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Thread: "Friend Zone" with Margot Robbie

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    fanfiction "Friend Zone" with Margot Robbie

    With Margot Robbie
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, oral, spit, rimming
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    There is nothing worse than getting caught in the "friend zone." The point where a girl starts to think of you as a confidante than a lover, a shoulder to cry on, or somebody to hang out with. In that event there is literally no chance of ever getting her naked or in bed, or so I thought. You see, I actually managed to escape the friend zone once.

    I had moved out to London for a job opportunity and was living in a house with four other roommates, one of which was Margot Robbie. As you might imagine, I quickly developed a crush on the actress, and had been pining over her for almost a year when the said incident took place.

    Amusingly enough I initially thought there was a real chance of us getting together. However, whenever she was single I had a girlfriend, and when I was single she had a boyfriend. After a while we finally just settled into a purely platonic friendship, with a kiss on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips for New Years Eve, being the height of passion between us.

    To make matters worse, Margot wasn't just attractive but charming, funny, intelligent, everything a guy could want in a girlfriend. She had movie star good looks, but could hang with the boys with her dirty mouth and filthy mind. The fact that she was a successful actress breaking into the Hollywood market only made her even more alluring.

    Every now and again I'd see her in a state of undress, such as wandering around the house in her underwear or wearing nothing but a towel, and once gloriously, catching her naked coming out of the shower. Yep, living with her was an exquisite torture, but I wouldn't trade places with anyone!

    It was Valentine's Day, and I was single. I was home alone, watching movies and eating a bag of Maltesers when Margot arrived back from her date, with some guy she had been seeing for a couple weeks and who I was worried was going to take her away forever.

    I was asleep on the couch when I heard the front door slam. I awoke with a start to Margot her storm into the living room and throw a bouquet of flowers against the wall. She noticed me on the couch and burst out laughter, then broke out in tears.

    I patted the sofa cushion next to me, ready to let her tell me all about it, when what I really wanted was to do was strip her clothes off and lick every inch of her body. She sat down, leaned her head against my shoulder and wept profusely as she told me what had happened.

    As it turned out her new boyfriend had apparently cheated on her, and didn't only admit to the indiscretion but boasted about it. Margot had slapped him across the face and left him sitting at the restaurant with a stunned look on his face, telling him it was over and to never call her again.

    I did my best to console her while listening to her eventful evening, while also trying not to sprout a hard-on. I tried to focus on what she was saying and not on how good she smelled leaning against me.

    I put my arm around her shoulder and told her that she was better off without him, which was certainly true. I was biased of course, but I never liked the guys she dated as she always seemed to go for rich pretty boys, who spent more time in front of the mirror than she did. She also had a thing for hipsters and actually dated, for about two weeks, a guy with a man-bun. I never let her live it down.

    Before long Margot fell asleep with her head in my lap. The TV was still on, and I tried not to move so as not to wake her. Of course, having her head lying right near my crotch, combined with her sudden availability, was making my cock stir against my wishes. I patted her hair, and then, boldly, began stroking it.

    After a while I fell asleep too, and began having an erotic dream where I was being handled by someone. I didn't know who, but the dream was very realistic. I opened my eyes and found Margot, now fully awake, gently massaging my cock through my sweat pants. She noticed I was awake and looked up at me, batting her eyelashes.

    "You're so hard right now," she whispered while squeezing me in her hand. "Can I see it?"

    "Err, go right ahead." I managed to croak.

    She untied my pants and reached in to grope me directly. I could see from the sly grin on her face that she wasn't surprised to learn that I wasn't wearing any underwear beneath my tracksuit, and was free-balling it.

    "When I think about all the guys I've known," she said. "You're the one who's always been there for me."

    With that, she pulled my aching erection out into the open and gripping me firmly in her hand, those dazzling blue eyes alternating between my cock and my face.

    "..whoa, you've got a really nice cock." she purred.

    Before I could even blink Margot gently kissed the head and proceeded to run her tongue over the tip of my penis, then slowly took it into her mouth, bobbing her head slightly. She pulled my pants down so she could reach another hand in to fondle my balls, and all I could do was lean my head back and groan.

    "Ah, Margot.."

    After a few minutes she sat up, licked her lips, and started removing her clothing. I swiftly slid out of my pants and whisked off my shirt. She was down to her bra and panties and slid into my arms, locking her lips with mine while she stroked my cock. Our tongues entwined, and we slipped into a mindless ecstasy.

    "I want you to fuck me," she whispered between kisses. "..right here, right now."

    Tongue-tied, I could only nod in compliance.

    I pulled her bra strap down so I could suck on a puffy dark nipples. Margot's breasts weren't big, but they were adorable, and tasted better than I could have ever imagined. She ran her fingers through my hair as I nibbled on first the right and then the left tit, her bra eventually landing on the floor.

    I watched wide-eyed as she sat back and shimmied out of her panties. Her pussy was completely bald, and when she parted her legs I dove in face first. Her aroma was intoxicating, and for a moment all I could do was rub my nose against her slit to savor her scent.

    "ugh, fuck.." she giggled at the action before moaning out loud, then pushed down on my head urging me to get to work.

    I parted her outer lips with my fingers, holding them apart as I tongued the inner folds. She gasped and grew increasingly wet, as I lapped up her honey while rubbing her clit. She seemed to like that and spurred me on with a series of words, although none of which formed a cohesive sentence.

    "ugh, eat.. lick, my cunt.. yeah," she mumbled erotically.

    When I had her at peak saturation I got up on my knees, lined up my cock, and sank into her effortlessly. Her eyes got wide, as she wrapped her legs around my waist and held me there embedded inside her.

    Her hands were on my shoulders, fingers digging into me as our tongues wrestled aggressively. I was so turned on that I didn't dare waste another moment, and plunged as deep as humanly possible inside her before pulling back and slamming back into her again, taking her breath away.

    My intense pace didn't upset her though, as she just kept saying, "Harder, harder" in a raspy voice.

    I think she came first, as I felt her pussy contract around my cock. That was enough for me, before I emptied what seemed like a gallon of hot spunk inside her. We lay interlocked like puzzle pieces for a while, until she managed to extricate herself from beneath me.

    "Let's get cleaned up, and grab a shower," she cooed, and I watched her spectacular ass as it went up the stairs.

    In the shower she soaped up my cock good and proper with both hands, causing my manhood to respond in kind.

    "You can keep a secret right?" she whispered. "We can't let the others know that we had sex."

    I couldn't help but grin.

    "I'm sure you could convince me to keep my mouth shut,"

    "Mm, I'm sure I can." she grinned. "I bet you could find something to keep my mouth full, too."

    To her credit Margot knew how to manipulate me like a potter at a wheel. She would get me close to coming and then back off, over and over again. I was ready to collapse in a heap. I did my share of fingering her too, even sliding a soapy digit up into asshole only for her to squirm away. Apparently her ass was only reserved for her future husband, a position I was more than happy to fill.

    When we were squeaky clean, she led me by the hand to her bedroom and pushed me down onto my back. My dick stood up like a flagpole, standing straight and proud. Without missing a beat, the onetime Neighbours star climbed on top and inserting me inside her, and began to ride. This time SHE controlled the tempo, and it was a much longer and protracted fuck.

    Robbie wiggled her hips like a belly dancer, then climbed off and turned around to face the other direction. I realized she did this only so she could then watch us in her full-length mirror. Margot caressed her own breasts as she slammed her ass down on me. The sight of our reflection seemed to turn her on more and her pace increased.

    "ugh, ugh-fuck!" she grunted hotly. "I fucking love riding your cock!"

    I slapped her ass for good measure.

    "Maybe if you're a good girl, we can do this more often." I quipped. "Sneak around the house and have you ride my cock like this."

    "Ah, yeah. I'd love that." she moaned. "Make you fuck me in the laundry room while the other guys are sleeping upstairs."

    "Yeah. I'd fuck you while one of your pretty boy dates are waiting outside for you." I growled. "Grab you by the hair, force you to your knees and make you suck my cock and drain my balls."

    "Nnghh-yeah, I'd love that." Margot hissed. " a total little slut with you, then act like a lady with everyone else."

    I slapped her ass even harder as she slammed herself down on my cock again and again, causing the bed to shake and for her to release a single, guttural groan as she came for the second time.

    I just about felt like the luckiest man alive. Not only had I been fortunate enough to move in with her and be a part of her inner circle, but had now been privileged enough to have her. But if I thought our night together couldn't get any better, I was sorely mistaken as she then decided she was going to play with me again.

    Margot again teased me, hopping off to thoroughly lick my balls and shaft with her mouth, and making sure to use as much spit as possible. I was afraid I was going to lose my mind, because she'd back off every time I was nearing climax. In fact she seemed to get off on making me pulsate in her hand, and particularly loved a lot of spit-play.

    She finally gave me my comeuppance when she moistened her finger and slipped it inside my asshole. When she realized the intrusion made my cock leak pre cum, she replaced her finger with her tongue and jacked me off as she tongued my backdoor.

    "Yeah you like that, my hot tongue in that ass baby," she moaned while pushing my legs wide apart and jamming her wet tongue all the way inside. "I bet you never imagined I was this dirty, huh?"

    All I could do was groan out loud before I grabbed her head and slammed it over my pole, forcing her to deep-throat me and gag, as her finger now sawed in and out of my ass and set me off like a geyser.

    The second orgasm of the night was even more intense than the first, and to her credit the aussie starlet swallowed all of my cream, but not before showing it to me on her tongue before she theatrically gulped it down. She then curled up against me, and in a few minutes she was asleep. I didn't dare move, though I drifted off to dreamland sometime later.

    In the morning, we talked and realized we were meant for each other all along, and that Valentine's Day would forever represent the night we finally gave in to temptation and fucked each other senseless.

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    Jesus. Fucking. Christ. I legit have no words. I think u may have killed me. Ffs that initial scene where he wakes up and finds her massaging his cock. FUUUCK. and I'm not even going to mention her eating his ass. Glorious

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