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Thread: "Ski Bunny" with Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "Ski Bunny" with Michelle Keegan

    Ski Bunny
    with Michelle Keegan

    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, MMF, blowjob, anal, rim, oral, cheat
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: Originally just posted this as a quick idea here but then a whole load of new Keegan pics came out which inspired me to write it up in full, hope you like it!

    Despite Michelle Keegan being a happily married woman and arriving at our ski centre alongside her husband for lessons on the dry slope, that didn't stop me nor my co-worker Pete from constantly flirting with the pretty actress. Of course it was highly unprofessional but I'd challenge anyone to keep their composure when faced with someone as stunning and friendly as her.

    It didn't help matters that Michelle was all game and gave as good as she got. In fact if I had to guess, it appeared she revelled in all the attention and especially enjoyed playing us off each other, eager to see us compete for her affections.

    Not even her husband Mark seemed fazed by the whole thing and if anything encouraged the playful antics, probably quite enjoying having such a widely desirable wife. He was also no doubt used to her behaviour around other men but felt confident enough that she'd remain loyal to him and wouldn't dare cheat. All harmless fun.

    Or so he thought.

    Even with all the flirting and back and forth, we still managed to do our jobs and within a few days Michelle's confidence on the snow was up and she was whizzing down the slopes with the best of them or at least until she took a bad tumble.

    Being closest I was first to get to her while Pete was distracted with Mark. Kicking off my own skis, I quickly determined she wasn't badly injured, just a twisted ankle. Even so she needed some assistance getting into the centre so, wrapping my arm around her waist, I took her weight and we limped inside.

    Thankfully she didn't appear to be in much pain and was actually far more worried about messing up and injuring herself, especially since they were scheduled to fly out for some real skiing in France in a matter of days.

    "I'm sure it'll be fine, we'll get inside and have a look," I comforted her.

    With the place pretty deserted, I helped her onto a bench and crouched to carefully remove her boots while she slipped out of her puffy coat. I tried to keep my attention on her swollen ankle but it was difficult when she'd lost her coat and was now in a far more flattering get-up with a tight thermal top that did a much better job at showcasing her figure.

    "So what's the verdict?" she asked, grimacing slightly as I examined her ankle.

    "Like I said, you'll be fine," I smiled up at her. "Maybe jump in the sauna for a bit now, should help with the pain, maybe bring down the swelling?"

    "You're not just making that up to get me naked in the sauna are you?" she grinned playfully.

    "Never even crossed my mind," I lied while offering her a hand up.

    "It's in your mind now though isn't it?" she teased.

    I decided not to answer that.

    When we reached the sauna I was quietly relieved to see it was empty so helped Michelle inside where she took a seat on the wooden bench and I got some more steam going.

    "You know this is much more my thing," she said behind me. "Forget the skiing, I think I'll just stick to the sauna."

    "Well you're welcome in this sauna anytime," I assured her. "I'll give you some privacy, let the others know you're okay."

    "No stay," she suddenly called out making me pause. "Keep me company for a while?"

    I wasn't exactly going to say no to that, especially when I turned back to see she'd begun stripping out of her sports gear.

    "Just grab me a towel first, I doubt Mark would approve if he came in and saw me sitting naked with my ski instructor!"

    Unfortunately she had a point so I stepped out for a moment to grab a couple of towels for us. When I returned she thanked me before making my jaw drop when she finished stripping out of her clothes and stood before me as naked as the day she was born.

    My eyes damn near bugged out of my head as I took in her tanned body, large natural tits and cute, landing strip pussy, not to mention her tight little ass when she turned to pick up her towel and wrap it around herself.

    "You're not shy are you?" I finally managed to say when she sat down again, covered up and giggling slyly.

    "Just see it as my way of thanking you for all your help," she smiled. "Just keep it between us though, yeah?"

    "I suppose you expect me to 'thank you' for that little display now, do you?" I asked to which Michelle simply shrugged coyly.

    "If you're brave enough..."

    I of course thought I was but there was suddenly something incredibly nerve-wracking when I began shedding my own clothes right in front of Michelle Keegan's watchful eyes. Even with the slight nerves, I had nothing to lose and finally flashed her my stiff cock, giving her a good long eyeful before also stealing it away and tying a towel around my waist.

    Michelle didn't say a word but gave another one of her flirtatious smiles I'd grown to love but by the look in her eyes I knew she was more than a little impressed by my package as I sat on the bench beside her.

    With our 'innocent' flashing, the temperature in the sauna felt like it had gone up several degrees and as we made some mundane small-talk, I noticed the way her eyes kept flicking down to my lap, knowing what I had hiding under the towel.

    "So how's the ankle feeling now?" I asked, making her eyes snap up again.

    "Oh yeah, err—it's fine I guess, I can't even feel it anymore."

    "See I told you, nothing to worry about."

    "Okay fuck this," she suddenly blurted out. "Show me your cock again, I need to see it!"


    "You heard me, show it to me! I mean, were you even fully hard earlier?!"

    In truth I wasn't but I decided to tease her and get something from her in return if she was so desperate to see my manhood again.

    "I'll show it to you, but only if you lower your own towel as well," I proposed, glancing at her heaving chest just as a droplet of perspiration ran down her cleavage.

    "Deal," she grins before untying her towel altogether to sit beside me topless.

    Holding up my end of the bargain, I discarded my own towel to let my proud, erect member spring free and grinned smugly as I heard Michelle take a quiet intake of breath at the sight.

    "That's quite something you've got there," she teased, trying not to blush.

    "I could say the same thing," I replied, admiring her perfectly formed breasts which looked even more delicious while glistening in perspiration.

    We fell silent for a moment, simply admiring each other's bodies while waiting for the other to make the next move. I could see the conflict in Michelle's expression and occasionally saw her hand twitch as if she were physically fighting the urge not to reach out until I ultimately threw caution to the wind and helped her out.

    Reaching over I boldly took her hand in mine and guided it to my cock where she immediately wrapped her pretty, manicured fingers around my staff, awed by how thick and powerful it felt.

    "Umm...whoa," she giggled. "Okay then, I guess we're really doing this?"

    "Do you want to?"

    "I think I do..." she purred while biting her bottom lip apprehensively.

    "Good, because that feels really good right now," I replied in a low whisper.

    I don't think she'd even noticed that she'd began stroking my hard cock in her skilful hand, massaging the entire length and occasionally twisting her hand when she reached the head.

    As she continued jerking me off, I decided to give her own body some much needed attention, leaning over to feel the warmth and weight of her heavy breasts before taking one of her erect, dark nipples into my mouth, making her groan lustfully.

    "Oh fuck," she gasped. "...they're so sensitive right now."

    I grinned and redoubled my efforts, sucking, licking and biting at her nipples while my hands did some exploring down below, moving her towel away to gain access to her gleaming slit.

    "You're so fucking sexy Michelle," I told her bluntly as I continued exploring her body at which point she suddenly appeared determined to finish me off with her hands.

    "You think you could cum like this?" she hissed in a low whisper. "I want to see you shoot for me!"

    "Keep that up and you will do," I warned her.

    "Fuck it, don't tell anyone about this, yeah?" she suddenly said, coming to a decision in her head before leaning over and taking my cock into her hot mouth!

    "Geez—Michelle!" I grunted stupidly as she sucked me into her mouth like a hoover.

    I felt my hips buck upwards, feeding her another few inches which she took like a trained professional, easily throating my length in one go. I could only groan. On top of everything, Michelle Keegan possessed perfect control of her gag reflex.

    She pulled back, dragging her soft lips up my shiny sword before hungrily going back for more, building up spit until she was audibly slurping on my pole, drowning me in her sloppy saliva.

    It was without doubt the best head I'd ever received and I knew for a fact I would have shot my load into the back of her throat if not for the sudden interruption.

    The pair of us almost jumped out of our skins when the sauna door suddenly opened before breathing a sigh of relief to see it wasn't her husband but my co-worker Pete who'd apparently left Mark doing some runs on the slope alone and come to check up on us.

    "What the fuc—" he began before Michelle cut him off.

    "Get in here and shut the door, you're letting all the steam out!"

    But before I could even open my own mouth to try and explain the situation, Michelle went straight back to work, wrapping her lips around my pole again to diligently suck my dick.

    "Mmpphf—get over here and make yourself useful," Michelle directed at Pete with a sly grin. "I want you to eat my tight pussy!"

    The poor guy looked absolutely gobsmacked still but did as he was told none the less, stepping forward and stripping out of his clothes to join in with our horny client.

    By the way Michelle directed us I had no doubt this wasn't the first time she'd been with multiple guys with the thought alone making my cock throb and before I knew it Michelle was lying on her back on the bench, Pete's head between her legs eating her out while her own head hung over the edge and she opened wide, offering me her throat.

    "Now fuck my mouth, I can take it!" she demanded of me whorishly.

    It was an order I was more than happy to take so I grabbed her sweat-glazed tits like a pair of anchor points and thrust into her open mouth and quickly felt the tip brush the back of her throat.

    Like before Keegan took it all and then some, reaching back around my thighs to pull me closer, encouraging me to plunge even deeper and slide down her narrow throat. Her tongue was working overtime, swirling around and polishing every inch of my shaft it could reach while I did everything in my power to prolong the euphoria for as long as possible.

    It soon became too much however and my head began to spin, especially when she started moaning, sending vibrations up my body as Pete slipped a couple of fingers into her gleaming cunt.

    I watched as he slowly drilled her with his digits while focussing his tongue on teasing her clit. He certainly seemed to know what he was doing and Keegan was loving every second of it. In fact I think we were all surprised when just a minute later she began thrashing about on the bench, my cock still buried down her throat as she bucked her hips and suddenly clamped her thighs around Pete's head as she climaxed, no doubt drowning the lucky guy in her juices.

    Before she could even think about catching her breath however I suddenly joined her over the precipice and without warning she was gagged by my hot, salty load.

    I could only make animalistic grunts as I pumped my semen down her throat and watched her body shudder in delight as Michelle guzzled it down, leisurely sucking my cock clean afterwards, draining me completely.

    "Holy shit, she's got a mouth on her," I finally directed at Pete who was understandably keen to discover her oral aptitude first-hand.

    In an instant Michelle was ready for more, jumping up and spinning around, lust blazing in her eyes as she gets on all fours on the bench and swiftly takes Pete's hard member into her mouth, eager to reward him for his earlier efforts in making her cum.

    I left them to it for a moment and simply admired the sight. It was a whole different side to Michelle we were now seeing, as if we'd managed to unlock the hot, cock hungry little slut side of personality and I was more than happy to take advantage, especially since I was now faced with her bare, heart-shaped ass.

    My mouth was already drooling before I even got my hands on it. I felt Michelle push back against me, egging me on as I spread her cheeks and took in the sight of her precious little rosebud. Without a moment's hesitation I dived in to briefly lap my tongue against her twitching bunghole, testing the waters only to hear Michelle immediately moan in delight.

    "Yeah, you like that?" I asked while Michelle threw me the hottest look yet over her shoulder. "Are you a dirty girl Michelle?"

    "Mmm, fuck yeah, I wanna be dirty tod—mmphhff!"

    Any other comments she was about to make were quickly cut short when Pete grabbed her by the hair and forcefully stuffed his cock back in her drooling mouth. Michelle seemed to revel in this rough treatment more than anything and I listened to her mumble around his meat, telling him to fuck her mouth while I rimmed her and gently eased my tongue into her puckered ass.

    I was surprised the entire ski centre couldn't hear her moaning a moment later as Pete fucked her mouth and I essentially drilled her ass with my tongue.

    "Fuck, you weren't kidding about this mouth!" Pete exclaimed as he held Michelle down for a good thirty seconds until she was forced to yank her head back for air.

    "Ohmigod—fuck!" she panted, spit drooling down her chin as she turned back to me. "You have to fuck me! I need a cock in me!"

    I'd never moved faster in my life, eagerly standing up behind her to guide my thick, hard cock into her molten core while Pete had his way with her mouth, causing her cheek to bulge out erotically.

    "Mmphh—ugh—yes. That's what I want," she hissed back at me while jacking Pete off with one hand.

    But no sooner had she began her hot little handjob, Pete suddenly grunted out, grabbed her hair again and proceeded to blast her pretty face with cum, making her gasp in shock at the filthy, unexpected facial.

    Watching the stunning actress accept it with a smile only made me up my game as I put one foot up on the bench and began pummelling her sweet cunt from behind.

    "Ugh—YES! Pound me, fucking—ahh—ugh—shit!" she rambled deliriously until I was rewarded by her cunt contracting down on me as she came again.

    I quickly pulled out before I lost control only for Pete to immediately tag in and take my place, grabbing Michelle's hips and fucking her just as hard.

    Her eyes rolled back as her hungry twat was fed a second cock in as many minutes and the sauna soon filled with the sound of their slapping flesh.

    "Nggh—get over here, I wanna taste your cock," she panted at me, directing me in front of her to take me back into her inviting mouth where she sucked me slowly and sensually despite being rocked forward by Pete who continued to batter her cunt from behind.

    "Mmmm, you guys definitely caught me in a good mood today," she smirked up at me. "I'm feeling extra naughty today..."

    "Oh yeah?"

    "Uh-huh, so I want you to take this big cock and stick it in my ass, you think you could do that for me?"

    I almost blew my load again then and there.

    To prove her point, I watched the sex-crazed actress reach back and ease a finger into her backdoor showing she was no stranger to anal and without missing a beat I took Pete's place and replaced her digit with my cock.

    "Oh my God," I grunted as I realised just what I was doing and carefully impaled Michelle Keegan's married ass!

    "Yes! Yes get it in there, fill my slutty ass!" she purred seductively as I began thrusting into her.

    It went without saying that it both felt and looked incredible, so much so I soon had to pull out only to see her butthole gape erotically before Pete took over giving me the chance to calm down.

    We continued in this fashion for some time with Pete and I taking turns drilling Michelle's sweet ass and sending her body hurtling through several intense orgasms as we used her like our hot plaything, taking whatever hole we wanted.

    Unfortunately we knew it couldn't last and finally Michelle sensed we could do no more as she slipped to her knees and begged for our loads.

    "C'mon guys, shoot for me! Give me your cum, I earned it, it's mine!" she hissed as we beat off over her, racing to the finish line until we both exploded, showering her face, extended tongue and tits in several thick ribbons of spunk.

    By the time we were finished with her she was a soiled mess, smiling through it and she'd never looked or felt sexier.

    "Mmm fuck. I definitely needed that, thanks lads!"

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    The only thing better than Keegan cheating with one guy is her cheating with two. Exceptional work, LT! :thumbsup:

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    Mate, you are something else. How you manage to TOP each Keegan story with an even hotter scene-scenario? Hats off man. That, was just extraordinary. If that doesn't get Michelle wet (reading it) nothing will!

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    Would be lying if I said I expected to see this "complete" version posted by the time I had woken up, but thats exactly what you delivered! Like TPG said, you somehow manage to raise the bar a little higher with every Keegan fic.

    Really awesome story and I look forward reading whatever you plan next with Keegs!

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