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Thread: "Sweet Escape" with Gemma Atkinson

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    fanfiction "Sweet Escape" with Gemma Atkinson

    Sweet Escape
    With Gemma Atkinson
    Written by Wilder
    Codes: MF, oral, tit-fuck,
    A/N: Originally intend this to be a 2 part series with Parts 1 and 2 being one, and Part 3 being another. But Part 3 wasn't that long on its own. I do apologize if this is a long read, since Parts 2 and 3 were intended to be separated.
    Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and doesn't represent the people involved. It's just for your enjoyment.

    Some say living in paradise is the life to live and it usually is. At least it was for me, nothing was really better than this. Who would complain about living ten minutes away from the beach? This did make living here pretty luscious. Especially when it was an island in the middle of the Atlantic that not many people have heard of.

    Cape Verde is a beautiful place from the weather, to the women, as well as the assortment of tourists; it never made any day dull. There were plenty of distractions that resulted in me not taking my job seriously at times, but it's hard to when you are used to seeing beautiful women from all around the world, at this resort. It didn't help that I worked for my father, who owned said resort, but I still continued to periodically hook up with some of the overseas guests or locals around the area.

    The town was a tourist and sometimes celebrity infested place, with many famous names having made their home here, or using it as a vacation quite often, which is what lead to one of my most recent encounter with a lovely lady, Gemma Atkinson, who hailed from England and had a habit of visiting every so often. I have counted at least a half dozen times that she has frequented out resort in past few years, as far as I could remember. So it wasn't hard for me to immediately recognize her, whenever she happened to be in town.

    First encounter- March 2016

    As I earlier mentioned, I was the son of the owner of this resort that Gemma had frequently stayed at when she was in town. I got the feeling that I had somewhat influenced her decision to keep returning here, which naturally was good for business and for myself. I think the first time we met was when I was working behind the main bar of club, which was attached to the hotel.

    Her pretty eyes and her sexy accent was simply charming, breathtaking to the point where I managed to make a fool of myself by spilling a few drinks and breaking a few glasses too! It did make her laugh but one of my father's managers wasn't too pleased with the act of negligence, but I wasn't too concerned. I got laugh out of her, that’s all that mattered.

    As I was locking up the club for the night, it was around two in the morning when I found that Gemma had been waiting for me. She wanted to apologize for what had happened earlier in the night. I brushed it off by telling her that it wasn't her fault.

    "Is that really all that was bothering you? You waited around to tell me that?" I replied to her, believing that she may have had ulterior motives,

    "Well, I thought I had caused you to drop all those glasses" Gemma expressed her concern, making me melt at just the sound of her sultry sounding accent.

    "I don't take my job seriously for my father’s liking I guess. He owns this resort and expects me to take over one day. But hey, I can't help it if I happen to mess things up in front of beautiful customer! Maybe I purposely put on a little show, to somehow make your night all the better" I cheekily replied, referring to making her laugh which made my compliment make the former Hollyoaks star blush a bit.

    "Shame that we didn't have more time to chat then. You see, I’m flying home tomorrow. But I would like to see you again the next time I’m in town? By the way, I’m Gemma” she said as she finally introduced herself.

    Knowing she would be back sometime soon, I suggested that she returned to our resort when she was looking at booking a hotel in Cape Verde. I mentioned that I could probably get her a good price as I handed one of my business cards that I had made up for the resorts’ very special guests.

    Second Encounter- October 2016

    Gemma had taken me up on my offer from the last time we had spoken, personally asking for me when she called the resort to make her booking. It wasn't too much of an issue for me, as I was working the check in desk at the time and was able to rearrange some of the already booked out rooms, so that Gemma had a room with the best view of the ocean from her hotel balcony.

    My father probably figured that I was less likely to goof off in a more serious role at the front desk. At first he was probably right, but it didn’t stop me from setting up a date or two with some of the guests, which is something that I had managed to do in the past behind my father's back.

    I sent my co-worker to lunch around two o’clock that afternoon, as it was pretty quiet for a Thursday afternoon. Most holiday-goers tend to arrive on Friday for their vacations. I put up a sign up to ring the bell if any service was required, allowing me to step out to back room to get some work done.

    It was maybe twenty minutes later when the bell at the front desk rang. I was greeted by a pleasurable sight, more than elated to see Gemma who was sporting darker hair from her usual blonde crop of hair which she had the last time I saw her. Her eyes and accent were still as beautiful as ever. I pulled up her reservation to see that she had an extra person booked in. This was a surprise because she had originally requested a room to herself when we spoke on the phone.

    I guess she had changed her reservation while I was away on holiday for a few weeks, but I didn't think anything of it. I figured that he probably just invited a friend to come along with her, or at least that what I was hoping for. I didn't really know at this point.

    “Two for Gemma Atkinson, is that correct? I don't recall booking the room for two people?” I asked, as I was really curious.

    "Yeah, I tried to speak to you but the guy said that you were on holiday so he changed it for me” she smiled pleasantly.

    I questioned who her guest was and that was quickly answered when a tall, buff looking guy with a bunch of bags joined Gemma at the desk, just as I handed her the key to her room. I was totally bummed by the fact she brought was turned out to be her boyfriend Jason, at the last minute. I don't know if this was planned or not, but I kind of felt like she had used me in order to get a discount and a better room.

    “We really appreciate the deal man. Gem was telling me how nice this place was and on first inspection, she was dead right." The guy slipped me a pretty good tip, at least around a hundred euros!

    Gemma shrugged her shoulders and mouthed “sorry”, or at least that’s what I thought she had said, before the couple headed upstairs to their suite. I didn't know what to make of the situation. If she really was into me like she made me believe upon our first encounter, then I would have to sneak around the back of this guy Jason, as he could easily beat me in a fight, given his overwhelming strength and also due to our size difference.

    I had tried to make a few attempts to get closer to her, but I couldn't find a moment where I was free and she was alone. The closest I got was when I was out by the pool area where I found her sun bathing. I didn't approach her as this guy Jason was nearby.

    All I could do at this point was observe and look for an opening, which thankfully wasn't that hard to do. I was checking on an issue with pipes with the pools side bar, which was also affecting out hotel resort bar as well. We had to have both closed down due to maintenance issues and because we couldn't serve any drinks outside, it caused several complaints and the whole thing turned into one big mess!

    As I popped up to take a break, Jason had walked over to try an order a drink.

    "Sorry Sir, the bar is closed due to problems with the pipes down below. Trying to fix it right now but not having much luck. I’ve called a plumber but it could be a few hours until the issue is resolved”.

    “Awww really? Well where the hell am I going get a drink now? I’ve been dying for a beer ever since we arrived!” he angrily replied.

    I would be too if I couldn't get a drink on my vacation. But this did present an opportunity for me to get rid of him for a while.
    We did have a solution in form of voucher in these kinds of situations, and it usually helped to make up for mishaps.

    There was this bar that was twenty or so minutes by foot. So he would be gone for at least an hour, maybe more depending on how many drinks he intended to have. I pulled one of these vouchers from out of my back pocket, and offered it as replacement for not having and operational bar at the resort.

    “OK fine. I was looking at this place earlier, so I guess I’ll get to check it now."

    His answer seemed to be set on going right away. I watched as he asked Gemma if she wanted to join him, but I could faintly hear her tell him that she wanted to stay behind to work on her tan. Personally, I thought she was already perfect the way she was and didn't require the tan, but I also learned not to tell women what to do. Jason passed me another tip of about fifty euros, before he took off and I went back to work.

    I wasn't working long before I heard Gemma's voice, the desirable model calling me over for some assistance. I knew I should keep working, but something about her voice was reeling me in, and she had me mesmorized in her two piece bikini where I simply couldn't resist. I convinced myself that it was best to keep business here by helping guests.

    As I walked over to her, Gemma was already rubbing sunscreen into her arms and it seemed that she needed help with applying some onto her back. I couldn't help but glare at her large round chest. Her voice snapped me out of my trace, as she handed me the bottle of lotion.

    Gemma adjusted the chair that she was in, and turned over onto her front. I mumbled "oh, fuck" in my head as my eyes feasted on her barely covered ass. She had one of the sexiest body I had seen in quite a while, and I felt my cock begin to slowly harden as I took in the exquisite sight before me. It was going take a lot of resistance to not to act out the dirty thoughts that I had in my head.

    All of these thought has inadvertantly caused me to squeeze the bottle I was holding a bit too hard, which squirted a huge glob of cream onto the back of her well toned thighs by accident. She looked back and giggled as I mouthed "sorry" to her.

    She didn’t seem to care which made it easier for me to start be greasing up one of her smooth legs, squirting more some lotion into my hands and sliding my fingers up and down her smooth, long legs. My hands were inches from her cunt each time my hands ran up the back of her creamy thighs. I could see her tight looking lips bulge within her bikini bottoms, and that’s when sweat began to drip from my forehead. My slinky fingers almost pressed against the material of her bikini bottom, until the only thing between me and her cunt was that layer of her near seethrough cloth.

    Gemma looked back at me with her heavenly green eyes. She didn't say anything so I wondered how much further I could tease her. I couldn't help but pretend to massage her ass as my hands groped her firm butt cheeks. She giggled again as she finally spoke up.

    "Do you think my arse will get burned too?"

    "It is pretty hot so I would think so”.

    I couldn't help myself. Despite the fact that anyone could walk in on us, from her boyfriend or worse yet, my father or any of his staff member, I still decided to take the risk. I didn't know how far I would go but suddenly Gemma decided to turn over onto her back. I almost had a heart attack when she started untying her bikini top. My mouth watered as her massive, god given bare breasts were before me in all their naked glory.

    Gemma sat up as I moved in behind her, rubbing in the lotion to coat her back and shoulders. I moved my hands down to her side which presented the opportunity to possibly grope her succulent looking chest as well. When the tips of my fingers reached the outskirts of her firm, hanging mounds, I knew she would let me go further, moving each of my sharing hands upon her incredibly soft boobs, loving the fact she was moaning at my touch and not objecting to me openly fondling her in public. Gemma seemed to be turned on by this, whispering for me to play with her nipples and make sure that my fingers spread the suntan lotion all of her oily tits, in between her cleavage and along every crevice of her large E-cups. Maybe the fool she was with didn't know how to handle a woman like her, and being here in Cape Verde was supposed to be her escape.

    As much as I wanted to continue this thrilling little affair, I knew I should deep down that I should get back to work. If it was up to me, I would have torn off her bikini bottoms, spread her cream coated legs and fucked her right here on the plastic fold out chair. But I was risking being caught and that was not something I could afford right now. I could tell she was disappointed to not have my hands feeling up her incredible melons of titflesh, but I reminded Gemma that she still had a few more nights here, and that this wouldn't be our last encounter before she was due to leave.

    It had been a couple of days since my poolside encounter with Gemma. It was just before midnight when I was doing the night shift at the front desk with one other person. These kind of nights were dull, but at least the guy I was working with wasn't a stick in mud, so I could still enjoy myself without the risk of being reported.

    It was quite the surprise when Gemma came down to the desk herself at this late hour, wearing a casual loose fitting dress, some sandals and enough cleavage to cast my mind back to that afternoon out in the pool area. She wanted to talk to me before she left in the morning, and insisted that we speak in private. I had an idea what she wanted, but as my coworker was still here, I told him to cover for me and not let anyone into the office.

    "I could get fired for this. What do I out of from this?"

    "Of course, I won't let you leave empty handed. Just make sure no one comes in here or give me a heads up. Just tell them that I'm out running a errand for a guest that’s leaving tomorrow”.

    I grabbed the 150 euros that I picked up in tips over the last few days from Gemma's boyfriend and gave it to my co-worker who carried on working. It seemed fitting to use this money to sneak away for a bit, before I escorted Gemma to the back office and locked the door behind us.

    I took as seat in one of the office chairs as Gemma brought up what happened the other day by the pool

    "You sure know how to leave a girl hanging don’t you?"

    With the way I was just toying with her body and teasing her, I did leave her without finishing up which was a bit cruel on my part. But I knew in the back of my mind that she would come back for more as a result of this.

    "I would have kept going but we would have been caught”.

    "Well, you have plenty of time now”.

    That one simple statement meant that the buxom Brit was still clearly as aroused as ever, and it somewhat confirmed my earlier theory that her boyfriend was probably a lame fuck if she was coming down to see me at this hour of the night. And this was supposed to her vacation of relief! Gemma decided to take charge this time due to how incredibly horny she was.

    The insatiable brunette slowly peeled down the spaghetti straps of her dress to expose her bra encased titties. Without wasting any time, Gemma was down on her knees, and her face right between my legs. The sound of my zipper being lowered followed shortly by the removal of my pants. The British beauty had her soft, manicured fingers wrapped around my twitching erection and stroked it back and forth until it reached full mast.

    “Uhhhh” I groaned at the feeling of Gemma’s wet tongue brushing against my sensitive bellend, followed up by the delight of her soft luscious lips closing around the tip of my shaft. I watched as of the Emmerdale stars hungry mouth craved my thick tool, enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down it. She nearly swallowed it all before she had to come up for air.

    "Bloody hell! What a nice, thick cock you have" she admitted, having to catch her breath.

    It seemed she was mightily impressed, maybe implying what she usually had was much smaller, but either way, I didn't really care.

    "Take it off, free those babies" I suggested, wanting to see those mammoth tits naked once again.

    It was no surprise that I had been eying her chest the whole time since she showed up at the front desk, and was desperate to have her wrap those puppies around my cock, which was something I was really aching for. Gemma stopped what she was doing briefly to unclip her bra, as her massive tits were finally set free.

    She closed her soft breasts around my swollen prick, sandwiching it between her heavenly globes and rubbing them up and down against it. Her tongue flicked against the tip of cock each time it peaked above the top of her cleavage. The double effort of both her mouth and tits had me close to erupting, as the former Glamour model knew exactly how to use her body.

    The experience was surreal as she held my cock between her large globes, and she resumed sucking hard on my pulsing sword. Her tongue brushed against my tool an her oral skills was quite unbelievable. I didn't feel any remorse for all of this while the bloke she was dating was upstairs sleeping.

    As she continued to suck and titfuck me towards nirvana, I noticed that the spontaneous occasion caused the English beauty t o slide a and inside her panties so she could attend to her vibrating pussy, Gemma clearly turned on by sucking my cock deep into her warm wet mouth.

    It didn't take much more of this treatment to make me cum, my cock throbbing inside her warm sucking mouth as I started to spurt my hot seed down her throat. She swallowed what she could, before the last few strands landed upon her wonderful, naked chest.

    "Fuck…." I moaned, having unloaded inside of my dream girls exhausted mouth.

    Our session was unfortunately interruptted by my coworker who knocked on the door to warn me someone was close by. I wanted to continue with Gemma but once again we had to cut our sordid affair short. She was clearly disappointed, but thankfully she understood. If there was a ray of light, the luscious star said that she’d be returning soon, not wanting things to finish like this.

    Third Encounter- January 2017

    This job had its perks but also a few downsides. One of the downsides was working when you shouldn't have to but I had a responsibility to the resort considering the fact that I’d be a future owner of this resort one day. So inspecting that everything was in working order was a main requirement.

    The only good thing about this was that I didn't really have to deal with any of the guests and I could work on my time and schedule. This wasn't something to be done during the day, and there wasn't any rush as long I got the work done.

    So like usual, I decided to take a break and check out the beach to see what I could find. I came across a fit looking woman working out at a makeshift gym. It seemed odd to me, but there are some people who would keep up with their workout for any reason, even if they were supposed to be on holiday.

    As I looked on, I could see the woman lose her balance. I rushed over to knock the weight out of her hands so it didn't fall on her, just as she slipped over. I helped her, up only to notice to my sheer delight, that it was Gemma again who had returned as promised. I hadn't even known that she had booked a room with us again, but naturally was over the moon that she had done so.

    "Andrew! Someone told me that you weren't working for a few days?"

    "Well, I'm not but someone has to make sure that this place doesn't fall apart! But I'm not only one who seems to be working during their time off?”

    I was referring to her work out on this beach, causing the British bombshell to give me a sarcastic frown. Personally I thought her body was already well toned and in shape, but I guess people like Gemma felt the need to keep working at that. She went on about about her health routine, and that she wanted to look her best at all times, which then reminded me of something.

    "Have you tried the mud from the beach? It's said that it enriches the body with minerals that is really good for the skin”.

    Personally I had never tried this, but I had heard numerous stories that confirmed this claim. She thanked me for the tip and I excused myself as it looked like she hadn't come alone again, but this time a female friend had accompanied her. I tried not to make any assumptions, but I distinctly heard her acquaintance say “he's cute”, just before I left.

    The next day I had passed Gemma in the lobby on my way out. She wanted to thank me for the tip, but she made it obvious that she wanted to pick up from where we left off the last time she was in town. Gemma whispered that she was staying in room 403, and just as she was about to hand me her room key, I cheekily reminded her that I had access to all the rooms in the resort.

    The one time model told me not to worry about her boyfriend, as she had broke it off with him recently. That piece of info was good to hear and wasn't really a surprise, given how much she complained about him on her last visit, and that he was a complete dud in bed.

    I had finished the rounds I had to make for the evening. For a guy that was supposed not be working that night, I was working too much, but it at least gave me a reason to be upstairs later on. I rarely went near those rooms but if anyone saw me, I knew I would have to give them the excuse that I was simply checking things out.

    Once I was on the fourth floor, it didn't help that Gemma’s room was right beside the elevator, so foot traffic tended to be high at this hour. But once things had quietened down, I looked around before letting myself into her room. Gemma wasn't asleep, but more precisely she was laid out across the king sized bed in just a silk robe. She was curious as to why it took me so long, and that it was rude to keep a lady waiting.

    Kneeling in the centre of the bed, the British beauty untied her robe. Gemma wasn't the curviest woman I had ever seen, but she still had an incredibly pretty fit and toned body, with a nice round ass and an amazing set of tits. The position she was in just made me want her pussy first. I could have fucked her right there and then as the sight of her now nude body caused a flow of blood to my crotch, making it really hard to resist her right now.

    I dived right in as she fell back on the bed, legs parted as I placed my drooling mouth onto her sweet peach, licking and savouring the taste of her wet, dripping pussy. Moans escaped Gemma’s mouth which was a good sign, and I couldn't get enough of musky taste, my tongue brushing against the lips of her cunt as I lapped up her juices.

    I wanted to keep going but Gemma wanted more, unsurprising given how much she had been teased during her last stay without getting any. She sat up on the edge of the bed and tossed her robe off, just as I peeled my clothes off to bring my solidified cock over her awaiting mouth.

    She started to stroke it before devilishly licking the mushroom shaped head. She took her time while she did that, licking around the tip and grazing her teeth against the ultra sensitive flesh. Her mouth slowly enclosed around my cock in a slow and sensual way. Although it was hot, it seemed she was just teasing me much like I did with her.

    The former Casuality star knew exactly what she wanted as she pushed her mouth down as far as she could go. I could hear her gag slightly but to her credit, she didn't stop. Gemma’s sloppy blowjob was even better than the last time. She was so riled up and this was just the start.

    I wasn't the biggest around in terms of size, but I was still above average and to see Gemma handle that with such skill had me on the edge of climx. Her fingertips massaged by balls as she coated my cock in her saliva, the English actress knew what she wanted as I could feel my throbbing tool on the verge of exploding.

    “F-f-f-fuck…. "

    I was overwhelmed by the sucking sensation below that I couldn't help but unload my hot cum into her eager, desperate mouth. I watched Gemma suck my cock completely dry of my pent up seed. She drank it up as some of it dripped from within her mouth, using her tongue to lick up the excess.

    It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath, but I knew we were far from done. Gemma stood up and placed her hands on the wall close by, allowing me to step in behind her, grabbing her waist with one hand, and guiding my still rock hard cock into her wet velvety pussy. I could feel how tight she was as her inner pussy muscles squeezed me. It seemed that she was deprived of this for quite a while.

    "Fuck…. You're tight Gemma. Did you and Jason even fuck while you were together?” I joked.

    But she shot me a serious look, a simple head shake confirming that he really was the dud I suspected him to be. I wondered how any guy would spend time with a woman like Gemma and not even touch her incredibly body, or even get laid. But all that mattered right now was that I would finally will get my hands on that sexy body of hers, and hopefully a lot more.

    Despite the vice like feeling around my cock, I had no intention to take it easy on her. I just hoped that she wasn't a screamer, as I didn't need the staff responding to a noise complaint and then learning what was the cause of it!

    Gemma was soaked at this point, which made it easy for me to pump my shaft into her with quick thrusts as her snug pussy took my cock in nice and deep. I slapped her giggling ass and clutched onto her waist, allowing me to rail even harder into her sopping wet pussy even faster. She was weak in the knees as her dry spell seemed to be catching up with her, feeling her pussy already flood with her own cum.

    "Bloody hell, you're quite the shag” Gemma admitted as she seemed to enjoy the session thus far.

    She wasn't quite done either, still wanting more, as did I. The former model pushed me back onto the bed as it seem she wanted to assert some control. Gemma sat on my thighs and gently stroked my cock. She teased me a bit as she rubbed her pussy lips intentionally against the length of my cock.

    Her magnificent chest hung down as they swayed erotically in front of me. I couldn't help but grab and then suck on her hard nipples for a bit. I bit the tip which caused her to cry out.

    "You cheeky bastard," was her response, as it seemed she didn't take my excessive foreplay, all that well.

    A loud moan escaped her mouth as I could feel her horny cunt swallow my thick tool once again. I watched her chest bounce as the British beauty rode me like a work horse. Gemma made this night worth getting caught for.

    I grabbed onto her firm shaking ass as she rode me like a banshee. I gave it a hard, firm slap which caused her to grimace in pain. In her mind, she thought to herself ”what was I doing to her?” That was even more evident when my mouth attacked her huge tits once again. I couldn't help but play with her ass and suck on her incredible tits while she was on top of me, riding my upright pole with intentions of getting off again.

    Her hips moved down against the upward thrust of my cock, pounding deep inside her wet love hole. Each movement caused her to moan even more, and I was worried that she might cause a complaint but the fact she was close, didn’t deter me from helping Gemma reach her goal. Her bouncing breasts shook hypnotically as she slammed down time and time against me.

    My cock throbbed inside her and I knew that it wasn't going to take too much more before I was about to fill her spasming pussy. Gemma’s pace was just unbelievable, which made sense considering how this fit girl’s stamina would have been. My hands were all over her gyrating ass as I watched see her fondle with her huge tits. She signalled to me that her end was nigh, flooding me once again in her secretions. It wasn't long after when I ejaculated inside her warm haven, filling Gemma’s sweet cunt with my manly seed once again. She collapsed on top of me, a sign that she was really exhausted, as was I. I couldn't keep on going even if I wanted to.

    It was quite the experience. Sure it took a few visits before it finally did happen, but it was well worth the wait…

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    Nice one Wilder! Gemma is one celeb that I would've loved to have written about but it just never eventuated.
    Thanks for dedicating a story to her. Great work mate :yea:

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    Thanks Wilder, great to see a Gemma story !

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