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Thread: "One Last Time" with Margot Robbie

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    fanfiction "One Last Time" with Margot Robbie

    with Margot Robbie
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, inc, blowjob, rim, anal, cheat
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will

    My relationship with my older sister Margot was anything but ordinary which would go without saying if anyone ever found out about the time one thing had led to another and we'd been each other's firsts. But even after that fateful day in our teen years, we repeatedly found ourselves coming back for more. It was like a drug. We both knew how wrong it was but I was addicted to my sister and I'm fairly sure she was addicted to me.

    In a way it was strangely thrilling sharing this deepest, darkest secret with my own sister, especially when she became a world famous actress and the stakes were raised even higher.

    I found it particularly amusing when her first full frontal nude scene went out and I was often teased about it, repeatedly asked what it was like seeing my sister like that. If only they knew just how many times I'd seen it first-hand.

    The downside to her growing fame however was how little we got to see each other over the past few years. We visited each other on occasion but always with family so never got any time alone and deep down I knew it was for the best and I'm sure Margot did too, especially given how close she was getting with her boyfriend, Tom.

    He was a nice enough guy and I was happy for her but at the same time I couldn't help but feel a little jealous even though I knew I could never have what he had. Eventually I moved on with the final nail in the coffin or our sordid little relationship coming when news arrived of their engagement.

    It was to be a small ceremony, back in her hometown with just close friends and family. Even so we still had a packed house where I found myself giving up my room to the loved up couple leaving me to crash on the living room sofa.

    Although she was here for over a week, it wasn't until the night before the big day that my sister and I found ourselves alone for a chance to talk, late one night on the sofa after a few drinks with everyone else having gone off to bed, excited about the wedding tomorrow.

    "You know I never took you for the marrying type," I admitted to her, breaking a long silence.

    "Yeah? What makes you say that?"

    "I don't know," I shrugged. "Just hard to imagine you settling down, figured you'd get bored too quickly."

    "Oh fuck off Cam," she scoffed giving me a playful shove. "Don't go putting thoughts like that in my head now!"

    "So no second thoughts?" I asked sincerely.

    "Nah," Margot smiled. "He's a great guy," she assured me and I believed her.

    Although a lot of our relationship had been based around sex, I still cared about her more than anyone and wanted her to be happy and would definitely never want to be the one to get in the way with that.

    There was another long silence during which Margot downed the last of her wine before mustering up the courage to speak her mind.

    "Okay Cam let's stop pussyfooting around the elephant in the room here," she blurted out, pulling her legs up under her and turning to face me on the sofa. "Our history..."

    "Relax, no one will ever find out," I promised. "Especially Tom."

    "I know that, but we need to be on the same level here," she continued. "You need to know it can never happen again, we can't even speak about it after tonight."

    Of course I'd expected this and knew it was for the best. In fact it was something we should have decided years ago so naturally, I agreed to her conditions.

    "You're right," I nodded. "It was fun while it lasted but maybe we should finally grow up."

    "Grow up? You're still always be my baby brother Cam," she teased before reaching over to squeeze my cheek which led to us briefly grappling with each other.

    "Ugh get off me you bitch," I laughed as I wrestled my sister off me only to have her hand slip from my grasp and fall into my lap.

    "Ohmigod are you serious right now?!" she gasped with a sly smirk. "We're sitting here having this nice heart-to-heart and you're getting hard?!"

    "Fuck off you can hardly blame me," I grumbled as I adjusted my shorts to conceal my erection. "You dressed like that and reminding me of all that shit we used to do together."

    "I hope you weren't having any ideas about seducing me the night before my wedding."

    "Hey you're the one who brought the topic up," I reminded her.

    Margot didn't appear to be listening however, her deep blue eyes transfixed on the bulge in my shorts, lost in thought. Like I said earlier, we were like a drug to each other. Addicted. So I wasn't overly surprised by her next request.

    "Maybe I could just see it, for old times' sake?"

    "You sure?"

    "Quick, before I change my mind," she insisted. "I might never see another cock after tomorrow."

    With nothing to lose I kicked my shorts off and exposed myself to my sexy sister, watching her beautiful eyes grow wide.

    "Fucking hell Cam, I always forget what you're packing down there," she sighed longingly.

    Moving on auto-pilot, I began slowly stroking my thick pole under her watchful gaze, the hungry look she was giving me being all the inspiration I needed.

    "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," she muttered softly. "You should probably just put it away."

    "Well I've started now, I may as well finish. This is my bed afterall this week," I reminded her indicating the sofa we were currently sharing. "Feel free to leave if you want."

    Margot stayed exactly where she was.

    "Be quick about it."

    "About what?"

    My sister flashed me a cynical look but soon played along.

    "Just hurry up and shoot that hot load for your big sister," she hissed.

    "Fuck yeah, that's more like it sis," I grinned, stroking my cock faster for her. "Why don't you take your top off? It's only fair I see those tits one last time too."

    "I dunno, what if someone comes downstairs?"

    "Don't worry, we'll hear them coming if anyone does."

    Margot didn't appear convinced but with a little more prodding I watched as she peeled her shirt over her head and exposed what was still the most flawless pair of natural breasts I'd ever laid eyes on.

    "Jesus, I'm gonna miss these things," I told her, unable to resist the urge to reach over with my spare hand and touch her, massaging her soft flesh and rolling her dark nipples between my fingers.

    Margot made no effort to stop me and simply sighed to my gentle touch, I knew exactly what she liked and happily took advantage of the fact.

    "We should stop," she breathed. "...we can't get carried away again Cam."

    "Why not?" I countered to which she bit her lip to suppress a moan as I tweaked her nipple.

    Our eyes locked and she didn't comment as I ran my hand down her flat stomach and gently eased my fingers into her cotton shorts and panties. I almost moaned out loud as I felt the silky smoothness of her recently shaved pussy and felt the searing heat and wetness she was hiding.

    "We've come this far, I might as well see this too," I told her, smiling when Margot didn't even hesitate to comply, wiggling out of her shorts to sit beside me in her birthday suit.

    No sooner had her clothing hit the floor, she'd reached over and grasped my cock in her warm hand, jerking it gently as I admired her naked beauty. While she'd been generous enough to show the world her immaculate body, seeing it naked in person was simply unreal and took my breath away each and every time.

    We didn't say a word while my sister continued to casually stroke my engorged cock while I slid a hand over her leg and carefully inserted a finger into her shaved sex, watching her mouth open slightly as I curled and brushed her G-spot, knowing exactly where to look.

    Within a few minutes the room reeked of sex, her arousal evident in the way her pussy and my hand gleamed with her wetness as I generous smeared it all around, making her blush as I teased and fingered her.

    "Look at you, you still fucking love this shit," I sniggered while briefly taking my hand back to taste her off my fingers.

    "You can hardly talk," she countered, emphasising her point by squeezing my rock hard shaft. "This thing's gonna blow any second now!"

    "Fuck. If you keep that up it will," I warned her. "It'll make a real mess if you're not careful."

    "Yeah? What do you expect me to do about it?" she grinned, raising an eyebrow.

    "I could think of a couple of places it could go," I answered back as my cock began to throb in her pumping fist.

    Margot gave it some thought for a long minute, a whole minute during which I had to fight the urge not to cum prematurely before she finally conceded.

    "Okay fine, but this is it you hear?"

    "Uh-huh, yes fine," I nodded urgently. "Please..."

    "Please what?" she continued to tease.

    "Please suck my dick you little bitch," I growled, suddenly grabbing her by the head and pulling her down.

    Margot laughed and her squeal was quickly muffled as she took my meat into her mouth. I soon released the grip I had in her blonde hair and leaned back to let her do her thing as she proceeded to suck me off, her soft lips feeling heavenly around my pole as her hands cupped and massaged my balls as if urging them to spill their contents into her warm mouth.

    "God damn...this mouth, you're so fucking good sis," I sighed in bliss as she smiled and hummed at the compliment.

    We were so lost in our own little world it wasn't until I heard the creak on the bottom stair that I realised someone was coming. In my panic I simply did the first thing that came to mind and threw my duvet and a blanket over myself and Margot just as her fiancÚ walked into the room.

    "Hey mate, you haven't see Margot have you?" he asked from the doorway.

    I gulped and for a moment completely lost my voice. Under the blanket my cock was still lodged deep in my sister's throat as she didn't dare move. I could feel her hot breath and her tongue waggling, still slowly swirling around my sword.

    "—just thought she would have come up to bed by now," Tom continued saying.

    "Oh—err, I think she said she was sleeping in our mum's room tonight, the whole, bride and groom not seeing each other before the ceremony thing y'know?"

    "Ah, of course," he nodded, thankfully buying my quick lie. "Anyway, best be getting some sleep myself, big day tomorrow and all!"

    "Uh-huh, absolutely," I nodded absentmindedly.

    With that he nodded and turned away to head back upstairs but the moment he disappeared from view I grunted when I couldn't hold back any longer and suddenly shot my load into the back of Margot's throat causing her to gag in shock.

    "Hmm? Did you say something?" Tom asked suddenly poking his head around the door again.

    "Ngh—night," I stuttered. "See you tomorrow, yeah?"

    He no doubt suspected something was up but thankfully the room was dark enough to hide the obvious shapely lump under my blanket but still, neither of us moved until we heard the bedroom door shut upstairs.

    In a flash I threw the duvet off us and literally dragged Margot onto the sofa and propped her up on all fours and took up position behind her. Never in our years of screwing around had we come so close to being caught and never had I been so turned on in my life and from the look on my sister's face she was feeling the same thing.

    "Fuck Cam that was too close!" she whispered.

    "It was fucking hot though," I told her to which she grinned. "How did that load taste?"

    "As sweet as I remember."

    "Good girl."

    Without wasting another moment I took my erect cock and rubbed it against her dripping cunt, teasing her for a second before guiding it home, feeding her every powerful inch.

    There was nothing on earth quite like the sensation of pushing into wet, blonde pussy and that feeling was doubled with the knowledge it was my horny, world-famous sister I was thrusting into.

    "Ohh yess..." she purred over her shoulder as I repeatedly impaled her hot cunt. "Fuck me Cam, fuck me like it's the last time!"

    I did just that, altering my angle of attack as I grabbed her wide hips and gave her everything I had, pounding her from behind until the sound of our slapping flesh echoed throughout the room and Margot had to cover her mouth from moaning.

    "Oh my f-fucking—your cock! Your cock feels so fucking good," she heaved as I slowed down, desperate to keep this going as long as possible

    It was while giving her some long, deep strokes I found myself unable to look away from her tiny asshole which appeared to be winking at me as it twitched and I knew I'd be kicking myself later if I didn't at least try.

    "Fuck it sis, I gotta have this ass again," I told her decisively while teasing it with my thumb.

    "Ugh—no wait, we don't have time," she whined.

    "Please sis, one last time?"

    Unfortunately for her, she knew that I knew just how much she enjoyed anal sex and was powerless to say no. I could already feel her body responding to my gentle probing as I dipped the tip of my finger inside her most private hole, the hole she only let me play with when she was feeling extra dirty and in a particularly naughty mood and I suppose screwing around on the eve of her wedding was doing it for her.

    "Ugh. For fuck's sake Cam, just be quick!"

    With that my sister buried her face in the sofa cushions, lifting her ass even higher, glaring back and up at me with her dazzling blue eyes while I grinned like a schoolboy and prepared her.

    Honestly I knew I knew she was so turned on and wet it wouldn't take much to get her ready to take my cock in her ass but that didn't stop me crouching down to bury my face in my sister's backside for the final time.

    I listened to Margot coo and groan as I gave her a long slow lick from her cunt up to her tiny rosebud before spearing inside, tonguing her smouldering backdoor while savouring her sweet taste before pulling back to abruptly spit at it.

    "Ughh—fuck yeah," she let out.

    "Yeah, you like that don't you, you dirty bitch," I taunted before spitting at her twitching bunghole again.

    "Nggh...are you gunna fuck me or what? You said you'd be quick," she complained.

    "I can't help it, this ass just tastes too good!"

    To prove my point I slipped my finger out and reached over to watch her greedily accept it into her mouth. It was one of the hottest, nastiest things I'd ever seen my sweet sister do and that was saying something.

    "Fuck it, you're taking too long," she suddenly declared before getting up.

    My sister was so quick it only took a second for her to take me by surprise and grapple me onto the sofa where she eagerly straddled my lap, facing me with her pert breasts in my face as she reached back for my cock.

    Margot was panting and her tanned body was covered in a glistening sheen of sweat and she'd never looked sexier, especially with her blonde hair dishevelled and falling around her gorgeous face. She flashed me an evil grin as she stroked my cock for a moment before guiding it straight into her tight backdoor.

    I could only groan as I grabbed her soft, supple ass with both hands and helped her sink all the way down on my sword.

    "Fuck yes, that's what I fucking want," she sighed blissfully. "—a hard cock in my ass, that's just what I needed tonight..."

    "Show me how much you want it sis," I ordered, giving her butt a playful slap to get her moving. "Ride your brother's cock up your ass!"

    "Yeah? Like this?" she purred while she slowly began riding me, quickly upping the pace until she was flicking, grinding and whipping her hips like a professional pornstar. "Think you can handle this? Think you can hold off long enough to make your big sister cum?"

    "Do it Margot, fucking cum you sexy little slut," I hissed before pulling her down, pressing our chests together as I took control and began pounding up into her gaping asshole.

    Margot's gasps, moans and chanted cusses was like music in my ear but she quickly silenced herself when her lips found my neck and she began kissing and sucking, all while quietly begging for more.

    "I love this, I love you, I'm about to come so hard," I heard her panting as her lips dragged over my neck and chin and suddenly pressed against mine.

    It was while passionately tongue wrestling that I felt her climax, her whole body tensing up for a moment in my arms and finally I lost control as well, thrusting a few more times before exploding into her bowels, filling her with jism.

    For a long few minutes we stayed like that, her forehead resting on mine as we caught our breath and I carefully slipped from her beautifully abused ass.

    "So maybe we should rethink that 'one last time' thing?"

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    :6969: :5597: Jesus. Fucking. Christ. 2 Margot stories within a week from 2 epic writers. This was fucking incredible. When she's blowing him under the blanket with her fiance just a few feet away. Ffs Just unreal. Thanks for this read.

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    I think I can safely say...
    This it without doubt the hottest Margot Robbie story on the internet!!
    Yeah the scene when they almost get caught is just epic.
    ...but lets face it, the entire thing is epic from start to finish!!

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