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Thread: "Puddin!" with Margot Robbie

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    fanfiction "Puddin!" with Margot Robbie

    With Margot Robbie
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, massage, feet, masturbation, finger-banging, anal, dirty talk
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    We were just three days into "Suicide Squad" when the films female lead blew out her knee and was sent to my trailer. As it turned out Margot Elise Robbie apparently had a chronic knee injury, which now threatened to hold up the entire production of the movie.

    "What seems to be the problem?" I asked as she limped into my office to lay down.

    Her appearance surprised me as she'd spent the morning shooting a strip club scene, which called for her to be dressed in a slinky little sequins dress that left little to the imagination. Between the dress, the heels, her tattoos and pink and blue hair, Margot looked more like an erotic cartoon than she did her normal self.

    The actress went on to describe her issue, while I grabbed the necessary equipment and proceeded to apply a generous amount of menthol onto the joint. Her friendly demeanor soon changed however as she was now put in some acute pain, causing her to grimace while I carefully inspected her ligaments.

    As I continued to rub the affected area, I idly stroked the back of her smooth thighs when she suddenly stood up. For a moment I panicked and wondered if I had offended her, until the starlet announced that she only had a few minutes to spare and wanted to sneak in a quick massage.

    "You don't mind do you," she said while taking off her jewelry and slipping out of her checkered dress.

    "Err, no.. um, not at all." I answered. "If you think that would help."

    "Absolutely. I need to relax. I need a massage."

    "In that case, make yourself comfortable while I lock the door."

    It only occurred to me later that the aussie actress had faked the severity of her injury in order to spend time in my office, and get the free massage. Not that I minded of course, as I had spent most of that day tending to menial tasks from the cast and crew.

    In any event, I was surprised to see just how easy it was for her to climb out of that provocative dress, and find that she indeed was naked underneath, leaving the blonde bombshell as naked as the day she was born.

    With her now laying face down on the table, I was actually amazed to see just how curvaceous she really was. In fact she appeared to be a lot more girlish and feminine than I expected, possessing a more womanly figure that featured thick pale thighs and a set of very alluring hips.

    "Rumor has it you give a really good oil massage," she said as I tried not to stare directly at her bare naked butt.

    Robbie was no doubt referring to my previous engagement with fellow co-star Cara Delevingne, who at one point during our previous "session" was so relaxed that she actually fell asleep.

    "So you figured you'd find out what all the fuss was about, eh." I joked. "Oily massage it is."

    "We've only got a few minutes though, if that's okay?"

    "That's all the time we need," I assured her, as I proceeded to squeeze out a generous amount of warm oil across her sun-kissed body and placed my hands on her feminine shoulders.

    "oh, wow.." she cooed contently. "A girl could get used to this."

    Having spread the oil all across her back, I worked my way down each arm and caressed her hips and buttocks, making sure to slide the side of my hand deep into the crack of her ass before moving onward.

    She groaned softly to this action, but didn't object as I worked my way down her legs, spending extra time on her upper thighs while making sure not to touch her private area. I then made my way even further down her legs, massaging the soles of her feet and toes.

    This seemed to really enthrall her, with the actress squirming and giggling (ticklish) even louder than before. When I realized how sensitive she was in regards to her feet, I massaged each toe individually and then the whole foot in general, and had her purring like a god damn kitten.

    Gradually I worked my way up each calf toward her knees before working my way back up her legs. It was only now that I moved several inches from her pussy but was stopped short as her legs remained firmly shut together.

    This was apparently where she had drawn the line, leaving me a little confused and disappointed. But as I started to move onto her hips, I felt her legs part slightly, permitting me to slip a hand up the inside of her thighs.

    Her lack of resistance was all the permission I needed, as I massaged the inside of her legs and finally commenced rubbing her sex with the edge of my hand. Truth be told I half expected to feel her resist or in the very least object in some verbal way, but when she simply lay there cooing softly and permitted my lewd touching, I grew even bolder.

    I worked the creases on both sides of her vulva and occasionally brushed across her mound to tease her slit and clit. As expected, it didn't take long for her breathing to catch in her throat, and become quite labored.

    After a few extra moments, I simply moved away from her now glistening sex, and continued on with the massage like nothing was out of the ordinary. Thinking that this might be the end of her "erotic massage" a look of disappointment came over her face until I broke the awkward silence and asked her to flip over onto her back.

    Amusingly enough Margot didn't hesitate, and simply turned over to lay on her back, her pert natural breasts and 26-year-old pussy on full display. As before, I proceeded to pour warm gooey oil all over her shoulders and chest, then her belly and groin, and down the length of both legs and feet. I intentionally avoided her nipples and freshly shaved cunt, before reaching for another bottle of lotion.

    "Don't be alarmed when I apply this gel," I told her. "'s designed to make the skin tingle and pop."

    "Tingle and pop?" she repeated softly, a little confused.

    "Let's just say it has a remarkable effect on certain regions of the body." I grinned.

    That being said, I dribbled a few drops on each nipple and a more generous amount over her shaved pussy. The effect was instantaneous. Her body jerked and her eyes went wide.

    "oh my god, what is that?" she giggled before placing her hand over her mouth. "..that feels incredible!"

    "Wait until I rub it in," I smirked. "I think you're really going to enjoy this portion of the massage."

    Her bare pussy became more engorged and red, her clit peeking out of its hood as it tingled from the aromatic oil. I then proceeded to smear the regular lotion evenly over her naked body, as she now squirmed and slithered and moaned beneath me on the table like a woman possessed.

    "Holy shit," she giggled as I reached her breasts and spent a considerable amount of time rubbing and squeezing her nipples which were by now large, protruding, hard, and exceptionally sensitive.

    I knew this would turn her on even more.

    "Ah, fuck—" she cussed under her breath, arching her back and pushing her chest into my hands. "Yeah, pinch them harder."

    "You like that," I smiled as I pinched and tweaked her erect dark nipples.

    As it turned out, Margot loved to have her nipples teased during sex and seemed disappointed when I moved away and started rubbing her belly and legs. I finally worked my way down to her feet where I took her toes in my hand and rubbed away the days stress.

    She groaned audibly to the foot rub as I began moving up her legs, gently pushing them apart and leaving her to lay there spread obscenely wide on the table. As I approached her shaved mound, I spread her knees even farther wide, allowing me full and unfettered access to her stunning bald cunt.

    In that moment her pussy looked absolutely magnificent, soft, wet, and aroused. It took all of my strength not to just bury my entire face in that aussie puddin.

    "ugh-god, the tingle in my pussy is like an itch I have to scratch." she confessed quietly. "Please.. please rub it. It's driving me crazy. Please make it go away, or I'll do it myself!"

    "Why don't you do that," I suggested, encouraging her to masturbate.

    Without missing a beat Margot reached down to rub her cunt, unashamedly playing with her clit as though completely alone. I simply watched in astonishment, while brushing my fingers up and down the inside of her spread thighs.

    The actress moaned and squirmed to her own touch, circling the tips of her fingers over her pea-sized clit. The more I caressed her slippery legs the more she moaned in excitement.

    "Lick your fingers," I directed, to which she immediately did.

    Her moans grew louder as she now smeared her own saliva over her mound and used the lube and her own spit to get off. With her permission I skimmed a single finger towards her sex, but instead of indulging her in more pussy play, I gently probed the tip of my finger against her backdoor, feeling it twitch and pucker.

    "Mm.. good girl," I grinned as I gently probed her tiny rectum with a single finger, as she continued to flick her bean.

    "oh god, oh god," she panted on the table. "..that feels so good."

    "Keep playing with that cunt, Margot." I told her.

    The oil caused her pussy to spasm, prompting her ass to tighten and suck in my finger. Her sphincter then opened and closed, gripping and gaping open for me. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen, making my cock twitch.

    Watching this excitedly, I added a second digit to the first and now probed her backdoor with two fat fingers, filling her completely and sending her mind, body and soul into the stratosphere.

    Judging from the way her body responded to the intrusion she was no stranger to backdoor fun, which only turned me on more. It seemed that despite her good girl image and girl next door looks, Margot was a little (anal) slut behind closed doors.

    As my fingers worked her ass and her own hand worked her pussy, my free hand went up to her tits and began massaging and tweaking her nipples. Her moans increased to the point where I suddenly grew concerned that someone outside might hear us.

    As I now stood there gently fucking her ass with two fingers, I wondered how much further she'd be willing to go. She was squirming vigorously under my ministrations, when I finally decided to go for broke and leaned over to kiss her hard on the mouth.

    Margot moaned to the bold action and kissed me back, our tongues probing and sliding into each others mouths. At this point we were both so lost in our own world, that we almost jumped out of our skins when we heard someone pound on the door to check up on us.

    "I'll be right out!" Margot yelled instinctively. "Err, just give us a few more minutes okay?

    "You've got five minutes Miss Robbie," the female assistant snapped before stepping away from the door.

    Suddenly pressed for time, I immediately switched from kissing Margot on the mouth to suckling and nibbling on her exposed breasts, eager to taste her body before our time was up.

    Amusingly enough the moment my mouth mauled her breasts, the aussie actress groaned out loud and arched her back, inviting me to feast on her. The affects of the oil, and the mere danger of almost getting caught clearly turned her on.

    "Yeah, suck my nipples into your mouth.. just like that, I like it."

    "Keep rubbing your cunt," I told her while loudly sucking her tit into my mouth.

    When I felt her reach down and grip my erection through my shorts, I almost blew a load right then and there.

    "What are you doing?" I asked, as I wrongly assumed she that wanted to stop and get dressed.

    "I wanna fuck," she hissed bluntly in her aussie accent. "Come on, hurry. We have to be quick."

    I didn't need to be asked twice, and pulled down my shorts and climbed up onto the table to mount her.

    Margot could feel her fingers probing her own cunt as I searched out her wet mound. She bite her bottom lip as I guided my stiff member to her entrance, smearing her wetness against my knob, before pushing forward and making her groan.

    "Ugh-fuck," she gasped out loud.

    I stayed buried deep inside her for an extra minute, relishing the sensation of being embedded inside one of Hollywood's hottest new rising stars. Most of my weight pressing down on her bum as I squeezed her tits roughly with one hand while I grabbed the back of her neck with the other, and began to fuck her right there on the table.

    The look in her eyes was one of sheer lust.

    "Yeah, you gonna fuck me!" she teased.

    When I felt her raise her knees, granting me even more access to her cunt, it was all the permission I needed to fuck her senseless.

    I now used the back of her neck like an anchor point as I thrust my stiff cock back and forth into her hungry willing cunt. She seemed to get off on being treated like a little slut, to be dominated, to be taken like my own personal little play thing, a fuck toy.

    We could feel the sweat between our bodies and the urgency of my breath against her neck as I pounded her into the table with all of my might, slamming her with quick and fast powerful thrusts.

    "ugh-god, I can feel your balls slapping against my ass!" she hissed.

    Her commentary only made me harder.

    "Just be grateful we don't have much time.. otherwise I'd probably pull out right now and FUCK your sweet little ass."

    "Ah, yeah?" she moaned back. "You think you could handle that! I love a hard cock in my arse."

    I responded by kissing her hard on the lips, then pulled back only to look into her eyes as I withdrew my cock from her slimy pussy and gently eased it into her backdoor.

    "oh-god, I can't believe I'm letting you fuck me in the arse right now."

    "Who said anything about asking," I growled. "I'm taking this ass if you like it or not."

    "Ah, fuck. Just hurry. Fuck me!"

    I was actually surprised by how well she took it, happily accepting all of my length without much trouble. It was at this point that Margot raised her knees as high as possible, spreading her legs wide and affording me as much access to her backdoor while we kissed each other zealously.

    "Ugh, yeah.. fuck my arse!" she grunted. "Harder. I'm gonna cum."

    When I finally felt her body shudder and realized she was having another orgasm, I just about lost my mind and thrust into her with even more urgency before I exploded into her gaping shit-pipe, filling her rectum with hot gooey spunk.

    We barely had time to even look at each other much less clean up as we were suddenly interrupted by the assistant director, who was mad as hell that she had taken up so much time to herself, insisting she get her ass back on the set that very minute.

    "..wait, the cast and crew have been waiting out there this entire time?" I gasped.

    I could tell from the sly grin on her face that she knew she had been holding everyone up. I suppose it turned her on. I don't mind admitting I too got a twisted sense of satisfaction, knowing that Margot went on to shoot the rest of her club scene, with my hot load still seeping out of her sweet aussie ass.

    I suppose she was more "method" (actor) then people give her credit.

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    FUCKING CHRIST!!!! I couldnt help but think of Fuckedhard 18 series while reading this except it was 10x better cause it was Margot Fucking Robbie. Jesus. What an epic story. Ill absolutely be reading this one again and again.

    "I love a hard cock in my arse"

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    Woah, I really enjoyed this one, TPG. :thumbsup:

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