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Thread: "Agony Aunt" Part 3 with Pia Miller and Sarah Ellen

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    fanfiction "Agony Aunt" Part 3 with Pia Miller and Sarah Ellen

    with Pia Miller and Sarah Ellen
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, MFF, inc, oral, blowjob, anal
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: And Part 3, to finish off my little aussie binge over the past week, lol.
    Part 1 | Part 2

    As it turned out, revealing my forbidden crush on my famous aunt, Pia Miller, was the best thing that had happened to me in my young life given the series of events which had followed. Not only had I managed to see her naked, she'd blown me, swallowed her own nephew's load and then, to distract me from her, had introduced me to my current hot, nineteen year old model girlfriend Sarah Ellen who appeared to have sex on the mind 24/7.

    Over the past few years I wondered how I'd look at anyone else the same way as I looked at my sexy aunt but Sarah was certainly giving her a run for her money. But the closer I got and the more time I spent with my new girlfriend, the more curious Pia became, constantly teasing me and badgering me for dirty details and even admitting she'd screw around with Sarah given the chance.

    This confession naturally got the dirty gears in my head whirring. As far as I was aware, Sarah didn't actually know Pia and I were related, just thought we were family friends and, for whatever reason, I decided to keep it that way.

    Thankfully Sarah didn't ask too many questions when I revealed I had a new place for us to meet up so I didn't have to constantly sneak through her bedroom. Again I lied and skipped the little detail about it being my own aunt offering her home and told Sarah I was just housesitting, a way of thanking Pia for setting us up in the first place.

    Sarah of course just went with it, loving the freedom it offered us and couldn't wait to come round, sending a tingle up my spine when she told me she intended to have me fuck her in every single room before the weekend was over.

    Sarah Ellen was an insatiable little slut when she wanted to be.

    I had no idea where she found all the energy but my pocket rocket girlfriend could just keep going and going to the point I often struggled to keep up with her out of control sex drive.

    In fact on that first day alone in Pia's house, we only managed to fuck in the living room, kitchen and one of the many bedrooms before I practically collapsed on a sofa, utterly spent while Sarah giggled and continued playing with my cock.

    "Whoops, did I wear you out again babe?" she grinned. "Maybe you should invite a few friends round next time so you can all tag out when you need to?"

    I growled and pulled her on top of me again. As innocent as she looked, Sarah had a real dirty mind on her and would say just about anything to rile me up again – and implying she'd be up to getting tag-teamed and gangbanged by me and my friends definitely did it for me.

    Sarah smirked down at me as I lowered her down on my hard member again, filling her hot, tight chamber.

    I'd quickly discovered the best thing about having the place to ourselves was how vocal it allowed Sarah to be. While she'd always loved whispering sweet nothings in my ear in her bedroom, an empty house really let her mouth run wild.

    "Nggh—fuck yeah, pull me down on that hard cock again," she hissed.

    "Yeah? Is that what you want?" I growled back, tweaking her dark, bullet-like nipple.

    "Uh-huh, fuck. I'm gunna ride this fat cock so fucking hard and I'm not stopping until you come again!"

    She yelped a moment later when I gave her sweet little ass a sudden slap to get her moving and before long she had her hands planted on my chest as she bounced, flicked and swivelled her hips on my cock, creaming all over my shaft.

    I simply laid back and admired the site as my girlfriend practically used me as her stuntcock to get herself off repeatedly but I jumped when something caught my attention behind her and I saw a pair of dark eyes and the mischievous smile of my aunt Pia grinning at me from the doorway.

    "You close?" Sarah panted, slowing down as my cock began throbbing inside her. "You gonna give me that hot load again?"

    I didn't know whether to panic and put a stop to things or just let it carry on. Despite my concern I couldn't deny how turned on it made me just having Pia watching and if I didn't know any better, she was certainly enjoying the free show judging by the expression on her face.

    "Uh-huh, yeah I'm close," I grunted in reply to my girlfriend.

    "Mmm, good, tell me when, shoot inside me, I want us to come together," she purred, making my head spin.

    Out of the corner of my eye I could see Pia biting her lip as she watched us fuck. Sarah's ass was a blur as she urgently fucked herself on my cock until I grunted my warning, grabbed her and pulled her down into a deep kiss as I blew my load into her teen womb.

    The model groaned into my mouth and her sweaty body shuddered in my arms as my cock pulsed again and again.

    "Okay, fuck," she panted, breaking our slow kiss before getting another glint in her eye. "Now I think it's time we hit the shower."

    "I'll catch you up, yeah?" I replied, my chest heaving as I caught my breath yet again.

    I watched her as she climbed off me and padded through the house naked, heading upstairs to the main bathroom. Meanwhile I quickly grabbed some clothes and went looking for my spying aunt who was in the kitchen grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    "What are you doing here?" I whispered urgently.

    "Last I checked this was my home," she reminded me sarcastically.

    "You said it would be empty all day!"

    "No I believe I said it would be empty most days, plus I didn't exactly expect you to be doing it in my living room, I set up the spare room for a reason y'know?"

    "Yeah well, I didn't hear you complaining just now, you could barely take your eyes off us."

    "I knew you'd make a hot couple, where is she now?"

    "Upstairs, taking a shower," I told her, taking a seat on a bar stool.

    "Then what are you doing down here talking to me?! Get your ass up there! There's nothing like shower sex, trust me."

    I was getting more and more used to my aunt's crude comments about her own sexual experiences that I didn't even bat an eye but, as appealing as the image of Pia or Sarah in the shower was, I was so exhausted I struggled to react.

    "What's the matter?" she teased with a pout. "You can't keep up with your cute little girlfriend? Do you want me to go up there and keep her company for a while?"

    "You'd do that?"

    "Sweetie I'd rock that girl's world!"

    I didn't doubt it for a second as my cock began throbbing back to life in my shorts, a fact my aunt quickly noticed.

    "You like the sound of that, don't you?" she grinned. "Now take it out, I want to see it again!"

    "Bu—but you said we can't..." I mumbled stupidly.

    "I don't care what I said," she hissed urgently as she helped herself and pulled my shorts off. "Ugh. Fuck, there he is..."

    The look on my aunt's face was one I'd never forget. Her eyes burned with desire as she admired my hard, smooth shaft and stroked it slowly in her warm palm.

    "I know what I said before..." she whispered. "But I haven't been able to stop thinking about you...about this."

    I remained silent, waiting with baited breath as she wrestled with her emotions.

    "Fuck it, I need to taste you again," she decided, dropping to her knees.

    I barely had time to prepare myself before I was enveloped in the welcoming heat of my aunt's wet mouth yet again. My hips bucked off the stool as she greedily inhaled me down her throat.

    "Oh fuck," she moaned. "I can taste her...she's so sweet."

    My eyes rolled into the back of my head as Pia licked every inch of my shaft, savouring the delicious taste of Sarah's juicy teen pussy.

    "Mmm—you have no idea how much I want this inside me right now," she groaned longingly.

    "Jesus, don't say that," I whimpered. "Don't tease me..."

    I glanced down to see her slipping a hand into her denim shorts to eagerly rub at her MILF pussy as I fucked her drooling mouth.

    In that moment my showering girlfriend was completely forgotten and I suddenly wanted nothing more than to get at my aunt's sex so for the first time I took charge, pulling her to her feet with a surprised gasp before helping her up onto the kitchen counter.

    "Hmmm—yeah that's more like it," she grinned as I had my way with her and practically ripped her shorts and bikini bottoms off.

    But no sooner had my tongue made first contact with my aunt's burning sex, we were busted.

    "What the fuck?!" Sarah shouted behind me.

    While I made a move to quickly step away Pia was as cool as ever and held my head in place, forcing my tongue against her cunt.

    "Did he not tell you?" I heard her saying to Sarah. "This is the price for letting you two use my home."

    I could almost picture Sarah's flabbergasted face although it was difficult to think straight given my every sense was currently filled with Pia's juicy peach and I couldn't help but give it a few licks, feeling her grind against me.

    "Now why don't you get that cute little ass over here and help him out?"

    To my surprise Sarah actually did as she was told, balking under my aunt's firm tone and joining me between Pia's spread legs, flashing me a brief angry glare but getting on with things nonetheless. I was just thankful Sarah had no idea it was my own aunt's pussy we were feasting on together.

    "Holy shit," Pia grunted above us, letting her head fall back as she unexpectedly got exactly what she wanted and proceeded to get thoroughly tongued by her young nephew and his teen girlfriend.

    Within a few minutes the three of us were practically drunk on lust as Pia directed events and ordered us both out of our remaining clothes as she herself tossed her bikini across the room before standing on shaky legs, taking our hands and leading us to her bedroom.

    I caught Sarah's eye who looked giddy with both excitement and apprehension at what was about to happen. As far as I was concerned I had no idea what to think, I still felt as if I were in some incredibly vivid dream.

    "I want to watch you two fuck again," my aunt demanded as we reached her room with her lavish, queen sized bed.

    Sarah immediately hopped up on the bed, more than a little excited at the prospect of fucking with an audience but her expression changed a moment later when I moved behind her to take her from behind.

    "Wait," Pia interrupted with an evil grin. "I want to see you take her ass!"

    "B—but we've never done that before," Sarah whined nervously.

    "First time for everything," my aunt winked as she tossed me a bottle of baby oil from her bedside cabinet. "...and trust me, you'll love it."

    Resigned to her fate and obviously incredibly turned on by being dominated and bossed around by the older woman, Sarah buried her face in the bedding and lifted her ass up higher, giving me all the permission I needed.

    My cock was throbbing at the prospect already as I drizzled her cute rear end in oil and teased her tiny bunghole, pushing a finger inside experimentally.

    "Yeah, that's it," my aunt encouraged. "Now add another finger, get her good and ready..."

    After stretching my moaning girlfriend's backdoor with three fingers I decided to go for gold but just as I aimed by cock at her tiny rectum, Pia stepped in and drooled a final mouthful of spit over the hole before nodding at me, maintaining eye contact as I took Sarah's virgin ass.

    Sarah's mouth gaped open and she howled as I forced the thick head of my cock inside her but I persevered until I was a good few inches in before pulling back. My sweet girlfriend sobbed and whimpered as she rubbed her clit and I began thrusting, pouring more and more oil over her slick asshole in the process until her cries made way for long groans of pleasure.

    "Oh God," she blushed as I increased the pace. "Fuck that feels good!"

    "Good girl," Pia purred in her ear before rewarding her with a tender kiss.

    Watching them carry on made me harder than steel as I proceeded to pound Sarah's ass for all it was worth until she was screaming in ecstasy, loud enough to wake the neighbours.

    On more than one occasion I pulled all the way out simply to watch her ass gape open erotically before I sank back in, feeding her as much as her tiny body could take, all while Pia egged us on, leaning back against the headboard to spread her legs and slide two fingers into her own cunt.

    "Yeah, fuck that teen ass hard!" she hissed. "You two look so fucking hot together, we'll have to do this more often."

    "Uh-huh, yeah," Sarah huffed, exhausted as her body was wracked by another intense, anal orgasm. "You look so sexy like that, I want to watch you two fuck!"

    Time stood still as I met Pia's eye. We both knew we shouldn't but our bodies betrayed us and moved of their own accord.

    In a blur of motion I slipped out of Sarah's abused ass and a moment later I found myself spooning my naked aunt in the middle of her bed. I couldn't believe how wet and soft she felt as my cock came into contact with her burning sex for the first time and to start with I simply ground myself against her, teasing her 33-year old cunt until she glared over her shoulder at me.

    "Just do it already," she begged quietly before lowering her voice so only I could hear. "Fuck me. Fuck your sexy aunt like you've always wanted to!"

    We shared our first kiss then as I carefully pushed forward and impaled her from behind. While she couldn't compare to Sarah I was actually surprised at just how snug her cunt was and she definitely had some tricks up her sleeve as her pussy seemed to flex and squeeze my cock as I entered her.

    Pia let out a long, erotic groan as I reached around her and cupped one of her heavy, natural breasts. I could feel her pushing back against me as I started hammering her cunt, desperate to give her everything I had.

    "Oh fuck!" she yelped. "Yeah! Harder! Give me that cock!"

    I grabbed her sweaty hips tighter and bent her forwards to grant me deeper access to her juicy pussy only to glance up to see Sarah plant her own cunt directly on Pia's face.

    My aunt could only let out a muffled moan of lust as she was forced to feast on my girlfriend's pussy while I moved onto my knees to absolutely pound her into the mattress with my numb cock.

    "Shit I'm gonna cum..." I grunted.

    "Me too," Sarah whimpered as Pia treated her to a real tongue lashing.

    It was watching Sarah suddenly shudder and squirt her release over Pia's grinning face that finally set me off and without even thinking I thrust deep and exploded inside my own aunt, feeling her cunt convulse and milk me for every last drop!

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    Fucking A, what a conclusion, Lemon.

    Absolutely amazing three part story.

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    Fuuuuuuck you with that story. Holy shit. I don't even know what was my favorite part. Between Sarah wanting to get double teamed to Pia watching u 2 fuck or Fucking Sarah's ass and pia admitting the shit she's done. Fucking absolutely excellent. What a way to finish the story line. Fucking hell.

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    Just when you think the series can't get any hotter.
    There's an image I'll never get out of my head now (Pia forced to eat that peach)
    This was just fucking insanely hot!!

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    Damn! The only thing I hated about this is that it ended. More please!

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    Took me a bit... but faaaaaarrrrrkkkkk!

    You sir are a perverse genius!

    :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

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