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Thread: "Bargaining For Award Night" with Kate Beckinsale

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    fanfiction "Bargaining For Award Night" with Kate Beckinsale

    Bargaining For Award Night
    With Kate Beckinsale
    By Darzan
    Codes: MF, Oral, Finger, Feet, Anal
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually graphic situations. If your under age, or easily offended stop reading now.

    "Look I told you, I don't care who you work for, I can't help you. I'm sorry but this is finalised. It can't be changed now. I'm sorry goodbye."

    I didn't bother waiting for a reply, just ended the call. Of course it wasn't strictly true. These award shows were flexible to a degree. I could have added someone to the list, made sure they could get in. But the work involved in doing so this late just meant I couldn't be bothered in doing it. It wasn't worth the time or effort.

    At least that had been my thought an hour before while on the phone. I sat back in my office working away endless amounts of paperwork and organising to get done for the party. That was the trouble with award shows. They didn't run themselves, and I had it all to do. Seating arrangements currently top of my list. Of course most people weren't too fussy, but if you put two people close by that had dated and split up, or didn't get on, you were likely to get endless complaints. I had lists of people from agents and assistants who didn't want to be near others. It was a constant battle not helped by interruptions.

    Which was why, when my door opened up and a figure strode in I wasn't happy. At least for a few seconds until I realised who it was in my office. The woman was unmistakable. Kate Beckinsale, elegant, classy, the pictures didn't do her justice. At 43 she was better looking than a lot of women I dealt with, I had a suspicion that she knew it to.

    She closed the door behind her. It was late in the day of course and I didn't think anyone else was around, but still.

    "Uh Miss Beckinsale, I don't believe we've met. I wasn't expecting you."

    "I believe you spoke to my assistant. There must have been a problem as she said you couldn't get me an invite but that can't be true now can it?" She murmured softly arching one eye.

    The voice alone sent shivers through me. So it had been her assistant. Damn that wasn't good news.

    "Look I'm sorry Miss Beckinsale."

    "Kate." She interrupted.

    "Kate" I replied slowly. It felt bad enough saying it, oddly intimate. I was beginning to feel out of my depth here.

    "Look Kate. I'm sorry, I really am. But as I said to your assistant, I can't help you. The lists have been done and sent. It's too late now." I held my hands up in apology trying not to stare. Her slender figure looked superb.

    Her long brunette locks were loose around her shoulders. Sunglasses perched on top of her head. She wore a light black blouse that hugged her torso and then a short white skirt, the lacy edges floating around her thighs which left her long legs bare. She didn't reply just walked slowly over to my desk and perched herself on one corner so I had an even better look at that leg.

    "You know after I spoke with her I made a few calls. Rumour has it you can make changes. You do it all the time. You just have to have the right incentive."

    I cursed wondering who had talked. I didn't like the sound of that. Not one bit.

    "The thing is it's my daughter’s birthday this month, 18 so extra special. I promised her a few more autographs and messages from people I know will be there. So I need to be there to get them otherwise she'll be disappointed and I can't have that. So I need to be on that list. So what will it take?"

    "As I said Kate, I really can't help you it's just too late, the organising needed to do it would take so much extra time and work...."

    "Ah so not impossible then, just extra work. Now were getting somewhere. So what will it take? Do you want a photo? An autograph?" She continued on her soft brown eyes glinting with amusement. I felt really out of my depth with this situation.

    "I meant it Kate really I don't have the time to see to all that now it's to short notice."

    "So we just need to make it worthwhile for you. So what did you want?" She teased softly this time her hand slipped out over the desk her fingers stroking my hand so I almost jumped. I suddenly looked up again meeting her mischievous gaze. What exactly was she suggesting?

    "I need to be there, so whatever it takes. You can do it for me, you've just admitted it. You just need the right incentive to make it worth the effort. So now we can negotiate." She stood up slowly retreated back a few steps still smiling as she watched me. The hand that had just brushed me rose up to grip her blouse and deftly began to slowly open up a button.

    I stared hard suddenly feeling the tension grow even more. "I uh Kate I really don't think this is a good idea." I began as her fingers slipped down to slowly undo a second button.

    "Actually I think his might be exactly what you need to relax, just a little treat, a little extra show, a close personal view, a proper look not just a picture." She continued to tease me, her voice soft. Those fingers continued to slowly work down her blouse popping open buttons one by one.

    I couldn't look away. I knew it might be wrong but I couldn't do it. Those buttons fell open one by one, over her breasts, down her belly until she slipped the final one free and then gently shrugged it off her shoulders, slowly peeling it down first one arm and then the other. She didn't rush, she worked slowly drawing it out while I just sat and watched.

    The bra was lacy hugging and lifting up the soft pert curves of her breasts. The swells rising and falling steadily, looking tempting as I gazed at them.

    "So are we getting better or do we need a little more yet?" She murmured again grinning, standing there hands on her hips.

    I could only shake my head unable to form a sound.

    "Maybe I need to try a little harder then." She teased.

    Her body turned a little hands running down her hip to the edge of the skirt. Her fingers found the zip and slowly drew it down an inch at a time until it worked free. Then she placed her hands on the waistband and slowly pushed it down wiggling as she moved guiding it over her hips and along her thighs. From there it carried its own momentum, falling to the floor so she could step clear.

    The panties matched the bra, black, just a hint of lace around the edge as she stepped clear.

    "So how does this look?" She murmured again slowly doing a spin, showing of that lean sleek figure.

    "Perfect, you look perfect." I murmured, which was true. She looked stunning. She smiled then walking slowly back towards me slipping around my desk to perch herself right in front of my chair.

    "So are we getting anywhere yet or do I have to be more persuasive?" She teased again.

    I looked back at her torn. Logic of course said this was crazy and had to stop. But then who was I kidding. Logic had kind of disappeared as soon as Kate had started undressing anyway. I shook my head slightly words forming when she leaned forward and placed a finger on my lips.

    "Don't think. Don't say a word. Just bring up the invite list and add my name. If you do that I'll make sure we both leave here fully satisfied." I felt her move her foot sliding up along the inside of my leg across my knee, up my thigh and then pressed lightly into my groin, running back and forth over my growing erection. I could feel the contrast between her toes, the leather of her heels, the sharper point grazing my thigh.

    I shuddered. I couldn't help it, couldn't resist. She pressed into me massaging my stiffening length as I slowly turned back to the computer. She watched me smiling a little, her foot not stopping just slowly rocking back and forth over my stiff cock. I bought up the list and began to scroll through.

    "You need to delete a name right." She asked chuckling. "To add me on. How about that one, I never liked her anyway." She added. I shook my head. It was wrong but I wasn't likely to say no. It was all a little late for that. Instead I did as she asked, deleted the name and added her own silently hoping she wouldn't then just dress and leave but keep her end of the bargain.

    Beside me she gave a little throaty murmur pressing her foot a little harder against me, edging a toe up to the tip. "See that wasn't so hard how was it really."

    I couldn't answer. Instead my hand dropped down to grasp her calf my fingers lightly squeezing the shapely muscle. I glided up stroking her knee and then ventured higher moving along her thigh. Before I could do more she shook my hand free and stood up again.

    I had a moment where I wondered if that was it, if she was going to leave. Instead she silenced me with a kiss. Deep and hard her tongue parting my lips and making me moan as I felt her hand slide down my chest and reach for my erection. She stroked that straining bulge and then broke the kiss of slowly dropping down to her knees.

    I glanced down watching as she unbuckled my slacks, her fingers then reaching in drawing down the zip opening it up. I groaned softly watching her work. Those slender deft fingers worked under the waistband of my boxers and gripped my shaft drawing it out. She didn't even say a word just pressed in and kissed the swollen head.

    I watched her, head tilted back eyes glittering, as she held my gaze her lips rubbing over the tip teasing me, her tongue flicking out to gently rub and lick the underside before she just parted her mouth wider and engulfed the head of my shaft sucking gently. The warm wetness of her mouth engulfing me was heaven. I let my hand drop down sliding my fingers through her hair.

    I looked down blinking, hardly believing that Kate Beckinsale was on her knees skilfully licking and sucking my hard cock, her mouth bobbing eagerly up and down taking more and more of the length inside her mouth. I couldn't help but rock my hips back and forth a little enjoying the sensation just as I heard a knock on the door.

    Before I could even tell them to go away the door opened my assistant looking in. Luckily Kate was hidden by the bulk of my desk. I looked around and spotted her discarded clothes to one side just out of sight.

    "Sorry boss, but you've changed the list again are you sure that's right? I mean I heard Kate Beckinsale was here but I didn't think we were making any more changes?" I had to think quickly.

    Kate leaned back smirking at me just sliding her tongue effortlessly along my shaft before going back to work letting me watch her as she drew it back inside.

    "Uh yeah it was a last minute change. It couldn't be helped just something that needed to be done. It was a misunderstanding something I had to correct. But that will be it now. No more coming after that one."

    "Well as long as you're sure. It's going to mean a lot of work to change all that, let alone telling you know who they won't be coming now."

    "I know I'm going to take care of it. Can you just make sure no one else comes in until you hear from me? I'm going to need some peace for that conversation." I managed to stammer back.

    "Yeah sure, I'll let the others know. Good luck with the call." She called back flashing a wry smile before they closed the door." That had been close, though Kate at least seemed to find it amusing, and it hadn't exactly put her of. She had continued sliding her mouth up and down my shaft her lips soft and light, her tongue sliding over the tip licking up the pre cum that seeped out.

    I groaned swallowing hard and reached down sliding my arms around her body and lifting her up. If this was going to happen I was going to make the most of it. I set her down on the edge of my desk and let my hands slide up to grasp the edge of her panties and tugged them down over her long slender legs.

    She gave a small gasp smiling wickedly at me spreading them apart, letting me see the bare exposed lips of her pussy. I didn't wait I couldn't. I slipped forward grasped one knee to hold her apart and dived down on her exposed pussy plunging my tongue inside her slick folds.

    I heard her gasp, that quiver of excitement rippling through her body as I began to enjoy her. I felt her fingers slide through my hair holding me close against her as I began to explore her, lips tongue and mouth pressed tight against her exposed flesh. She was wet and hot the sweet taste of her excitement already building as I nuzzled her flesh.

    I didn't go slow, didn't wait didn't tease. Just plunged my tongue inside that molten hot core of her pussy and then closed my lips around her clit rubbing against it and then lightly sucking hungrily enjoying her. Above me she moaned soft and low, almost purring with pleasure.

    "Oh yes that's it, don't stop, don't even think of it."

    I only moaned. It was all I could do, not that I was even thinking of stopping anyway. It was far too late for that. She had started this but it was only go end after I had enjoyed all I could, which at that moment consisted of making the pretty brunette actress on my desk climax.

    I kept my mouth tight against her pussy sucking on her clit and drew my hand up along one thigh caressing the bare skin until I could work my fingers up to plunge inside her soaked sex, first one then another. She moaned again her body vibrating as she lay back naked apart from the bra she wore. Panting and moaning she bucked against me her hand holding me tight against her body quivering and vibrating.

    I could feel her grind against my mouth and I didn't stop lightly nuzzling her, easing back a second to take a breath blowing across her heated flesh making her gasp again her eyes fluttering for a moment before I dived back in capturing her clit again sucking on it as I used my fingers on her. It didn't take long another minute and she bucked against me writhing biting back the moans as she came hard while I tasted her excitement seeping from her.

    Her body shuddered, quivering above me as she came hips sliding back on the polished wooden surface of my desk her juices smeared across my lips and mouth, all over her thighs. I moaned with her tasting that sweetness, lapping it up as I slowly eased back the pressure watching her tremble and pant as she regained some composure.

    I didn't give her a chance to settle too much. Not after what she had done. I stood up one hand holding her thigh so she was left open and exposed. I used the other to tug her down to the edge of the desk as I shuffled forward and guided my still throbbing cock to the entrance of that slick soaked pussy.

    I teased the swollen head of my cock against her gritting my teeth at the sensation of her hot and wet watching as her juices stuck to the tip of my shaft as I rubbed it against her clit before guiding it down to find that the spot I wanted. Then I pushed inside our moans mingling together, mine at the sensation of her pussy engulfing my cock, hers at the sensation of my shaft slowly filling her up.

    I didn't hold back, didn't give her a chance to adjust and savour that initial moment of penetration. I knew we couldn't guarantee no one would come in despite my warnings. After what had happened, what she had done I didn't want to wait anyway. I wanted her. I held one thigh, used to other to grasp her hip to hold her steady and drove into her.

    It was exquisite. She moaned with me panting and straining, her hands clinging to the edge of my desk to hold herself in place as we came together. I moved in and out, sliding my hips forward so I worked my entire length inside her before edging back glistening wet with her juices already so just the head remained inside her body before I thrust inside again.

    It felt incredible. Her tight toned body glowed and undulated above me. Her tight muscles gripped and squeezed my shaft milking my length as I thrust inside her. She moaned softly, back arching, her hips pushing back and grinding against my hips as I pressed inside her, hands holding her spread apart to get as deep as I could.

    Only a few feet away everyone else was busy working and here I was stuffing the slender famous Hollywood actress full of cock. She was also loving every moment of it, the saucy minx moaning softly as she pushed back against me one squeezing her breast still covered by the lace of her bra. The sight of that teased me enough. I reached up and grasped one cup tugging it down to spill her breast out.

    Kate flashed me a smile and slowly pushed the second down as well revealing the darker tips of her nipples her fingers finding one and tweaking it slightly. I shook my head a little slowing my thrusts down to enjoy the show she was putting on just enjoying the way they bounced and moved with every thrust I made inside her. I could have continued like this all day just lost in the feel of enjoying her body. Kate though seemed to have another idea.

    She sat up still clinging to the table. Her leg drew back in and then nudged me in the chest her slender arched foot pushing me back. I raised an eyebrow enquiringly.

    "Sit down." She replied teasingly.

    Obliging her I eased myself out of her tight body and then turned to sit back down in my seat.

    She rose up elegantly smirking again as she stood briefly before leaning forwards and going back down over my length her lips parting as she took me back into her mouth. I gasped watching as she tasted herself of my length licking and sucking away on it for several minutes before she slipped off with an audible pop.

    Then she turned around and raised herself up a little backing towards me her hands reaching behind to grasp my cock. I shuddered watching her move that slender body extremely flexible as she slowly slid herself back into my lap guiding my cock back to her pussy as she slid herself down onto my hard length once more this time facing away from me in complete control.

    I let my hands hold her hips just helping her bounce up and down on my length just enjoying the sight of her quivering pert behind riding me her back sliding against my chest as she faced the door. It was an incredible sensation everything about her just oozed sex. I couldn't resist it. I wasn't sure anyone could. It drove me crazy.

    My cock ached as she fucked me sliding up and down the entire length taking me deep impaling herself on it's length one stroke after another moaning softly. The sound of her firm ass slapping against my hips rang out the pleasure building as I felt myself ache wanting to spill inside her not even caring about anything else going on now.

    Finally she slowed just grinding against me rocking a little as her muscles worked my shaft. She turned her head slightly eyes sparkling with desire and mischief as she looked at me. She arched back lips parted and caught my mouth nibbling a little on my lip. I kissed her back slowly savouring that taste while I let my hands slide up her body to enjoy the perky mounds of her breasts lightly toying with her nipples.

    "See a little hard work can go such a long way, don't you think. I'm sure this makes up for a little administrative change." She quipped.

    "It will shortly I'm sure." I drawled softly squeezing her breasts making the most of enjoying that body.

    "Oh really what happens shortly?" She teased.

    "Well shortly you're going to make me explode and finally finish this."

    "Are you sure though, I could say you've had your fun, more than was really required and leave you to it now you've made the changes I wanted." She continued on.

    "I don't think you’re getting out of her before I'm done now Kate." I murmured dryly an idea already forming in my head that was decidedly bad, but probably given the situation entirely suitable.

    "Oh really I'm sure I could manage it, at least if I put my mind to it." She continued to tease although we both knew she wasn't going anywhere now til we had finished. "I don't know what you could possibly to do stop me." She was the perfect temptress utterly mischievous and sexy at the same time. But it was time to enjoy myself.

    I dropped my hands to her hips raising her up a little to slide myself free and then stood her up. Moving quickly before she could do anything j nudged her over to the desk placed my hand on her shoulders and bent her forwards her bare breasts squashed against the top of my desk her hips and that gorgeous tight ass of her raised up a little as I just made sure her thighs were parted.

    Instead of plunging back inside her, which was a strong temptation given how she looked; instead I used a couple of fingers to tease her, fingering her dripping wet slit. She moaned again her hips already pushing back trying to get more.

    "Fuck me, just fuck me." She urged me on softly. Which I was going to do just maybe not exactly in the way she had been imagining.

    I slipped my fingers free glistening with her cream and used my other hand to spread her cheeks just showing of the tight puckered opening of her firm ass. I slid my fingers along her crevice and then slowly started teasing that opening stroking lightly and gradually increasing the pressure to loosen her up.

    "Oh shit you've got to be kidding me, not that." She moaned breathlessly gaining a suddenly inkling as to what exactly I had in mind.

    "Well Kate, given what you are getting from this, how bad you really are I think this is perfect. I bet this gorgeous tight rear of yours doesn't get enjoyed nearly enough. So were going to solve that today. I'm going to fuck that pert tight ass of yours and I suspect you'll love every minute of it." I retorted smiling as I probed and edged my way deeper inside her tight ass with first one finger and then a second.

    She was as tight there as she was everywhere else. Something I couldn't wait to explore. I shuffled forward slipping my fingers out and just grasping my length. I was still glistening wet which helped as I guided the thick tip against that tightest of openings and just rubbed against it before I began to push holding her steady.

    She bucked and moaned beneath me suddenly squirming as she felt me slowly invading her tight hole.

    "Oh shit I can't believe your actually doing it. You’re actually going to fuck me like that." Listening to her prim and proper voice only made it harder not to just do exactly that. Even more so as I watched her fingers reach back underneath to slowly rub her clit making herself groan.

    "I can't remember the last time someone did this." She continued to moan clinging to the desk one handed now.

    I edged forwards taking it slow just slowly stretching her out as first the head and then the shaft slowly sank inside her tight canal. I had to grit my teeth feeling her clench around me so tight my hands gripping those firm cheeks just spanking them a little a now between the odd squeeze losing myself in the experience.

    I was as deep as I could manage hips pressed tightly against her cheeks the entire length of my cock buried inside the actress's tight perky rear. I held myself there savouring it for a moment realistic to know it didn't happen often and was unlikely to again. Then I began to move.

    Slowly at first just edging my hips back and forth against her but the more I moved the more I couldn't resist thrusting a little, pulling further back before pushing back inside, slowly fucking that tight firm ass of hers properly now. If I was going to get caught or catch some flak for changing the lists at least I would do so with a bang.

    Finally I ended up holding her hips tight and thrusting in and out of her. That tight puckered opening stretched wide by my cock filling it up. I watched as Kate continued to play with herself her fingers stroking her clit easing herself towards another blissful climax.

    I was going the same way working that gorgeous tight ass, pounding it now stroke after stroke the sound of flesh hitting flesh, the moans of pleasure, and the sound of the desk quivering beneath our weight ringing out around the office.

    "Oh god, oh fuck, I can't believe this. I can't believe you're actually fucking me like that. You're going to make me cum again." She panted. The sound of that soft prim voice driving me crazy with the profanities mixed in.

    "Fuck Kate, I'm going to cum inside you like this, just fill that gorgeous tight ass of yours with my cum." I half moaned through gritted teeth hips bucking and slamming against her.

    "Oh fuck me." I heard her moan rubbing hard and fast at her clit as I felt her tremble and then shake, her orgasm exploding out as she clung to the desk. That sensation, feeling her climax, feeling her tighten again around my cock pushed me over the edge.

    I groaned thrusting deep the whole length of my cock buried deep inside her delicious rear as I began to cum to, spurting and exploding out, filling her with shot after shot of creamy fluid until we slumped down together over the desk panting.

    For a while neither of us said anything until I finally dragged myself free and half fell back into my seat watching as Kate half propped herself up my eyes fixed on that tight opening seeing the hint of my cum oozing out. After that any phone call would be worth the hassle.

    She blearily looked around and spotted her underwear. She reached down and picked them up before tossing them at me. "There something to remember this by during the call you have to make. There a favourite pair to so I might have to come back and get them." She teased a slight smile on her lips.

    "You know what Kate, I'm sure we could reach an arrangement." I added dryly enjoying the thought of her walking away with nothing on under that skirt and leaking out my cum. "Anytime just come by, now if you didn't mind I've got a bitch of a call to make."

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    This was real hot Darzan! Can't go wrong with a bit of MILF Kate action,

    Especially when that ass is involved, lol.

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    Great story Darzan! Love what you did with Kate

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    Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed. Can never go to far wrong giving that ass a little attention!

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    Arguably your best story Darzan. Really enjoyed this mate! :this-thumbs:

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    Finally got around to reading this,
    that was hot Darzan.

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