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Thread: "Bowled Over" with Tahan Lew-Fatt

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    fanfiction "Bowled Over" with Tahan Lew-Fatt

    With Tahan Lew-Fatt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: FM+ blowbang, drunk, finger, voyeur, cheating, deep-throat
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only. None of this actually happened, just part of my twisted fantasy. As far as I know Tahan and David are both awesome ppl in a loving relationship. Still, I can't help but have some pretty dirty thoughts about her.

    It was threatening to be just another boring night with the boys, another mundane evening at the local bowling alley until SHE walked in. I had recognized her from the moment she arrived, and tried to nudge my friends to tell them who Tahan Lew-Fatt was, but the guys were so stoned and drunk they couldn't have cared less.

    In any event, I thought all my Christmas' had come at once when Tahan and David wound up in the bowling lane right next to us. Up close I could see just how pretty she was, and had to chuckle at how miserable her race-car driver, boyfriend appeared to be.

    "Err, sorry but do you know how to work this thing?" she asked, referring to the computer console we now shared.

    I was only too happy to oblige, and spent the next few minutes chatting her up and flirting with her while our friends seemed totally oblivious to it all. In fact I couldn't help but note just how disengaged David seemed, and after several minutes finally found the courage to ask her about it, as he clearly didn't want to be there.

    "ugh don't worry about him, he's just tired." Tahan claimed. "..he's had a really long day."

    "And yet you still made him go bowling,"

    "of course, he does whatever I tell him to do." she winked.

    We both knew what she was insinuating – using sex to get what she wanted. Considering how good she looked I couldn't blame him. I'd probably do the same thing, just to make her happy.

    Over the next hour or so Tahan seemed to grow more comfortable us and flirted incessantly, while I looked over to check on David who was on the verge of passing out.

    It was at this point that I heard her suggest that he go downstairs and take a nap in the car, since she certainly wasn't ready to go home just yet. I don't know what shocked me more, the fact that she had made such an inappropriate suggestion or that he had reluctantly agreed.

    "whoa," some of the guys remarked amongst themselves. " about pussy whipped."

    In any event, the moment Dave left the flirting between us increased, with Tahan playing a few pins with us and even making a few side bets. At first it began with money, but quickly escalated.

    "How about the next guy who gets a strike, gets Tahan's phone number!" one of the boys chuckled.

    Despite her initial coyness, I could tell she was getting a kick out of being the center of attention, and not only enjoyed our lewd behavior but almost encouraged it. I decided to sweeten the pot and suggested that for every missed pin, the guys and I would buy her a drink.

    "oh, you're on!" she agreed. "And don't think I won't collect on every last drink."

    "Here's hoping," I quipped.

    The drinks began to flow quite freely at our table, as did the loose language and flirtatious atmosphere. I guess it's a testament to how much of a great girl she is, as our crude jokes and even worse behavior didn't seem to bother her in the least. In fact it almost felt like she was just one of the boys.

    As a matter of fact I kept patting her on the arse in between games which only encouraged the guys to do likewise. It got to the stage where Tahan was basically being pawed and touched up as much as possible, and in full view of other patrons.

    "I should probably go down and check on Dave," she said at one point.

    I took this as a cue to volunteer to accompany her downstairs.

    Truth be told, I didn't think anything would come of it, after all we were going down to the parking garage to check on her boyfriend, but something in the back of my mind wondered otherwise.

    Funnily enough, the moment Tahan and I stepped away from the group some of the guys decided to follow, eager to see if anything would happen. Considering the amount of flirting we had done, I couldn't blame them.

    Once downstairs the garage itself was virtually empty, only three or four cars were left. As we approached her vehicle we could see David was out like a light, passed out and snoring in the passenger seat.

    I can't really explain what happened next but, a strange sense of anxiety coursed through me as I realized it was now or never. I just had this sinking feeling like she was going to call it a night and rush off, leaving me with blue balls for the rest of the evening.

    That being said, I told her that I wanted to get her number before she left, and motioned for her to follow me over to my car which was parked just a few spots away.

    Tahan had to have known I was making shit up, and simply wanted to get her alone, but she followed me nonetheless and didn't seem too surprised when we stepped around my vehicle and started holding hands.

    "You really need to give me your number.. so we can hook up for coffee or something."

    "ugh, I'd really love to see you guys again but, I have a boyfriend." she rolled her eyes. "I can't."

    "Yeah well, he's obviously not treating you right." I told her. "He's right over there passed out drunk."

    "It's not his fault."

    "You're too hot for him anyway Tahan, you wear him out." I joked, making her laugh.

    "You're just saying that, cause you wanna fuck me."

    I couldn't help but get hard at the mere tone in her voice. We hadn't even broached the topic of sex and yet, the subject seemed to linger on her mind. I pulled her close to peck her innocently on the cheek.

    She happily allowed it, and while her mouth continued to say one thing, her body was saying another – the two of us still holding hands and canoodling by the side of my car.

    When she turned around to check on her sleeping boyfriend, I took this opportunity to slip my hand underneath her top and caressed her skin directly. This seemed to have the desired effect, making her purr and go weak at the knees.

    "Ah god, you really shouldn't do that to me right now." she teased. "I'm way too drunk.. might do something I regret."

    She giggled and squirmed to my touch, finding it ticklish as I caressed her soft skin. We just stood there looking into each other's eyes as I casually stroked her caramel flesh and reached down to undo the button of her pants.

    "Err, what do you think you're doing?" she whispered in a playful tone.

    I simply responded by plunging my hand into her panties and caressed her hairless mound. Tahan gasped as I boldly stroked her sex, before withdrawing my fingers and sliding them into her mouth.

    "Lick them for me," I insisted, as she simply glared back at me in a combination of confused arousal.

    I quickly plunged them back into her cunt and proceeded to finger her right there by the car. This was quickly followed by a hot kiss, as I now blatantly probed her cunt with two digits just a few feet away from her sleeping boyfriend.

    "This is so messed up," she giggled. "I don't even know you."

    "Do you believe in fate," I grinned. "It's meant to be."

    I suppose I should have been pissed when the other guys showed up when they did, and threatened to ruin the mood. In fact I half expected Tahan to push me away and run back to her boyfriend and leave, but instead she just stood there with her pants undone and my hand stuffed inside her underwear.

    When the boys realized how casual she was about letting them see what we were doing, things suddenly took a dark and interesting turn. I watched as they each came over to mess around with her, until Jay finally leaned over to peck her on the cheek and stole a quick kiss.

    I probably should have said something or put a stop to it right then and there. However, watching her make out with him really turned me on, particularly since I still had two fingers jammed inside her cunt as Jay was soon replaced by Pete.

    The next few minutes were a total daze as my mates essentially took turns making out with her, while I continued to probe and explore her magnificent cunt. I now fingered her for such an extended period of time that the inside of her legs were literally dripping wet.

    At one point I couldn't even tell who's hand belonged to who, as the guys each reached over to literally grope and maul her to death. I finally had to put a stop to it, and pushed them all away, only to see Tahan sink to her knees before me in gratitude.

    Within seconds the one time grid girl was on her knees with five cocks surrounding her. Without missing a beat she opened wide to receive my full length, as I pushed against her head with the back of my hand.

    She stroked two cocks, one for each hand, while the other boys rubbed themselves against her face.

    As the guys and I watched on, Tahan twisted on the shaft until she was deep-throating the entire goddamned thing. She stayed locked in place, her watering eyes squeezed shut.

    Jay contorted his face into an expression almost matching hers. Eventually she was forced to stop and gasp for air. A thread of saliva chained her mouth to the penis.

    She then resumed with the blowbang, dividing equal time between the five cocks, switching between them at steady intervals, all the while working herself into an increasingly heated frenzy. In fact she squeezed the cocks so tightly they were threatening to turn blue.

    Tahan was making a sloppy mess with one of the pricks when its owner groaned about wanting to come.

    "Fuck-yeah, where do you want it?"

    "Where do you think.. in my mouth," she said hastily. "..shoot it in my mouth, yeah?"

    She licked, kissed and stroked the prick as he sank into her throat and exploded. I almost stumbled over at what she did next, licking his nut sac as he ejaculated all over the side of her face.

    When Jay finally came, the poor guy was so spent that he staggered backwards and collapsed against the car. Awestruck by her performance, the others and I froze in place as Tahan stopped and scanned us all.

    "Mmm.. that was fun," she purred. "..but I want more."

    Her words broke our spell, as she went right back to work, making out with, stroking, or otherwise inhaling our cocks.

    As expected it didn't take long for one of the guys to shudder and deposit a load into her mouth. This time she held his spunk on her tongue a while, showing it to him before gracefully swallowing it.

    Two men were down. Three were left.

    Tahan spit on her hands and jerked two cocks while sucking the third, who happened to be me. Her eyes peered up at me with an expression of devilish hunger I'd never seen before.

    The girl was on fire.

    "God damn you're so sexy right now," I told her, as she ran her tongue up the underside of my hog.

    "You really have a nice big dick," she cooed, before tickling the shaft and suckling the head.

    "I bet you'd love to shoot a hot fucking load across my face, amirite?"

    Her comment was directed at me but it didn't stop the boys from all agreeing.

    "..I'll bet it's burning up inside, just aching to come out." she added.

    "ugh, you're such a hot little slut," one of the guys uttered with pleasure.

    With no forewarning whatsoever, Tahan took his length into her mouth while staring up at him, her lustful eyes locked onto his. She only broke eye contact long enough to demand that Mike pop in her mouth.

    "Give it to me. Every, fucking, drop."

    Mike roared an almost inhuman, animal sound. She looked up at him as she was forced to swallow a surprising big payload.

    "Mmmm," she murmured, gulping his seed. "..big load."

    I counted three swallows until she released him from her mouth. Her eyes traveled between the three of us, as I detected a spike in her libido.

    "Yeah, stroke those cocks for me." she hissed. "I fucking love it when guys jack off to me."

    "Yeah I bet you do, probably gets you off."

    Tahan tugged on the cocks, a gesture for us to close in. Her pace quickened. She'd give a dick three quick sucks before blowing the next. Then she'd jerk off both of them before repeating the process.

    At random intervals she'd take in a cock, but for the most part she didn't waver from the pattern.

    "Hrmmm," she groaned with a mouthful of cock, as pre-cum leaked from my tip.

    The guys and I groaned as we beat off like mad men. After running through the cycle twice more, Tahan smiled a wicked grin.

    "Fuck I'm getting close," one of the guys uttered.

    "Me too," Pete admitted.

    The model-turned-actress stuck out her tongue and wanked the cocks over it.

    "..come for me, please!"

    Jets of white hot spunk erupted from two sources. Most of it landed on her tongue and chin but a few went wayward, splashing her cheeks, one spurt landing above her right eye.

    The onetime Big Brother contestant sucked the rest from one dick and then the other. When the guys were done she licked the sides of her mouth and collected the remaining semen with her fingers. She made a display of cleaning her digits as the boys fell away, leaving me to deal with the moaning minx.

    "I guess you're lucky last,"

    I barely had time to respond before Tahan clamped her lips around my shaft and bobbed. I had enjoyed a numerous amount of blowjobs in my time but this was an entirely new experience all together. Her mouth was warm, soft, and well lubricated with saliva.

    "I could suck this dick all night long," she groaned erotically. " gonna give me that spunk?"

    Once again I was literally rendered speechless, as Tahan serviced me with her mouth and tongue, kneading my balls in her palm. She never used her teeth and knew what rhythm I liked. She was an absolute pro and loved to torment me by keeping constant eye contact.

    Despite trying to hold off, it wasn't long before I came. Seconds before that final plunge however, she attempted to open her mouth wide and deep-throated me!

    Her esophagus was a tight, wet cushion. My face tightened. My balls contracted, as I exploded into the back of her throat, filling her belly with hot gooey splooge.

    My gasps devolved into chokes and grunts, almost loud enough to wake up her boyfriend who was still sleeping in the car a few feet away from us. My cock twitched as it spurted, as Tahan imprisoned my shaft until my climax subsided.

    She finally withdrew me with a smug smile, knowing she had treated me to one of the best blowjobs of my life.

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    Fuck yeah. What a nice surprise this was to wake up too. Hehe I mean Tahan in the middle of a blowbang. Ffs

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    Although I'm not Tahan's biggest fan I thought you hit the nail on the head with this one! I really enjoyed the way it was written and how'd you incorporated the other blokes in! Genius stuff.

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