plan?” Wonder Woman asked.

“See the corner right there? You’re going to leap over to that area and stop them in their tracks….Anyway you know how.” Batman replied as they scouted for a few minutes, waiting for Falcone to make his presence known. The neon-colored electronic billboards and bright lights shined on the grim, dour Gotham City but what really shined was Wonder Woman’s beauty. Her chocolate brown eyes, her slender, strong legs, stunning brown hair and that were just her physical features. She was a strong-willed and powerful as any woman he had ever met in his life, stranger, friend, or foe and always wanting to see the best of people, even though her own experiences have left her jaded. Batman struggled to stay professional around her and a good look at her would tell you why.

“Uh…..Bruce?” Wonder Woman asked which snapped Batman out of his brief trance.

“Uh so that Victor Stone person. What have you got on him?” Batman asked.

“He was involved in some accident that I’m not too sure of but all I could gather is his body is connected to something called a Mother Box.” Wonder Woman replied.

“A ‘Mother Box?’” Batman questioned not sure what to make of this latest revelation.

“I’m heading back to Themyscira tomorrow to ask my mother about this ‘Mother Box.’” Wonder Woman retorted. “I vaguely recall my mother Hippolyta telling me stories about these things and how she battled warriors for them. I never perceived them again until I entered womanhood and was already an experienced warrior. I distinctly remembered Emperor Constantine XI dying trying to locate it during The Fall of Byzantine.”

“The Fall of Byzantine?” Batman asked. “You know Diana, I keep forgetting you’re as old as time itself.”

“Hmm more or less.” Wonder Woman replied slightly giggling. Bruce was honored to have her as an ally, especially one who had centuries experience like she did. There was a giant red electronic billboard that was right behind Diana’s direction that was a Valentine’s Day tie-in. It read “Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." That had to be that “Divine intervention” thing Alfred would spew to Bruce when he was younger and it finally made sense. Of all the chance situations he’s encountered throughout his life, THIS was the one that made him believe in it? In any event, he tried not to think about that.

“You know Diana, I’ve thought about what you said back there and I really do want to become a better fighter; Better ally; Better person.” Batman announced timidly.

“Bruce it’s like you said……” Diana tried to explain but was cut off when Carmine Falcone finally emerged from the hotel suite in a brown coat, his balding grey hair slick back. Batman gave the nod of approval and with a battle-ready smile, Wonder Woman leaped into the air as Batman used his grappling hook to grapple across the rooftops. Wonder Woman reached the middle of the street and prepared for Falcone’s vehicle to appear.

“What the hell?!” Falcone exclaimed as he noticed Wonder Woman’s figure in the dark. Not thinking straight, he went full straight ahead, going from 25 to 65mph in seconds. As the car headlights shined on Wonder Woman, she raised up her right first and leaped into the air slightly and with a solid punch to the hood of the car, the vehicle leaped into the air, creating a massive dent in the process. Noticing it was still in the air, Wonder Woman caught the vehicle and held it way above her head. As soon as Batman reached their position, his eyes widened. He did not know just how strong she was. She really was a lot like Superman.

“PLEASE PUT ME DOWN.” Falcone screamed as Wonder Woman gently placed the now-destroyed vehicle back down to soil. “You crazy bitch how dare you!!” Falcone went for his Berretta but Wonder Woman casually placed her hand over his and gave it a firm squeeze, which caused the gun to bend slightly and Falcone’s hand to break, bones audibly breaking. “OOOOOOOHHHHH ZEUS!”

“Please don’t use my creator’s name in vain mortal, it irritates me.” Wonder Woman dryly retorted.

“You’ve been supplying Riddler with guns! What for Falcone?!” Batman questioned.

“I don’t…..I do not know what you’re YOOOOOWWWWW!” Falcone cried as Wonder Woman squeezed his hand tighter.

“You sure you can’t use your Lasso instead?” Batman asked.

“He pointed the gun at me and was ready to shoot. I’m just acting accordingly Batman.” Wonder Woman sarcastically added.
“This isn’t like you, Carmine. You never beg like this.” Batman said.

“IF I TELL YOU WHAT I KNOW, WILL YOU LET ME GO?! PLEASE!” Falcone begged and Wonder Woman nodded as she let go of her grasp on his hand plus the gun. “Okay, I supplied Riddler with guns imported from Mexico to stop you to build his robotic army or something.” Batman sighed. Riddler really was building a robot army.

“Where did this Riddler get these ‘robots’ from?” Wonder Woman pondered.

“Hey Bats, remember the old Wonder Tower? The one located in the heart of Miagani Island?” Falcone proclaimed as Batman nodded. “Well, I don’t know what the hell Riddler found down in the bowels of the tower but it apparently had an entire lost civilization down there and he wants to use it against you. But I only supplied him the guns and haven’t done a damn thing. C’MON IT’S COLD OUT HERE AND I JUST WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE FOR THE SPRING. I swear on my deceased ma and pop, that is ALL I know. Could you PLEASE LET ME GO?!”

“You still ran guns illegally into this country Mr. Falcone. You have to pay for that.” Wonder Woman said softly and he nodded. She could be firm but also caring. She really did want to see the best in people, even for a notorious mobster like Carmine Falcone. The GCPD sirens wailed as they arrived to pick up Falcone as Batman and Wonder Woman retreated, their night of crime fighting coming to an end.
“Well…..That certainly uh, an unexpected night of patrolling.” Bruce commented as they retreated into one of his many penthouses in the city.

“Yes, it was actually.” Diana replied sophisticatedly as Bruce went into his chambers and changed out of his Batsuit.
“You’re staying at a friend from the museum’s place right?” Bruce asked. Was he asking Diana to possibly spend the night with him? Even that question took Bruce got Bruce off guard.

“She doesn’t even know I was out tonight.” Diana giggled sweetly.

“So is that a yes or?” Bruce asked again.

“To answer your question frankly Bruce, no I am not.” Diana replied. They became so much more confident around one another since Clark’s death united them and there was a clear level of admiration between the two of them.

“You mind if I can see your cape Bruce?” Diana asked sweetly as Bruce slowly exposed his head from his dressing.

“My cape?” Bruce asked baffled by Diana’s request. Not asking anymore, he unhooked his cape from his cowl and suit and let Diana use for a while and to his surprise, she was surprisingly elated, using Bruce’s Batman cape while still wearing her Wonder Woman armor and posing in the massive mirror in the room.

“Athena help me, I don’t why I’m feeling so…..Pleased.” Diana decreed as Bruce couldn’t help but smile. God or whatever deity was up there, she was lovely.

“You’re an Amazonian Diana and if there’s anything I’ve learned in my short time of reading up on Amazons, it’s that they live off the cusp of battle and what I saw from you tonight, however brief was a side from you that you’ve repressed for eons it seems. You enjoyed it.” Bruce lectured. “Now may I please have my cape back?” Diana sighed, rolled her eyes, and handed Bruce the cape.
“Bruce, I have no regular attires to use.” Diana protested still in her Wonder Woman gear.

“Uhhh you can borrow some of my clothes if you want.” Bruce offered, somewhat hesitantly. It’s not she wouldn’t good wearing his clothes (she would) but Bruce still wasn’t sure what to make of this. Diana was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met but he respected her like an ally and didn’t try to court her to bed unlike the very first attempt. He never really did know a woman like Diana Prince before.

“Thank you Bruce.” Diana replied as Bruce handed her a couple of grey pajamas, black boxers, and a white Daily Planet shirt, causing Diana to chuckle a bit. “Daily Planet?”

“What?” Bruce asked. “I own a partial stake in that place and it’s a comfy shirt!” Bruce clumsily retorted as Diana couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

“I’m just being tongue-in-cheek Bruce. Relax.” Diana comforted him as Bruce sighed, still removing the rest of his suit.

Diana went on to change to from her armor to the normal civilian clothes, removing her boots to her chest armor as she gently placed them onto the white Nylon carpet of Bruce’s penthouse. Bruce was just about finished changing out of his and contemplated taking a shower but was too tired to do so. He briefly examined the scars on his body from years of battle in his own right. Suddenly, a thought popped into his head. He tried to remember what Diana was trying to tell him before they encountered Carmine Falcone.

“Hey, Diana.” Bruce asked. “What was it you were trying to communicate with me earlier? About ‘what I said?’” No answer. “Diana? Diana you there?” Still no answer. “Diana what was it you were tying to…..” Bruce’s paused when he exited his private dressing to find Diana completely nude standing in the middle of his room. Bruce could not believe the sight in front of him.

“Hello Bruce.” Diana replied seductively with a smirk as she slowly walked up to Bruce and placed him against the wall, taking control of the situation at hand. Her tongued had a friendly competition with his as he was barely returning the kisses while she was practically devouring his mouth, a complete contrast to how Bruce Wayne normally operates.

“Diana what are you doing?!” Bruce gasped as he tried to back away from Diana, whom he had a ton of respect for but she didn’t dislodge.

“Don’t play dumb with me Bruce. I’ve noticed your glares at me for an extensive amount of time now. You want this. You need this. And I feel the same way Bruce.” Diana sighed as she resumed kissing him. Bruce still couldn’t quite get into this so he tried to back away again.

“But what was it you wanted to say to me?” Bruce demanded as Diana kissed his jaw before looking deep into his eyes.

“Bruce, it’s like you said.” Diana finally explained and her finished her thought from earlier. “Men are still good.” Diana whispered provocatively.

That was the trigger in Bruce’s brain to dose Diana’s lips with commanding kisses. Diana noticed the scars on Bruce’s muscular body. There WERE many mortal scars that healed quicker than most but his body was weathered. Two small scars on his stomach, presumably many on his, and one noticeable scar on his right shoulder. Considering she never could never bruise, she couldn’t empathize with the idea of people being hurt and having wounds, at least not since her time in Europe fighting in the First World War.

“Mmmmmm I’ve wanted this for so long Diana.” Bruce moaned as he kissed around her neck and shoulders before Diana moved all the way around his body, specifically his scars. Diana was lost in Bruce’s body, planting soft kisses on his stomach before reaching over to Bruce’s muscular shoulder and planting a giant kiss on it to make it feel better.

“Please Bruce let me make you feel better.” Diana whispered pulling Bruce’s face in close as she covered and gently caressed his stubble covered face with her long, soft, slender fingers looking in each other’s eyes in the process. Bruce responded by firmly smacking her supple behind, causing her to giggle as she leaped into his arms and wrapping her long, lean legs around, causing him to struggle at first.

“I forgot, you’re an Amazon.” Bruce struggled as Diana rolled her eyes.

“I am really not that hefty, Bruce. Besides, it must have something to my age.“ Diana said as she softly giggled. Luckily, Bruce didn’t have to struggle much longer as he softly positioned Diana onto his bed, licking his lips in delight in the process. Diana was clearly getting turned on at this point but it had been eons since Diana had engaged in the act of sex in any way. Becoming too thrilled and caught in the moment, Bruce lifted Diana’s right leg only for Diana to bring both legs together and give Bruce a teasing, light shove only for this “light” shove was quite moderately powerful and it sent Bruce flying halfway across the room into his private closet, instigating Diana to laugh.

“Sweet Aphrodite!!!” Diana said laughing. “Bruce, are you okay?” Bruce responded with a small nod.

“If I’ve suffered some herniated disc, I’m blaming you Princess.” Bruce jested as he slowly stood up in only his black boxer briefs and stretched his body out leading to some bones cracking, preparing himself for the inevitable. He was about to have sex with an Amazonian Goddess, a woman who just so happened to be someone he considered an ally and a friend. Approaching Diana, Bruce looked on with awe and approval at her incredibly lithe/fit frame, gripping her waist firmly to show he was in charge and showing off his mortal strength making her gasp as his nearly nude frame and her fully nude frame were on display with her vagina already incredibly wet without any proper contact yet.

“Great Aphrodite!” Diana squealed as Bruce took control, kissing her neck before slowly making his way down to her breasts, giving each light nibbles causing Diana to squeal.

“Suffering Sappho Bruce!” Diana squealed as she placed her hands on Bruce’s head as he now made his way to her stomach, giving it lovingly light kisses which made her giggle. It really had been a long time she had an intimate encounter with anyone, mortal or not. She trembled uncertainly upon his first interaction and Bruce was next to her labia, preparing to give it a French-Kiss but Diana was feeling courageous once more. Diana noticed her Lasso at arm’s length and an idea popped into my head but she needed to be precise and time it perfectly. That proved to be more than difficult was Bruce was now tongue-punching Diana in her love-box, adding just the right amount of pressure to it without going overboard.

“Hmmmmmm Great Gods! Quite impressive for a mortal tongue.” Diana moaned before laughing as Bruce continued to eat her out. Bruce himself felt bold so he decided to insert a finger into her warm, soaking hole but he did not thrust it into her. If anything, he was trying to be as careful as possible, knowing she was an Amazon but not knowing it had been ages since she’s had something like this. Till now anyways.

“Merciful Minerva!” Diana shouted in pleasure. “It has been so long since I’ve felt this Bruce.” Bruce quite relished in her taste, tasting like her mouth; She didn’t exactly taste of this Earth but it was acridity in that it tasted alien but also exotic and striking. It was new to Bruce but he didn’t seem to mind it. After a few minutes of continuously teasing Diana’s clit without her cumming, Bruce’s jaw started to numb and Diana could tell given how much he had decelerated his pace.

“Are you okay Bruce?” Diana asked concerned but with a smile knowing she had Bruce right where she wanted him. Bruce just grunted softly as his response and the moment he stood up and was ready to insert his member, into her, Diana jumped to her feet and shoved Bruce onto the bed.

“Like I said Bruce, I want to take care of you tonight.” Diana seductively whispered as she straddled Bruce and kissed him deeply on the lips before Diana reached her hands to his crotch and the perceptible knob in his briefs. “Will you allow me to do so?” Diana flashed a wicked smile at him as she rubbed the bulge in his briefs but Bruce had a stoic expression. He was trying to hide his emotions, something he was prone to do and Diana immediately noticed and took it as a challenge as she flashed an intrigued eyebrow.

“Not saying anything at all, huh Bruce?” Diana whispered as she grabbed a hold of his briefs and snatched the briefs off with such force that Bruce’s body shifted slightly and the tear of the briefs made a noticeable ripping sound which Diana pleased the moment Bruce’s semi-hard cock came into action but still, Bruce was not emoting. Diana pouted but stopped the second her soft hands touched Bruce’s cock, which twitched at her touch causing her to giggle. “Very impressive Bruce. This is definitely one of the most impressive mortal cock’s I’ve locked my eyes, maybe the most impressive.” Something about her enunciation of “cock” really drove Bruce crazy internally but he still kept his cool outside.

Diana placed her left hand on his balls and cuddled them with her long fingernails while she slowly jerked his cock with her right. Bruce was loving this but he wasn’t going to say it. Then, Diana placed her tongue on the side of his cock and licked around it as she coated his massive cock with her saliva, teasing him to the point that it would’ve been borderline torture for most men but not Bruce.

“So that is your plan? To not emote?” Diana questioned as she removed her hands from his crotch completely and briefly kneaded his muscular thighs. “Well then Mr. Wayne, I am hoping THIS will change your mind.” Diana pulled her Lasso of Truth from the side of the bed and wrapped it around Bruce’s cock! Well, not all of it. A knot was tied from part of his testicles to his Corpus spongiosum, which, ironically didn’t stifle his erection but ENHANCED it.

“Ooooooooh Jesus!” Bruce finally groaned in pleasure. Diana couldn’t help but smile that her idea actually worked.

“I am not Jesus, I am Diana and you are mine Bruce.” Diana moaned deviously. “Seems to me you’re enjoying yourself.” Bruce really was. Whenever a part of your body is tied up like Bruce’s penis partially was, especially with a MAGICAL LASSO, it begins to tense up and you lose the blood flow but not here. The opposite happened as waves of pleasure were being sent throughout Bruce’s body
“How did…” Bruce questioned in a daze not sure what to make of this latest development. Diana simply giggled.

“It is not termed ‘The Lasso of Truth’ for naught Bruce.” Diana replied as she continued her previous measures of pleasure to Bruce’s cock. “Are you pleased that my hands on your cock, Bruce? Wait until my mouth is on it! Sucking your shaft, licking the head of your cock, making it incredibly sensitive. You’ve been dealing with mortal, Earth females for so long but now it’s time for you to perform the act of coitus with an Amazonian!” Diana confidently proclaimed.

Diana brushed her long, luscious hair against Bruce’s bare thighs, which only seemed to drive him even more mad. If she kept this up, he would probably need to be committed to Arkham Asylum.

“Fucking hell Diana……” Bruce gasped as she brought her pretty mouth to the head of his erection, softly sucking at it. Diana continued this for a few seconds more until she slowly started untie the knots of the Lasso around Bruce’s cock the more she made her way down.
“Mfffmlllpppmhhhhh” Diana moaned around his cock as she noisily continued to go down further onto him and to his shock, he came to the realization that she didn’t have a gag reflex.

“OOHHH FUCK!” Bruce groaned as she took all 9 inches of Bruce Wayne into her mouth with ease once again proving Diana was not like any woman he’d ever known before. “You’re wonderful, Di.”

“Di? That is an adorable abbreviation of my name, Bru.” Diana adorably joked. Well, “joked” is putting it lightly as quips aren’t her strong suit she brought her long, wavy hair to gently caress his balls even further. This was both torture and Heaven to Bruce and he’s experienced one of those before. Diana returned to methodically bob her head up and down on Bruce’s lap making him squeal and quiver in pleasure. As an added bonus, she brought her hands underneath him and squeezed his butt she could hear his breathing getting heavier; which indicated he was getting closer.

“FUCK DIANA I’M CLOSE!” With his confirmation, she retracted her mouth from his cock completely.

“Oh no you don’t Bruce, I’m just getting started with you.” Diana announced as Bruce moved slowly all the way across the bed as he placed his head on his pillows wanting, no NEEDING to be inside of Diana. Diana mounted Bruce and like she did earlier, placed a kiss on his lips, this time more prolonged and deeper with passion. She began to stroke her clit preparing to lower herself onto him, Bruce gazed Diana and Diana returned the gaze, her dark brown eyes challenged his hazel eyes.

Diana was wonderful.

Diana removed her hand from his soaking wet clit and finally commenced to lower herself onto Bruce.

“Oooooh!” Both moaned aloud as both of their private areas touched each other for the first time. For Bruce, it was the equivalent of touching molten warm honey and he could’ve and should’ve blown his load there but he had willed himself to stay strong. For Diana, it was a feeling she didn’t know she had been longing for: the touch of another mutual partner, particularly a man.

“Bruce!” Diana gasped trying to get ahold of herself as she stayed on top of him. “I can lay on the bottom if you wish. I do not want to hurt you.” Diana calmly explained and she had a point. Here was an Amazon about to make love to a mortal and by the expression on Bruce’s face, it was straining him but he wanted it. He needed it.

“You’re okay Di.” Bruce expressed with a throaty whisper. With that approval, Diana slowly started to rock her hips back and forth. She began to work Bruce slowly. Diana use the “up-and-down” method that is popular but instead worked Bruce backward and forward, while rolling her hips at the end.


The added use of her hips allowed Bruce’s thick cock to have prolonged contact with her clit.

“Ooooooh fuck Diana you are tight!” Bruce panted as Diana picked up her pace, the bed shaking uncontrollably now, an oddity considering they had just started.

“Speaking of tight.” Diana moaned as she grabbed Bruce’s wrists, held them together, and tied them with her Lasso, though not as hard as she did her enemies or even earlier with his cock. “Are you enjoying yourself Bruce?” Bruce nodded as Diana kept this hysterical pace, the bed shaking violently as the sound of skin hitting skin continued to fill the room.

“SWEET HADES!” Diana shouted as she once again brought her mouth to Bruce’s for another passion-filled kiss. Given the sweat building on Bruce’s body, it seemed like he was approaching his end. The poor man could hardly breathe with the Amazon on top of him as it was and combine that with the sex, his body still a bit sore from the night of crime fighting, and her kisses, he was probably going to pass away right then and there but, to him, it would’ve been a great way to go out. Except for the part where he didn’t stop Riddler and it was that very thought that kept him going.

“God you’re good Diana.” Bruce mumbled as Diana continued to ride him with ease, adoring the feeling of the tightness, warmth, and wet feel of his Diana’s velvet-like pussy clamp around him. Diana ran her hands through her pretty brown hair and then put her hands on his shoulders, and began quicken her pace even further as their thighs kept pressing against one another. She rested her arms on the bed as the continued to make out, as Diana began to forcefully ride her ally’s throbbing cock. Judging by her body language and tone of her voice, Diana was ready. Bruce was actually going to make a goddess climax around him.

“OH MY GLAUCUS!!!” Diana exclaimed, Lassso still in hand as she uncontrollably rode Bruce now, body shuddering in pleasure. “I’m gonna cum Bruce!”

“Cum for me, Princess!” Bruce and she did just that. Tightening her vagina walls around him, her juices flowing for a prolonged state than he was used to for any woman he had ever been with as he fought his own release. Diana freed Bruce from her Lasso’s grasp as they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Still having not climaxed himself yet, Bruce propelled Diana back first onto the bed, effectively destroying the bed spring completely in the process surprising them both.

“Don’t worry, I’ll buy another one another time.” Bruce understatedly replied as he mounted Diana and with no teasing needed, thrust himself into her at full speed, needing to get off.

“Plutus’ wealth, you’re incredible Bruce! Please keep going!” Diana begged and Bruce nodded not slowing his thrust into her for one second. To add more pleasure between the two of them, Diana wrapped her slender legs around Bruce’s powerful waist, which invited him into her even more.

“Wait, Diana where do you want me to cum?” Bruce asked. Diana was surprised as aside from her old flame Steve Trevor, no man she had ever been with asked permission on where to cum.

“I shall drink you Bruce but if wish to orgasm inside of me, I will grant you full permission.” Diana whispered with a satisfied on her face. Bruce detached her legs from his waist and placed his arms on either side of her feeling his cock ready to twitch.

“OH FUCKING HELL DIANA I’M READY!” Bruce yelled as he removed himself from Diana’s warm hole and placed his cock into her mouth which led to her sucking him off lovingly. With a low grunt, Bruce’s unloaded a jet stream of cum down Diana’s throat, which she happily accepted and gulped. Thinking that was it, Bruce found that his cock was still erect so he decided to reinsert himself back into Diana’s for a second, hopefully more powerful orgasm. This development took Diana completely by surprise.

“GREAT APHRODITE YOU REALLY ARE ALL MAN BRUCE!” Diana proclaimed as she wrapped both her arms and legs around Bruce’s body, all but confirming she wanted him to shoot his load inside of her. This was just as shocking to Bruce, who never had multiple orgasms within seconds or minutes. Like a lot of men, he would need at least 3-5 minutes to recover from the previous orgasm to be semi-prepared again but this was a new sensation.

“And you’re all woman Di!” Bruce exclaimed as he felt as his cock twitch again, another orgasm approaching and Diana could sense it too. Looking into each other’s eyes again, they enter another kiss, this one more quick than the others.

“Gonna……GONNA CUM!” Bruce exclaimed and burying his head into Diana’s right shoulder, Bruce gave a throaty cry as forceful waves of pleasure erupted from his groin, producing his human seed to spill deep inside Diana’s Amazonian womb by way of an even greater orgasm than the first.

After about a minute of being frozen in place, letting every single drop of jizz fill Diana, Bruce forced himself to roll to the left side of the bed as him and Diana were completely spent. Diana still had infinitely superior stamina so this might as well have been a “quickie” to her but she loved every second of it. Aside from their breathing, it was dead silent as Diana nuzzled her head on his burly chest. For the first time in her entire life, she loved feeling delicate and tiny as she drew a heart motion on his chest with her finger. Suddenly, Diana broke the silence.

“I hope this doesn’t break our friendship, Bruce.” Diana announced. Bruce hated it at first as he gave a disappointed sigh but eventually nodded his head in agreement.

“I don’t want this to affect the team of ‘warriors’ we’re trying to assemble. IF we find them” Bruce replied.

“We will find them Bruce.” Diana said as she kissed his chest. Bruce loved how small her head was, how it was shaped, and how perfect it looked against him. If the black Batman insignia was his symbol at night, he would love nothing more than to have Diana’s head nuzzled next to his chest as his own insignia in the day.

“We should go search for more info on that Victor Stone person.” Bruce sleepily said. “Sometime tomorrow.” Bruce had his eyes closed and Diana couldn’t help but giggle. It was, in fact, “tomorrow.”

“Bruce, it IS ‘tomorrow.’” Diana replied as Bruce reopened his eyes and spotted the rising sun.

“I also promised that Zack Miller kid I would pay him a visit.” Bruce whispered.

“What are going to do for him?” Diana pondered.

“Pay off any debt his father would have with Falcone for 100 years but can’t we just rest for at least another hour?” Bruce whined.
“That’s sweet Bruce!” Diana replied with a smile. “And I agree on the resting part.”

“Shit, the bed sheets are all wet and sticky.” Bruce replied. This was something that he didn’t mind when he was 18 or even 25 but he was scolded by Alfred and cut himself off from washing his bed sheets ever again.

“Let’s try this.” Diana said as she helped Bruce removed the bed sheets and brought her stunning cape that was large enough to fit both of their frames and keep them comfortable. “Better?”

“Much better.” Bruce replied as he gave Diana a quick kiss on the cheek. With that quick kiss, Diana noticed Bruce’s member was slowly springing into action again.

“Again Bruce?! I will be candid with you and state that I have never known a man like you.” Diana echoed Bruce’s own words.

“And I’ve never known a woman like youOW.” Bruce calmly said before Diana grabbed a hold of his cock again.

“You want another round, Princess?! I’m too tired for this.” Bruce whined.

“What do you humans call it? ‘Quickies?’ Well, that was a ‘quickie’ for me. And you know what they say.” Diana giggled as she started to stroke his cock once again. “Men are still good.”

Bruce wasn’t sure where or how he would find these “Warriors” to help him combat impending threats but he did know that Diana would be right by his side the whole time and he could not think of a more worthy ally.

The End.